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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 4

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Atchison, Kansas 4 Atchison Globe Mondoy May 20, 1963 other opinion the Amish give up for some years the Amish a religious people who farm in Western Pennsylvania have fought payment of social Security taxes. Insurance in any form is against their religion and they refused to pay even when the minions of government welfare came to seize their indispensable horses at blowing time. The Amish have withdrawn their suit in Federal court and the government has announced that it has a no other alternative a a but to collect Back taxes. Meanwhile there is support in Congress for a Bill to exempt the Amish from social Security. It deserves applause perhaps but it does no to get to the heart of the problem. Tiv not a Bill to exempt from social Security anyone who does no to believe in it need one belong to a religious sect to deserve such consideration does not individual conviction count but such an idea is Idle fancy. Social Security More and More will depend on raw compulsion to continue to exist in the future. We May expect a flurry of resistance soon perhaps when Christian scientists and certain other sects May object to taxes for medical care they do not Quot employ. Most of the opposition however will develop later. The present generation has considerable reason to be pleased with social Security because this generation voted itself a bargain at the expense of the next. Today a worker will receive from social Security Many times the Small sum he has paid in taxes. But according to the governments own figures the youth who enters the work Force today May expect to pay $1.60 for each Dollar of benefits he May expect to receive. The difference is a tax on the earnings of the Young for the Benefit of us who refused to pay whole share. Relief for the Amish Springs from admiration of their sturdy qualities of Independence and self Reliance and for that reason probably will be voted. Ifs a backhanded commentary on the Independence and self Reliance of the rest of us then Isnit it a Sikeston to Standard e w. Howes Globe sights a a done to go to any trouble a people say when they Are invited out to eat but they expect you to. 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They will carry nuclear bombs which will remain strictly under american control. The French squadrons will be trained and equipped to drop the bombs. Bur the actual bombs can be loaded on Board Only by americans the nuclear Force will also include 150 British bombers three american Polaris submarines and several fighter planes from other nato countries. The Force will Rake its orders from general Lyman Lem Nitzer the nato commander. This is a big Concession for president de Gaulle and could change president Kennedy a aloofness toward h i in As Juk goes to Europe next month. Exit Admiral Anderson Only the Navy brass seemed to notice As Admiral George Anderson was speaking to the Navy league awards luncheon in san Juan pjr., that Secreta by of the Navy Fred Korth suddenly stood up and walked stiffly out of the room. The whispers immediately began buzzing through the Navy was Korth offended by the speech or did he merely go to the menus room the admirals believe they got their answer a few Days later when Korth recommended that Anderson he dropped As chief of naval operations. This jolted the admirals who expected Anderson not Only lobe reappointed but eventually to become the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. They re read Andersons speech to find out what might have irritated the Secretary of the Navy. The speech seemed harmless enough full of Noble words about the traditions of the sea. But it also called for Confidence in people and respect by senior officers for their juniors. To the sensitive civilians of the new Frontier this could have been interpreted As a Subtle slap at Secretary of defense Robert Mcnamara. He has been criticized around the Pentagon for not showing proper Confidence and respect for his military chiefs. Anderson has also resisted moves by both Mcnamara and Korth to bring tile Navy under tighter civilian control. Respect for the military in his luncheon speech Anderson declared a i do not believe i can possibly overemphasize the importance of having Confidence in train them we test them we Drill them but inevitably there comes a time when we must also Trust on the subject of respect he said Quot i think the first principle to which we adhere is that of respect for people. I recall Reading Many years ago the Story of letters to the Globe you May quote to the Globe farm subsidies up to now from 1929, the farm Board first Federal farm subsidy program to the proposed two Price plan Price supports were and continue to be the sacred cows in farm subsidies. Price supports Are the Judas in farm subsidies and Are the cause of the Goliath in government. As now constituted Farmer referendums is the Slop of a nation ruled by men. The need for referendums arose because men in Public office found it More convenient to be guided by expediency rather than by Law. If the courts Are not overcome by human frailty this will be the last referendum. Their legality is being questioned in court. The big three in farm organizations were and continue to be opposed to direct farm subsidies. Yet the farm Bureau the Farmers Union and the the supermarket go in and buy Rolls and hot dogs and then go to the Smoky National Park where we will bake and Cook own Rolls and hot from North Carolina they drive to Florida. Today in history by the associated press on this Date in 1506, Christopher Columbus died in poverty. In 1639, the first colonial Public school supported by direct taxes opened at Dorchester mass. In 1855, inventor David Hughes received a Patent for the first Telegraph Type ticker that actually printed. In 1953, the United states and Britain ratified the treaty which abolished extraterritorial rights in China. In 1950, the longest and most costly vehicular crossing in this country the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in new York was formally opened to the Public. Ten years ago a 21-year-old polish air Force Pilot crash landed his Mig fighter plane on a danish Island after escaping from his communist dominated Homeland. Five years ago Texas born pianist Van Cliburn became the first musician Ever to be accorded a heroes Parade up new Yorkus Broadway after his concert Triumph in the soviet Union. One year ago government by decree was installed in Argentina when president Jose Maria Guido a Cabinet ordered Argentina a Congress to recess and ordered dissolution of All political parties. County agent see by Arnold Barbera a the annual Spring Flower show will be held in the Effingham Grade school May 21. A new Watermelon Crimson Sweet has been released to three commercial growers in 1963. _ All of the burning treatments have reduced forage yields in the Bluestem area. The most harmful Date based on Weed invasion and lowered forage yields seems to be Early Spring burning. Mildred Seetin and Mari to Wagner of the parallel 4-h club will attend music Camp at Rock Springs ranch from june 4-8. Grass and legume forages Cut Early wilted to below 60 per cent of moisture and ens led with care in an airtight or convention Tower silo make Good feet. Thursday june 6, is Day in Atchison county. Dairy languishing in the county jail facing a statutory charge because he a feh a for a Young girl he flirted with on commercial Street. Arrested after he and the 16-year-old girl were taken into custody when they were found in a hotel room the Salesman said a i always heard that Kansas was Strait laced but now i know it. Northeast Kansas courthouses Atchison county Atchison real estate transfers Nelson c. Greenlund and wife to . Dierking and wife and to Jack k. Smith and wife lots 1,2 and 7, Block i in Price Villa. Revenue Stamps $2.75. He. Simeno sr., and wife to Fred g. Coble and wife lot 9, Block 3, in old Atchison 321 Santa be. Revenue Stamps $7.7�. Registration of 1963 vehicles Ronald e. Kesse 1524 Kansas Home made trailer. Ernest Wehking Nortonville Plymouth. Gary Martin is satisfied with Friendly Farmer Fellows a soft drink and Bologna at Home. 4-h club members will have but when he goes to a restau their tour on june 9. Police report the Globe welcomes letters from its readers. Publication does not mean the Globe endorses the views expressed. Letters of 150 words or less Are Best. Long ones will be carefully condensed. All must include the writers name and Herbert a. Brown sr., 59, of address which May be with Leavenworth was arrested held if requested. Anonymous Here Early yesterday and pos letters will not be printed de $25 Bond on a malicious its a a. A a chief charge. According to Public Hamilton Mcalister 1107 1/2 North seventh Brown threw a 40 years ago the Globe May 1923 More than 800 persons attended the opening program of the May festival of the Atchison Public schools at memorial Hall. Miss Virginia Haynes physical instructor in the schools was praised for the excellent entertainment provided by the children under her direction. Federal agents seized 117 pints of Hootch in a raid at the West Edge of the City limits. There were no arrests. A 33-year-old a handsome Clever Detroit Salesman was rant he wants the biggest Steak and the Best service according to Fred Arnold. Bill Haegelin does no to pay much attention to the weather. He wears his big smile every Day. Jim Clements insurance of All kinds. Pm 7-5222. Or we a Ramov aaa a in a Mitt t abstracts of title Only complot abstract books in Atchison county from . Government to Dot. Commerce investment co. Bonded abstract ers em7-6231 or em7-6253 Nels Greenlund pros. I m. A a a a in a a aaa. In in aaa a. A than Enterprise with Money is to transform the Power to tax into a form of Public Rock through the screen of my thievery. Alister a to set two months one million 200,000 wheat producers nearly 70 per cent have received and will get less than to per cent of the proposed wheat subsidy certificates. We have been told by an economic Council that these Alister a to ago. _ Herbert Brown jr., 26, to to what Are the 500,000 other wheat producers who have received More than 90 per cent of former wheat subsidies and will continue to get More than 90 Grange Call for direct subsidies per cent of the wheat subsidy to Farmers who choose not to certificates produce crops. Price supports the s acred the big three Are Blind be cows of error have blinded cause they choose to Reward even the elect the economic vice rather than virtue among advisory Council Farmers. Joe Corpstein to Reward idleness rather Nortonville a ships Captain who asked anew through North Carolina Ensign what the proper attitude count Giannin marzotto who of juniors toward seniors should Heads the group believes that he. His employees will do better jobs Quot the Ensign answered if they know something about the promptly a respect rest of the world and he has Quot the Captain then asked largely financed this trip. The Peka was arrested Here yesterday and is being held for the Leavenworth county sheriff for failure to appear on charges of Farmers we re and econ Ornic Ira f rivln8 on a suspended Driver s ability to nation. If so then Licon Sci. A a a a a 15-year-old resident of the Kansas children a receiving Home was taken into custody Early today by police after he had run away from the Home. A now sir what is the proper attitude of seniors toward juniors a Quot the Ensign had no ready reply but the Captain supplied it. A the answer is exactly the same sir it is respect. Without respect flowing both ways Between juniors and seniors we have Little Hope of doing the jobs we will be called upon to the Admiral added a a orders Are issued in such a Way As to Tell a Man what to do but not How to do it. Each Man is expected and required to exercise his initiative and responsibility so that the orders Are carried around the Pentagon some people Are still wondering whether these remarks caused Korth to walk out in the Middle of the admirals speech and contributed to his decision to get rid of Anderson. Tour the Usa the new . Travel service now bringing More tourists to the United stares began its advertising Campaign in a very Subtle Way. In Italy ads appeared in the papers featuring the picture of a pen. Under it was the caption a with this pen you can stay at any hotel or Motel in the this was followed by an and featuring a replica of an italian Drivers License and under it the caption Quot with this you can drive anywhere in the these ads plus other salesmanship have begun to reverse in some degree the tremendous flow of american tourists to Italy. Part of that reverse flow was a group of 150 italian workers and staff members of the mar Ozz marzotto Wool company which toured Washington last week and is now in route schedule was worked out by Volt Gilmore director of the new travel service under Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges. Before leaving Washington the italian delegation had taken lessons on american traffic regulations hired drive it yourself cars and were looking Forward gleefully to their tour. After a special mass offered by the Bishop of Raleigh they Are attending the North Carolina school of textiles at Charlotte and then noted on their program Quot in Asheville we will Stop at Atchison daily Globe founded by e a How in 1877 published by Gene Howe 1911-1951 published doily except saturday at Atchison Kansas Paul Allingham publisher . Of Neill managing editor Harvey . Manager de manager for news business or circulation departments Telephone pm 70583. Before 7 . Telephone pm 7-0583 Tore Postany irregularity in delivery. By Carrier one week in the City .35c subscription rates by mail in Atchison Doniphan Brown Nemaha Jackson Jefferson Ana Leavenworth counties in Kansas Buchanan and Platte counties in Missouri. Three months.$3.50 six months.$5.50 one year.$9.00 by mat i outs Ide of above counties one month.$1.50 six months.$7.00 one year. $12.00 a two car collision occurred at 6 . Friday at seventh and College according to police. The Drivers were David Aliner 17, 431 South seventh and Marvin l. Pierce 46, 1409 South seventh. Damage to the i n e r car involved the right fender two right doors a rear fender and was estimated at $150. The right front bumper of the Pierce car was damaged. According to a report to police cars driven by Winstan l. Anderson jr., 22, 508 North second and Catherine Lynch 48, St. Joe collided saturday at seventh and r. The front and right Side of the Anderson car and the front end and left Side of the Lynch car was damaged. Heres the Bourbon tor men who know do Sam Hill and Hill they know what to insist on when they choose a Bourbon for themselves and their they find All of it and More in Hill and Hill the Bourbon that scores for All around value. Try it yourself soon. Dun Tucky a to Raight Bourbon it a Xii Lief him How does your Bourbon score against Hill end Hult Kentucky distilled 85-year heritage Mellow taste authentic character sensible Price Hill and Hill x x x x x your Bourbon the Hill and Hill diet.co., Louisville by. A Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey. 86 proof. 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Member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper of Well Osall a news dispatches. You la never defrost again. Vith a hotpoint no Frost refrigerator Freezer Bush radio and appliance 622 com l sales 8c service dial pm 7-2874

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