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Atchison Globe, The (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Atchison, Kansas 4 Atchison daily Globe monday september 13. 1954 Atchison daily Globe founded by e. W. Howe in 1877 published by Gene Howe 1911-1951 published daily except saturday it Atchison. Kansas Paul Allingham president Al Bennett Harvey Buckley advertising manager de Harris circulation manager for news business or circulation departments Telephone 50. 51 or 52. Aiter 6 . Telephone 1514 or 1325-j to report any irregularity in delivery. Washington merry go round by Drew Pearson Washington though c6n its Bacciardi have Confidence in me. I m sure that we would pro Voke a bad movement in the air Force but when we have 300 jets it will be Carney they have an Academy italian air Academy and they Are getting Good men and then their viewpoint will change. Right now some of the air Force officers Are immature in their thinking they the world today near end of first act 15y James Mallow Washington Fri sen. Mccarthy nears the end of the first by Carrier arcs s p Assed a Law unifying the j would rather Fly than i plan for log no one week subscription rates by mail in Atchison. Homphan. Brown Nemaha Jackson. Jefferson and Leav Elvorth counties in Kansas Buchanan and Platte counties in Missouri. Three months six months one one month six months one year entered As second class matter sept. 12. 1929. At the Posto Ifie at Atchison Kansas under thu of March 3. 1879. Months ,-.-_-_-_-_-_ countries. Armed services an amazing Sec ret document has just come to j Light showing that the Navy is even g of j undercutting the air Force in fore by mail outside of above counties adm. Robert Carney cow chief j of naval operations actually Laid ss.50 j Down a virtual ultimatum to the italian minister of defense that Italy change its air Force Law and set up a naval air detachment sep member of the associated press i 1 the associated t Ress is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of Arate irom me italian air All the local news Grimes in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Monday september 13, 1954 Hutchinson news Herald a week ago three Kansas branches of a certain fraternal organization purchased licenses entitling them to operate a total of 21 Coin operated gambling devices without fear of interference the slots by any Federal Law enforcement slip Back Agency. The conclusion to be drawn from this information is this. The officials of these lodges feel Safe enough from bother by Community or sitar police to pay the Price of buying off the fed Era Ian. Restore the Slot machines to their Halls and prey on the for gambling of some of the brn hers to make their quarters even More lavish. If the Experiment these three lodges have launched proves to be such Coful. It will be widely imitated. Since these three Are by no Means the Only experimenters in the illegal Field it follows that the Slot machines Are again slipping Back into the state and unless Strong remedial measures soon arc taken the slip it ill shortly become a slide. It was demonstrated about three years ago that Law enforcement agencies on All governmental a vels unite and show they mean business Slot machines can be driven out of Kansas or any other state. It now is in process of demonstration that unless this Type of Law enforcement is continuous the original drive is a wasted Effort. The issuance of 21 More licenses for the Coin operated gambling devices is reason for a renewal of a hard drive against them. So is the approaching election. Unless Italy did so Admiral car Ney As much As warned she would get no naval planes from the Amer can Navy and no helicopters from the american army. The interesting thing is that when Admiral Carney called upon de sense minister Rudolfo Pae Ciardi he took with him his Yoeman who Bacciardi "1 think Well Suc eed but not with the Law although same organization everywhere. Be patient and Well Iii Senate from censuring him. There Are three acts in this drama act 1 for two weeks a special six Man committee has considered Carney yes Little by Little you i charges by can make adjustment. I under i Morse Fulbright stand and i will Tell general that his official con Benhower what you have i duct Over the years Calls for Cen Bacciardi Little by Little Well i sure. Go ahead and maybe some Day the committee s Public hearings our Navy like yours will have an May end today or tomorrow. The aircraft Wisconsin Republican As in other copyright 1954. By the Bell Syndi i Senate inquiries involving him has been the Central figure. But he did t dominate these hearings. The chairman sen. Watkins r has kept him rigidly in foreign briefs Check. Act 2 once the Public hearings Paris Alexander Wiley j Watkins committee goes into wanting to be efficient made Verr wis chairman of the Senate i private conferences to decide what Batik notes of the conversation j foreign affairs to do next. It can turn Over to the later he typed up the notes and i warned France today that reject j fun Senate a simple finding of Tion of the european defense com 3cl, without recommendations Unity probably would have a bad if that happens it is doubtful effect in the u. Senate unless the full Senate will return before filed the transcript. Admiral Carney obviously embarrassed at this record of his highly _. Unusual conversation could alternative defense plan can the nov. 2 congressional elections have destroyed the transcript even be agreed upon soon. ,0 vote on Mccarthy. It could wait. If he wanted to. It had already been i ,h1 Arnvid in parts a tour it would have the rest of novem filed and to destroy such a gov j Europe. Her and most of december to act Ern ment document would be High or the Watkins committee could by unethical. So the embarrassing Vatican City Pius recommend censure to the Senate. Document was stamped top see by compassion. They used to Tell of an Atchison girl who went without sleep for two nights trying out some of the Beauty exercises advertised or recommended by her friends. 13y the time she had finished applying lotions and other Beauty aides it was rime to take her cold Bath and her Early morning walk. Actually the transcript involves no military secrets but rather the use of the taxpayers Money since it is the United states which pays for the planes and any Carrier sent to Italy. Also of interest to the tax payers is the manner in which the . Navy is ignoring a Man Date of Congress to Combine in joint operations with the . Air Force. I l Xii has warned pharmacists if that was done sufficiently far against dispersing birth control ahead of nov. 2, the full Senate drugs. He urged them to be moved would t have much excuse for neither by desire for profit nor not returning to vote before elec lion Day. Over the weekend some of my Naples Italy and Carthy s friends reportedly said he i enlists from More than 26 a expected a bad report card from Lions gathered Here today for a the Watkins committee and in or world Industrial Medicine con. Dor of prepare for what Lay ahead Gress. Their studies will include j would do no Cross country Cam the effects of exposure to radio paining be nip election accordingly Here is the exact Carney and defense minister Pac Ciardi showing Carney s Effort to act 3 the full Senate or those i i showed up would go into ses Tokyo the undertaking Sion and lengthy debate to consider business is dead in Thailand so the evidence or the recommend seven japanese technicians Are go v i seven japanese dec scans Are go 1 of the Watkins committee build up naval Power at the sex m Thuro la breathe a ital gee Mccarthy and his Senate friends Pense of air Power. It would fight. Carney i have one last Point Tho j n t if the Senate refused to censure Mccarthy could take it As Globe sights e. Howe Don t be discouraged if you fail to make Money before you Are 40, but Don t wait until you Are that before you commence. You must have your hard raps sooner or lat car. Every Young Man should provide for the Rainy Day when some girl will want him to marry her right new a whether he can afford it or not. Which is most important. I have the and of the army and the Navy. They both have tasks which require control of aircraft. I have talked with general Eisenhower about this and told him that Italy is the last coun try to adhere to the idea that every o j n t Jie Erse in crematorium of c which Thailand undertakers bought. Colombo Ceylon Amer i from addressing a meth Ihms that flies belongs to the air Odist sunday school in Colombo Force and Italy has a Law that because he a so. Bacciardi yes we have that famous Hunting for communists. Would he grew stronger there after in his search and his tactics he might. Mccarthy is an aggressive Man. Apparently it s part of his philosophy of conduct. He told the Watkins committee let s Mccarthy s critics inside and outside the Senate would hardly Law and a Small air Force. It is to Small to an Atchison woman not Only laughs at her Hus band s jokes but says she thinks they Are funny. Half the complaints Are made without investigation. Poke Bennett. How about one More picnic before school i suggested last night while everybody happened to be at Home. With a family said on arrival in co i f i that he did not frown on Carney the concept of other. Sunday sport countries is that each service As Richards on a Goodwill by clearance of me-1 in this episode. No doubt they would continue to gun for watching to see if he had changed his ways or was persisting in the ways that got Hun censured. More than 100 attended the 32nd annual reunion of the Moser and Graves families at Jackson Park sept. 5. John Moser of Troy was the eldest Man present and mrs. Fannie Lannig of St. Joe the eldest woman. The youngest baby girl was Edna Presnell of Lee s Summit mo., and the youngest baby boy was Joe Boose of Bethel. Or. And mrs. Fred Werner of St. Joe were the longest married couple and or. And mrs. William Beanie of Atchison the most recently married. Mrs Edna Mcpike of Denver colo., came the longest distance. Mrs. Annie Spencer and mrs. Robert link have attended every reunion. Mrs Chester Jenkins of St. Joe was chairman of the program commit tee. Fred Werner was re elected president and Claude Jenkins vice president. Both live in St. Joe. Mrs. Robert hink of Doniphan was re elected Secretary and treasurer. The next reunion will be at Hyde Park in St. Joe the first sunday of september 1955. Attending were or. And mrs. John Martin or. And mrs. George Mawdsley or. And mrs. Rice Elliott or. And mrs. Fred Werner James la Jiuing and family mrs. Fannie Lanning or. And mrs. C. A. Jenkins mrs. Savannah to. Or. And Polly Jenkins or. And mrs. Bill Dat Heage or. And airs. Marvin Cotter and family mrs. Ethel Cotter mrs. Orris Langley All of St. Joe mrs. Annie Spencer or. And mrs. Harold Spencer and son or. And mrs. William Beagle Mary Graves or. And mrs. Edwin Spencer John Burke or. And mrs. Ivyal Cotter John May mrs. Herman Kuhnert All of Atchison Ethel Morris or. And mrs. Roy Stockwell Kansas City or. And mrs. W. E. Presnell and family Lee s Summit to. Mrs. Anna Mcclurg and two grandchildren or. And mrs. Joe Boose and fam ily or. And mrs. J. B. Gibson Henry Jenkins or. And mrs. E. H. Devorss and family or. And j mrs. Roy Wilson or. And mrs Jess Grable All of Dekalb or. And mrs. Ralph Peasley Rushville or. And mrs. William Graves or. And mrs. Ray Etc Mao Norton Ville or. And mrs. Joe Boose Bethel or. And mrs. Roy Sutton or. And mrs. Ralph Moser John Moser a. C. Moser John Werner All of Troy or. And mrs. Louis Crossfield Muscotah mrs. Ralph Spencer or. And mrs. Raymond Spencer Cummings mrs. Edna Mcpike Denver Colo or. And mrs. George Wells or. And mrs. Marioo Werner mrs. J. A. Taylor or. And mrs. Edgar Wells and save at the factory cemetery monuments and markers America s finest factory setting direct in Northeast for Booklet and Esu Byrd memorial company factory and and commercial St. Mrs. James Burke or. And mrs. Robert hink and family Doni Phan or. And mrs. E. 11. May Lawrence mrs. 0. May Perry. The first meeting since june of the Atchison District scout commit tee will be tonight at 6 o clock at Thorning s. The new program for 1954 and 1955 will be outlined and there will be a Board of re View for Nelson Greenland jr., who has finished requirements for the rank of Eagle scout. Law rence Mastin is chairman of the District committee. Visit our baby department. Butler prescription shop. Your Cah t and threat. It helps you travel easily and threatens to Rob you of your Potte Sioni should you be involved in a damage suit. Enjoy your car. But protect your finances by insuring through As a Surv son insurance Auto Loans of n. 6? 162 you la be proud to own a "genuine11 Frigidaire refrigerator or Range made Only by general motors repair All makes refrigerators 517 com l. And sold Only by Levin s phone 569 your old refrigerator or Ranee same As Cash on Down payment. Balance 34 months. It and television ims these radio and to programs Are published As a service to our readers and at no Charjie to radio or to stations listed. The Globe is not responsible for errors on programs submitted. What t Mcmo Kmic t com Kart ill Iii of of my Julu we mss Kansas Kare Atchison local monday 5 p. M. Top of the evening scores baseball far As possible be Given the Wea Pons it needs to accomplish the tasks assigned. This Means that the services must have some control also Over the design of Tokyo we an estimated 000 japanese employees of the u. S., military forces walked out today. In support of demands for an 80 what faces him if the Senate Cen him he would suffer no tangible dam 320 in the sense of losing his sen ate seat or the chairmanship of of tour teen agers seems like our family Circle is usually missing a pm warily assign forces to the Navy Var links. Be a lot of poke reminded me and Lor what anybody so Busy they could t go on a picnic j o off in the funny paper. Nothing is so sir per cent increase in ius investigating subcommittee Craft for particular tasks such As j benefits and higher dismissal Par. He d keep both. Neither is at stake anti sub Annc and the strikers members of he i Miv damage he suffered and it Bacciardi the air Force must Security forces workers i might be enough to ruin his career provide the planes to the army j opened a 48-hour work stoppage by would be in the minds of others and Navy it is just a question of establishing picket lines through next to unseating him censure is out Japan. The strongest condemnation the Carney no the air Force has i i Senate can inflict on a member. And always will assign its forces j Kojjo ins co Glam a j his foes and his critics would a. T. No doubt never let e. Balzer chiropractor. Censure die although since he Kansas Power and Light building does stand for reelection until school Accident policy is . I 1955, Mccarthy by distinguished n Pfell iy1 inf cent it doll i l _ rr--1 11 news Klub Kare p. M. Top of the evening no a a personality time news scoreboard 6 d. A Man on the go nation s business for dining p. M. News one Man s family Kare music news 7 p. M. Hollywood bowl hit Parade unreadable As a teenager with the funny paper. So i nearly yelled anybody for a Butch and the Haby have few social engagements. Sis had a and army. Additionally unless a trained in i he is not be. We know that. The Effe Cli enrol mint closes sept. 17 Bell Agency. Veness that our Navy has obtained j Frank Liggett of Muscotah stems from the recognition of the seriously ill. He is now it Navy s need to keep control of its s Nom after being in the sort of Dale which she agreed to Call off. Sally is Between boy own aircraft and now the . Iril ads. And Bud was broke. The baby went to lean on poke s Arm. Into of vision a i picnic Aren poke agreed gloomy. Flies ants ashes Burnt wieners and All poke in t what you d Call a picnic Man Ying Bov Howdy daddy i m so glad we Are going to have in t like stuff on a picnic. It tastes Good does t it City collection of news paragraphs and advertisement ins. Heal estate. K Fri Iterator service. Levin s. A s Drury son insurance. C o. . Insurance. School supplies. Tonsing s bring your to kill urn. We deliver. Hollo this i.-. Print ins Headquarters. A Harlf Hyoung m. U professional urdu office phone 202, Home phone 1519. A annular monthly meeting of the Atchi in Myca Board of Dir will of held noon at the hotel Atchi srm. If you Ilon t Boliew Dannen produce More i is. Meat and milk just ask Hie folks who fic re Fenk Dannen Mills. How time flies years ago 1911 to motoring Home from Colorado he 14. W. Ramsay family had to slay All night at Whiting the Delaware River having been out of its Banks and Over the Road at Musco tub. Charles Pantle tailor celebrated his 45th birthday. Stockholders of the Seaton foundry co. And the locomotive finished material co. Ratified a proposal to Combine the two companies in one corporation effective Jan. 1, 1915. Army also has control of the air Craft which it Bacciardi this is a premature question we have a Small air Force largely obsolete and when ton mrs. Ellen Watson and n rce. Miss Joe Combest of 17th and a Are planning on to Salem Ore. They expect to i ave oct. 12 in their trailer. Mrs. We have More it should be Possi i son Las Livell in Atchison tic list ble to have aircraft for the army and the at this 30 years. The Shearer Extension club held p. M. Parade music t p. M. Hour Platter party p. M. Of America 9 p. M. Mcce and Molly Waltz time p. M. In. The Balcony arc nov Welk news to p. M. Weather p. No scores Klub Kara news p. M. Scores u. N. Story to 1 of to Cesta i p. M. Of the evening Klub Kare p. M. It a evening news sports time news scoreboard 6 p. M. Man on the go no years Kahe music Tor dining p. M. Daf news Man s family Kare music Newt 7 p. M. It happened to you Kaki any hit p. M. Dragnet hit Parade music s p. M. Radio theater news Platter 9 p. In. Fibber Mcgee show tunes p. M. To Washington Tommy Doraey news 10 p. M. Kare p. M. Classic hour Klub Kare news p. M. Scores Forward March Star March work might offset the Senate re Buke before that. But in that Case he would have an Uphill struggle against the verdict of his own colleagues j whereas now he is just a Man re plying to critics. And the injury to Mccarthy s own fluency might not be inconsiderable. He is fluent in speech and action driving hard. He is what he is and he got where he is because of his unique composition As a Man. O i but How effective could he Hope Point Admiral Carney j its september meeting at the Home to be again Ufi before acting or baldly threatened the italian de i of mrs. L. C. So go and mrs. E i fens minister thai he would get Sego. Mrs. Harley Gill gave the z is speaking he had to Stop and Ine i think will this give my enemies Ian Law regarding the sep made for a roast for Mem Arate air Force. Furthermore car Bers and their families for sept. Nay took the amazing step of Mak 16 at Lewis and Clark state Park. Ing the same threat on behalf of there wore 13 members and one the army. The conversation con i fiust mrs. Roy Ransey present. The month. Plans ammunition that might Lead to tinned Carney there Are two cirs "1. The . Navy has aircraft which it could turn Over to Italy for anti submarine and Oversea s work my opinion is that the Navy will not turn Over these plan pcs i mrs. Lack Ellis was the fact Winner. Some new action by the Senate that would t be the same Mccarthy. For a Long time after censure he could hardly help being self contest conscious since he would hear a Public Mark and All eyes would be Nursery rhymes answer to previous Puzzle of the Home cafe was injured in a fall Down the cellar the cafe. W. R. Lloyd 70, native of Wales and an Atchison tailor irom 1872, died after an extended illness. Mrs. Brown proprietor unless Thoy would by in response for Mart Emo tasks. "2. The . Army has types Liaison planes and which would be very useful to your army in my opinion they would be reluctant to turn them Over in j less assured that they would be a family gathering was held re i under army control. Cantly at Jackson Park honouring this May be a narrow service Virgil k. Howe who is Home on j View but it exists. I talked about Sivc child a Chance Jevc from Randolph Field Texas. This to general Eisenhower who i to be in Tho school band or Orchet. Jjck will pm inc to North Africa Tho j is interested in it but Recognises i tra will rent an instr Lallcer Parl of month ror Over. I that it is primarily a National rat ment the privilege of rental scan those attending were but if it affects the Overall of Down 1 moist 2 across 3 Flowers 4 spars 5 spoken 6 greasers 7 burmese Demon 8 what big credit i later Purchase. Or. And mrs. Frank Jameson and it is important to general you trading pers Charles gland of Lac products for Poul Marilyn or. And mrs. Hiram Jame Eisenhower and he May ask by health be Shroi Burx kids Mph Gloria june and Kenny or. Questions for bit Ami product and mrs. Junior Jameson Linda Bacciardi demurs lion. Berry ? hatchery 210 main. And Melva Diane or. And mrs. J minister Bacciardi Hou i Henf 4 h. Fred Howe. Virgil and Bob or. Ever knows something about the the Rev. Charles and Laurie and mrs. Millard flail and mar j Usa. During the War while an sex Taylor who made Many Rill or. And airs. Gordon Horwith i com Mussolini he worked in Friend in Atchison Are now in aus Mary Beth Dennis and Douglas j new Yors garment factories As Thalia where they have been at or. And mrs. James Gibson Kathy a member of. The amalgamated Reat crowds of worship and Craig or. Am mrs. Arthur clothing workers. Among other writes in Mel Bonham Judith Wayman Paula " Ings he knew about the views boil we used the pro and my Rvin Lou Ellen Lois and if the . Air Force. He replied to Saint Church and crowded Nancy Jameson Virginia bib cock i j Acciardi general it hundreds turned away. In and to sidings All of King City or s air Deputy does t think this Brisbane we used the City Hall. To. Or. And mrs. Van Hall Clarks we need a new Law but this statin to arc now in Syd to. Or. And mrs. Harold would provoke bad discussions to try tent seating and we Ila and Teddy of Wichita or. I cause there Are feelings in the air put nearly another 1, 000 around i and mrs. Wallace Pryor or. And Force. However i think be can a t of outside. My own conviction is mrs. Wayne Pryor and Douglas of Range it after to have a visible that Australia offers the greatest Enterprise or. And mrs. Larry air i Opportunity of any country for the shelter Deanna and Marilyn. Abi Carney there is also pc Eling Christian work. Inc or. And mrs. Maurice Young in the army and the Navy and than 10 percent of the people Man Barbara Billy and Karen of pm in stronger. Air marshal Saund go to Church and vigorous Evange Atchison. Cars is an Raf Man but Tho Brit list is just the Tay school Accident policy. I1- 1 pcs do not support his views. Expect in return to the . Enrolment closes sept. 17. Bell the British Navy controls its about oct. 2. Insurance Agency. Time air and the army is getting 9 preposition 10 famous Garden 11 painful 17 elapsed assistants across 1 the Little laughed 4 the cow jumped Over the 8 what Polly Flinders toasted 12 Hail 13 operatic soil 14 within prefix 15 French sea 16 Niter 18 talk idly 20 make amends 19 Diacritics 1 21 City in Mark Yugoslavia 23 military 22 skin disorder 24 Irish Assembly mrs. Osiris 27 weep 30 evades 32 mock 34 humped beasts 35 revised those in Power .17 Union fees 39 in boots o Little Boll vegetable 12 wild hogs 45 exert unduly 4d Heights Al Island for 52 Century Plant 53 repose 54 above poet 55 enervated .06 devotees 57 new prefix commercial St. Phone 406 largest to Dea Leil easy Ferms Trade ins Sunbeam appliances mix masters Fry pans steam or dry Irons Coffee makers cooker and deep fryers you have 24 ten prefix 41 nuisances 25 wolfhound 42 Mary s pet s 26 put Forth cries 27 position 43 Spanish Jar 28 poems 44 upon 29 sleeping 46 sleeveless places garment 31 oldest 17 toward the 33 More mature sheltered Side 38 Lyric poems 48 dry prefix 40 snoops 50 Swiss Cantori a few to lbs Dumont Channel 2 monday Captain video Market news tit a. Super serial to Sta Foril town country quiz Public defender masquerade right of Tho week news weather sports summer theater tuesday the morning show 1 Pixon Fred Bauer film theater siesta 1 Hoard a open House Captain video weather Market 5-.so Dous Edwards til a ool herps one minute please heart of Tho City Joe As to see it theater sr.10 theater u in Lier sports summer theater Daf to Abc Channel 4 monday sports news Weatherman Tony Martin Sims new i caravan clo doodles track around Kool Tal Hall Rollert Montgomery playhouse news sports Tele nows theater to Ivnel the Cwm Weatherman this is the City playhouse tuesday today a intr dons school a time to Livo three Steps to heaven Home Bob Smith theater Kitchen Klub continued Story news Hollywood off Hent talk or the town greatest. Hut Golden one Man s miss Marlowe Hawkins Falls first Betty White Pinky leu show Howdy doily on Tho Trail sports news Weatherman Vaughn Monine news caravan hayride 6 30 Murry party playhouse theater truth or consequence it s a great 1-Ife news sports music is fun life of weather counterpoint theater world report Mcmo to Abc Channel 5 monday news John Daly Tho a cos u. Hiff Hway sky King voice of fire Stone Flicker follies boxing boxing to the up Orvian s Friend news weather sports club Lihe Raco studio 5 tuesday breakfast club sunny Side. Uji Marge and Jeff Karly show theater of Romance movie comics news weather la Vostok Mirucki Paul Dixon today s woman movie Quick quiz Captain video kids carnival Frontier theater around Tho town three Star John Daly and the Newi accent on improvement the Goldbergs Twenty quies Tlona Danny Thomas Center stare football preview District attorney news weather sports club Plain clothes Man studio 5 Kmic to lbs Channel 9 monday com club news top tunes Burns Allen Talent scouts Public defender Masci Dorado summer theater news weather sports Stock car races news weather scrapbook 10-30 House to live in music till mid Nikit tuesday morning show fiary Moore 8-30 Godfrey strike it Rich valiant lady 10.15 love of life search for Tomor of guiding Light Portia Tho seeking. Welcome traveler Robert q. Lewis House party rip payoff Hob Crosby brighter Day secret storm on your account Happy Home name that sketch movie matinee Omi club starker Hill news to Stafford Art for the asking Eye juvenile jury meet Millilo danger life with fall or see to now news weather sports Wro to Lur news Merle Harmon Merle Harmon badge 714 Chron Scopo to a music till Midnight ii 30 Star time Terry s i 21-Inch Terry s Emerson Terry s to and radio 425 com l. St. Newspaper news Laperl

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