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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Atchison, KansasSaigon South Viet Nam vengeance in order to restore a Viet Nam s Mill brotherhood and to work for tary government sought Satur. Peace and happiness for Day to disarm Buddhist oppose. The defense ministry ordered Tion with a pledge of All fall. All units to observe the cities for celebrations next birthday solemnly. About three fourths of South Viet Nam s 15 million people Are at least nominally buddhists. Only a Small but Active Atchison ten cents per copy Atchison Kansas Globe sunday May 28, 1966 24-pages eighty ninth year 26997 week of the birthday of Buddha. The pledge was taken to mean there will be no official inter Ference. The birthday is Friday. June and influential minority has 3. The founder of a religion that been involved in the recent anti now claims More than 160 Mil. Tkv agitation. This minority appeared shaken up by the firmness and ability with which the government they say that time May heal wounds but it does t do much for wrinkles weather one Factor lion followers around the world Buddha was born near the Himalayas in 563 . He is called the the government s offer was made while the vietnamese Buddhist leadership showed signs of Strain and differences. It followed crackdowns by Security forces against armed re Bellion in Danang and Street rioters in Saigon. Premier Nguyen Cao by himself a Buddhist wrote Alet Ter saying Buddha s birthday should be celebrated according to the principles of Freedom of our people must forget All death stalks the Holiday highways Crossroads report school unification has handled recent events. Tulch venerable Phap thl by the associated press Deputy head of Saigon s Bud traffic deaths mounted at a Dhulst because fairly fast Pace saturday on the of the situation first full Day of the extended Thich Thien Hoa a relative memorial Day weekend was appointed by the Institute to at least 118 persons were succeed him. Killed in traffic accidents 1 lied the head of the Institute in a boating mishap and there Thich Tarn Chau was expected were 2 drownings unrelated to in Saigon sunday after a Long boating. And somewhat mysterious tour a spokesman for the National of Southeast Asia. Safety Council said traffic . Officials Felt Chau s a deaths in the first dozen hours rival will lend some moderation of the Holiday had run slightly to the Buddhist opposition below the comparable time in movement. Weed out intellectuals chinese purge hits Central leadership serval a year ago but passed last year s rate in the next few hours. The Council estimated in and. Vance that traffic fatalities in the 78-hour period Between 6 . Local time Friday and monday Midnight would total Between 460 and 540. The Council also estimated that most of the nation s 87 Mil lion vehicles would be on the roads some time during the be dear editor lots of non alabamians Rod and travel a collective total have rushed into print Here of 9.4 billion Miles. Lately with critical cracks about there How governor Wallace of said ers and thunderstorms across state is trying to get his wife much of he country with the into the governing Job after his weather generally Cool in the term runs out North and warm in the South. Four persons were killed in Arkansas when two cars but my wife kept neighbor slammed Headon along a nulls Dav of Lush straight stretch of Road near and his taxes wild m 6l living Clarendon in the East Central lots of men have had to depend part of the stale. Arkansas on their wives to support them counted six traffic deaths inthe when they lose their jobs first 12 hours of the Holiday approve three petitions for Transfer to no. 409 Rod compared with Only two during the entire 19g5 Holiday period. Ego and Golden state freeways As a mass exodus began from the City. The Stop and go lines were several Miles longer than on a Normal weekend a record number of 474 Fatali ties for a three Day memorial continued on Page 5 Tokyo a communist China s Campaign against intellectuals reached into the party s Central leadership saturday. An unnamed Deputy chairman of the Central propaganda department was described As a secret chief Backer of a group accused of rebellion against Mao Tze Tung. The Central propaganda de certain theatrical piece authored by the director of the Shanghai classical theater As an ant parly anti socialist great Poison dialogue in this theater piece constituted a mad attack on party Central leadership and chairman Mao it added. The stage show referred to apartment is headed by la Ting was Hai juy san writ i and has eight Deputy chair ten mainly by Chou Holn Fang men according to data Avail actor and director of Shanghai ble in Tokyo. They include we classical theater. Leng Hsi director of the official this piece performed in 1959, new China news Agency and was about a China provincial Chou Yang who is also a vice governor named Hai Huy who president of the Union of Speaks his mind openly to an chinese writers. Emperor of the Chin dynasty on All peking newspapers Satur. Security matters. The contents headed West has Portland fund goes Over the top the Atchison High March Laneous groups business ing band s trip to Portland for organizations parents the Rose festival Parade is As contributions on basis of sure. . Farr fund commit per student tee chairman has announce the the band already had fund Over the top of the in its fund my a con of Tributino from William Muchnic Farr said thanks to the Fine As a starter cooperation and the generosity two Large buses and one petitions of three school districts to become a part of atch Ison s unified District no. 409 were approved and a fourth petition denied by the state Hoard of education it was announced yesterday by or. Wayne Frazer superintendent of schools Here. The petition denied was that of Union 2, South of Atchison which includes the St. 1 at leu s Community. Hearings on the petitions were conducted Here last month by George Keith director of the school unification Section of the state Hoard of education. Or. Frazer received the Rul Ings on the petitions from Adel f. Throckmorton state superintendent of Public instruction yesterday morning. Petitions of Union 3 North of Sumner and Ju-1 pot Ter were approved. All of Union 3 was included in the Transfer to no. 409 with almost All of children and pro school age children wish to Transfer to United school District 409. The petitions and those who prefer to remain in unified and gov. Wallace proves lie is a very thoughtful husband by making this Effort to get mrs. Wallace a softer Job than taking in washing . Scott Crossroads .a. Alley paving decisions tuesday the City commissions scheduled to act on two resolutions at its Sumner and most of the Potter at City Hall pertaining to the advisability of paving two alleys in downtown Atchison. The alleys Are situated inthe 900 Block Between main and commercial andinthe800block Between Santa be and Atchison streets. Protests to the paving were voiced at the City commis Sion two weeks ago when action districts. Or. Frazer said the order from Throckmorton did not state what disposition would tic made on Union 2. However it is presumed the District will school District no. 377 Are in Reinkin in District terming cd throughout the Dis or. Frazer said strict. Petitioners own or rent in denying the Union 2 be less than 40 per cent of the tuition Throck Mortim s order territory in Union 2." stated the following reasons or. Frazor said yesterday the Transfer petitioned that pending a recheck of tie for does not carry out the Pur areas involved he would Esti poses and provi s ions of the mate that the districts being school unification acts in transferred to 409 would in opinion of the state sup Erinton solve approximately 40 children Dent of Public instruction. And would require two additional the Transfer of Terri teachers and possibly two More tory petitioned for is in Vio buses for transportation lation of the limitations Souci he also said that the Origi fied in Section 6 b of said Nal valuation figure of approx chapter 410 of the Laws of Ima Cly million for the Kansas. Area would be lowered and May other and additional Rea create a problem in that the sons for denial of said petition new valuation figure May not Are As follows there is no meet budgetary demands Clear indication that the parents until we arrive at a new of a majority of the school age continued on Page 5 around the Nek area on the resolutions were postponed until tuesday s meeting. Requesting the paving of the Day a radio peking broadcast apparently now Are seen As an of the Nennele of Atchison the u j alleys were or. Spencer fast monitored in Tokyo reported indirect attack on Mao. Porti lids fund totals f who Nas a medical clinic and reprinted an article originally monitors of chinese affairs in 500 which Ruth proceeds from building an addition to it and carried May 26 by the Shanghai Tokyo said it was not Clear sors to Portland Ansback. Glenn Onn carried May 26 by the Shanghai Tokyo said it was not communist party Organ Llobera whether the attack was on a Tion daily which contained the Man who held a High Post in the attack on the High party prop Central propaganda department plus a emergency Cushion for Tripi Gan dist. In 1959 or someone still Active Tite band s big official it said theartice denounced As Deputy chairman. 500, saturday s Bowling Benefit will _ provide the necessary funds Bant members Walt make the Viet Hunt destroy tactics net Little Saigon South Viet Nam seized several weapons include. A broadening the picture ing three automatic rifles of Spring search and destroy Premier Nguyen Cao by s operations the . Command government sought to disarm disclosed saturday Amer. Buddhist opposition with a lean marines and vietnamese pledge of All facilities for eel. Troops Are combing the craggy Ebrat ions of Buddha s birthday coastal area of Quang Gal june 3, vietnamese troops were province against Light comm instructed to treat the occasion nest opposition solemnly. It s been nearly nothing so signs of stress appeared with a spokesman said listing in the Buddhist leadership but 15 Viet Cong killed and 20 sus Saigon monks stirred Demon peels seized. Stators for the eighth straight amphibious tractors and hell Day. Fifteen led Between 300 copters landed the task Force and 40 persons on a March wednesday for the sweep from the Buddhas called operation Mobile. It Cen Cholon Saigon s Chinatown. Ters along Highway 1 North of the crowd soon swelled to about Quang Gal City about 235 by the addition of the usual Miles Northeast of Saigon. Assortment of Street urchins among related developments old women and idlers. Riot to in military and politic Fields lice dispersed them with tear South korean troops battled Gas off Viet Cong in a fight before a shortage of diesel fuel Dawn Only 10 Miles Nort Hosai. Threatened the gon. The guerrillas were caught Hue the Center of Buddhist re while probing toward a Bridge Volt in the North. The govern being built by a korean con. Ment is restricting Oil ship Striction unit. The koreans said ments daily to one Day s sup. They had killed 16 Vietcong and continued on Page 5 according to Farr s figures has been raised in the past few months in the follow ing manner student projects individual contributions ser vice clubs Church and Mischel chaperones will be or. And mrs. Gene Underwood or. And mrs. Edwin Marshall . Farr mrs. . Page nurse mrs. Warren Tharp and or. And mrs. Raymond Mcdan continued on Page 5 Hershey sees politics in demands to probe draft idling an addition to it and plans other buildings in the 800 Block on Santa Rell who operates the r k driven at ninth and main streets. The commission is also scheduled to receive recommendations from the City plan Ning commission on proposed annexation of seven parcels of land adjacent to the City of Atchison. The planning com Mission voted last week for annexing six areas under consideration and rejected by 4 3 a seventh tract the Neumann addition. Also on tuesday s Agenda second Reading of an Ordi buys building Everest the Rainbow Tele phone cooperative at Everest has purchased the office build ing the firm has occupied since gop congressmen seek new Laws for combat on poverty Washington a the republicans offer a pro abuses scandals and Lisman Gram they Call the Opportunity 1955 group of the building was owned by the no want Are destroying the crusade which would continue program say a the present programs but with House republicans redefined goals standards and administration. It would authorize billion in Federal Money and Call for partial Matching of funds by local and state agencies to Washington a the in summarizing the findings second Reading of an Ordi United states accused Cuba of lion for Mcnamara said our review Nance providing for a Levy not to deliberate unauthorized in Washington a draft completed substantially last director Lewis b. Hershey said summer. The Viet Nam build up saturday he sees some Cong res required revision of estimates Nance to Amend a City ordinance signal electioneering behind and projections to allow Public auctions to be Capitol Hill demands for an in. Not affected the major findings conducted on sundays. Vest Gatlon of the selective service system. I think that s very of various alternative criteria exceed two Mills he said. For selecting men under the ets for the Atchison Library. But Hershey added that if draft Leinius us to conclude that action on a Resolution order Congress could produce 1m the system of defer the removal r prove ments in the draft system ments on such grounds As de i 1900 it t the Buddhist Institute to that would be Fine. Pendency student status occur a dwe11 of. At 1229 Oak Street and the lieutenant general Patlon and unfitness is basical Resolution establishing a 10 now 72, said he would Welcome by sound from the viewpoint of mile per hour Speed limit in City Washington. Any congressional invest la the National parking lots and alleys in an the protest was filed to Tion. The present system found a area bounded by second Street Havana through diplomatic amid mounting demands for a defender in the . Commis the North South Alley West of channels Friday amid rising draft inquiry and Campus s loner of education Harold seventh Street main Street and tension Over the big . Base at protests against the draft sys Howe n. He termed current pol commercial Street and re Cuba s Eastern tip. Premier Al. Tern new legislation to Everest development Assoc a solve the problems of the poor Tion which leased it to the co they urge dismantling of the operative. Office of economic Opportunity plans Are being made to re which runs the program in Model the Interior in the near Large no the role of state and to produce a total of billion future Dean Moore manager of Cal governments and lightening for the various programs the Telephone firm said. Congressional control Over they would place the Job _ spending. Corps and neighbourhood youth eight of nine republicans on corps in the labor department the House education and labor adult education programs in the committee joined in assailing office of education and leave the current program and Only the Community action pro presenting an alternative. Grams and the Domestic peace their views Are in a dissent corps in the Leo. Ing report on a Bill approved by the report accuses the demo the committee s democratic crafts of one of majority to carry the Antl Pover hib Lions of political partisan to program into its third year ship congresses has Ever wit the gop report foreshadows a. Nested in drafting the pending bitter fight when the Bill comes Bill to the House floor next month. The democrats wasted in place of the committee Bill 000 which Congress appropriate which would continued on Page 5 Pool to open Valley Falls plans Are to open the Kendall memorial continued on Page 5 . Warns cubans away from Gizmo trance by cuban military personnel into the . Guantanamo base and warned further in the Castro regime immediately rejected the . Protest note saturday by returning it to Surveyor gemini 9 get Okay to orbit this week Cape Kennedy Fla. A pictures of the Moon feh 3. The gemini 9 astronauts and air Force it. Col. Stafford a spindly Surveyor Moon Lander meanwhile described his own spacecraft America s one gemini 9 Mission As the most two punch in the Battle toward Complex and sophisticated the Moon were flashed go manned space journey yet. And r. Signs saturday to blast off this the use of a slowly tumbling Hershey mused in an ices orderly understandable striding parking on the parking Del Castro has ordered an Alert week for a two pronged assault substitute target satellite f Numil r n n it in n a slim Oro r to re v i i. Pc i. O. V t 1 1 1. V c interview about Congress dem. And useful in the present Situa on stations and the operation continued on Page 5 _. Continued on Page 5 warns soviet naval threat in Europe Washington a the soviet naval threat in the euro Pean area is real now and still sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., said in a censored report made Public saturday night. Symington said . Naval officials he talked with on a re cent european trip expressed Surprise that so Little attention has been paid to what was Pic tured As a dramatic change in soviet naval capability Over a Short time. The senator s views we recon trained in a 95-Pagereportonhls trip which he presented to the chairmen of the Senate armed or vices and foreign relations committees. Symington is a member of both groups. He also serves on the Senate panel which oversees activities of the Cia. Symington had previously summarized the report in Alet Ter May 4 and at a news Confer. Ence. Symington said he was told in continued on Page 5 to Kan area partly Cloudy and warmer. Kansas partly Cloudy to Day and tomorrow scattered showers this morning High to Day in 80s. Missouri partly Cloudy with showers Early today High today in 80s. Thermometer readings 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 84 84 84 82 80 78 8 9 .72 Low yesterday morning 64 temperatures a year ago today Low 50, High 64. River stages Omaha 7.1 up 0.4. Nebraska City 8.2 up 0.2. Rulo 8.6 up 0.1. St. Joe 9.9 Down 0.1. Atchison 12.75 Down 0.09. Leavenworth no change. Criticism aimed at the draft sys. Tern is a backfire that stems from Uncertain and divided pub Lic opinion about the War in Viet Nam the conflict has produced step up draft Calls and a return to korean War rules on student deferments. As for congressional Cratl. Clem which has come from both democrats and republicans Hershey said everybody on the Hill is up for re election in the House and some in the Senate. They Don t know just How people feel about this War that s going on. When i get attacked by a lot of these Fellows hell they be got to attack somebody. They have to live their lives and i have to live the Pentagon said saturday that manpower officials Are re working a study of the draft system ordered by president Johnson two years ago adding in the draft study presently being conducted by the ment of defense Vartgis lottery systems Are being considered along with Many other alter a officials said 11 would Ere mature to say the study would conclude that a lottery would be preferable to the present sys tem. Testifying before Congress in february Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara said staff work on the study had been at on space. Makes it far More Chal astronauts Thomas p. Staf Lengling than originally plan. Ford and Eugene a. Cernan tied he said ready and eager to zip into or Catterson said Stafford and bit cleared their last major Cernan were in physical examination and got an unperturbed Over the 24-hour All Clear from the gemini 9 mis postponement called which de Sion review Board to rocket played the launching until into space wednesday whether wednesday to allow time for their rendezvous target Satel Lite makes it or not or Duane Catterson a flight surgeon saturday pronounced the gemini 9 Crew in great shape it and ready or the Spiker like Surveyor poised continued on Page 5 memorial Day services atop its 11-Story-tall Atlas Cen Taur Booster rocket was Given a go ahead to begin its countdown sunday and Thunder Moon Ward at . Edt monday. After a 63-hour mechanical dance across Miles of in the Oak Wreath ceremony traditional opening for Atchison High school commencement exercises girls of the Junior class bring the Wreath Forward to its place along the front of the stage while the seniors sing accompanied by the High school photo. Veteran organizations of atch Ison will conduct memorial Day services tomorrow at local and area cemeteries honouring de ceased veterans of All l a. Wars. Memorial services for de space the Craft wiil set its three ceased n avy veterans will be pad like get gently on the sur held at the West end of the rail face of the Moon at . Road Bridge on the Missouri thursday where it can relay River at 11 television pictures of the lunar me of services at the Ceme landscape and Tell about the Merics which Galut we to firmness of j Pesature there Fred by National guard squads if Surveyor is a Success the and taps by Atchison by United states will have a com. Elers it. Calvary 9 polished a eat probably As Dlf. Set memory gardens . Ficula As or More difficult than Oak Mill . It. Vernon anything that has Ever been 10 . Sumner . Achieved in space by Lancaster 11 . St. Anns said Benjamin Milwitzky sur Effingham 10 ., and Over Reyor program manager for the Green cemetery Effingham National aeronautics and space in., c nov administration. Equipment aboard the the Kights of Columbus will Pound Craft is considered to to hold to annual memorial Day More sophisticated than the so. Mass at it Calvary cemetery Viet Luna 9, which transmitted at 10 am tomorrow

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