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Atchison Globe Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 1

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Atchison Globe, The (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Atchison, Kansas Kansas Atchison daily Globe Atchison Kansas monday september 13, 1954 -8 pag1s seventy seventh year 21868 aced Braf Ecman says you can put in at least one Good word for the bore. He does t talk about other people for run Ich ice political Lor Konro Amer As his As the late elec ended by socratic sure of i Ern ment Ier state luring on socialists a s bal i Cut sex Sud he poor Mellor s thence in i ures to and West i a scored in the the caul rival was re-1 the to t almost Peak of Cin. The g9 votes 57.798. E his in a speech which he ship and Tish for Eden in in some Germany in of the nity the their 10 land j s 19 in implicated it of tie i proper 1 parties Ach. 10 scats and the 1c she an party in com t Fried be forces 1950 in gee Par also in to join under his i crafts Al in rement. S loss of National weeks y treaty promised by s Sov i partner Tributino spokes hoped to govern n i arty to Coli i Tor 40 of to the Downs girl killed in car Accident Woodston Kas. Per j son was killed and four others injured Early sunday in a one car Accident East of Here. Killed was miss Janice Eric 18, of Downs Kas. The injured were Lewis eel ill 22, of Cawker City Kas., Driver no the car Charles Taylor 22, Concordia and his wife Ella Tay Lor 21, and Darlene Perkins 17, of Downs. Their car struck a Bridge on Highway 24. Would rely on sea air Power by Elton c. Fay Washington Fri president Eisenhower presumably has been advised by the military that they Are confident Quemoy Island could be defended from any red inva Sion attempt with . Sea Ana air Power alone if there is a Politi Cal decision for such intervention. Military officials attending the unusual sunday session of the National Security Council Are re ported to believe that any move by red chinese forces to land on of. ,._._ Quemoy hard by the Asiatic of the year comes up tomorrow j Mainland could be repelled with j Maine test on Ike s program by the associated press the biggest primary election Day with nine states picking nominees for five Senate six governor and 92 House seals. Maine voters Are deciding today out any help from american ground forces. I Secretary of state Dulles just Back from the far East told news-1 which Way Maine j at Denver yesterday that the the rest of the nation goes that i of Quern of is related to j Way or not in a general election. The defense of Formosa and is be vice president Richard m. Nixon has called that vote the first state wide test of the Eisenhower administration s trouble on the chinese Soldier stands guard near a sandbagged Blockhouse on Quemoy Island eyeing communist chinese territory poking skyward at the horizon line. The possibility of red invasion of the Island was High on the Agenda of matters discussed by president Eisen Hower and the National Security Council during their unprecedented meeting at the president s vacation offices at Lowry air Force base near Denver. My studied in that Light stopping at Denver to report to i president Eisenhower and the a j tonal Security Council Dulles said it is primarily up to the a Hayes retires As demo chief pro-1 Gene Lee former county com the weather twin goals mapped in red drive by Marvin l. Arrows Iii Denver of state Dulles fresh from global Strat egy conferences with president Eisenhower and the National Security Council says american military might will thwart any chinese communist assault against nationalist Formosa. And Fri chief j. Edgar Hoover and atty. Gen. Brownell say that so far As the red threat on the Home front is concerned the administration s goal is to utterly destroy the communist party in the United states. They reported a new drive to Ward that objective is Well under Way and that some spurred by a new Law granting immunity from been going to the Fri to Tell about the activities of fellow con to i a Infix i and Spiratos. Dulles Hoover and Brownell tonight made those statements at news j t. R j. 11 i recon Munci in Caner thu i a. Ton m. Cross added spice to the Section of Formosa requires . Missioner was elected chairman of balloting m the strongly Kepubh-1 Defenso of Quemoy the Alexison county Democrat Cen can Maine but the damage done if a decision should be made to trial committee at a meeting sat by Hurricane Edna in the slate saturday is expected to Cut Down the vote total. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith re publican is opposed for reelection by Paul a. Fullam Democrat a Colby College history teacher. Tomorrow s primaries Are in defend Quemoy Pentagon strategists would rely on the gunfire and planes of the big 7th Fleet urday night in the District court room. He succeeds William b. Hayes of Atchison kans is Clouds North nest this afternoon and North to Lucht ind afternoon warmer East and cooler Ever Ivy Northwest after noon Louler tonight and North . Low loin Allt 50s and the fighters and fighter bomb from 29 county ers of the air Force. The transportation and air and ground support of a red invasion new Hampshire Colorado Massa i Fleet before it could reach the in j conferences at the summer White House yesterday after conferring with the president. Then Eisenhower Dulles vice president Nixon and other Meni Bers of the National Security coun cil met for three hours in extra Ordinary session for top secret Dis Cussion of the communist menace abroad particularly in the far East. Dulles hinted in Advance of that meeting that the Council might Roach a decision As to precise . Iii policy on the question of whether Hayes who has been chairman j and extreme North tucs american defense of the nation it fair thu fair South partly Cloudy precincts As Well As other Mem i North Toni Ike t tuesday the objective would be to crush j Bers of the party were present scattered o f , o no ----1 in. Extreme Nort i for the meeting. R Llund Ershov a Little warmer afternoon turning or cooler the last six years refused to be Clu Isetts. New York Minnesota shores of the nationalist held is i a candidate for re election because to retain his interest in Democrat Wisconsin Utah Vermont and Washington. Most of the incumbents seeking renomination have no Sens. Bridges or no and Sal and costly commitment of ground i Jack Gardner were other Nomi lands not to attempt to match the of health reasons but expects communist troop manpower in in to retail Vasion Beach Batlle. The United politics. States Learned in Korea of the vast mrs. Florence Mclaughln and Tonstall a mass arc unopposed for renomination and sen. Humphrey a Minn is regarded As an easy Winner. Sen. Upton a no is in the midst of a three Way fight for renomination to the remaining years of the Senate term of the late Charles w. Tobey Upton is now serving by appoint ment. The fifth Senate seat is that being relinquished by sen. Johnson running without opposition for the democratic Nomin lion continued on Page two needed to fight red China s hordes of infantry. However some of the other Dis advantages of the korean Campaign might attend any action for the defense of Quemoy if the Deci Sion were made to confine it solely to defensive fighting. Under the ground rules for the korean War no bombing of red air bases in China was permitted. Nees for county chairman. A Cau Cus was declared and Lee was decided upon As the unanimous Choice of the party. Mrs. Mclaughlin was elected vice chairman and mrs. Wesley Babcock was named Secretary. Both arc of Atchison. Plans were approved for Organ izing a Young Democrat club under the direction of Wesley Bab i Tuti Jii i a secy Ciao in us. The dangerously powerful j cock. A meeting will be held in readings 8 a. In _ .____70.noon___________82 9 a. A ._.74.1 p. M_______.84 10 a. M.-78 2 p. 11 n m.80 2 Lou red air Fleet of Jot fighters had j the near future when officers of will be partly Cloudy in to be dealt with Only in the air j the slate Democrat club i Western and Northern kans above the Battle j will be present. Application of the same rules in i asst Island of Quemoy is essential to effective defense of Formosa. Dulles told newsmen that in the first instance that is a ques Tion for America s military chiefs to decide. He added that Eisen Hower and the other non military members of the Security Council would study the advice of the armed forces leaders but would not necessarily follow it. Adm. Arthur w. Radford. Chair Topeka cold front was Man of the chiefs of staff moving into Kansas today prom j is the military member of the coun Ising partly Cloudy skies and slightly cooler temperatures for Northern and Western sections of the state but Little Prospect of precipitation. Weak coid front due cil and he was on hand for yesterday s meeting the first Ever held outside Washington. But what he recommended with respect to Quemoy and what the Council decided remained a deep secret when the members headed Back to Washington by plane last night. The . 7th Fleet is under Long a Norm Xuc Schiav. Standing orders to protect for the immediate fume a flirt minimum temperatures tonight Mosa the Island bastion of the on Ference with the Jackson count arc expected to Range from the 50s j pcs v hip chinese reds. Democrat in the Northwest to 65-70 in the Sault by Lac Len North Kansas to and tuesday. The Walher the North tucs Dav. It was reported a candidate f0ribureau said with cooler temper a Campaign to defeat a red inva slate senator from the Atchison a turns in the West tonight and in Sion attempt would impose the i Jackson District u ill a same problem for american Navy and air Force fliers. They would have to rely on the ability to drive Democrat committee red planes Oul of the sky while drow new jury panel motion by county attorney John s. May to quash the jury panel for the september term of court which opened today was sustained by judge Lawrence f. Day. Judge Day will direct the draw ing of a new pane jurors this afternoon. The jury for this term of court is scheduled to report monday. The previous jury panel Wes drawn from a 1953 list of jurors. Names of jurors drawn this afternoon will be from a list furnished by township trustees and the mayor of Atchison. Mount College starts term with an enrolment of 403, in. Eluding 139 freshmen mount St. Scholastica College started classes today. The freshmen from All parts of the United states and several foreign countries Are Tak ing part in the annual orientation week during which a program planned last Spring by the student government commission is being enacted by various College groups. Orientation week began last night with traditional invitation by the sophomores including a Cap Ping ceremony in the freshman lounge and will close saturday Van Fleet fears Asia catastrophe Washington is Gen. James a. Van Fleet says the United states has failed to capitalize on free world strength in the Par East and faces the Strong possibility of a catastrophe in Asia. Our real strength in the far East rests in Korea Formosa the Philippines and Van Fleet said in a copyrighted article in the Magazine . News and world report. Southeast Asia has Little to offer in either military or moral strength. But in the Eastern arc a of strength we have 1 prevented Japan from rearming 2 isolated the government of the Republic of China and 3 immobilized our Power in Korea by an armistice. So now red China with com plete immunity in the North and East is free to 1 consolidate within 2 move South against weakness and 3 talk Lough at an and All Van Fleet former commander of the St army in Korea said he Virote the article a year ago but with an All school picnic. The j did not make it Public. Now on his Al the same Lime bom bin a strafing invasion Craft. In were question has w of. Stulz former member of Southeast. High readings tuesday Anci still those and i the state legislature from Atchi j son county and prominent Atchi son county Farmer is mentioned As the probable candidate. Hujcs Atchison county chairman of the last six has been prominent in stale Democrat pol he has served on several state committees at present is a of the platform and sents trom the Jet Pilot s Point of Campaign committee for the elec presumably the Confidence the president s military advisers Are reported to have about the Situa Tion rests in the foot that air bases satisfactory for the use of Ameri can jets Are available on the dig Island of Formosa. The 90-mile stretch of Formosa straight repro arc scheduled to to in the 80s in the North and West and in the 90s in the Southeast. Temperatures Over Kansas Sun Day climbed generally into the louer bos ranging from 88 Al Emporia and Chanute to 97 Al Good land. Low Marks last night varied from go at Goodland to 70 at Hill City. Unseasonably warm daytime temperatures in Western Kansas orders also Call for defense of Quemoy which has been Uncle attack from the red on Page two record sales for concert with the largest membership sales in the history of the atch Ison chapter of Community con certs inc., the drive for the 1954 55 season ended saturday night receipts totalling More than a Bovic those of any membership Campaign Firtz Smith members ship chairman announced today., _ _ such Fine support makes it pos View an entirely satisfactory zone i lion of Lor Siulc for us to give the com climbing to combat Altitude Cranor. To Unity the Best in musical enter during the comparatively Short run1 he will remain As commit can arc accompanied by Strong South a comprehensive re Poi the second Uard of Westerly winds that stirred local blast report on wednesday Reshman Are required to Wear arge name signs to help them get acquainted. Extracurricular week in which Campus clubs Are opened to new students will begin monday sept. 20. The week is sponsored by the Junior class but All commissions affiliated with the National federation of Catholic College Stu dents Scholastic interest clubs and honorary fraternities on Campus will co operate in the program planned to acquaint freshmen with extracurricular activities. It will be climaxed on sept. 29 with an As Sembly wherein each chairman explains the purpose of her club. Immediately thereafter the Campus organizations will be opened to new members. Last week the freshmen were occupied by the testing program registration for classes and initial j get acquainted activities. They took tests covering the Basic Fields of knowledge to determine their standing in each Field. Individual ratings will be prepared by the faculty advisers and these ratings will be come a part of the Stu Dent s record at the mount. They will also serve As an Aid in guid ing the student into a Field of study particularly suited to her ability and experience. Registration for classes was also a major part of the orientation schedule. The process began wednesday of the first week but rec Ord freshmen enrolment lengthened the registration period into saturday As faculty advisers helped each student choose the Best courses for her particular needs. Checking this schedule with the Dean and presenting it to the registrar were the final Steps of registration. On the social Side seniors helped the freshmen get started in meeting them Al most grateful to the Many workers can plans arc now based on Atchison and Cor n in i patches of wowing dus at the Kerford com pc a get m record Mosa but they can be flown there in Powlics without the re no was reported the vibrant Al us. Air Sponsa Billy of conducting the stale Over the weekend. People of Atchison will get a concentrations on Japan. Okinawa is on Tours adult and the Philippines. Lee is precinct from Potter and formerly 12 years As county commissioner i and s3 05 student memberships. The four such concerts scheduled at a meeting of the Community concerts Board and solicitors saturday night at hotel at a Chison would Cost More at the door in larger cities nol to mention1 okla. Lone ban extra transportation and parking i d t robbed the Picher state Bank expense. It is no longer necessary at gunpoint today with for Atchison to rely on Kansas an Lone Bandit robs Oklahoma Bank state dems to train guns on farm Laws car fire tip wins award mrs. Everett Hawk Effingham. Won the Globe s news tip award ment engineers of Chicago will acquainted parly on the first night he at a meeting Widnes j was followed later in the week by _ Nickil at 7 o clock at the City Tours of Atchison a mixer in the Able that Thev will risk major War l with All interested property gymnasium and movies in the while they still Lack the atom bomb j ii 1 t 11 Ali 11 in of i nil 1 in in. Return from presidential Mission to Korea he said it is just As timely As when denouncing the armistice in Korea As one of political expediency Van Fleet sad the loss of Korea and Indochina to the communists would mean that they would irresistibly overflow Japan Formosa. Thailand Burma and the Philippines probably without firing a and he added once the free world is shut off from these priceless raw materials what Hope remains for the Middle East for Africa or for Europe or for us As a Soldier i can Only Admire the Brilliant simplicity of their Battle Van Fleet termed the korean armistice a profound mistake which Ifica american people should Greet with a sense of for an armistice is indicated Only when a political settlement is in he continued. And clearly to me at least we had no basis for one either in Korea or anywhere else in Asia for the Kremlin s major plans remained unchanged in our obligations to our United nations allies. I see nothing which compelled us in surrender to the communist chinese the Init live in the War. And with these Distant . Political committees in command of our Battle Linos we had to put aside All the great Les sons we had Learned from Ameri can military history. Our Superb fighting men plus the equally Superb divisions of the korean Republic might have engaged and destroyed the enemy. Instead hey became pawns of that diplomatic caucus Van Fleet said he docs not be Lieve 1hc russians would have come to the Aid of the chinese reds had the . War Effort been extended to bomb chinese bases. During the next two or three he said it is in conceive 1 owners invited to be present. J the seismological experts con ducted thorough tests Hyrc aug v5.2fi Plain Seismograph instr at Cour positions 1 on Jackson auditorium. Trinity entertain British of fort a neg at Episco i supper ish will Itten. Ival Mil 1 Brit the Bril-1 9 Afler a Mandr at ended i Ilythe. The i in j-333, m school d to the Insl Ruc he staff Ray. Aft the 2nd rope As and was on june As Genie South in Salis it to the command a Forl 1943, he c Small and hair Assoc a a Accident i x City or St. Joe for the Best in musical Smith said. I Bank Cury owned by Leon Lockwood the tic Nunu or Horlon caught fire and burned amount of s farm program is four Miles. North of Effingham vice president in addition to Lames Melton. Who will appear monday night. Thumb cd Suho Sai nov. I the course will consist of a Ovid right defective wiring no one was injured. In for some heavy firms during Ralph talc coming congressional Cam the Cun we pains in Kansas was democratic Ca Clula. My re saturday and four of Carroll Glenn considered the ported the robber scooped up whal they would make the world s most celebrated violinist i Money was in sight and fled flexible parity Matahe Kryshna Brilliant Young h described no. 1 Issue in their Llie Rcv Davill Waddell Early pianist who will be remembered mix rep a Jouvard s juju or of Day preacher in this Vicinity is accompanist for los Camanag about 40 years old s feet a Elmo Nahoney of Dorrance and to mrs. Robert j. Hauk who Mac Nous de la Chanson and in of s inches tall with Light Brown hair. Robert l. Bock and Effingham for an item concern Cretta a Trio featuring the the Bandit reportedly escaped William w. Monypeny of Winfield ing twin pea pods twin bean a11 of pcs of blasts War hot ii i i f i in lilting or n c i of Tio i a i j of Otlyn till. Saudi Arabia turns against Yankees Park 130 feel and "270 feel from Beirut. Lebanon m once an the pc Rford mine 2 on Wood Island of american Friendship in a floor Between living and dining hostile Arab world saudi Arabia in Ami it or Frank Bossy Orcsi is fast becoming this Region s no. Lir firn uni a rooms of or. Trank a Sosic Iasi Luis by on Riverview drive 1.750 1 critic of the United slates. Feet from the mine and feet in the past year the saudis have Ansir Lonco in a 1954 Oldsmobile automobile All accused Secretary of Asri Cul Beautiful lilt music of operetta All the concerts will be in the it St. Scholastica College auditor in Lluc direction of Baxter Springs eliminate the Small far. Bonsink to and in Arab the saudis have urged Arab states to follow a Neu Trail act policy in the cold War. This is a far cry from Days and twin cucumbers she prime open pit blasts Lac Date King Jan Saud built this summer and twin mine Roll cos and a scrlc1 of Niobe his country s foreign policy on the Kas. Vor of the Large form Mer in calves which were born on he i Wolfl blasts. These of Friendship and operator farm. J scientifically recorded and Analy wag to give America bases Bill Wright of the Atchison cd on any strip of his desert Sands. It ulu h-11i3u1i it m he w High school faculty submitted a two leg Star Cal professional in Ever so acc inc old King s death stockpile and i Host bombers necessary to Knock us out but if we still have time i Don t say that Lime is on our Side we have been solely preoccupied with preparing for that full scale global War which May never come and have been Blind in the tepid wars which the Kremlin is winning and which now threaten the free world. If this trend of the last eight in minutes we would world Iii it policy to keep reds Washington cop american the p c Hin communists guessing who Lucr this country will film for Rotl number of photos of school in ringers from the Chicago company j Iasi fall a nil has been widening end Quemoy. Enrolment activities to take the wrote the following conclusion to Between the United states and that just about sums up he in weekly photo prize. I the test i country which has become Swirs newsmen Ober nned in americans. Photo of Lac cling Hoffman fam ily 50 years ago. Indented on the appended plats if continued As presently conduct occurring typewriters Clatter away in this new classroom at Atchison High school. The class instructor is Mary Keenan at rear. Woman perishes when Home Burns woman died Early today m a fire j cd 7d Canton properly Stich iwc11 a condition who lived alone suffocated while i based on the Obla Mcd Dur fighting a fire which burned Herrink these investigations Evn Lua clothing and badly damaged the l on of any complaints of specific bed and Walls of the House. Blasts can be made upon review cause of the fire was not de-1 of the Type of blast distance to the Ter mined. Property and the explosive weight. Honorable mention in photos based upon Pic experience gain loudly Rich from Oil exploited by were sent in by mrs Mary tic course of 20 years prac a Henry 508 North seventh who i lick in the of in submitted pictures of the w Wllliam i Eine ering during which we have Hein Ckon family 51 years ago measured the effects of Many thou and a log Cabin built in 3860 i of dynamite blasts of every by Jess Tomb Cut who submit cd size and pcs Crillion and specific a photo of the farm Bureau Cril y supported by the results of is members fish Fry at Lancaster measurements Horcin above re and by mrs. Charles 835 it is our considered opinion South sixth who submitted a that Lac seismic Pond Rod by the subject operations As presently conducted Are Safe As con-1 corns damage to any building nor Mal or pc stress cd old set further thai the future projected operations within the areas tuesday Cash Day Atchison first prize. 2nd two each 3rd 5 two each it present in one of the participating stores tuesday at . And win one of these prizes. Tiong Secretary of stale Dulles today As he hew into Washington from Denver. He stopped at the summer White House there on his Way Back from the Orient to re port to president Eisenhower and the National Security Council. The Secretary waved aside most queries bearing on the held Island when has been the tar get of heavy shelling from the communist chinese Mainland. The bombardment has coincided with loud talk from the reds about liberating Formosa the main nationalist stronghold. Finally Dulles was asked if it is u. S. Policy to keep the communists guessing about the nationalist outpost Island. He broke into a laugh and replied and you the Secretary said he had Noth ing to add to his statement yesterday in Denver. At Denver Dulles had repeated earlier statements that it is up to the military in the first instance to say what islands to defend in carrying out America s Basic decision to defend Formosa in spa Peri spa Peri

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