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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Atchison, Kansas Atchison doily Globe tuesday. June 28. 1955 Atchison daily Globe founded by e w How in 177 published by Gene Howe Isi 1-1951 published daily except saturday at Atchison. Kansas Paul Al Bennett a a cd in a Harvey Buckley. Advertising manager de Harris. Circulation manager for news Pun iness or circulation departments Telephone 50, 51 or 52. After 6 Telephone 1514 or 3260 to report any or regularity in delivery. Washington merry go round by Drew Pearson one week in Atchison. Leavenworth in Missouri. Three month six month a Ona year Ona month a six month a one year try Carrier subscription a its by mail Doniphan Brown. Nemaha Jackson counties in Kansas. Buchanan and by mail outside of above counties Jefferson and Platte counties 25< i i of it of too ii of 14 75 18 50 in tried As second class matter sept Kansas under the act of March 3. 1879 12. 1029 at the Post office at Atchison. All the member of the associated press. Ted pros is entitled exclusively to the ult a for republication of local news printed in this newspaper As Well til a news dispatches. Tuesday june 28. 1955 bad news is forthcoming this Friday july i. For All la and 15-vc a old restricted Drivers License holders As a result of new legislation passed by the Kansas legislature Early this year. A a grounding Quot the at in ent anyone in that Young Drivers age group can obtain a a a restricted a Drivers License upon application by a Parent or guardian. The new Law provides that before a License can be issued to anyone i i or 15 pc a is old. Tho Parent or guardian making the application must satisfy the motor vehicle department of the necessity for the action once issued such a restricted License will he Goon Only Between 7 a m. And 6 . On school Days and then Only Over the most direct and accessible route Between a a Homo and a school Quot. This restriction docs not aply if the 14 or 15 year old is performing to errand for parents in connection with farming of other agricultural pursuits or if a Parent or guardian holding a valid Drivers License is sealed beside him i Parent who permit their offspring to drive the family motorcar alone after july i in violation of 1hese restrictions will intentionally in breaking the Law the revised statute rails for increased parental responsibility in other words parents May be held As accountable As their children. Washing tune a running news Story must of necessity be hurried. For that reason the Public did t get the full significance and human detail of last week s debate which annihilated senator act earthy when he tried to Force president Eisenhower to discuss liberation of Poland a Czechoslovakia Hungary at the big four answer conference. It was one of the most significant debates in a decade. What it did was demolish the isolationist Wing of the Republican party. It also drove a Bulldozer Over certain parts of the Republican platform leaving it As Flat Tornado struck Udall Kansas. It was featured As a Victory for Eisenhower. It was really a Vic tory for the shrewd texan who on censure pilots democratic forces in the at this Point Johnson of lexis Senate. Lyndon Johnson he Man who had forced the re the last thing the republicans publicans to face the Issue in wanted was a vote on the my Terv ened to a a thai the Senate to a vote on the re co Llis own Republican party but he let Capehart have it. A the korean armistice was appeasement a he shot Back. A giving up the Tachen islands was a j easement. Giving up Northern Indochina was appeasement. But a further Sample of appeasement is what the Senate is encouraging to j further discussion followed. It began to get warm. A will the senator listen to me and be quiet for a minute a remonstrated Mccarthy. A fall the senator did was to take what undersecretary of state Hoover said yesterday and make it part of the Resolution a argued Capehart. A will the senator wait while i his question a yes a agreed Capehart. A please try to lie quiet while i answer a snapped Mccarthy. A i do not like to have the senator accuse me and other Republican senators a snapped Capehart. A will the senator now be quiet a shouted Mccarthy. A the senator said he was not going to become soothed the Man who had voted for him our boarding House. With. Major Hoople earthy Resolution. The last thing Many them wanted was to vote against their own Friend from Wisconsin senator Johnson knew this knew he had a Chance to make them repudiate their own Republican platform knew they would bunking the Republican charge of have to give up calling democrats communism against the demo communists and he forced the Erat. Get bark int Ion. The vote that followed a 77 to 4 a was not merely a vote against Mccarthy and for Eisenhower it was also Johnson a device for de it globes gets i w Howk in n you Tell a Friend whom you have not seen me time that he looks As Young As Ever and the Friend does no to Rome Hack with a compliment just but it for you does no to it make von mad that you lied Little son to Veigt time she an Atchison woman had to tic her bedpost to keep him from running off. He did it. She thought with regret that apply such measures to her husband. My if a girl goes from a big town to a smaller one she to be doubly gracious to avoid the charge of be stuck if a Man is Rich enough few Gills in the opinion of their parents Are to Young to marry. You can to do up your rivals by lying about diem mrs. Poke Bonnett. Sis. Our slender dark la year old came in where i was mending a mom i want to fix up a picnic supper. We arc going swimming eat supper and then to the summer Quot Okay. You going with Ken this time a i asked casually a no thank goodness w Ith Pete a a she replied a what St wrong with Ken a Ile seems very intelligent Sis sighed a certainly he has a wonderful mind. But look at the rest of him a the others of us had supper at Home and prepared to go to the summer concert out on the Lawn at the Park too. It was when we grit Home later that i noticed Sis and Kermit her one with a Mustache fitting on the front porch rail in the Moonlight i asked about it this people vote ii Oovi r on spot one Day before the vote. John son even forced Herbert Hoover or acting Secretary of state to testify against the Mccarthy Resolution requiring Eisenhower to demand the liberation of satellite countries. Young Hoover did no to want to testify sent word he had another engagement. Put him on the phone Quot said Lyndon. A you Haven t got an engagement that he told Hoover Hoover had t he testified. He went on record against Mccarthy and his Resolution against tying the hands of the president re the satellite countries. Then Wigan the debate. Joe Mccarthy who had t had so much publicity since he was censured read the Republican party plat form Sci his colleagues. Clearly and vigorously it called for the liberation of satellite Peoples behind the Iron curtain. A we shall again make he crts into a he a Eon Light of Hope that will penetrate the dark places a Jot read the Republican platform a it will Mark the end of the negative. Futile and immoral policy of confinement which Abandons countless human beings to a despotism and godless terrorism a today Quot continued Mccarthy a i am giving the Republican senators a Chance to live up to that Campaign pledge a the democratic senators can vote against the Resolution a Mccarthy goaded a because they had no such Campaign platform but the Republican senators made that Campaign pledge and it was a sol Emu compact with the american copy my Cate inc a 1955, by the Belt Syndi morning a did t you Tell my your Date was with Pete a mom a her dark eyes lost their sleepiness As she sat Bolt up right in bed. A that darned Pete took his radio along and we had the St. Louis cardinals on our big Date look what a Choice i have a brain a baseball fan or a Mustache a of Sis were in love she would t have to choose one of those three would be wonderful vocalist answer to previous Puzo it sri aaa across i vocalist Julius 7 he is a 13 speaker 14 oleic acid Salt 15 he seems to be a person 16 having wings it greek portico 18 masculine appellation 19 he has appeared on country television 22 water flask 26 savor 31 iroquoian Indian 82 Louse egg 34 erect 35 gambling cubes 36 Rocky Pinnacle 87 Flag 38 Garden spots 40 he has made some recordings 42 petulant 44 Loreal 47 stagger 51 rely 62 adhesive user 64 lure 65 dinner course 56 inferior 67 pilots Down 1 ships record Book 2 War god 3 rave 4 German King 5 Consolation 6 exist 7 cleansing. Substances 8 sickest 9 tidy 10 Fence opening 11 eternity a 12 Crimson 20 lease 21 Strong vegetables 22 surrender 23 dry 24 fastidious u in Ulm Ljuldj 28 native of 46 portuguese Serbia account Money 29 Kite part 48 Royal italian 30 gaelic family name 33 horses gait 49 to be for 39 posture 50 malign look 41 absolute ruler 51 a Diamond 25 year Between 43 Church official state a a 12 and 20 44 unas pirated 52 Foo like part 27 operatic Solo 45 chooses 53 Legal Point 2 r j h 5 b 7 it 9 Roll ii ii 6 if left to ii 8 8 m Lull 3 8 34 is 52 8 to amp 57 i it v ii la a % if a it 5i by s3 m by St is 26 Mccarthy of d Friend up Rose sen. Bourke Hickenlooper of Iowa three years before when gov. Tom Dewey had persuaded Eisenhower to meet the Mccarthy Issue Early and have a speech at Milwaukee taking Issue with Mccarthy a Hickenlooper had joined two other republicans in hiring a special plane catching up riddled by threats with Ike a Campaign train and per j Hoy lose sailing him my to censure Mccarthy at Milwaukee republicans they argued had to stick together also Mccarthy was a great campaigner against the democrats. As a result Eisenhower took the Mccarthy criticism out of his Milwaukee speech. But last week on the Senate floor a Hickenlooper rebuffed his old Friend a i do not agree with the Junior senator from he said a that by and Large the democratic members of this body Are in favor of appeasement in respect to communism. A i wish to say that i have the greatest Confidence in and respect for my democratic colleagues and i would he the last to say that any is an appeaser As far As communism is i Ere was More debate. Mccarthy re read the Republican platform a looking Forward to Hie genuine Independence of these captive a in my Book a he goaded a a Campaign Promise is a solemn contract with the american people. I campaigned from the Atlantic to the Pacific from new Orleans to St. Paul and i quoted this Campaign pledge. I promised that the Days of appeasement were ended that there was a new Day really Eisenhower a record the Wor i la today Lillie Wishful in guessing by James mph i of w Ashington jul guessing Why the russians have changed Fnu a grow to Grin has become a kind of International parlor game which anyone can play with or without facts a Little Wishful thinking helps. Late it Guesser is Gen Carlos p. Romulo of the at the United nations anniversary in san Francisco last week during a television interview he Aid the Kremlin leaders Are having Trou Hie among themselves and want a breather this was hardly an original contribution ifs a guess that s made whenever there a major change m Moscow like the demotion of Georgi Malenkos from the premiership there has been no Evi a Denee to support it then or later j there s been no breakup. The russians themselves have Given a More plausible reason without saying so for their Sud Den air of Sweet reasonableness foreign minister v. M Molotov pointed to it again in san Kraft i Cisco. The russians want the West to ii Arm for years in one Way or another mostly a Tough Way they have desperately tried to break up the Western Alliance prevent West Germany s rearmament and Dis courage the building of american air bases in Friendly countries around Russia. They tailed in All three the last great Hope they had was to keep West Germany disarmed it a Only after the allies gave Ger a nun the go ahead this year j that the russians changed their attitude they be been pleasant Ever since. Nothing More could or by tactics. Indeed they complis More with peace than they Ever with belligerency. Molotov spelled hit precisely what Fie russians want the american air bases dismantled the Western Alliance broken up and the allies to disarm. Since the West is realistic the russian desire bears a Price tag the Miles knowing that once their Alliance was broken up and they had disarmed they might never again be a match for Russia would need some Iron guarantees that Russia would disarm to the p not where it be a men Ace. Molotov talked of russian Wili Ingres to disarm and prohibit the use of atomic weapons. This sounds like a tremendous Concession by Russia the test of its earnestness lies ahead. The russians and the West have been bickering for years a bout Dis a armament but the russians Haven to yet been willing to agree to the allies idea of a Disurma-1 Mont system which would let each Side Check thoroughly on the other to be sure. Be a cum toughness. A twist in might a of achieved Yert in Atchison by Al Bennett in a week or two Jack Maes manager of the Fox theater is going to play a movie called a the seven year itchy and before it arrives and he is criticized for playing it we d like to say something about it. We had an Opportunity to see it last week in Kansas City. In the first place it Isnit for children. They won t be amused by it and wont understand it maybe it Isnit even for Young couples who Are dating depending largely on whether they View it As a factual piece or a As it really is a a Light satirical situation comedy the Type of thing that is highly imaginative and never really occurs. Rut for an adult married crowd that likes and understands satire it is the funniest film out of Hollywood in years. A seven year itchy is the movie adaptation of a new York stage play of the same name. Those who would enjoy to t n y. Stage plays will Roar at the film version of this one. Those who enjoy stage plays won t get much out of the picture Ami quite possibly May be offended by it. It s definitely slanted to tickle the ribs of a certain audience of you can to laugh Al the absurd antics of a Man whose wife is a Way for the summer and his reactions to the provocation of a Beautiful dumb blonde in an upstairs apartment better stay away. The dialogue is delightful if Breezy and with some double a meanings but nothing actually bad is said or done throughout. That kind of a show. Now you be been warned so act accordingly. The unusual Young Eisenhower got his diploma at it. Leavenworth the other Day. It was 27 years ago that col Jerome Pillow of Atchison handed one to his lather. How much will it Cost to use the new Kansas Turnpike when it is opened for traffic the average toll Road fee is placed at about 14 cents per mile which when translated into terms of gasoline taxes is about 22 cents a gallon. The protests on a 22 cent Gas tax would be Many and loud but toll Road travellers pay it in order to use highways tailored to a High state of perfection nearly every toll Road has won wide Public favor. Motorists Are paying the fees without protest and in such volume As to actually retire the costs involved ahead of schedule. Current Drivers licenses expire Friday on july i and must be renewed from that Date until the Holder s next birthday. Lou Cochran finds that works perfect for him his birthday is july i a caravan of Blue Valley folks opposing the Tuttle Creek dam appropriation visited Atchison yesterday during a downpour of rain there were seven cars with a total of about 25 people in the group which was assigned to visit communities within the first congressional District other caravans were touring other districts throughout the state. Mrs. Gaylord Johnson of Cleburne was one of the women undaunted by the rain she handed out circulars urging local citizens to write or wire senators Carlson Schoeppel and Hayden or gov Fred Hall to indicate their opposition to the $74 million appropriation already approved by the House and now before the Senate. The literature said a Tuttle Creek in the Blue Valley is Only the beginning of a billion Dollar dam program for Kansas alone. 118 dams have been planned for the Kaw Basin. Your Valley will be next the Blue Valley folks seem to think rep. Bill Avery has done All he ran to de-1 feat the appropriation and Are satisfied with his efforts but do not intend to give up the fight until the last Hope has vanished. Mrs w. A Mauchley 605 South fourth has returned to work at Snowden Mize following a two week visit with her son in Law and daughter or and mrs. Fred Boeh in san Diego. Another son in Law and daughter or. And mrs. J g Felton of Wichita were also visiting the Boehs. Or and mrs Robert Smith of Everest spent the weekend at the Arnold Blasi Home seventeenth and parallel helping or. Blasi celebrate his birthday. You re sure to thrive in 55 with Dannen feeds How time flies the Globe in june. 1915�? 40 years ago la h Hackney president of Tho school Board was presented a silk umbrella at a dinner Given in his Honor by mrs Hackney and daughter Helen. Guests were members of the Board. N. T. V e a i c h. Superintendent of schools w. H Saylor architect e. Xiv. Clausen attorney and j. W. Coleman of the Globe mrs. George ratty went to California to visit her daughter mrs. William Robertson and her brother f p. Murray editor of the san Diego news mrs. B. F. Rogers of Oklahoma City kept House for her father while mrs Batty was away. Or. And mrs j. F. Rank let a contract to Julius Kaaz to remodel the former Stebbins House which they purchased members of the first Baptist Church gave the pastor the Rev. A. J. Daggett an automobile in appreciation of eight years of service mrs. Conrad Stuebinger suffered serious injuries in a fall Down cellar Steps at her Home near ninth and commercial. Insure your savings and earn 8 per cent per annul at the Commerce savings ii loan 423 commercial. Sear false Teeth eat Chew smile with improved softer i Quot of dental Elj Lxi cushions a helps keep seeds out a help plate fit snug a helps eave pre a Ute on Gums a helps prevent clicking. Months Supply no 60c an kit Stites electric fan Sale 20 Inch i it to window fan a a $37.88 x 10 Inch 8 Inch oscillating fan,"��?T$9.98 $4.98 we deliver electric fan is. 517 come Levin s hah to aah Tele i i Sio a these radio and to programs Are published a a service to our readers and at be charge to radio or to stations listed. The Globe is not responsible for errors on programs submitted. Plan vital civil defense program Oklahoma City up key officials in the ground observer corps Are due Here today for a conference leading to the inauguration of a vital civil defense program next month. Hosts for the conference to be held at tinker air Force base will be Brig. Gen. William p. Nuckols and the 33rd air defense command which he Heads. The ground observer corps is a Volunteer civilian Effort to cover gaps in the nation radar system. When the program is started on an undisclosed Date next month it will Man posts 24 hours a Day across Kansas Oklahoma Texas Louisiana Missouri and Arkansas the 33rd is responsible for six states. To i Siv i p. In. A Daft news top of the evening Kake news. Klub Kite Sjo p. In. We at Tov i evening news sports Kare Eddie Fisher news scoreboard a p. In Daf Man on the go pc at the Bat Karkis music tor inning 6 30 p. M. A Daft news. One Man s family Karen music news i p. By a Daft people Are Runny Karen hit Parade 7 38 p. In. A Daft dragnet Kake hit Parade i p. In a Daft biographies in sound Karen news hit Parade 8 30 p. In a Daft biographies in sound. Tea a p. At. A Daft Fibber Metier and Molly. Heart of the City Kake news Snow tunes 9 30 p. In a Daft new England Survey Karky musical features Newt to p. In a Daft news Washer sports classic hour k Are club Kara trim p. M. A Daft classic hour Karen sports Klub Hare news 11 30 p. In. A Daft foreword March dedicated to you wednesday pm. A Daft news top of the evening Karen new. Rubw Kara s to p. M a Daft top of the evening news sports Karist personality time Newa sports a p. In a Daft Man on the go Boston pops Karen music for dining 4 39 p. In. A Daft news one Man s family Karen music news 7 p. In. A Daft Dinah Shore show Frank Sinatra Karen hit Parade 7 39 p. In. A Daft news College Quia bowl Karen hit Parade i p. In. W d a of a Groucho Marx Karen news hit Parade i to p. In. A Daft truth or consequences news Karen hit Parade a p. In. A Daft Fibber met Cee and Molly heart of the City Karen news Waits time 9 30 p in. A Daft keys to the Capitol Karen musical features. News 19 p. In. A Daft news weather. Sportscast classic hour Karen Klub Kart 19 30 p. In. Karen sports. Klub Kart news la p. In a Daft pastor reads his Bibl 11 30 p. In. A Daft dedicated to you it c a Victor Quot Atchison s largest to dealer Quot easy terms a television a radios and clock radios Trade ins 0 record player confirms statement in Ladejinsky firing Washington to Secretary of agriculture Benson has confirmed that he once stated his announce up Rose son. Homer Capehart of Anent of Wolf Ladejinsky a dismiss Indiana a Republican who had voted to defend Mccarthy during the censure Resolution. A i should like to ask the senator some questions and i Hope he a1 As agricultural attache in Tokyo used language that was probably a bit too hard a Benson told a news conference yesterday that James c. Hagerty president Eisenhower a press Secretary was Correct in attributing the remark to him Benson de continue Sale at Penners farm Hamilton to. Of the auction of an outstanding Herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle continued today with breeders from 18 states and Canada doing the bidding at the Penney amp James someplace farm. During the first session yesterday 39 bulls sold for $315,350, an average of More than $4,000 each and 25 cows went for $87,650, averaging about $3,500. J. C. Penney 79, head of a nationwide Chain of 1,670 stores was born on the someplace farm. Pen Ney said he is getting out of the livestock business and Selling his to Missouri farms to consolidate his holdings. In is i Mem ers of Ike Atchison county will not become excited or angry a Home economics judging school about them a said Capehart. A my collect it a of news paragraphs committee Mih at the Extension of j110-�?T11�1 is Quot herein have presi discuss the matter further and advertisements fice yesterday. Committee members Eisenhower the seckary of but Sai 1 he might Maku another open thursday and saturday Are or. Herbert Rohlfs chairman i at any time failed to live in to St let nut it later nights until after Harvest. Yost in Ltd it re a null or fit vhf in i. P in a press release announcing motor co. Members of the committee plan Ning the Atchison county business. V. La ii in Wanai Way i Sirlei Ineko Strong and miss Rose Marie wag have they appeased or done some to career Ner the undo Nanc or Imma _ me career dismissal Benson Ner. They made plans for Home dec thing that would give comforto i Raker Tad teen a Mem by of Ono Mies judging schools to be held the communists Quot men s picnic at Effingham will july 7 and 20. And also for a con Mccarthy at first did not reply. Lionva Rem oed for meet tomorrow night at the John test to be Heid during the Atchison Capehart pressed for an answer. A Quot unto and Techma reasons Means Home in Effingham. This county fair in Effingham. Judging Quot name one instance Quot he demand Len Mai reason. I businessmen a picnic is Given each teams will be selected at the Conyear by 4-h club families for Busi to fair to represent the county at Ness men of the county in a Precia the interstate Home economics the Congress Given Comfort to the communists a pressed the senator Tion of their support of 4-h Active show in St. Joe the Kansas free ties. Max Hargrove is chairman of fair Topeka and the Kansas the committee. Mrs. Charles Arm state fair Hutchinson. Teams will j from Quot Indiana Strong mrs. John Keas and con be selected in Home improvement backed into a Corner Mccarthy Rad Mcconn Bugbey Are other Mem foods and clothing. Turned on his old Friend lie knew a or. Lloyd dentist prof. Bldg. A his answer would be of no help to Ladejinsky denied Bensons Secu a will the senator let me finish a pity charges. Given a Security protested Mccarthy. Clearance earlier by the state de a wherein have the president or apartment Ladejinsky subsequently was cleared again by the foreign operations administration and Given an assignment in Indochina. Your w atch expertly cleaned oiled regulated $3.95. Rudolph a or. Palmer osteopathic Phy. A. S. Drury a son insurance. Tenholder a plumbing truck is a shop where it stops. Or. And mrs. Max Walter 603 North sixth have returned from a vacation in the ozarks. Charles j. Berridge who makes his Home with his daughter mrs. Warren Hankins 616 Santa be is much improved at the Horton Hospital. He suffered a stroke three weeks ago while downtown in Atchison and was taken to the Home of his daughter mrs. Lloyd Newlin in Horton. The following Day when he suffered a second stroke he entered the Hospital at Horton for treatment. His condition was critical for four Days but since then he has shown remarkable improvement. He is now Able to sit up in a chair and smoke. Or. Berridge who will be 80 in november retired last september As a night watchman at the Midwest solvent co. Where he had been employed since 1943. 4 45 5 15 5 to 5 25 5 30 5 45 6 00 6 30 7 00 7 30 8 00 8 so 8 45 9 00 9 15 9 to 9 25 955 Sio 8 45 9 15 9 30 10 15 12 45 1 00 2 15 2 30 3 15 4 15 4 45 5 15 5 20 5 25 5 30 5 45 6 00 Loo 7 30 8 of 9 00 9 15 9 20 9 25 9 40 a few to lbs Dumont Channel 2 tuesday Pony express Trail weather sports news Doug Julius a Rosa kids Are people Olalla of Ivy meet Millie Star and the Story 764,000 question m u. Show As we see it news weather markets Duffer s Delime summer theater wednesday Arthur Godfrey variety theater Arthur Godfrey variety theater love of life House party matinee secret storm you and your Home siesta theater Coffee break Pony express trails weather sports news Doug Edwards Julius in i Rosa Godfrey wild Bill Hickok in be go. A secret wrestling news weather markets locker room summer theater Daf to no Channel 4 tuesday 5 of thl it is the City 5.30 Dinah Shore 5 45 news 6 00 place the face 6 30 Arthur Murray 7 00 fireside theater 7 30 Circle theater 8 00 truth or consequences a 30 it s a great life 9 00 Hobs lady 9 30 weather 9 35 news 9 5 k cd. At Bat 10 00 tonight wednesday 7 00 today 7 55 Amy Vanderbilt 8 00 Ding Dong school 8 30 Way of the world 8 43 Sheila Graham 9 00 Home 10.00 Tennesse Ernie 10 30 Feather your nest 11 00 Kitchen Klub 11 30 world report 11 45 Kathleen Carter 12 00 daily double 1 00 ted Mack 1 30 greatest gift 1 45 miss Marlowe 2 00 Hawkins Falls 2 15 first love 2 30 world of or Sweeney 2 45 modern romances 8.00 Pinky Lee 1 30 Howdy Boody 4 00 on Tho train a 00 wild Bill Hickok 1 20 Eddie Fisher 5 45 news 6 00 request performance 8 30 my Little Margie 7 00 television theater 8 00 this is your life 8 30 big town 9 00 waterfront 9 30 weather 9 35 news 9 45 world report 10 00 tonight Mcmo to Abc Channel 5 tuesday 4 30 Early show 5.30 dour Edwards 5 45 to Stafford 6 00 news 6 10 who said that 7 00 Danny Thomas 7 30 Dotty Mick 8 30 studio 57 9 00 District attorney 9.30 three Star final 10 00 Amos is Andy 10 30 studio 5 wednesday 8 45 sunny Side up 9 00 command performance 10 15 morning movie 11 30 romper room 12 00 comics 11 30 maws 13 40 weather 12 45 12 50 1 00 3 00 3 30 4 of 4 30 5.30 5 45 6 00 8 30 8 00 8 43 9 of 9 30 10 00 10 30 markets farm feature theater of Romance today a woman around the town kids Karnoval Early show Doug Edwards Julius la Kon three Star news or citizen Disneyland fights Henny is Rocky this is your Chance three Star final Biff bake Usa. Studio 5 Kmic to lbs Channel t tuesday of com club 30 commander 9 of life with father 30 Halls of Ivy of me Millie 30 spotlight playhouse Ltd 164,000 question so science and fiction theatis of news to sports 15 secret file 45 movie of news wednesday 7 00 morning show 7 55 weather St news 8.00 Garry Moore 8.30 Arthur Godfrey 9 30 strike it Rich 10 00 valiant lady 10 15 Yiove of life 10 30 search for tomorrow 10.45 guiding Light 11 00 inner flame 11 15 Road of life 11 30 Welcome travellers 12 00 Robert q. Lewis 12 30 House party 1 00 big payoff 1 30 Bob Crosby 2 00 brighter Day 2 15 secret storm 8 30 on your account 3 00 Happy Homo 2 30 the first show 5 00 com club 5 30 commander 9 6 00 Godfrey St friends 7 00 the millionaire 7 30 pre got a secret 8 00 front Row Center 9 00 news 9 10 sports 915 dangerous assignment 9 45 movie 11 00 new Terry a 16995 Terry s to and radio 425 come a. St

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