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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Atchison, Kansas Plan Centennial Celebration Muscotah vent to be june 21-22 men of the Muscotah Community i tale entertainment 106111 committee. Are growing beards and about Docking to attend. Everyone in the town is working Ralph Lassen is chairman of the i to Arnm nip the town s Centennial mrs. Mike Wilson is preparing to i Uuie me i Iti Umidi Nib licit committee with i i i i . Celebration which will be june 21 a of e a Centennial Booklet which will be and 22. Francis Christ is general i Tosterud basi1 Moore mrs make available during the Celebration chairman and treasurer of the Wilson. Ills Loyd Tasley and event. I Floyd to plug on the committee. Committees have been the committee plans to erect appointed and they have been i banners across Muscotah s main holding meetings and making the necessary arrangements for the Celebration Street and is planning Booster trips. Larned lawyer to tax appeals Post Topeka May 11 a Sec Ond member for the newly Lloyd Tasley is chairman state Board of tax a Muscotah Park will be Centen the dance committee and helping peals Vas selected today by gov. Mal Headquarters a platform will him Are Virgil Scheid aha George Docking be set up where there will be i Serif Bill Hollis Leland Yazel he 1s Maunce a Lar programs and dancing each night Tommy Farr and Lawrence Mey cd at Oraey and a Democrat. Amateur program is being or Docking earlier named Sam a. Planned for the first night m d m w com Brookover Eureka Republican a Tullu us Del dec no Fri mar Rafo Ana Tor Tho one of the features the second Voll be m charge o games and Board Dav will be a big Parade c h Fred Kiehl Fred Hollis Bill Good bocog said a Democrat will getting ready for the Muscotah Centennial Celebration june 21 and 22, from left Are Carroll Christ left ant Raich i Awn Tun of the Tim Rae Janet Chris be named later As the third Mem Stephenson. Lloyd Tinsley. Wallace Compson Carl Anderson. Enos Christie and Claude Terry. Thev have t Mph Lassen Are two of the Tow Lead George Tosterud j e s St 1c miss Emma Higley John Ber fhe Board was created by a sword carried by capt. Nelson Taishner during the civil War. He was a brother of l. A Plum the Muscotah Centennial Celebration. Chest is general Hustie and Raphael rav arc on gallon Albert Mcdanels Carl the 1957 legislature in a re Mer Hose husband was the first practising physician in the town. Christie has a mail sack used by chairman and treasurer of the event and Lassen is chairman of the his committee Budde Bohra Ralph Bushey nation of the state fax de j. C. Wasson who carried the first mail out of Muscotah. Or Idiell has invited go Georgej Frank Hubbard Are members of i Par men. Atchison county War heroes herewith Aie lists of casualties of Atchison county service men who gave their Wai i and the Koi can Campaign. Please Check them for their May be omissions or Enois the world War ii list was out area from selective ser vice Kansas state Headquarters Topeka the korean Campaign list was obtained from the Atchison county selective sen ice Board if you find omissions or emus in names i Oellig Etc immediately notify Atchison Courly commissioner Henry at the Atchison county court House these lists will be used on Bronze tablets which Vii l be placed in front of my annal Hall to Honor Uchison county s heroes of the two wars tablets now at the Hall list at Clinson county casual in would Wai i ten cents Atchison Kansas sunday May 12, 1957 24-pages Eightieth year 22688 the of an Active and Lively sirs a Little f 5 Day ten Mav 11 sen Mcclellan d said to clan that teamsters Union presi-1 Deni Dave Beck May have run afoul of the Federal mail fraud he m his nand in of a widow s help Plymouth mass. May 11 beat Back the worst j three Days. The fue started fund the treatment he accorded i the v Idow of his Dearest Friend is typical u seems of his dominating characteristic of greed and Avance Maciei an told news men in reviewing tac latest Testi Mony about Beck 1 Mcclellan is chairman of the special Senate rackets investigating committee Winch will re sume monday afternoon Public hearings in which Beck has been pictured As using Union of tends for the Enn Cement of himself and members of his family. The 62-Yeai old teat utes Boss who has invoked the fifth amendment Protection against possible self incur Inavon 150 times n refusing to answer com Mittee questions be recalled later in the r o b a b 1 y wednesday Mcclellan said t in Mcclellan referred to is mrs Ray Leheney whose i i Jan i Nas Ari oif Cial of Trie old Al Beck was trustee of an 000 fund raised for her from Union members after Leheney s death Donol f Hec lung a Seattle mortgage banker testified yesterday that he and Buck shared an profit from investing this Money for mrs Leheney Hedlund desc bed Leheney As Beck s Best and closest fiend place m evidence v As a letter from Beck to mrs Leheney m no mention was made that Beck and Hedlund would Derwe a profit from the Sale of Mort look ahead a few hours. After dinner say. And you might see this happen at the v. W. Baumann which he recommended to Home 1503 Kansas. After All it is a very special Day and mom rates some quiet just this once. While Nej a sound investment mrs. Baumann snoozes husband and children give her a break. Seated on the Couch Are from left Cuellan Rel Errig to what he Martha 10, Baumann holding Ann 1, Maureen 7, Madeline 11, Mary 14, and Kari Mae 4, on the floor called Becks breach of just Mark 3, Michael 12, Mitchell 9, and Matthew c. M this transaction said there is continued on Page seven area weather forecast for Atchison and Cloudy with shovers Tonj and to night slightly warmer ii a Forest fire m town nature s help. Nesdal. Long before the fire reached the Southwest Kansas Clouds showers to div and tonight thunderstorms most num Erous and intense Southwest and West warmer Over most of state High today in the 60s Missouri Cloudy with Snow ers through tonight Wanner Higi today1 60s North and West to Nea 80 extreme 250 grounds of the ply-1 the but before ram came last night Mouth jail the u9 m. 62, 6 d m 60 and watered Down the fires which mates volunteered to join the fire 3d 7 p go swept Over thousands of acre s of men on their Honor not to run m.-62 8 u m-------.58 Woodlands the Pilgrim spirit away sheriff Adnah Harlow chose d -n.---58 which made this settlement prisoners to go out and kept1 Low than three centuries ago. Rose the re6t to protect the farm itself again to fight the peril Fred Leonor a state fire Tower this time Plymouth had Nelp. Watchman perched m his 60foot-1 every one of the 27 Plymouth High Vantage Point watching the1 county communities Adit at least Diaze Roar toward him he thermometer readings 62 7 p .-62 8 u ,-----.62 Idaj night 52 seven children perish in fire one fire truck. I manned his radio to keep ground cities Arr towns in adjoining foremen informed until counties of Norfolk. Bristol and shrouded the Tower Barnstable also sent fire Stratford. Conn Mav 11 smoke seven children perished today in a fire that destroyed a three family i a six Man auxiliary firemen s dwelling and men. I team from Boston went to their the children were members of at the Peak yesterday daytime jobs through families. Than firemen. National fire but spent the evenings and Tao other children. Of them guardsmen volunteers state most of the nights at work on the two weeks old and three women Jansen Troy has contracted for the dig i Ging and equipping of a Well in the North part of town to supplement the City water Supply mayor Robert Guier announced yesterday the Miller and Manville farm of Wathena was Given a contract to dig a Well 14 feet in diameter and 32 feet deep for and Paul Dittemore Troy was Given a contract for is 050 to construct i a pump House Layne Western co of Kansas i City submitted the Low bid for a pump amounts varying from 715 to depending upon fhe i size. The Type of pump purchased will be determined when the sup ply of water is known. I Ner he is an electrician for the the contractors Are to begin world i be w a Donald l Blair Richaid e Borders Donald l e Blach g Avion v. Coffey. Claience w Diebolt Robert a Ehret Clinton l Emery Lester e. George Otto c Gilliland Raymond s Clarence harm an or. Heard James c. Heckel Herman j. Hoffman Ralph r Jessip Chester w. Kluth Francis j Koehler Elmo f. Kurtz Raymond c. L1ndsey, Solon r Lyons Raymond a or Marshall. Earl c. Mckinnie Wayne l Neavitt David 0 neet Glenn e Neumann. Francis j. Petesch Alfred a. Ramsay William c. Rice Carl e Rohleder Harold f Shockey Charles w. Shrout John e Siebert. William c. Spaight Edward f. Tinklin George s Wade Floyd w Wagoner Lloyd s Weingart Robert f Weitz. Paul g. Wolfe George a Wrather Odell Navy Cline Thomas Russell Gibson Billj Edwin Neville Eugene Francis Oberlin North Arthur Walters Clyde e korean Campaign army Boatwright Clarence e. Butler Howard b. Lee Robert p. Leitch Phillip l marines Ruhlman William f Kong Mav 11 Monist China charged that i Nudd Spates is turning for Mosa m o a base for atomic a Arzaie of stationing Matador missiles on the nationalist Island. Sharply worded foreign my urn Salem enc broadcast by Pel Ping radio warned the chinese government hereby solemn de clares the determination of the chinese people to liberate their own territory is unshakable the United states must Bear full responsibility for its action of aggression the statement followed by three Days a u s. Announcement that Advance of american Mata Dor missile units capable of hurl ing atomic several Hun dred Miles into red China had armed on Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek s stronghold 100 Miles from the Mainland As expected the announcement Drew Nolly worded reactions trom the communist chinese press and radio the re-1 chinese freely boasted that the matadors would not deter Pei pm from its intention of Tak ing Over the nationalist Sanctuary the official statement tonight reiterated that goal but h avoided the Saber rattling of past 3 ears and made no mention of red Mili tary might instead it said the move had caused great i n d i g n o 11 o a throughout the communist Mam lard and that a Strong protest had been lodged with the Ameri can government such a protest customarily would be relayed through British diplomats in Pei pm. The United states has no diplomatic relations Vuth red China fumes kill five in Alabama Plant Highway workers and High school1 fire boys were Manning fire hoses and shovels. One of the biggest boons to fire fighters deep in the Woods was a Fleet of tank trucks which brought water by the thousands of Gallons some of the Unsung heroines of the three Day emergency were resigns position on state censor Board Topeka May 11 w mrs Frances Lysaught Kansas City Plymouth Rufous a wave s wholes resigned effective today As brought Carton after Carton of Sand a member of the state Board of Wiches to fire Headquarters. Kansas motion picture women walked in put the Sand censor Agency. Wiches on a went Home she was appointed to the Post. To make More. Firemen came from Boston and Cambridge 50 Miles to the North. They came from Truro 70 Miles away near the tip of Cape cod. Cambridge is a built up and does t have any Woods fire equipment. But it had a fog Mak ing apparatus designed to fight Oil fires. They sent it because it ought to worn Well on a Woods fire. It did. Volunteers came from All walks of life. There were the-80 state prison inmates stationed at a Woods Camp in fee Myles stand in state Forest near the fire area. They All horned firemen for to mrs Clinton 4 the Dren is Atchison s Mother s Lam mfg co and is building digging the Well within 30 Davs rss Ststa Day Queen for a Day she will anew Home for the family doing this Vall be a third cloy Tseu of receive valuable gifts from 16 the work himself Troy to obtain its water Supply the children none believed to Atchison merchants j the children m the Jansen from be More than 12 years old. Were the Queen was selected in Are Carol 10, Ronnie 8, mayor Guier members of the families of mrs contest sponsored by the Globe Donna 7, and Tommy. 3. Martha Davis and of or and mrs or. And mrs Jansen live one j mrs Jansen is the former continued on Page seven i half mile North of Ganter s Cor continued on Page seven grim scene behind Bamboo curtain Hong Kong. May 11 China has lifted its Bamboo cur Only last March 1 Cana Nas Ime m with empty it the governor s office said and revealed a nation Bese. Reason for the resignation was and the newly elected City Council took office last week councilmen Are Robert Noyes Robert Sparks. Joe Culp Leonard Martin and Ernest my i ers. J Guier has made appointments of officers and committees As Fol lows Noyes president of the to available immediately. A successor will be named later. Need help eager june graduates Are looking for summer work you can reach them through a Globe want and. Conflicts among the masses and paralysing bureaucracy. Because there the first is widespread nothing to Export. Jug Ness of former capitalists and of of the unemployment is a intellectuals to accept socialism Ujj l. Clary assistant a. D. By product of last year s Calami As a doctrine the other is the Wisler marshal Nick Theis fire in a series of Frank disclosures ties. Thousands of peasants in j friction Between the masses and chief in the official press and Over Able to eke out a living have bureaucratic minded communists nov Noyes Culp and Myers finance i much of the country in the Wake growing ranks of the jobless an of last year s floods drought and the disastrous typhoon Wanda. Foodstuffs Are Short panic Lar demanded More Freedom to report nit tee Martin Sparks and notes actual they asked igbo committee Culp Many and la addition to these difficulties government officials to hold news Myers Street committee the communist leadership is Grap conferences and permit them mayor Guier said one of the official announce menu says. By pork. For the first time in pling with two problems which selves to be questioned and pro problems to be taken up by the Many months some foreign ships strike at the very heart of us con tested against official intimidation Council in the near future will be calling at chinese ports have left tool of the country. Continued on Page seven i that of a City dump. Washington Mav 11 of the Eisenhower administration Nav be forced to tighten farm production controls next year if it is to get and Good at All from the is annual soil Bank payment program such action would be galling to administration leaders particularly Secretary of agriculture Ben son he wants programs that will move in the direction of Complete production Freedom for Farmers. Bat the administration is con frontal by the fact that the soil Bank program did Little Good in its initial trial Vear in reducing production of surplus crops. Agriculture department officials agree that most of the Quarter a Billon dollars paid to Farmers under this program last Vear was for rental of land which because of drought or other factors would not have produced much anyway. The administration is confronted by the further possibility that this year s soil Bank to around one billion dollars be less than 50 per cent effective m reducing production latest information indicates that Farmers May retire around 25 million acres of land from production of such crops As wheat Cotton Corn Rice and Tabuco. But a department planting sur vey indicated recently that the actual reduction in the acreage of All crops May be Only 12 million acres. The Survey showed that Many Farmers were taking land oui of some crops but were in creasing acreages of others. Pepperell Ala May 11 deadly fumes beneath a textile Mill bleaching Plant claimed i the lives of five men i Otehka fire a fuel g a Milch Ell said the Ere o nicome of i ga3 from a sump i to which waste from he Pepperell Mills inc. Bleaching Plant drained. I police chief Floyd Mann of Opelika said the tragedy occurred a Hen Brvant h Jones 28, Opelika dropped spectacles through a manhole and climbed Down after them. To Ivas overcome and the other four ded m a vain Rescue attempt. Cecil b rav Plant chemist said the men Vivere victims of a combination of Hydrogen Sulphide and Lack of oxygen your savings earn More Exchange National 3% int nuclear tests Start i i thursday in Nevada i atomic test site Nev can the United states and the free world be defended with j atomic weapons possible answers will be sought in a series of nuclear tests be ginning on this bomb scarred Des Jert site thursday. J a predawn explosion of an atomic device atop a 700 coot steel Tower will Send the United states into its sixth series of Nevada nuclear tests. It Wal be the atomic Energy commission s 46th blast since it began experiments on the Nevada i test sue 70 Miles Northwest of Jlas vegas Jan. 27, 1951 i the dec announced the two fold purpose of this series of me detonations running to sept. I is development of weapons Fop the military defense of the United states and the free world. To provide important data contributing to a so Ted and effective civil defense

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