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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Atchison, Kansas Associated Presa leased wire reports Atchison daily Globe. Daily circulation Over 7,800 copies Price five , Kansas thursday september 23, Imo eight pages. Forty third year. No. 11286 when governor Allen and congressman Anthony got through last night nothing remained to be said Allen swats t1league governor Given big ovations lest night Anthony made hits too it governor and congressman addressed three big enthusiastic meetings in Atchison. Tho Lea Hue of nations and the inefficiency and waste of Tho democratic administration were riven a sound drubbing by Henry j. Allen r governor of Kansas in addresses in Atchison last night the administration s inefficiency also was swatted by d. R. Anthony jr., congressman from the first District and the crowds liked the arraignments. Both were repeatedly interrupted by applause. Governor Allen described his Industrial court Law of which he declares he is proud and appealed to his audiences to Premit it a reason Able trial. He reviewed the situation at Pittsburg last november when hundreds of volunteers responded to his Call to dig Coal after the Public had been denied Coal by the striking miners and paid the volunteers tribute for to the termed the prodigies they performed. The governor came to Atchison from Everest inst night after Mak leg a speech the to. Yesterday after noon closing a to a of Brown Nam aha Jackson applet Are counties. He was met at Everest by Gene Howe of the Globe and came to Atchison in or Howe sear. At 6 of clock last night governor Allen attended a dinner Given in his Honor and that of congressman an Thony who Moi him Here. By the rotary club at the masonic Temple governor Allen then went to the Baptist Church where to made Short talk to Tho delegates attending the Missouri River Baptist Amacla Tion convention und then addressed the big mass meeting at legion Turner Hall. Wrom there he and congressman Anthony went to the High school auditorium where they addressed a meeting of coloured vet Era. Quot the real Issue of the Campaign said governor Allen at the Turner Hall meeting quot la the league of nations. Quot in common with All of you hoped something would come out of Tho War which would prevent future wars quot but the league for which pres Dent Wilson is holding out is not league of peace but a league of War since it inception. Europe has had 27 wars. 16 of them Over Boundary disputes. And some signatories of the league of nations As written by general smutty Are fighting each other. A the president s league does not have even the virtue of Novelty. After every great War there has been organised a league to prevent War Greece started it. Rome followed later. And then All Down through the history of Europe similar league have been organized for precisely the same purpose As the present one which already has failed. And not one of them has succeeded. Quot of i believed americans signature to the league of nations would Stop wars. I would favor it. But it wont sixteen signers of the league Are now at War. Quot in rewriting the army re organization Bill proposed by president Wilson and with nothing behind him except a minority report Congress Man Anthony did a service to our country which will never to forgotten. A the presidents Bill provided an army of goo too men at a Cost of a billion dollars a year an army a of relent to maintain the obligations of the United states As a member of the league of nations when con Pressman Anthony got through his a Morable rewriting on the floor of fhe House the Hill provided not a billion dollars a year but less than re Enactor of a million. And the United states has an entirely deems the standing army for peace time. Congressman Anthony also persuaded Congress to eliminate the compulsory service clause inserted by president Wilson which would have compelled every Young Man physically fit to serve annually in training Camps and he subject to Call for years and made the peace time army entirely a Volunteer organization. Quot up to yesterday governor Cox democratic presidential nominee has declared himself in favor of president Wilson a league without reservations and in favor of reservations. I am glad Warren g. Harding has told where he stands <5n the league of nations and that he a in favor of staving out of it. A to not in favor of surrendering he morals of this country to the morals of Europe and it Isnit Good i Rusness to go into partnership with very busted country on the face of he after describing the court of a 1 tint Ria i relations and the benefits that have accrued at All interests in to decisions. Governor Allen de Jared quot if i believed the Industrial ourt robbed Vou of a single Liberty it a privilege or. Labouring Man. Id get opposed to it. All i ask is that it get Given a trial. If it does no to work Rou wont need to worry in a the me who will have to quot the court has operated five months quot he said. Quot and has decided 2 cases in which labor was in vol o a tub weather. X o o for Kansas generally fair to night and Friday not Mach change in temperature. Temperature readings highest yesterday 71 lowest last night <2 i p. In. Today so. Find a bomb _ on elevated police saved e new York station so. Each decision was entirely satisfactory both to the Labouring men and their employers. Every reasonable demand has been granted. Quot the Law provides for a fair and just wage. A group of electric railway employees appealed to the court _ for a a living in its final de bomb was Olsion the court was compelled to say the Law does not provide a a living wage a but a a fair and just wage consequently the court awarded Tho men More than they asked interpreting the fair and just wage to mean not Only a living wage hut a wage sufficient to permit a Man to put fuse out himself cardboard Cylinder with fuse attached contained dynamite. Chicago leads Clev Elanders score it end of seventh 8 to i. League Park Cleveland sept. 23�? Chicago was leading Cleveland 5 to i in the seventh inning this afternoon i in the series that in expected to decide the american league championship. The score by innings new York sept. 23.�?while investigators were still working to solve maintain his family properly and the mystery of the Wall Street sex give his children a reasonable Edu governor Allen also deplored the democratic oppressive taxation system. A when the democrats came into control five old soldiers each drawing too a month were collecting the Federal taxes in Kansas a a he said. Quot the democrats promptly discharged the five old soldiers and filled their places with 102 first class democrats each drawing $250 a month. Democratic Federal tax collections take $35,000,000 out of Kansas annually. Quot there never has been anything like Tho waste and extravagance of the present Democrato admin lat a Ploskon a week ago police Headquarters announces a packing containing dynamite had been found today on the platform of the Reed Avenue elevated station in Brooklyn. At the same time announcement came from police Headquarters that a tag found in Wall Street near the horse attached to the death cart had been identified As one issued by the health department in 1918 to the Reid ice Cream company of Brooklyn. Certifying that the horse was not afflicted with glanders. Detectives left immediately to question company officials As to whether the horse had been sold within the last two years. The Bureau of combustibles at police Headquarters announced that Bon. For months after the arms j the dynamite package was a bomb Hee was signed the administration j with fuse attached and burning sent thousands of automobiles the i when a patrolman found it and put France made under War contracts it out. Detectives took the bomb to and sent to France on transports j Bureau he quarters in Manhattan. Which brought our soldiers Home j the bomb was in the form of a after they got the automobiles to cardboard Cylinder and contained France they burned them sacrificing no percussion Caps the Board of the Money that had been unselfish combustibles announced later but Chicago Cleveland the lineup Chicago Strunk of. Weaver 3b. E. Collins 2b. Jackson of. Felsch of. J. Collins la. Risberg is. Schalk c. Kerr p. Too too 103 too 1�?6 0�?1 by advanced by the american people to help win the War. I myself saw 130,000 automobiles ranging from dynamite in considerable patrolman Santolli who found the bomb put out Tho fuse he said by Fords to Packard standing in de j stepping on it. Then he soaked it in Cay. Because Secretary of War Bak j a pall of water. It was nine inches or did no to want to a upset financial Long with an 8-Inch fuse that had conditioner by placing them on the burned half Way Down he said. Market in France. A a a a a a a a a it Tion quot declared congressman Anthony before the rotary club governor. A a ,. I at Turner Hall Gene Howe of the Allf a discussed Trifid tax and Ood t . Iii or in roads amendments to the state con j at quot a Opeti because i had pre h�putnnvonnbuonwuh0rthe general i 1, senator Warren g. Harding of a connection with the would be the Republican nominee for election he appealed president without the slightest for both of them. The Good roads of lo8lnjf my reputation b thua Prophet. I predict right Here that senator Harding will be elected president of the United states next november and that he will be Given the largest majority a amendment will permit the state to ,. Relieve the Benefit District of hard surfaced roads by Bond issues the principal and interest to be taken care of by the motor Road licenses. Quot Kansas u the Only state which j a nth has by no Given in a the his a charges a Road License of of Flat for Cleveland. Evans of. Wambsganss 2b. Speaker of. Smith of. Gardner 3b. Johnston la. Sewell is. Of Neill c. Babgy p. Umpires chill and Owens. First inning Chicago Strunk hit the first Ball pitched to Center for a single. Weaver twice tried to sacrifice and then grounded to Wamby. E. Collins filed to speaker. Jackson walked Bagby declining to put one Over. Felsch forced Jackson Sowell to Wamby. No runs one hit no errors. First inning Cleveland Evans singled through Short. Wambsganss sacrificed Weaver to j. Collins. Speaker bounded to j. Collins. Ris Berg fumbled Smiths grounder Evans scoring. Gardner singled to right. A. Collins threw out Johnston. One run two hits one error. Second inning. Chicago Gardner threw out j. Collins. Bagby tossed out Risberg. Schalk singled to Center. Kerr flied to Smith. No runs one hit no errors. Sec ted inning Cleveland Sewell popped to e. Collins. Of Neill popped to j. Collins. Bagby singled to Center. Evans forced Babgy Risberg to e. Collins. No runs one hit no errors. Thit Dinning Chicago Sewell threw out Strunk. Gardner a flashy pickup of weavers drive beat Weaver out of a hit. E. Collins singled to Center. Jackson flied to speaker. No runs one hit no errors. Third inning Cleveland Felsch a running catch beat Wamby out of a two base hit on the latter s drive to left Center speaker to tided to Risberg. Smith fanned. No runs no hits no errors. Fourth inning Chicago Felsch singled to Center. J. Collins sacrificed Johnston unassisted. On Ris bergs fast Bounder Felsch was out Gardner to Wamby. Schalk singled in or Phrum last times tonight Enid Bennett in her latest photoplay hairpins quot also Harold Lloyd in his master comedy a an Eastern Western Era children 10c adults 20c. Friday and saturday Peel b. De Millers masterpiece a old wives for now quot Phe cast includes Elliott Dexter Wanda Hawley. Theo. Roberts Sylvia Ashton Tully Marshall my other Well known player special added feature attraction babe Ruth in a Over the Fence quot a showing How he hits children 10c adults 20c. I a i shown h child to m m r Send if to Amann s dry cd Manors 1048 Syria Marge a Rosa Nee Apia ii tory of the country. To right. Risberg taking third. On a any kind of car. The governor wild. Quot while the big Issue is the league j double steal Risberg scored and i quot people will pass judg Schalk took second. Kerr bounded to 1- xt-�?1�? Johnston. One run two hits no errors. Fourth innings Cleveland Kerr $15 to $17 a car. At present i ment in the november election on Kansas returns from Road i census deplorable record of extra a Are so meagre they must be limited Ganc and what it of the democratic to repairs on roads alone. There is administration the last seven years j threw out Gardner. With the count nothing dangerous in it a a what has the Republican con three and two Johnston hit one Glare the state right to help with it Gress done a the democrats Are ask i fiercely at Kern. The Chicago pitch construction of hard Roddy when Tho Fra a to pvt a Gnu he so a n of Normaa Vina a Naywah it Ayvin a in t _ to time for building them a the tax amendment will permit Laws whereby a worthy Man with the ambition to own a farm May do so Tho state lending him the Money. This will do away with Absentee landlord ism which is a menace to the country. In some Kansas court a in 20 year i the income from this ac-1 Cleveland of Neill quot lined to e unities As much As 70 per of it it of the Jan of the l Republican Congress alone Lins. Weaver grabbed a land la owned by persons who do by sufficient to pay the Reat grounder close to Ful line ant thru not live in the debt due to the world War. Yet the in out at to Evans hied to. People hardly realize what those big Felsch. No runs no hits no errors every charge go error Allen Ler,3lative achievements mean. We j sixth my Ohk a quot a a a made concerning Absei me of Artel Cut Down the democratic adminis Doul Lod to Lef Field few Lri Leo support in the Argonne Battle. Traylon a appropriations 2% billions. A and went to Mrena a. Was substantiated by officer of the preventing even More waste and sex old throw Jackson Leohn 3,s declared congressman an Jed j s i dance at Effingham thursday and Friday nights septum Kier 28rd and Stu Duncan a Rialto orchestra regular meeting knights of Columbus a tonight c. In Smith g. K. Ing. A the publican Congress has j or knocked it Down and threw John made a record of splendid Legisla Stoa out. Sew amp la hied to Risberg. No Tive achievement and economic of runs no hits no errors fort to bring the country Back to nor Mal. The Republican Congress has thrown open the vast stores of minerals in our Public lands and proved fifth innings a Chicago Strunk flied to speaker. Smith backed up against the Wall to take Weaver s line drive. E. Collins bounded to Johnston. No in some Kansas coun i cd a adequate income for their use. Runs no hits no errors. Thony. Chairman of the House Mill tary affairs committee in Hie address to the rotary club. Governor Allen s statement that the men performed prodigies in that Battle on at the rotary club banquet August Mangelsdorf acted As toastmaster. I at the Turner Hall meeting. Governor account of the absence of adequate w. J. Bailey. Form01 y a preceding artillery also were proven when Ilive of Kansas presided. Preceding personally visited the scene of the the speaking musical numbers were fighting after the War was at the coloured mass meeting in the High school auditorium governor quot resided Allen and congressman Anthony also j 1 discussed the Campaign. H. Roberts coloured a Chicago attorney made an address and scored a great Success As an orator. He was the principal speaker at the emancipation Day Celebration at Forest Park yesterday. Given by or. And mrs. William Hammo and Stanley Siebenthal. At the coloured mass meeting in the High school auditorium. Or. G. A. Patton mail order prices Down a following the Chicago Conven pedals for Friday and saturday. Large Carnation milk Ibe. 4 lbs. 45o bulk Coffee . 7 bars Arrow Borax laundry soap 25c. Really Worth to per Bor but did not move because it j and women a ready to Wear clothes is not an advertised soap Fanner Many houses decrease prices in lines of merchandise. Chicago sept. 23.�?two of the largest mall order houses in the world Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward amp co., followed the example of Henry Ford today by announcing cuts of from to to 20 per cent in Many lines of merchandise. Food prices As a whole were not affected although sugar was quoted at $17.05 a Hundred pounds and the representative of one company predicted it would drop to $10 to $12.50 after the Canning season. Cotton Staples such As muslims Cambric sheeting and Poppins led the list with 20 per cent cuts menus stauts 42nd Day. Shoes and corsets were other clothing items affected. Silks have already been reduced from 33 to to per cent and furniture prices Are 25 per cent off from the scale of a few months ago. Lord mayor of Cork continues Hun one of the companies reported a strike. Very heavy Sale of sewing machines., Ondon 8ept 23�?t.ord dance at Lowe Mont Hall. Friday september 24th four piece orchestra. Lins sacrificed and was Safe when Wamby dropped Bagby a throw to first. Risberg singled to left scoring Felsch and took secon on Evans attempt to throw out j. Collins at third. Sewell threw out Schalk holding j. Collins on third. Kerr s grounder Bounder off Johnston s Glove to Wam by who tagged first retiring the Batter. J. Collins scored on the play and Risberg took third. Sewell threw out Strunks. Three runs two hits two errors. Sixth inning. Cleveland Wamby filed to Felsch. Speaker flied to Jackson. Smith walked. Gardner singled to Center. Johnston fouled to j. Collins. No runs one hit no errors. Seventh. Chicago swell threw out Weaver. Sewells error saved e. Collins. Jackson singled to right e. Collins stopping at second. Flesch doubled into Tho crowd in Center scoring e. Collins. J. Collins tapped to Center. Jackson being run Down. Gardner to of Neill to Gardner and j. Collins being doubled. Gardner to Wamby. One run two hits one error. Seventh inning Cleveland Burns batted for Sewell and grounded to Weaver. Of Neill broke a single through Weaver. Nunamaker batted for Bagby. Nunamaker fanned. Evans doubled to left Center. K. Collins threw out Wamby. No runs two hits no errors. Jones sorghum per bucket $1.15. To lbs. Navy Beans $1.00. Lemon or Vanilla extracts 15c. Rig red River Ohio potatoes Soo Peck or $2.25 per Bushel sugar per sack $17.50. Red onions 75c Peck. Fresh Cream cheese 45c Pound. A Daisy Good carpet Broom 75c. Aluminium percolators size 2 quart $2.25. Aluminium 2 quart Rice boilers $2.25. Aluminium to quart preserving kettles $2.25. Aluminium quart Berlin kettles of Vered $2,25.1quart pot roast aluminium kettles. Senator Harding discusses covered $2u25. Family Scales $3.00. Question and league. Pint grape juice 40c. Nice line of Marion. Of. Sept. 23�?declaring the i a Riney a l la a a Nvvf a nil Evert inn fair i i amp �.�sast�5� clothing Home suffering severe pains in his head and _ was very weak this morning Accord have meddled too much prison. Irish reports to the Home office by the j prison physician stated there was no apparent change in the condition of Atchison Lodge no. 63, a. F. Amp a. M. Regular communication tonight. Each member is notified to be present. Edgar w. Bratton. W. M. H. P. Hill Secretary. Ouimet holes out in one Golf expert finally docs what Charles Sheehan did hero. Boston sept. 23.�?francis oui j met who As a boy and Man. Has a complis nearly every the u posse Hie in Golf was Happy today in the realization of the ambition of All golfers. He holed out in one. Playing yesterday on the links of the Commonwealth country club he j drove off with a mid Iron from the third tee with the Hole 243 Yards away. The Lay is slightly Down Hill. I the Ball sped True rolled to the scissors and pocket knives. A pm a toes goods delivered free. Pies plums celery cabbage ionised and other fruits and vegetables. _ i a Flag Stock and dropped into the cup. Irish problem is a not i this is the forty second Day of the it was the first time he had holed official America senator Harding word mayors hunger strike. Out in a single stroke. Football Satu Day St. Benedictus College is. Missouri Wesleyan College Missouri state champs St. Benedictus Campus. Game called at 3 00 said in a statement today that in his j opinion the movement for Irish lode j pen Denoe would be under the league of nations a subject entirely a internal or without referring directly to democratic promises to bring the Irish question to the attention of the league the Republican nominee said that America already had a a meddled abroad excessively without invitation a and asserted that official consideration by this government was quite another thing from an expression of sympathy. John b. Ostertag Blacksmith. Town and country people Are invited to remember that the a old reliable John b. Ostertag is doing every the Ling in blacksmithing at his shop on Kansas Avenue Between seventh and j eighth streets Atchison. I at Forest Park football Atchison High school is. Tomorrow Wetmore Higl i school game at 3 30 admission 50c i never delay obeying fashions decrees. No sooner does she say a this 1s in style a than we have it ready for you. Right now fashion says a military Heel walking oxfords with straight tips or Tho full Brogue effect and Wool we have Many smart models waiting for you. Tan calf walking oxfords $9.00 pure silk Hose in colors to match $2.00 $3.00 american legion dance saturday night legion Hall. Everybody invited. Good orchestra. Apples for Sale Drury Orchard South it. Vernon cemetery number ones seconds or culls in any Quantity. M. E. Hoag phone 18f3. Fine fresh fish Friday Jerry Mccarthy g Jenkins piano tuner i e. B. Judd from Kansas City in Bere. Leave orders with Roy g. Walters. Phone 637. You can be sure of getting value Here we make a business of value giving. We suppose that a the reason so Many of our customers done to waste time a shopping they just come Here first and they keep coming. \ autumn styles High school styles a College styles Street styles oxfords Are quite the smartest footwear for fall and As usual Bradley a Are showing the most Complete selection. The Oxford shown Here is a handmade new yorker a o m a a in Light tan or dark brow no Wing tips or straight tips. Sis nifty brogues College and High school girls everywhere Are wearing Brogue oxfords. Extreme models have round toes and Flat heels. Slightly narrow toe and higher Heel models with Wing tips Are popular too. Brown Grain Al r a norwegian i a i jul Koko tan Low heels cuban heels 8 sent by mall poet paid aaa to d s to a Brogue boots smart new Bradley models in Rich fall shades of Brown calf Light tan norwegian calf Brown Grain and Koko Brown. Goodyear welted soles Good linings and insoles insure the shape and Wear. Clever new lasts with cuban Mili tary and Flat heels. Koko calf at ten fifty. Norwegian calf at eleven. Golden Brown at fourteen. New yorker at sixteen Tufty in of Llu in Walimu Jimmh a

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