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Atchison Globe Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 2

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Atchison Globe, The (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Atchison, Kansas 2 Atchison doily Globe monday. September 13. 1954 general stands on testimony Washington Gen. Commander of it. Monmouth . Mccarthy inquiry was made. Mccarthy testified last week he could not recall whether he got the Stevens letter before the Fob. Lawton testified saturday he had 18 quizzing of Zwicker. But he said the impression from conversations in with Zwicker that Zwicker was antagonistic to the Wisconsin senator. Zwicker testified today he saw j0im Adams army counsel give a copy of the letter to Mccarthy 5. The Case of Peress first came before the feb. 18 hearing. The to his attention in August 1953, i general said Mccarthy looked at Ralph w. Zwicker swore today he and he was the one who gave i it and commented i Don t believe told Only the truth when he Testi Peress s name to the Mccarthy Bob Stevens wrote this Shafara last investigations subcommittee in Edward b. Williams Mccarthy s fied before . Mccartny As 1954 Peress a dentist counsel objected that Adams feb 18. Mccarthy testified Las was in february from should be called to testify on this week that the decorated general Camp Kilmer ., which Zwicker j but chairman Watkins a Utah at least misstated the facts commanded. The letter said he would permit Zwicker to this and other conflicting Testi his discharge was dated Jan. 16. Go ahead if the general saw and p ii r a Nhi a run a Many went into the special Senate committee _ consid Mccarthy Rio. In started his hearings heard the Exchange. In the letter Stevens explained for truthfulness i at length the handling of the Peress _ or censure charges g de f assistant ease and conceded the army had Carthy moved through what Masel for special censure com made mistakes which be use last Day of us hearings j Mutl asked a Volcker if he gave he said were being corrected and one of the against me. Any untruthful testimony at the would not be repeated. Carthy is that he abused Zwicker feb. Is hearing. At the feb. 18 hearing when Mccarthy questioned Zwicker about an honorable discharge Given maj genor3l Peress Macj Rahv has to t " _ was the first Peress a communist in Quick succession fifth amendment the tall c Furia went on had Zwicker carefully examined the rec the Secretary said it had been decided dec. 30, 1953, to separate nist Legal weapons provided the 83rd Congress. Brownell called them powerful and added "1 would like to say that the of the administration in this area is to utterly destroy the communist party u. A a., and its activities within the United one of the new statutes outlaws the communist party and pro Vides for cracking Down on red infiltrated unions. Another Grants immunity from prosecution under certain conditions to those so testify against others suspected of subversive activities. Hoover who rarely holds a news conference volunteered that the Fri already has been approached by communists who have expressed willingness to testify against former fellow conspirators. Hoover also said in reply to a question that there now Are about communist party members in the United states. He called Peress from the service Asun lowest number in reach Accord on unify plan by Tom Reedy Bonn Germany we British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer have reached full agreement on a drive to achieve european Unity a joint communique declared to of 1 but cautioned that party officials Zwicker said he was quizzed by have adopted vigorous Security the statement issued at the conclusion of two Days of talks added that German sovereignty and rearmament must be based on lasting German French under standing. The two ministers shared the Hope that the diplomatic conversations now being conducted would enable a conference to be convened at an Early said a communique. The reference to a conference nine Power meet Roy m. Cohn former chief counsel j for the Mccarthy subcommittee in a Effort to Weed comrades and under Pur i pose is to line up the Western Ord of the hearing and Felt he had at the feb. 18 session before erect general told us special untrue testimony. Carthy took Over. He testified Cohn. T such european nations m some form sure committee a my opinion. 1 cer maintained a very proper de the agreement on rearming Ger has not been very Success ii a that ear face made 1 he has searched his memory carefully and has no recollection of muttering at the february head in in new York hat Mccarthy was an sob William j hard Ina of vow York City Tusti Fiffy by the Meanor. the Fob. 18 hear Zwicker refused under Cross sex Hoover said. 2 dead 11njured i Highway mishap Burrton Kas. Per sons were killed and another injured when their car apparently went out of control and Over turned on a curve West of this South Central Kansas town late saturday night. The victims were Ofield Smith 43, and Warner a. Underwood 36, both of Wichita. Mrs. Margaret Cooper 32, also of Wichita suffered fractures of the shoulder and ribs. Shows that Mccarthy at one animation to testify whether As j oov6t saw. In Tho War pro nah Brownell reported a the French Point told Eden s impending talks in Paris int acc Arceny at oru animation to testify Wentner As j Taen s impending Laiks m Zwicker general lets Camp Kilmer s commandant he i step up in the government s Vij to Fencl out the in Mccarthy had known sinc a aukrust. 1953. That aversive control Ami Una . ,-1. 4ht. And be Mccarthy had known since August 1953, that aversive told Zwicker he was not fit Peress was under loyalty Mvesti-1 enactment of the doors about she i a major at Camp Kullmer who vice of it. This in for 11? own alleged to a communist a member of the judge advo-1 witness last a Eek to attic and u-h0 failed to sign cat general s corps scr in committee Only -.a-, he Dicker orders French would take the same attitude toward West German membership in the North Atlantic treaty organization nato As they did in defeating Edc. Both the Eden and Adenauer Del fixations refrained from describe Lindsey rites to subcommittee staff Askins if there sued he was acting upon the adj a funeral services for Ross a my details of the talks yesterday _ _ As i Lindsey 73 retired Carpenter who and this morning. West German Zwicker s personal counsel for the j a 2-45 . Yesterday at he defense minister Theodor Blank said he called Anas hearing. 14jg Softli seventh will be was there however to express his satisfy himself that Mccarthy s lawyer Edward Stanton Chapel at and opinion on the make s was on Williams appealed to chair Jenelu the Rev. Geor d. D. Flynn or. the a i truck tractor co., returned saturday from a business Trio to Minneapolis and Rochester. He brought Back a new Type i or. And mrs. Glen r. Gillaspie j Ruck with a tank. Patty and Roy entertained the Fol j Leo Pucka of Springfield lowing sunday dinner guests or. Pick Pucka Lawrence Ollic Norris 123 South third Anthony Ashford 1122 North seventh and mrs. Kenneth Brown of Effingham have been admitted to the Atchison Hospital for treat fir " i 1 Itu Ilu v .-1h41jwj the Hearin. m declining to answer fcb 16 letter from Secre i from higher of avg be Idle Dee and conveyed to Lacygne Eden took Oil at 1 o3 p. A. A. 3 Dav where funeral services will m. Inst for Rome where he at 2 . And burial will will talk with italian government officials tomorrow. Adenauer accompanied him to the plane. Watkins said he would Lake the he chairman said unless there some overriding reason the question should be answered. But if Zwicker is acting under Andors jul 4. In ruled her the next United in marriage at Kansas City. Oui is will o Chine thoselkas., and immediately established on it. Willing i3 cnan0c Snobl in run at Hinn nip. Door William Jansen Dies his parents to Lacygne at the age. Re aft Onual of four years. oct. 2, at of Coison Rose Ltd he and miss Mary were w m Jansen so retired Ive of the Slis Souri Pacific department died at the at no longer limits my activities Banks to the writer of this actual Ecuer has Learned As have Hundred i of thousands of others that sir Oil tends to remove Pori Iii lesions outer skin and that applications will help to and occur rms lesions sir Oil will not stain clothing or bed linens 4mi is offered on a two weeks on or Money Bank basis. 21 Sears of successful results i Szroit Tab oratories inc at All drug stores for free Booklet write to is Santa Monica Calif. Their Home in Atchison one door Thirion Hospital at . To Watkins told Williams at one South of their present Home which Day he Mccamo critically m sat. Orders. Point there is no reason to lec Ture the witness Williams argued the letter from Secretary Stevens itself disclosed that Peress was under loyalty in they built in 1919. Urdaz and had been Able to be up they were the parents of , and around until then sons one of whom Russell made funeral services will be held at the supreme sacrifice in Italy in Lyl 3u a Fol wednesday at the saw 1945. And Harold ii., who resides Chapel the Rev. H. H. Admitted this adjustment the promotion of Peress took place while the officer Peress under he said the Stevens letter also stated that the Case of Unis offi cer had come to attention and it had been decided to separate him irom the service because of per j Ess unwillingness to answer1 i questions about his loyalty. Johnson silting beside Zwicker. Told the committee he based his ads ise to Zwicker on a Contention that a file which is a classified i file is beyond examination so far As the general is concerned the fact that Secretary Stevens gave certain information from the file does not release Gen. Zwicker from his Juicy Ert bump. Elmer Lassen. Walter Conn. Also surviving Are three Bro p i , Earl. Atchison Fred and Urden p i and c. A. Melvin Kansas City a sister mrs. Fran Basic Kansas City and six grandchildren. Anderson. William Marion Jansen born Atchison March 15, 1874, a City collection of news paragraphs and advertisements Willie t. Bethea 20, 701 Villa posted a Bond at the police station saturday after he was arrested by police on charges of reckless driving and with not hav ing a Driver s License. He was arrested at the police station when he reported a minor Accident at the East end of the to Kan Bridge after mrs. Robert Mathews to Peka reported a car passed her automobile on the Bridge and Daviv aged a bumper. A bumper on the Bethea car was also damaged according to the report at the police station. Walter Day brother of judge Lawrence f. Day of the Atchison i county District court was struck by an automobile As he waled across the Street m Onaga yester Day according to word received by judge Day. He was painfully injured but his condition is not believed critical. The injured Man is a patient at the Onaga Hospital. Gerald Jerry Snyder 19, suffered head injuries and body bruises yesterday when his truck and an Everest milk truck collided in front of the Smith farm Home South West of Evingham. The milk truck came out of a Lane. Snyder was picked up unconscious and taken to the Horton Hospital where he regained consciousness several hours later. His condition was re ported satisfactory today. Mrs. Lucy Fields 79, who spent most of her life in leave North and came to Atchison As a patient in Blue s nursing Home in 1952. Died last night at the Atchison hos Pital where she had been for the past three months. She was the widow of Samuel b. Fields of leave North. A Spanish american War Veteran. Funeral services will be held at the T. Miles fun eral Home at 2 . Tomorrow. Burial be in of Hill Ceme Tery. She had no Nown relatives. . And mrs. Ben Richenberger of Phoenix ariz., Are visiting friends and relatives in this area. And mrs. Lawrence Leshe and jul Dee Larry and Charles Rae of Delia or. And mrs. John Hofmann and Llene of Ozawkie George Hofmann of Valley Falls mrs. Bessie Gillaspie of Rock Creek and airman first class and mrs. Robert Clark Stephen and Michael of Vacaville Calif. Lekoy Smith 1217 North eighth received a knife Stab wound on the left Side of his Chest saturday night in the 100 Block on South third and was treated at the at spent the weekend at the Home. their Sisters miss Victoria and miss Helen Pucka 1221 North second. Arrived direct from Holland tulips hyacinths Narcissus Cro Cus bulbs. Plant now Carl Man gel Dorf seed store 725 Commer Cial. Personalized Christmas cards 25 for is and up. Order Early lock Wood co. A was born this morning at the Atchison Hospital to or. And Chison Hospital where two stitches mrs. Carl Draper route were taken to close the wound. _ Grace Morton 52, 1217 North eighth was arrested sunday morn ing and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and was re leased under Bond according to a report at he police station Smith and Dorothy Smith 26, 1217 North eighth were arrested by by police saturday night and charged with being intoxicated. They were related to appear in police court. He member of St. Mark of George and Cecilia Jansen lutheran Church and was Divot cd moved with his parents to to his Home and family. During Nortonville Community when his Long career he assisted in he was seven years old. In 1911 Striction of Many of the finest he entered the employ of the mis residences and outstanding business buildings of Atchison and favourably known among the con tractors for his Fine work. Nels Johnson Bernard Ijo Mann Reg. F Harma isl Reg. Pharmacist you can place your Complete Confidence in our proscription department. You will be pleased with our prompt accurate service and reasonable prices. Bring us your prescriptions or have your doctor Call us Hunting and fishing License sales dip Williams argued that Johnson i sales of Kan As Nih Star wis i i himself had said Stevens letter hum and Fisi ung licenses Csc c _ i i Lulu us. Contained classified information i h i which Zwicker Ntow declined to testify about but Johnson replied i Iho in apr Clais Jjo he had said the letter was nor classified and that there was a and state game wifi it reflected Adverse women Drivers were involved in about 12 per cent of the . Auto accidents in 1953. Souri Pacific railway and retired in 1934. Surviving Are his wife three sons George. Atchison. Charles Effingham and Austin benecia Calif. A daughter mrs. Dewitt people 60 to 85 Hospital. Insurance now available special this week Only 19c Mon. Fri. Inspect policy free Kansas City men and women 60 to 85 Are now eligible for hospitalization insure Sadie Asberry Effingham two offered through a reliable Brothers. Nelson Kiowa and har Well established firm. The Cost is by Topeka two Sisters mrs. Sad Only a few cents a Day. In Conroy Atchison and mrs. Pm 1 Why borrow Money use up a Groff Ellis. There Are ten savings or rely on others if hcs grandchildren and 13 great grand i vitalized _ let this policy help children. He was n member of the meth Cathe r conditions of the last Church. You be Independent. It covers both Accident and sickness. You need Send no Money now. Policy will be sent for free in j Section. No obligation no -11__n Stevens letter and a classified i Robert Ward accountant Lor the i the Island of Cyprus one of the agent will Call. Just mail postcard loyalty Security file. J forestry fish and game com-1 important Copper producers of the or letter giving age to old that Drew a spattering of hand-1 Mission said sales for the Joar ancient world is again important j free delivery Schnuerer a drug store phone 817 Runyan s engraving of your name i ii Kkt sheaffer3 clapping from some members of june 3q_ totalled Lac audience sternly Watkins 798i c0rnp3red. To the pc said i Vious Vear. No demonstrations please or the incl hol i will have to Send Mil of the nol Seno ulv Curtal cd the room those who fishing Waters but no of so quo suon the Upland game Hud sup Dah with an admissible fact i the ,-omm.ss.on Williams pug thai Zwicker and although the Sale of resident his lawyer were construing t in Hunting fishing and trapping Lima tier As unclassified in direct j declined thurr an m can nation but for purposes of j create in the of non resident Cross examination it becomes fishing and non result it Tup Lith classified " i ing . Watkins said he supposed Wil-1 decrease in sales hams next question would be a n Seno ulv the amount demand to disclose what was in of of Coral funds made available the file about a mass of to Kansas next year from the Pitt i Oil i r _ _ a can ill n in in Copper production. O., dept j Kansas City 5, to. I advertisement an Robertson act the recessed with the and inc Damsell Johnson sports matter still up in the air. Maine test continued from Page one act the commission said. Allocations to states from these funds Are based one half on the i local number of lumping Antl licenses sold and one half on Start the school a Villi the s Nio it in pen genuine Slaffer include i it in no Dunk full inc. Choice of Rustom fitted Mner Spring clip ind fast one Trouf tilling action come in for pc Luchioa of colors Raouls and pacts. Sheafler Stoike Peni. Idiom is Revenue and will continue the Senate seat Allott has no ,.wc cd Post Tel Holt Ai pcs primary opposition. I possibly i fit More now lakes by Foo ice Furcolo Stato treasurer forc Ellno 30 1955 in a Mable Sltes ind former to s House member. Can by found con. S generally believed to have an St Naclion can be of cd Fie Over two other candidates for he said the democratic nomination to op-1 ten new stale lakes which wore pose Salto Rinall for Massachusetts cd to contract in the last fiscal Senate scat running against arc either completed or ire John t Fitzgerald former in be next few weeks he Sald of the Boston City Conn essentials of service technical knowledge professional training and Long experience Are More essential qualifications to the modern funeral director to Render satisfactory service than material facilities. Our training and Long experience As sures you of Complete and dependable service in every particular. Cil and Joseph Murphy of Boston. I former state senator new York which will name its Sawin Dyer phone 112 so com l. Plane into Bay Hio de Janeiro crippled brazilian Airliner for governor and state Puin cd to he Waters of Rios senator at conventions later this month has corms for 11 House nominations in the state s 43 Dis i torts. Wisconsin s principal race is n fish for the democratic Nomina lion for to Vurnor. Incumbent re the first fall meeting of the 5it. Publican Walter Kohler is Knop Vernon Community meeting was Scenic Guanabara Bay yesterday killing two of Iho 26 persons aboard. Rescue boats hunted for i my persons still missing today. Posed in the primary. Twin goals continued from Pago one Mainland. Dulles who flow Here from the far East yesterday reps Ledly declined to say categorically just what orders the 7th Fleet May have received or will receive in connection with Quemoy. Atty. Gen. Brownell and Fri chief Hoover came to Denver to toll Eisenhower their plans for use of the now anti Contu thursday night with a potluck sup per attended by 47 persons. It was voted to have meetings the second thursday of each month. The Prohn Skas were guests and entertained with doll dances and musical numbers. . And mrs. Eugene Alfurs and mrs. Charles Neu won prizes in cards. The proportion of registrants rejected for the draft because they failed the education tests varies from 1.3 per cent in Minnesota to 56 per cent in South Carolina says the National education Assn. Come to Atchison Wpm Chat greater Dollar Days watch the 6lome for merchants Dollar Day Adel newspaper for food Dpi lev Queen 1154 of Ulm Trade 1hc your Dairy Queen stores Atchison Kansas costume cd cry Lockwood co. Now showing Tony Curtis Janet Leigh David Farrar Barbara Rush j Herbert Marshall Fox starts thurs. Warner Bros. William a. Erlman s High mighty cinemascope warn Creolor stereophonic sound Wayne Moor Dak stack Jan Thil David Sterling Harris Heto Brian regular prices bargain nit tone first two adults 50c each balance of car passengers in free open starts dusk last. Times Tonitte the deadliest Brett King Barbara Lawrence plus the baseball Pic Ture of the year. And cartoon tue wed thur plus and cartoon show time rear window and news cartoon beat the heat with a movie treat now thru wednesday folks for m crowds of m my you la really be out of step with your crowd if you miss rear Disney cartoon out on a limb ate news

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