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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Atchison, Kansas Ravens. Hich. State 74 Citadel. .60 a. Tech. 82 Tern. 79 army.86 Ithaca. 60 notre Dame 81 pitt.71 Illinois. 67 Penn state. 64 proposes disarmament listened himself out Ofa soviet head would discuss missile ban Jan. 25 of soviet Bye Onissia wednesday qui Dation of overseas military must Iead to the easing of ten t i Sion and o create conditions for the Fth. S is a Complete liquidation of the cold that the soviet Union is the Only War capable of fir tie broadcast said Khrushchev ing Matei Continental ballistic mis noted that ruling circles of the suss possibly with Hydrogen Western countries which do not bomb warheads. Want the tension relaxed or the 1he overseas service broadcast cold War liquidated Are putting said Khrushchev had made the Forward questions on which statement in a speech to the a it is difficult and even ii workers conference in ble to reach agreement redmen Are tense new Kkt acts cause indians to be uneasy by will Grimsley Maxton nc., Jan. 25 i forced Indian soldiers into negro battalions. They had been fighting alongside White troops. It led to trouble. But since then the Indian ant the White hereabouts have Zivec in peace until two weeks ago that is. Then two crosses were burned outside Indian Homes. That led to trouble too. The indians swooped Down on a Kun flux klan meeting in an abandoned Cornfield a week ago Anc sent the White scattering Robed klansmen today tension As taut As a guitar string still grips this smal farming area in the Southern Par of the stale not far from the South Carolina Border. The indians have returned to their usual pursuits but they Are restless and edgy in the face of reported new Kkt rallies and threatened reprisals so Are other groups in this land of four Way segregation. Wild rumours feed the flame. One report from South Carolina not confirmed was that klansmen were being summoned from throughout the sout t for another rally at Maxton with possibly 000 in attendance. There was another report that a group of men in cars with South Carolina License plates drove up to the modern All Indian High school in nearby Pembroke and entered the building. The report proved baseless but the building _ was searched for Dyn Amite. Pembroke is the Center of the ancient Indian Colony whose Ori Gin is shrouded in mystery and Romance probably going Back to the Early Roanoke Colony of sir Waller Raleigh. The trouble started on monday Jan. 13. That night klansmen burned a Cross on the outskirts of St. Pauls in front of the Home of an Indian woman who the klan said was going a White Man. Another Cross was burned a few Miles away where an Indian family had moved into a White neighbourhood in the county seat of Lumberton. Robeson county has about Whites indians negro is and smiling still another dark skinned group. The klan next called a rally for saturday night in a Corn Field near Here. Sheriff Malcolm Al Cleod warned against it saying he lacked manpower to put Down a riot if one should occur. The klansmen ignored the warn ing. Some 50 to 75 of the them by heir own estimates gathered in the open Field. Slany carried shotguns rifles and pistols As they assembled under a sin Gle electric Light armed indians gathered along the Highway. The sheriff estimated their number at suddenly As if by prearranged signal the indians charged the a probed klansmen. One Indian punched out the Light with a Rifle butt with blood curdling shrieks the indians started firing into the air and into the ground. Klansmen and scores of curious spectators broke for cover shortly afterwards sheriffs deputies and police cleared the area with no serious casualties. There were Only a few superficial wounds. We Only wanted to scare said Simeon Oxndine son of Pembroke s Indian major. Oxendine captured a huge White ban Ner with the letters Kkt splashed across the Only spoils of the Brief skirmish. The Rev. James William Cole a preacher from. Marion s.c., and self styled grand wizard of the North Carolina Kkt says he escaped by reaching the Highway and catching a ride with a Friend. He was driven the 45 Miles to also were at the scene. Lev. He said afterwards. Have no fight with the indians Cole. 33, a gaunt Goatee former carnival Pitchman and Hack Driver is accused of inciting to riot so is James Garland Martin of Reidsville . The trial is set for next wednesday. Cole is fight ing extradition from his South Carolina Home contending his life is in danger. Martin a tobacco Plant worker fined plus court costs and Given a 60-Day suspended sentence by an Indian judge Here this week on charges of drunkenness and carrying weapons. He testified that klansmen were ordered to come to the rally armed. We were told it looks More he said. After a lecture by the judge he renounced the klan saying. I Don t think it does any Good sheriff Mcleod said relations Olliween the indians and Whites had gone unruffled for decades before the Kkt incident. Although attending segregated schools they lad lived and often by Side with no ii feeling. This was san Elev outsiders i the sheriff said the origin of the Robeson coun a indians remains a mystery but ust orians have connected their ancestry with the lost Colony of Roanoke Island sent from and by sir Waller Raleigh. The indians have no tribal Cus oms. They never have been in a reservation nor have they been under government subsidy. Many of them have Blue eyes and Blond hair. There Are no distinct Indian characteristics. It is said when scotch settlers noved into the area in the mid 600s they found indians Here Liv no not in Tepee but in Normal houses farming the land and peaking in elizabethan dialects. Their names instead of being typically Indian were scotch eng ish and Irish As Jones Sampson and also found on the list of gov. John while s rj05i today 90 per cent of the Indian population in the area May be Rackele under 10 surnames s those listed. Others Are Oxe Chavis and the ast believed taken from in name of Virginia dare. The continued on Page two Lair condition at a Leavenworth Hospital. Harnessing of a bomb to open great vistas harnessing6 the Sclan lists for u c cont to permit All scientists to devote Ful uses was hailed by president tlle5 making toward near skills and energies to the Eisenhower today As up peaceful uses of the As Dis of to its de unbelievable ustas for the fit closed in abort lord experiments announced yesterday. The British and american atom agencies yesterday re this is Only a first step Vej All americans sincerely Hope la Fri at p the president issued abounds in Ocean water tical still threat to pact meet in Ankara Ankara Turkey Jan. 25 Premier Adnan menders has re turned Home today from a sudden and secret Mission to Iraq. His trip thickened an air of crisis sur rounding the opening monday of an important Baghdad pact con Ference Here. The five pact nations and the United states will discuss the de sense of the Middle East against threats and thrusts of soviet communism. The strains and stresses of the Middle East political Maze formed the background both to Menderes unexplained Mission and to the conference of the Bagh dad Alliance which u. S. Secre tary of state John Foster Dulles is attending As an observer. There is every indication that in the meetings inside the Flag i bedecked closely guarded turkish grand National Assembly build ing Here Dulles will have to play the delicate key role of keeping moslem Stales firmly Allied to the West Menderes flew to Baghdad Fri Day for a hurried conference reportedly at the urgent request of Iraq he Only Arab country with in the anti communist Alliance of nations along Russia s Southern Borders. Other members Are Brit Ain and the moslem Stales of tur key Iran and Pakistan. Speculation among diplomats and military men assembled Here ranged from the possibility that Iraq May be quitting the Alliance for the Sake of Arab Unity to the suggestion that Iraq plans to de Mand British american support for a Tough new policy toward is Lael. A variety of other suggestions was also advanced but none found any official backing either from the turkish government or the Iraq delegation headed by sex Premier said. One thing was sure the sur prise development worried Amer ican British and other pro West Ern officials. One member of the Baghdad pad secretariat reported the u. S delegation on hear ing the news of Menderes trip withdrew the Advance text of Dulles opening statement to the conference. It had been submitted to be held for release monday the inference seemed to be that the Secretary May change his an proach. Stylish Snow woman area weather takes a hand forecast for Atchison and i Cirley generally fair Toda and j tonight continued mind High to Dav in 40s. Kansas mild and fair Gener ally Over the slate Low tonight 15 Northwest to lower 20s, East and South 40 50. Missouri partly Cloudy to Day some Snow extreme North East Low tonight mid 20s High today 40 extreme North to near 50 South. Thermometer readings saturday i i g p. 3pm--------------42 i 1 p a 4 _ 40 i s __38 a p 9 p_m________36 Low Anddy night 26. Precipitation. 11 if an Mali total Fol january. 1 29 inches Noi Mal Foi january 1 0.1 inches total f 01 1958, 1 29 inches education loafing Vancouver a is losing the education race with Russia because it is says i Reid chemistry professor at the University o f British Columbia our children learn too soon that one docs not need an education to make a comfortable he told a Dis Cussion group. Confers a t Pentagon with top defense dept. Heads Washington 2t _ of beside no Eisenhower took a per in this so he went Over there Sonal hand today in moves to re Hagerty said if was his idea organize the defense department. this was just on he paid an unusual visit to the of a series of conferences Eisen is Flagon and conferred with top Hower will have with Mcelro civilian and military leaders. Prior to the president s decision there was immediate bipartisan on defense reorganization applause from members of con sen. Mansfield of Montana the Gress for the president s dramatic assistant democratic Leader sail action to Speed a promised Over he was Happy to note that the haul of the nation s Militan set president at this tune is taking up to meet the Challenge of rus a personal interest in the rear Sian sputnik and missiles Gamza Tion of the Pentagon As he Eisenhower conferred for More do in has than two hours with tar of t. E defense Mcelroy and 14 other be he takes a close look chilian and military officials extraordinary number of these included reorganization and secretaries of defense visors whom Mcelroy named re cluttering up penal cd nah there was no announce said ment whether any decisions had c of California the been rear Hwy senates Republican Leader Sai the Westi Melu been reached. C the senates Republican Leader said Wagon instead of having Mcelroy Delions come to the White House 11 to this will tend to expedite mat the president said he was Knowland commented. League of women voters luncheon and workshop to be held wednesday or. Waller Sandelius chairman. Commission on cons Titu Lonal revision will be the speak r Al a luncheon for your Constitution at Noil wednesday at Hompson s restaurant sponsored by the Atchison league of women Oters. The commission is a voluntary advisory group appointed by gov. Locking to report their findings n the Kansas Constitution to the 959 legislature. The Kansas Lea tic of women voters is making i two year study of the Kansas ont Tulion. Following he luncheon t h e league will present a workshop for league members. On a panel to discuss aspects of lie Constitution be Robert two Hurt in Auto crash by mrs. Mike strike two Young men Tom Candreia and Joe Wissel jr., both about 25 were injured Friday night a Roule Home from the Hia Watha of Ingham basketball game when their car struck the first Bridge North of Muscotah they Are in the Horlon Hospital bul neither is in critical condition. Wessel a Farmer Southwest of eff Gham suffered a broken Light hip the loss of several Teeth fad Al culs and a slight concussion. Candria a k state student suffered culs and bruises and a slight concussion. First to Arric following the mishap was Gus Rice of Muscotah who found Wissel pinned in the car and Candocia wandering aim Lessly As a result of the concus Sion. Rice took both to the hos 1 Tal. Inry of mount St. Scholastica acuity. City manager Bill Yerkes and de incr of St Benedict s or. Walter Sandelius acuity. Mrs. Gerald Foley is chairman t n of the luncheon committee. Mem or. Sandelius a former Rhodes ers of the local league on the scholar is professor of political he was driven the 45 Miles source committee for the con science at Kun and the author of Home. Other friends took care of Stit ution arc mrs Foley mrs. H. A number of boors and Publica his wife and two Small children and mrs. Ralph mar tons in professional journals to dedicate new it. Riley Hospital Hutchinson Man killed on u.s.-50 Topeka Jan. 25 tar Harley Robert Sanders 62, of Hutchinson was killed last night in a one car traffic Accident a mile East of i Newton on a s. 50, the Kansas i Highway patrol reported today. Your savings earn More at he change National 3% int. Fort Riley. Ian. 25 for the new Irwin and Hospital Here will be dedicated feb. 7 As a Cli Max to a week of meetings of army nurses. The 250 bed Hospital was completed three months ahead of sche flute. It was named in Honor of Brig. Gen. Bernard j. D Irwin. Known As the fight ing he won the nation s first congressional medal of Hon or in 1861. Irwin later was surgeon at it Riley. Members of the army nurses corps at the fort will observe the 57th Ann Ersary of the corps feb. 2. The next three Days will be devoted to tar annual conference of the fifth u. S. Army nurses. Maj. Gen. S. B. Hays surgeon general of the u. S. Army will make the principal address at the Hospital dedication. Order now limited Supply of Globe s 7th annual recipe edition write or phone the circulation dept. For extra copies of this special edition with hundreds of recipes. The Price is 15c mailed away anywhere in the students Here from 3 states a regional meeting of the National federation of Catholic col lege students ended last night after two Days of discussion of a Vanett of topics at St. Bene dict s College. Subjects included student Relief abroad business Art and travel. Revision of the organization Constitution also was discussed. Colleges represented by def rates from Oklahoma Missouri and Kansas were Benedictine Heights of Tulsa St. Teresa of Kansas City Webster of Webster troves to font Bonne of St. This Snow woman in a a place in a male Snow Man de. Fraternity pledges John Buck of Kansas City on ladder of Arkansas City drape the Cool shape with itt i Pha pm House at Lyle University of Wichita at Wichita. A wire photo sen. Green predicts nato arms to become costlier Washington Jan 25 said adding said tonight is w1e to argue that he United states must face up we cannot afford it cannot to the necessity for costlier Mill afford not to do it. At what Price tary assistance to North Atlantic is National Independence or he. Treaty organization countries. Nato Man survival to be in a report to the foreign re a n Iyun to the Loreign re Green chairman of the Senate lations group Green also said 1ts Cronl Mittie. Nato partners Are looking to the said natos military forces Are United states for leadership to a danger Tisaj below desirable degree that is at once both As Levels necessary new weapons Bonishing and sobering both Flat not Only Are Myie expensive buttering and their complexity require nato s shield forces an Smelia forces an longer training he said indispensable instrument of and the United states in Par Western he added ocular might Well face the fact few americans seem to fully re r airy Ai the awful responsibility f e Awu responsibility Giam to nato countries is going their country carries in the world to Cost More not Green on the farm front to seek moratorium on farm legislation Washington Jan. 25 incomes and buying Power Gest ions Are being made among Farmers and Olhs aural residents some farm groups Here that con continuation 1957 programs or under farm pro higher Grams and Price supports in of farm supports than feet in 1957 would continue for prevail otherwise even if no new 1qcq my is Nailah of Whir Cna 1958 and 1959 crop years. Legislation is passed at this St. Mary of the Plains 3odge , St Mary of Xavier As., Mary mount of Salma and my St. Scholastica and St. Bene Hal s of Atchison. Anu Ciup years. These suggestions have not yet Slon been put Forth formally but Are Price supports for some farm being discussed behind the scenes products already have been re among farm stale congressmen diced by Secretary of agriculture and others opposed to the Sharp Benson from last year s Levels revisions in present programs wheat for instance has been give urged by president Eisenhower m in a 1958 crop Price support of a special message on agriculture a Bushel or 22 cents less ast week. Than last year s crop. Those making these proposals on an average size crop Rete. Contend that because of apparent Tion of last year s support for irreconcilable difference among wheat would give growers around Grams Farmers want. Robert Young rail tycoon a suicide Palm Beach fla., Jan. 25 tycoon Robert r. Young committed suicide Here to a in his Palm Beach Home by hooting himself twice with a 20 auge double barrelled Shotgun 3alm Beach police u. Fred Mead reported. Young s body was found in a room on the top floor of his palatial estate Here he was dressed in Street clothes officers Aid. Mead reported the right Side f Young s head was shot away v the blast Deputy sheriff Bob Day and by Fred Moen Ellis Are investigating. The Topeka Jan. 25 w demo Ody of the 60-year-old Young cratic gov. George Docking is far found about 1 . The officers be growers Aroun farm groups in and out of gov 200 million dollars More than the eminent it is futile to try to write new and lower support new farm Laws at this session of new and lower supports have Congress. Been announced for Dairy pro pos phoneme no of farm Legisla ducts which Trade groups estimate Ion they Post out w Ould afford May Cut Dairy returns mor than urns to Lar the issues before a billion dollars a year lower a i m e r s a t con g r e s supports Are expected to be set signal elections next fall. A new up for Corn Oats Rye Barley Congress returning in 1959 would Grain sorghum soybeans dry be in much better shape it is Beans flax select and cottonseed argued to say what kind of pro the Only crop Likely to High m f Farzaie to rim j or supports is Cotton and that is Cotton and Mats an economic argument is being because Adverse weather Cut last nude also for freezing 1957 farm year s production of better programs. It is contended that be Extension of 1957 p r o r a m s cause of the current Sag in Busi through this year and next would Ness conditions now is not the have very Little effect on livestock time to make farm program and livestock products because changes that might easily reduce continued on Page two Docking does t give up Aid they reported no suicide oct was immediately discovered or any motive immediately in overed. Young loomed As a spectacular Gure in the Railroad business in 954 when he became chairman f the Board of the new York can Railroad after the big esl business fight in a Genera on., he entered the Railroad Busi in 1937 whence gained con of of the Chesapeake and Ohio from giving up the fight for his Revenue program but he practically admitted today the Outlook of winning is on the gloomy Side. Faced with a top heavy Republican legislative majority that opposes his plans and apparent defections of some democrats on what he considers a key Issue Docking today said he was discouraged. The major fight still centers around a possible sales tax in crease favored by gop leaders and opposed by Docking. Airway and used his position As am doling Lairman of thai line s Board of Docking indicated today he rectors to goad the in dust Leavenworth Board supports use tax Leavenworth kan., Jan. 25 the Board of county commis owners agreed today to support gis lation for adoption of a High a use tax. Such a measure has in proposed by gov Locking George the Board sent the Leavenworth county legislators a letter inform. G them of the unanimous a believes the outcome of that Issue May be determined this week on another Bill. He will make a stand on a Bill that has passed the legislature by overwhelming margins to make 2.8 million dollars out of the general fund to meet a deficiency in Aid to elementary schools. Docking favors eliminating the deficiency but wants the Money to come from the sales tax fund. Otherwise he says the general fund will be in dire straights by april 1. Republicans c on tend either fund will be Short unless the sales a is raised. Docking reiterated today he will veto the school Aid Bill unless a conference with Republican leaders monday produces some results. He wants them to take Money out of the sales tax fund or Combine the sales tax and general fund. The legislature already has a continued on Page two 19 captains for mothers March Atchison people Ashing t o contribute to the March of dimes tomorrow night during the mothers March on pol should Call 571 and a vol. A Leer will be sent to pick tin the Money following Are the 19 mothers March captains mesdames Oscar Purdunn Bill Owens Oscar Hanna Arnold Benitz Delbert Ehret War Ren Tharp Gene win Brown Herman Feldman Larry Epperson Irvin Perry Stanley Seever Frank Neavitt. Everett Early Harold Roberts Harold Nilz Carl Puckman mar. Jone Falconer Dean newspaper a n e w Spape if

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