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Atchison Sunday Globe Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 2

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Atchison Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Atchison, Kansas 2the Atchison daily Globe. Sunday february to 1924. Published by arrangement with associated first National pictures incorporated. Copyrighted 102.1 by Gertrude Atherton. To do was to let her find it out the hero to receive my alienated proper a next tune they were alone. A ties in jargon. I know Many people j a new York but i had no idea of see hut it was some time before he Taw 8 a a it a of although tempted on her atone again and meanwhile Many account of Tho Money they might help i bugs happened. Me to collect for the of lid roil of aus laut Leos. Or. Dinwiddie Home in Tria. Hut i i and decided to leave that her oar for supper. Pm vex my follow until Tho last minute i not Only was my with Usu due in a taxi and As no longer interested in these Obi to abundant repast was spread in friends of mine but i disliked the extra. Willing room it was Patent that Puma Hon i should la forced to give ing that whatever the result i s4nill never to Able to forget you. A until saturday a pm la Havering a immediate act was to dash off a love letter More impassion Naomi Davis assisted by Christine King will Ltd a their dancing classes for adults thursday evening. February 14, at the elks club. At 7 30 p in for Lemons Aud 8 30 for dancing tickets for six lessons including the Clavering at door opened and or. Dinwiddie entered limping and leaning on a Cane. He looked Pale and worried. Clavering resigned ills seat and took one still further in the rear. Hut the Low pitched dialogue came to him distinctly. Quot is this prudent a a murmured Din oration and widdle Asho sat himself heavily to Good looking Young Side her. A there will he nothing to St talked of in new Fork tomorrow. Far there have Only been rumours Bat. Here i you look like Mary cd xxii continued the House and those in the adjoin _ a diversion occurred for which ing boxes Felt themselves free to peer. Smy Baa glue to the opera with the Thorn the comments the curiosity the least was grateful. The persistently. Mie Nuon of bringing Back willing endless questions. What i mean by Farrar had not finished bowing guests Chi knew Twat bom Din iii this Jim will know on saturday nigh and kissing Lier hands before the Box me Aud Mux Lite Sunset tax u to me hut it is not the first Truje iii my opened Oner More and or. Osborne omnibus Lux Aud no doubt if they life that i Hui c Disio ered the futile entered. After a few words with jul tuned to put in in Pafk a Ranee it milking plans. My meet my with Madame Zatti Miv he went out and be would have drop sied a with one of Jim and the profound interest you returned almost immediately with i1�?T Luiei Nany Reuy excuses a him have a a k o n id has All cub a three lither men two of his own Gen self i hts own door silo Pangili As Lions. I expo ted nothing less of i tall dark extremely quot Cit have announced without bother Hail i should have told you Ute tru h easy. 1uk to feed these us much old bores the night we met hut it never of was set Askew by the mat. Sue did not intend to Sie him curled to me for an instant that t leg Wigent air eager expression of his eyes. Clavo ing not waiting to be introduced. Lied to the smoking room and took a Den risen from the dead. Theres a seat in a Corner with his Back to the Rumor by the Way that she is dead a Oiler occupants lest some one recon quot Slie was alive the lust time i heard from Vienna. Hut Why imprudent or. Clavering told me of your kind comely but i assure you that i am neither a political nor a a marital a but Yoou have a seen to keep. Believe me. You can do so lie longer the sophists Etc Are generous and casual. They take you on your face value and their curiosity is merely human and Good natured. Hut this in Jane Oglethorpe s Box it is in the nature of no invasion. You hardly could have done More if you had forced yourself into a drawing room uninvited. You must either come out tomorrow Aud Tell them who you Are. Establish yourself or. Or a a a Well a Madame Zatt any was smiling and probably the most Serene Tyson in the House. A a in in think Yon had better go Back to Europe. I must be Frank anything less would la cowardly. You interest me too much Lime and speak to him. A hideous fear had invaded his soul of this world so indisputably her own did accept Lierz a a he had not a doubt it would it sin de a nth a it he made get of Dinwiddle s fears knowing you wish her Ashi did where would he come ii sheer link supplemented by his it a ii native had gown him a Clear j in for a few weeks but w hat Anniv would he have not Only if her i. wore Over run with people but sin were pursued by men with so much More to of for. With whom she must have so much More in common 7 he might be the equal of the Host of them in blood and Tho Superior of alone again Ullin slither Loyal in i no. Lie ground is Teeth but he was i master of Uiselt again aim had no intention to make me Siut tue it sulking. Inc situation put him Oil his Lucille. Lie i Tai me com Erst in aim out practically ail the timing us if me vital Yourn in Hun stimulated by music and pm a nip,.goo t Wuu a me Oiler men were leaved to i inhale san Ruigis i must needs pour Forth in rest in a and impels Muly. He was not jealous of i now mute or is bore Aitu Oulu the Upaek frown on the latter s brow was Sun deut evidence of to deeply per Seiichi Rex fitment i and a though he oui not hash Madame Zatt any a Hail made up could love any Man again. I had done with All that years ago and my intention was to give my life and my Fortune to certain problems in Europe which i shall not bore you with Here quot possibly of i had met you casually with judge Trent or if i had not chosen to avoid my old friends and met you at one of their houses As i might easily have done i should have made no mystery of myself if indeed you did not know the truth already. A but not Only the curious circumstances of our meeting after Jour weeks of silent Devotion but Jour own personality quickened to life a Flicker of Youthful Romance so Long moribund that i Hail forgotten it had me Mug Giufre Sugut indeed have Ever i icon one my lost in Bori tan is. I vat at Are Board for the first time he was also both amused and interested knew thai be had never Moue a better and to play a Little comedy with you impression Lier Eyre which had been order to equip him with Thorn minor but essential and Ammi my aits mat. Assured ease Aud distinction possessed by men not Only bom into the Bret society but bred iii it and who ha-1 axed on their background not on their nerves. To lie a i him is not Nougie it is Long association that counts and the air quot May be Aeq Nir but i can Only suppose that your be id by men of inferior birth hut the Cret is of the sort that if discovered supreme Opportunity. He had Man a a and they will discover it a would aged to it it interest her because he had cause you grave no rival and he was Young Aud his a you mean if i am Mary Zatt any s mind iii tune with hers. That alone illegitimate daughter a no doubt was tin secret of her fun a i Don t think they would have Agi native flight in his direction. For minded that if you had brought let the first time in his life in Felt a sen Many hut his life had not been of the heavy and troubled As they took their seat i at the table Aud As old As exes could be in that perfect setting began to look like a Gray lands sep illumined by distil ii i flashes of lightning before Long they were full of life and respese and laughter and Pride Lucre was something very like Pride in those expressive orbs nut always As subject to her will As she Fanci Edas they dwell on the Brilliant Young a urn list Whoso mind darted hither and thither on every subject he could summon that would afford the Opportunity of witty comment he even quoted himself skipping the past two Mouths a and what had been evolved with much Delilie Tion and rewriting sounded spontaneous and pertinent hut in truth he was is genuinely stimulated before the Brief hour was Over that when he returned to his rooms to wrote his column i in fore turning in. He Felt us if fiery swords were playing was irresistible it did not occur to us ii. Vul to adv Timur in it i Ink Pic ror six or sous if Luellig til cd than any he had Ever Timi Tutti him Dank a $850 or $10 00 per couple. Self capable of writing vowing that tickets for series of six dances to he was a Aal cd and fascinated god per couple individual ticket fl-50 knew but that he loved her with the Lier couple arrange for tickets with love of his life and would marry her miss Davis or mrs King. If she would have him no matter what j Louis Kloepper brought Hie carcass her revelations. And with what Palienie he could Muster and with no Grare whatever he would make no attempt to see her until saturday night but she must believe that he loved her of the Coyote killed a week ago in a Wolf drive South of Huron to town yesterday Anil collected tin county Bounty on it the Wolf was shot by Kloepper and Erwin Sloan who were. Vav. A. In Mopper Anil or win Sloan who Wen and she must write at once and Tell 1 members of a Bunch of Huo men who bum so. He could not exist through took part in the drive. Another drive out that interminable interval unless win take place next hat Ruddy in the she wrote him at once that sin be-1 same neigh in Hood Throe wolves Vvs exist Ems and the in broke through the lines Ami emailed. of that Bond and that to a a i a tiler than saw Wood for his he had Given her the highest and deepest and most passionate love of which Man was callable and which no woman but she could inspire for no woman like her had Ever lived. He had i breakfast yesterday morning aft r spending Friday night t in the City jail c v. Edwards a victim of the drug i habit Filiti from officer i k Coggon Ile dared not read it Over. He had i the a it ilm a a a a a never let himself go before and he Pfell. I vans was a picked had written too much for print not a or. A f kit an Friday night of to lie self conscious and critical of even it shot in the to a a it a a Sun in a for a collection of advertise mems and paragraphs. A Holbrook amp Martin the Best plumbers phone 714. Alls Joey Lyndon is in Kansas fit on business. Barney Askren is in Topeka today visiting his Mother mrs j d Burd double a Aracsi oiled 75 cents set first class Reid atrium 114 n 8ui Hee us about new bedroom or living room furniture we can please you sin filet s a love letter intended Only for Concord ant eyes nevertheless he was aware even in his excitement that the More shot in the arm.1 some of the things done by the Atchison county Public health Assoria v in iii Uia Caci lenient i no in More a in Ami iwo reckless it was the surer its effect no a it no a january took care of edited love letter Ever yet hit its 1 a a patients made Hup visits weighed Mark he remembered Parnell a l a children conducted 14 love letters however and devoutly i of he it burs. Made ten lire i the hoped i own would never see the inv Ltd Stigi ted Kim a welfare ugh a the waiter entered at others furnished moment and he gave him the missive i ?5 re 21 and made a 1 total of 90 welfare Calls. Hastily addressed and scaled and asked him to Tell the a a desk to Send it i maned i at Al j and give the boy orders to wait for an answer. He drank Bis Coffee but ate nothing nor did he open his newspapers. He strode up and Down his rooms or stood at the window watching the hurrying throngs the lumbering Green i asses the thousand automobiles and taxis Over on fifth Avenue. They were As unreal As a Inema. I had the delusion common to lovers that Earth was inhabited by two people Only a a when he returned to his room he about his mind. Flashing out words wrote his Oellien before turning and phrases that would make his brother a a hmm hts. No sluggard in i me for a moment that Yon would fall a the floor opened and or. Dinwiddie entered limping and leaning on Fane. Tors to them from Mary asking them to be kind to you Aud if you had made a Good marriage. Hut to have ii Flung in their faces like this they will never forgive a and you think i am Mary Ogden s daughter a quot i yes i think i have gone Back to my original theory. But then must be something behind. She never would have let you come Over Here with a letter Only to Trent she knew that she could rely on Many friends. No people in lilt world Are More Loyal to their own than these old n in ? and suppose he did give me let teis and that i had not been interested enough to present them a knew ii but i am afraid it s too late now. They not Only will resent your in difference. But they Are extremely averse to like sensational drama iii private life. And Jour Al ear Ami Here tonight is no thing for which they will never forgive you a he reiterated solemnly. K ally Well let us enjoy la next act a sin added indulgently. I Hope you will remain the curtain had gone up. The audience walked of the private Ira main which they had manifested no and i ave Simi wherever from playing their and As b own role. Transferred their attention by was to the stage although Clavering saw unwed in More than one glance wander across est of tin be of inferiority and for the moment he made no attempt to shake it off. He was in the Depths of despair. He did not even Light a cigarette. Ile could hear a group of Young men discussing her. As one of their own kind. With no Lack of respect. Some now Friend of mrs. Oglethorpe so they w Ere to Yong to remember Mary a it a Den. She would have Many knights a on the Morrow. He Felt on the fur Side of a rapidly widening Gulf. And to had once sought to dig a Gulf disapproved questioned tried to to i get her Ile wished in Hail abducted her. A Bell rang. The men moved toward tin foyer. Iii a few moment lie followed. The attendant opened the t Igie Liujie door and As he entered the Ante room lie saw that the Box was still filled w till men. They had evidently taken Root. Ile was pus Sescil by a Dull anger and As it spread upward his of Inferri to took flight. Ile d rout them All Damn them after All he had More brains than any Man in the House manners could he As Good had As their own. Moreover probably More strongly end tie r ways than tin Joung a. The wee thing for him words and phrases themselves Green on the Morrow. For the moment to was quite Happy As he always w s when ii mind was abnormally quickened. Ami he dismissed women and their infernal whims to limbo. When he awoke at two o clock in the afternoon his brain Felt like the i ashes of a Bonfire and i spirits j were a Leaden weight he knew what we to he i Xix tis of roil Tien however. And after his punch bag and showers he Felt better he d see her today and Force sonic sort of under tending. Bur when he opened his door and saw a letter in her handwriting and evidently delivered by a servant a if wits unstamped his hand Shook and his half recovered Confidence Filiti tills time he made no attempt at the farce of self discipline he opened it at once when he saw thai it lie Gan w to flout formality he Drew a longer breath i no not going to so you until it read quot when t hop you will take me to miss Dwight s party. Meanwhile i shall ask y ii not to see i or. Dinwiddie nor Ane one else Kelv a it discuss to i shall not re re to St. Ion quot at the Kiel if you will return Here with me i will Tell you be ret. Such As it is i Hall Only say lure that i had no intention of Mak in quot a mystery of my Elf. For i did nor exo it to Exchange a word with aria one in America hut judge Trent and his business associate i came to a Mere a for one Purpo Only to Settle my affairs Winch w ice urged on intern,in1 ?>1 v of i h d not t a. That sophisticated Young stenographer a i Cun figure out a Man easy As i in 1 always get my Way and make my Beau think he got his i men Are All just alike of a woman looks at them they think she is Tov-1 ing to plumber Bill haves and de Batty were almost worried to death by lasses \ Lute Friday. Lasses wanted j them to join his minstrel show. Heard on Foi Mercial Street a there Are to Bug Piersons sick with tubercle that Brief Extension of Tho soul which Losis in Kansas and room iii Public and iii its common acceptance of eternal private sanitarium for Only Isom a loneliness looks out upon the world As prod is two Kink of going into1 upon a projected vision in which no i the Guinea pig business on his farm i reality exist of Nan the dreamer is sooth of town but a dream himself. Phantasmagoria n a a w get a a it i to be continued Don Weatherford i herewith deny1 _ i that i in next Home reporter must j have had a brain heard on commercial Street quot you collection of advertise Munts and paragraphs. In love with me quot it was not until the second time you re to Here after the theatre that i realized what was happening in the submerged cells of mine but i could not Nemko up my mind to Tell j Jeu that night nor the next by that j time i was frightened i feared there j could in Only one result i us Pixie All j women Are rewards when in love but i i knew that this could not Las and j when you Oveil met Ltd sit in mrs Oglethorpe s i Rex i thought the tim a had Eon to to precipitate matters. After i a decisive St in like that i could not j Retreat. But i wish to Tell you myself. And for that reason i have asked Yon to discus. Me with no one until a it meet it will prot laity be the last time i shall see you. Hut i Ani prepared for that quot i shall see Jane Oglethorpe today sin has Las a very Loyal and i think sin will forgive me it would not matter much if she did not and possible would save my a Good d 1 of boredom but after last night an explanation is due her quot and after saturday night Mon Ami. Matters will be entirely in your hands. You will realize whether you have merely been dazzled and fas-1-Nared or whether there is really to tween us Ilia Mysti ficus Bond that no Cir Luis ances can alter. Sinh things have happened to men and women if we May a live history but i have had too ginm1 reason to believe that it is not for me. However a at least tor a Brief time you have Given me Back Metli is of the hones and illusions a von o. To iii itself is so a Stout is Flower phone 44. Or. Link dentist Simpson bldg. Delaney dry cleaners. Phone .�?�>4 Wolfers Transfer co. Phone 1102. An Atchison Man a been talking out of school. Chicken dinner 50 cents today at the Good eats cafe. Saws. Saw Brunies and belting of All kinds Mullins Bros. Men the finest Stock of cigars kept perfectly is at Byrnes All work turned out the same Day if wanted Model shoe shop igillie.-, silk and Wool Hose in values up to .<3 50. Sale Price at Kohler bred the Hilda mean of Sale and iii today s Eloiie. Head the Ida Tiomi of the spine to by Jay i. . In today Globe. Or Jones coloured who has Lieen sick for tim a it ast two weeks w Ith influenza is improving. Regular monthly meeting of the woman s Civie club. Monday afternoon at the chamber of Commerce. Owen Grady quot my brother Tom is now in Amarillo and has been work ing for a Railroad there for twelve j cars a miss Helen Hawke of Tulsa okla. Who taught the Washington and Franklin kindergartens last year is teaching kindergarten in Wichita this year. Can to even go to a funeral w it ii a hours and buggy any always ready for bakery a breakfast Cocoa growing children want and frequently need Mere nourishment than adults owing to the activity of their restless Little bodies. Bakery a Cocoa fills Allt in requirements i f the dietitian p id physician As a delicious pure and healthful be pc rage. Just is Good for older people. It to the Cocoa of i h Quality Al de Only by Walter Baker amp co. Lid. 173 3 Mill it Dorchester Vin. A nil month cancel a Coclet of Choice recipes sent for quot Stop paying rent now surely you want a Fine six room House of your very own Ana you can Nave one too without a cent of Cost to Vou if you promptly answer this advertisement arid do is i say. I am going to give this Fine six room a a a mar to nov Ortii my to it user it is surely v. U have Loirro tor the it la to come when von could crae Puy iria rent to a landlord and Call Emir Home oui own i am not off Enne iou the Opportunity and at no it it it to iou whatever scud no your Nemr and Addice torture iou Lay thin paper aside 3 even buy the i of when his child whispered the truth daddy Hawa Gallina old while still Young in year hat the matter la o you used to lock to in a Young and Strong i t i would marry you when i hut to o a you seem so time and it All the time. You never want a a till me any More. I heard a Tell auntie that of you would be some of that Nixa i he that helped her so much. It soon Luuke you Strong and Well wont you lie Nee take Nix Ikon. Duddy so you will Piny with us like you used Tofu woke up he was Wenk. Nervous and rundown. Overwork and worry had played him out his blood was Pale thin and watery. His face looked tired and Lilied with care. Till if his shoulders stooped a Bis ill a footsteps drugged. Then a to please hts Little girl he tried nut Ard i Kon a which contains trim like the Iron in spinach lentils Aud apples and like the Iron in your blood. Today a he is Strong. Vigorous and Well a he looks year younger a always ready and keen fur Active Ork or play a in fact a like a new Man again i no rated Iron t. Powerful strength Aud body builder. It help make Rich red blood steadies the nerves and give added resist aug against disease. Try faking nut Ard Iron for two weeks Aud note the arousing change n Roar a no re i tic alls a ism and Core try. You Mould lie Vatou isted at hic Reavill in Rorn a few Day time soiled a us sauteed of Burney refunded. 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Balance in Small payments. Hoosier Cabinet .1 Thea Lutfe Nimi iture amp carpet co i a it it it Al Vogt it too do not own a lot or a. Not Diakiv to build. I will Ai Ranitz Lobo a but tor you t he Beautiful Anil Volt Ortaldo noun Nav Ltd a Voura if v a i stomp to a iut me your name and Addrena and <10 a i say it Doe not mutter to. Me where Roo a Ives the noose ran to built anywhere you int it i Vive the House Anay to Adver my Hue no and i Don t rare where you wont it built Marne. California or Afi where in the ii s thu offer May never come to you again be Blat in rout neighbourhood. Hush name and addrow. A i Jucick risk it coat costs Kot hint to investigate of nothing to the Liberal offer i would like to place one of Tov Home in each locality in the la s Rush me your name and adore today card will do Juresa it a i want one of your six room Bouse a a c. E. Acc re. Pres. 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