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Atchison Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Atchison, Kansas Atchison county faces a critical problem shortage of funds threat to care of welfare patients editors note in an Effort to enlighten the Public As Well As itself. The Globe is undertaking a series of articles on social welfare in Atchison county. A crisis exists in the medical care of welfare patients. For this reason the Globe is attempting to present a Clear picture of the situation what brought it about and what can be done to solve it. This is the first in the series the problem care of the aged disabled and less fortunate is As old As Man. Every nation has faced it. Wrestled with it and is wrestling with it. It has brought wholesale murder and it has inspired revolutions and tumbled kingdoms. But the world or at least a major part of the world has progressed a Long Way from when the aged and disabled were tossed Over a Cliff. Or abandoned to starve or become prey of wild animals. We Are now civilized. Without question the United states has probably made the greatest Advance in meeting the problem. One of these Steps has been the social Security act. Another is the vast social welfare program inaugurated Back in the depression years of the 1930s. These programs have almost especially in the smaller communities removed the poor boxes from the churches and the beggars from the streets. But the Cost is staggering and the Burden is growing. And the Burden must be shared and it is being shared by every american through taxation. The problem of welfare starts at the Home level and progresses through the Community the state and the nation. And it is welfare in which this series will concern itself the social Security act in future years should help alleviate the growing welfare Burden As More and More of our aged become covered by it. What is welfare this is what Webster says a a welfare i. State of faring or doing Well state or condition in regard to Well being esp., condition of health happiness Prosperity or the like about welfare work Webster says this a organized Community or corporate efforts for social betterment of a class or group. To improve the health and general Well being of the class or at one time Atchison county a welfare Bill was less than $5,000 a year. From that figure it has jumped to $722,049 and presently runs from $57,000 to $00. A Kyj a month. Of this amount the county is paying 17 per cent or $127,500, the remainder coming from Federal and state sources. For the year 1957 the Federal government is furnishing 51 per cent or $330,371, and the remaining 22 percent or $290,887 is coming from the state prior to the great depression of the 1930s Relief to needy persons was in the hands it the township trustees. The county would pay Tor this assistance with a Levy. The present Atchison county farm was opened in 1905 and much of the Relief was Given at the county Home on a work basis. But the Relief problem became so Large due to the depression that the county boards in the Early 1930s appointed their first poor commissioners. They took Over the administration of Public Relief. Miss Ethel Bales held the position in this county when the Atchison county welfare Bill reached $10,000 a year it was thought to be Large but that was Only the beginning As the Nalion went a no the Depths of the depression in 1933 the first Federal Money was made available when the Kansas emergency Relief committee went into business. The Kerg lasted until 1937 when Kansas enacted its first social welfare Law. At that time All Kerr duties properties and activities were transferred to the state Board of social welfare and county welfare boards. Starting in 1937 the welfare program has been constantly expanded. Standards of assistance have been changed to meet conditions and living requirements. The work of the county welfare office in addition to granting financial assistance to the aged Blind dependent children and disabled also includes these services adoption cases and studies placing children in boarding Homes working with the probate court on admissions to state institutions mental and custodial servicing All admissions to boys and girls Industrial schools and placing them after their parole assisting the probate court in admissions to training schools for the feeble minded at Parsons and Winfield working with the social Security Board on determination of eligibility for social Security working with the county attorney in obtaining Law enforce ments in Aid to dependent children cases when the cause of need is desertion. And an unlimited number of other services including social histories for the state prisons and veterans administration the Atchison county welfare department now has six Case workers three clerk stenographers a clerk typist a fiscal officer and a director. In june the Case Load of Atchison county was 655 and represented 1,007 persons. During the depression years there were four social workers and a total of to toll people in the welfare office servicing 700 to 800 cases with about 2,000 persons on relict. Functions were limited to Money payments distributions of commodities and certification to spa works projects administration. Atchison county s present situation in the care of welfare patients has been stymied since july i when the welfare Board announced that Only $6,500 would be available monthly to meet medical Bills incurred by welfare clients. The $6,500 limit on medical expenses was set by the state welfare Board in a directive to the Atchison county Board. This figure was reached on the basis of $6.50 per person per month. And there Are approximately 1,000 persons on the welfare Rolls of the county. A series of meetings have been held Between the agencies involved and the county welfare Board. Three groups Are directly affected by the $6,500 limit they Are the Atchison Hospital association the Atchison county medical society and the druggists or dispensers of medical supplies. On aug. 14 the Atchison Hospital association in a letter published in the Globe rejected a plan to pro rate the $6,500 fund. The medical society also rejected the plan while no direct statement was made by druggists on their stand. On Friday the county welfare Board announced it would proceed with the proration of the $6,500 fund and How it would be split�?$3,489.25 to hospitals including Atchison Hospital and the Kun medical Center which submitted Hills totalling $5,711.53 for july $1,268 82 to the doctors total Bills being $2,995 60and $1,586 03 to the druggists total Bills of $1.989 08. Today the Globe publishes the reply of the welfare Board to the Atchison Hospital association regarding the necessity to proceed with the split fund plan. This could prove a hardship on Many worthy welfare clients it is a situation that Calls for serious study on the part of All concerned the second in this series will follow soon Atchison sunday ii lore welfare reply to Hospital Price ten cents sign spotted on the door of a rocket expert Atchison Kansas sunday August 18 1957 24-pages Quot out of this world. Back Eightieth year 22772 in thirty minutes editor s note the following letter is being printed in full As a matter of vital interest to the Public. The Globe printed on aug. La a letter from the Atchison to coital association to the county welfare Board which Uncle Sam pays for local Cave owners of the 125 acres of surface land above the u. S. Faculty a Atchison Cave on the South Edge i of the City were paid for the land Friday afternoon by the Federal government in a transaction at the City National Bank Here. L ast dec. 24 a United states i Call Hoffa As witness Washington. Aug. 17 of sen. District court jury in Kansas j Mcclellan dark said today two City awarded the property own i teamster big shots. James r. Ers $1,325,000 for the property Hoffa and Einar o. Mohn will he which the government took Over the principal witnesses in the Chin condemnation proceedings Start j Max next week of an investigation a. I of labor racketeering in new cd in 19a Friday til owners o the land my divided $1,075,000. Spokesmen for a a a a a a a he Midwest Levrier of the owners stated tha the amount Lite s15"1 teamster. 1 and received he each owner in the la front running candidate to division will not be announced i a Ltd a it it a it a a a by cd a pro a a a i. A e f Reva Nawi a the Union convention in i the by of Atchison owned Sis Mohn ,5 exec live acres of the whole and received $57,188 this would indicate that Beck s right vice president and ,. I hand Man. The division was made on the Bas i hav it inked in Tel. Is of about $10,000 an amp cart. Timony before the special Senate Hie other owners were George jigging committee to Charters de and Lloyd Kerford partners j issued for phony gangster Domi Carl Dingess trustee for the j rated locals of the teamsters in Carlisle family interests babe in Jon in Jhc Mew York City Are a. Waggoner and Elsie m Lawless. Mcclellan the committee hair f it is understood that All of Tho t Man said Mohn has been called owners threw in together in the testify monday afternoon when Case and were paid on a percen the hearings Are resumed. Hoffa Tage basis. Is scheduled to take the witness attorneys who represented the chair tuesday owners in the successful suit a also to be heard monday ahead ca7tet displays he part dress she Wilt Quot Wear in the 4 11 style re against the Federal government of Mohn is another witness whom thursday night at the Atchison county Lair in Effingham she in were Lawrence Brown Kansas Mcclellan Calls the Dreas As part of her 4-h club work. This fall she will be a Junior senator declined to identify this if jj10 a Raison county in a mum v High school Iii it Gingham. She is j a proposes car Price Cut scientists meet Here need for medical care of individual welfare clients including admissions to hospitals and the writing of prescriptions of the Inci Dence of need for medical care is High Tor the total Load on As now replies to the association Sis Ance the welfare Board does not know of this until the follow Board of trustees my month w Hen Bills Are present i Atchison Hospital association de. It was hoped that with Addi j Atchison Kansas tonal facilities for bed patients the county welfare Board has which the Hospital trustees have 1 received and reviewed your letter made available for the aged and of aug. To. 1957 which was also Bho infirm persons that certain i submitted to the local newspaper cases could be transferred from s for publication since it apparent Hospital Section to this unit i by is of interest to Many persons and thus relieve to some extent in Atchison county. The county lengthy Hospital periods for cer welfare Board wishes to state Tam types of cases. We note that Union As that it appreciates your explant a least five such transfers have tin rocket investigation of Earth supper atmosphere and jct propulsion of the forthcoming u. S artificial satellite will tie two Law president Walter p. Reu ther today disclosed the proposal. In making Public letters sent yes problems discussed by scientists i term t0 general motors corp. And mathematicians of the Amer a a Ord Quot lean Benedictine Academy which corp will meet Here tomorrow for their Titer fifth biennial meeting sessions will be held at mount most of the nations of the world in stopping and reversing the in. By i an a it ency of us. State de. J first Are pooling their efforts to in Latla Quot Ary jfn<1 hot apartment of social welfare. The our lock the secrets of the Earth and resident Eisenhower has ase Joca Agency is controlled in every ties it Viran mini in it p management Ami labor to exer 1014,1 do a con Routa in every. Its environment in space. Res iraqi in Norire and a ire a put it of it operation by jaw Mer or Arthur i Oniris a Rife or com restraint in i ice anti ,7. # a a Margie. 16, daughter of or. And mrs Karl Buttron of near Lan a vue made City and Lee weeks Kansas City has., for the Kerford interests Maurice p. Of Keefe or. For Carl j witness in Advance. Mcclellan said the committee oiliness end Tho ,t, a a rented himself Dohn Bustier re j rackets midweek and then take presented Elsie m. Uri i Buck a re no a a o Keefe represented the City. A member of the Shannon 4 la club begins tuesday payment of the Money a through the . District it ourt a clerks office in Topeka agree on arms construction Bill sued about sept 20 but declined j to say what they would Deal Wilh. In another development Mcclellan told newsmen the Trail script of testimony involving mar shall m. Miller recently fired As a consultant to the new York legislative committee on Industry and labor would be turned Over preparations Are moving ahead to the Justice department. For the Atchison county fair at dec i he senator it Aid this Tesi Imons Fng am which opens tuesday Anil continues through Friday. County prepares for summer fair also sighted flying objects. A. Another witness to the myster army Navy and air Force pro called the bogus Charters issued making last minute min movements tot Quot v Home and abroad f. R teamsters locals in new York at the agricultural exit bit stand l0us v or jes her conv Quot the Bill which is subject to said the testimony showed a there and three Large display tents were town Atchison thursday nigh House and Senate approval does was a conspiracy to procure and 0 be erected. Was Larry Seeber 14, grand Washington aug. 17 Ftp a Senate House conference commit tee has agreed on a Compromise j showed a wilful perjury by one or Bill to authorize future construe More people Quot Tion of $1 232,532,000 Worth of new Mcclellan denouncing w hat he j workmen were Busy yesterday Detroit aug. 17 i United Auto workers proposed to the big three of the gon 0f your problem to the pub been made since july 8, at which i automobile Industry that they Cut be and the county Board certain the unit went into operation prices on 1958 models by an aver by appreciates the services the so we know that it has to some age of at least $100 a car and in Hospital has Given to Atchison extent decreased Hospital Cost for return the a will modify its county welfare clients in the past. July. It May also be noted Here new contract demands next \ a we stale Here that this is not that costs for care in this unit the n a joint move to combat Infra just a problem but affects Are tot charged to the medical almost every county in the state und but Are paid in full to the to some extent. Situations arc Hospital on $5 per Day rate More severe in Eastern Kansas your main question of Conten a counties who have unusual Large lion is will the county welfare Ford motor co. And Chrysler caseloads and Low tax valuations. Board guarantee the Cost less 25 it would indeed take much time percent for All welfare patients was no immediate com and space to again review ail Quot to Are admitted to the Hospital ment from the Auto finns. That has previously been cover in a your Board of trustees fur Reuther said the proposal a cd in the several meetings be Lher suggests that of the county St. Scholastica and St. Benedictus based on the unanimous action of tween the medical care dispensers welfare Board cannot guarantee colleges. Part of the five Day pro the Caw International executive and the county welfare Board this minimum Cost that the congram will be devoted to the in Board. He said he was suggesting you understand that the locally welfare Board admit its a Ter National geophysical year now a positive and practical proposal county welfare Agency is not now befits to the Kansas University under Way in which scientists of for making an effective beginning and never has been a separate City medical Center. The answer to the most of the nations of the world in st0pln6 and reversing the in is an Agency of la it state de. First question must by reason of limited funds Power and do be in the negative. Our let of june 8 was purposely Mali or. Arthur. Quirk professor rules and regulations of the state t0 you. And All other dispel of physics Rhode Island state Reuther a proposal would mean welfare department. This control Sers in Advance in order that cuts in the Price tags on 1958 relates to factors of eligibility As it you would be totally familiar with Cli upon their introduction late Well As amounts which can be our financial limitations and that Mission will give the keynote and fall. He proposed an impartial Lowed for food clothing my it of could devise such ways and dress of the meeting tomorrow review panel to pass on the ques rentals household supplies and a Means As you deemed necessary night. He will summarize the Var on of developed during Nego household equipment. The local it0 prevent a loss on welfare client ious Fields of research being sex to nations the companies Felt that j county Board has authority to set a accounts. If we gave you and All lored in the icy and evaluate All or part of the Price reduction maximums on shelter Public util other dispensers including the should be restored to meet Union test an Ltd certain other require clients a free hand in obligating demands. The proposed three Hents of need but it has so far county welfare funds it would in pm be i panel would take fest never had the same control Over no of on yet a contrary to All Munici Mony at Public hearings. The expenditure of funds for medi pal accounting procedures but Cal care. This needs some sex would constitute a a Blank Check a Lions told presidents of the big three. A. $ 1la a h i far Are in Ipa Ted Lur the individual unless juried to solve the problem without the interests of the american peo Over a a Pond of months on cer controlling dispensers and client pie As a whole in a stable Price Tain regular items the Agency can usage and under very trying con level. For that reason we Are Bas in the past included costs editions have failed to keep the confident our members will be allowances on clients budgets amount within the $6,500 per willing to take the consequences however the great majority of j month. In collective bargaining if the cases require medical care in regarding the use of the Kun Price reductions we propose j such fluctuating amounts that the medical Center for All welfare should make it impossible to meet item of medical expense is re patients we must inform you All of their just demands and still Garden an Junbud gettable and there that the welfare Agency was re maintain a reasonable rate of in lies the problem of costs Over gently advised not to use this a pro a. Which the county welfare staff oilily unless certain preliminary Reuther added. In other words. I fun i a it. A a a into e. 4 to Are not , you to take any a a a a a e j a ,dettt8 risk thai we Are not prepared to the. I a to tot referred by the to share a department Over a Cal physician we have never the a awl a contracts with the peno<1 of to me has received month been advised directly about this University and chairman of the Rhode Island atomic Energy com i i i to re other Palabon. Medical care As a Bud-1 in the welfare funds. The welfare it ire amount is Uii Ivr t. A. A #4�?T an j 4�nrpkififtnu of Chw iroc i it a Tom Ltd an very Seldom be an staff and the county Board have he significance of tonal project. Tuesday night in i Hur que i Ilc the internal big three run out next Spring a sports rom 10.� counties and policy nor have we been advis around june i. Lias arrived at a figure of $6.50 Jed How to proceed if this policy the Union has announced that month per person As an Equit has been changed. You Are also its top goal in new contract Nego Able Cost Ligure to which counties aware that it is not the county Swuat biiv1 t a. Forum of to nations will be a Shorter week could be limited on medical sex welfare staff or the county Board not provide any actual Money for make use of these Charters for the cattle hog and sheep pens son 0f hrs Ernest Kasten 101 it the icy he will report to Aba and a substantial increase in take Pense. The state department is. Which has referred patients to Kun the projects. The Money for the continued on luge tuo it Are All ready for the livestock Larry had been out look members on upper atmosphere Home pay. Of course Tiro in cts is being considered in Quot j exhibits and final arrangements connection with a separate approx _ be made monday for Home i my for night Crawler and sight privation measure. A a a 1 economics exhibits at the Grade cd the objects about 8 45. He armed service committee aides school today announced a list of the % opening feature at the fair will projects included in the Compro t be a big three Section Parade Mise Bill. The list however does i of clock tuesday afternoon. The not include certain classified pro it Vemi Parade is open to anyone with acts. Nor does it include Allim w a various prizes awarded stances wherein authorizations j entries in Section i and 2 of former years were increased o Parade will be scored on the meet increased construction costs. A w danish system and $200 in prizes the projects include a Venn each Secba non Kansas a Blue red and White ratings. Army it. Leavenworth $336, the third Section will be the too. It. Riley $2,525,000. General and Industrial Section and air Force Forbes Aib $l,3oi. Prizes o vj0 $30 and $20 will be too Mcconnell fab $763,,awarded for the three top win Schilling fab $372,000 ners Missouria any entry also will be eligible army it. Leonart 0 compete for the Best safety Quot sick rest and he Abs in eligible to win an additional $25 a in hraska30 b 23 00� i Peggy Gerardy is a late entrant further information May by of army Sioux ordnance depot j in the local american legion con stained from Arnold Barber sex $249,000. Air Force Lincoln fab $3<, too Offutt fab $7,681,000. Oklahoma rocket investigations. Quirk a director of the upper air re research Laboratory from 1949 and his grandmother dismissed a5 and from 1949 t0 953 he Dir them As meteorites or reflect acted Crews in rocket i Vestiga Lions from an air plane or Jet Lions at White Sands proving a Quot Quot lights. Grounds and Alamogordo n. Mex. They recalled the incident Howe Story mrs. Violet Cleveland 927 com Mercial sighting several objects with a deep yellow glow in the sky. Larry who is a a student of astronomy had thought the occurrence was caused by the humidity in the atmosphere now Larry and his grandmother Arentt sure what they were. Larry is the son of or. And mrs. J. F. Seeber of Kansa it City formerly of Atchison. More apprehensive medical Center. All referrals must earlier this year Reuther pro when an excess of $6 50 per originate with a referring doctor posed to the Heads of the Auto month per person involves coun-1 of Medicine. The Agency then companies that they get together ties who Are in financial distress j writes the institution for bed re with the Union in separate Man there Are now 16 such counties Ner vation. As a policy. Kun vied a Umo. Talk a a Mytar j to the state of which Atchison id Center has Quested fins. Foie the Start of Tami in aes-1 foun a Are assisted Etal authorisation from the local a a Usa Maimi Antii us a. In a. A a i Iron a special Tuncle appropriated Agency we will ii requested by in the same forum professor apr Oil by the to guarantee local physicians do any and ail Ever when they saw the Lames j. Vasa of the physics de reminding the companies that la it effective operation of the pro things necessary to relieve the in f Bidav s Globe about apartment of de i aul unite shy a. Union is now i Unready for Alani in Hie 10a counties Inci Tant local Hospital of welfare patients. Chicago will explain How the Art 19m c0mrac, nogo,iati0n, Keo less of availability of funds in to will. Your Contention Mucial satellite will he led to it her said tto local unit this special fund a Hal medical a me ssi orbit in space by Jet propulsion a this coining january. 3.000. Which the state Board controls is a. Subj 0 the emf it Rora Tjon several papers will be present-1 delegates representing our local also limited. Should this fund be it any is Noce Sarv Sall cd in the separate sessions for unions throughout the United j come depleted before the budget j medic jul unit unions for your in physicists chemists biologists states and Canada will meet in year ends the local unit would not formation a. Ars. In and mathematicians. Special convention to formulate Only be in distress on medical a not i on wednesday meetings will the demands we will present when care but on other items of Bud /. A a four negotiations begin. Those of us get needs which now Are at a very continued on Page two who share in the leadership of the minimum existence level. The Law will have the responsibility i end at noon to allow All participants to travel to Kansas City mo., to tour the Midwest re Quot by have Bie responsibility state department has not in search laboratories and the Linda a drafting recommendations 10 creased other budget items be Hall technical Library. ?.l spec convention. Cause it lacks the necessary fund in a wednesday morning meet Ltd a. To do so. Tog William i. Boone. Sumner a or Quot 0? a Quot the county welfare Board is couple make forced Landing Are weather i a a a. I. Yuwu. Uu.,. Leading Auto producers re Atchison and Vicinity generally fair High school Kansas City ka., Duce prices on 1958 models to lev j no Creneti about welfare patients test to select a Queen for the tension agent Roy Eek or Bill a Quot a v.1ve�fia�n< in eat a discussion on Pio eds averaging at least $100 below be it he use of medical care. M shouting distance of the legions state convention to be put Hoff members of the Parade mpei3ture he a Toda it m the Quot a held at Hutchinson aug. 23 25. Her committee photo has been dispatched to St. Louis aug 17 an Iowa City Iowa couple made a forced Landing today almost Wintling scientific Progress at High or cps for comparable 1957 j under Hie present policy the Loui county Home of friends they Kansas mostly fair except for widely scattered Thunder showers and Thun school science fairs. In Atchison the Aba Partick models. County Agency has had no con air Force Altus fab 848.000, Post tit the Haw Aii Clinton Sherman fab $53b,, committee Here in charge Honolulu in a me Hawaii Tiner fab $2,674,000 Vance Kocaj contest. Photos of visitors Bureau reports the Fob _ $1,977,000. Three other girls in this area had i lowing queries from prospective Missouri partly Cloudy through to previously been submitted. Peggy Ravelero night Little Wanney Over the state to is a daughter of or. And mrs from Indianapolis de storms West portion today and to pants will spend thursday after Price reductions into effect we for 5juthea.itj notions he where Little 1 0011 visiting the . Army Leat i our part will give full consider �?o2. That if you do put such red Over usage except to inform plane lands with Brownout tire san Francisco. Aug. 17 a United air lines flight 703 from new York landed safely Here a 3 35 . Before a Large crowd which had gathered to u atch the big plane come in with a blown out tire. Southeast portions elsewhere Little change in temperature. High today in the 80 s. Day High today 80 to 87. Herman Gerardy 1435 Santa be and is a Sophomore at Northwest Missouri state teachers College Maryville. Ham stated that if Peggy entry is too late for the legion judging at Hutchinson h r c Oto will be submitted As a Gion Spon a red entry for the Queen of the Weston tobacco show at Weston next month. Rainfall late Friday ,10 of an Inch. Total for August .85 of an Inch Normal for August 4.20 inches. Total for 1957. 26 38 inches what is the Best Highway to take from los Angeles to Hawaii what a j com ovations Are available in route quo from Hatboro pay i am in thermometer readings Terestea in obtaining information 2 �?78 about the necessary requirements -1 p Jujj Ujj for an american citizen to enter j a pm a i Quot Quot i Quot go Hawaii for a permanent in Friday night it. De storage Cave for National de Tion to the effect of such reduce sense tools. They will also visit the Tion your corporations financial local alcohol Plant. Position in the drafting of our 1958 the american Benedictine Aca demands and in our negotiations Demy is a National association a you doubtless aware that which Aims at furthering scholar he second part of this proposal is ship and research in Benedictine incr iia von schools and institutions. Benedic j wafer a done be monks and Sisters As Well As of off reducti9ils �?z10ui< hav0 Lay faculty members belong to any Adverse elect upon the in. 8 p. In. .80 7 p. -------78 j the Academy. 8 p. N ��?74up m j your saving earn More at tile Exchange National 37# bit. Any Adverse Ettelt upon Dusty a a financial position we would have no alternative but to continued on Page two the clients to use restraint As has been done by letter and is done daily by workers in the welfare office or when cases Are reviewed. The county welfare Board does not believe that july 1957 is a typical month As we note there were about 28 admissions to the local Hospital. The Cost for doctors services were higher than was anticipated in spite of the warning to welfare clients to use discretion. The welfare Board and the staff must rely on the attend were going to visit. J Garth Kirkindall and his wife were in route from Cincinnati to Weiss Airport in the county alien the engine of their plane failed. Kirkindall landed the plane in pasture about a half mile from the Home of or. P. M. Grueb of Grant Wood Village where they were planning on visiting. Escaping injury they caught a ride to or. Gruebbs Home Nier plane was to be dismantled and hauled in for repair. The couple had been Bouse Hunting in Cincinnati where Kirkin 441 ii to be transferred next ing physicians to determine the month in his employment

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