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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 1

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Atchison, Kansas Atchison Dada Globe. Prick two , Kansas Tiesi Jay Ian Ain i., i he i. Koi la teen Iii year. No to j la. I i ii i irks Talt i n it Lin d by a k i fib p. By. Clo a Iii Iii y. I Nutry a. Loot Lite in url a the i it ii nip Ati Lilliin Iii. Or. Kill ins St. Mil la. Additional Talfy Runph new in third pin or. and Afir Thiny to in nut i Lujic. A few n t news not is. Lilt i it Lull it Quot i iii1 Mihm it i i a lire o Brien cutes that have Hail h a i piste. Herman in Natl ref w in., h As la unit Ell by he Anil ii i Hilt Tho Imperial reline ii its rat remit. Decker How rest Init tel to the Chang. I lie Robert a port Mir it Ethi. It i count t la a new i roil work of tie Hrisi Lufi by Fin the Issue rail in an Ltd t i i to a 1hk1 in i ,�3 the Pany Chaft lit Tramper. The n e is new York cd opted a a sol linage of Silli Warren a i of Rio a it v ill hot i it in e t Alin it i h cd r is i far a a tile Liick a minis Jan. Iii the recent Intro Ion in England of the sound dines in a i toll v a Ai of i trill of a i kit mls fair to in Roe it till y Ile Rease deaf throughout the a Nib a Isle Hampton Lins the largest stink the nil est and cheapest pre cuts in the City. List of Jim want to make a Coward of a Man make Hun Happy. It is never the wretched xxx to Are afraid. Nine out of ten women at heart Are equal suffragists though they May for the Sake of some Man profess differently. The Price usually paid to hear Hob Burdette lecture is one Dollar i it you can Star him next thursday evening at the presbyterian Church under the auspices of tin y c. A. Of Quot to fifty cents. Of Ingalls does not succeed himself we pity his successor lobe compared every Day in the week to a Man of Ingalls calibre w ill not in very soothing to the Small Lisle Fry Man who is after hts place. T he county High school at Effingham is under roof and will in completed april i and opened september i. I he building Bas in ii taxed up and the people of the county generally in paying for it in a year. The entertainment Given last night by a the to. I av., at Odd Fellows Hall was very creditable one of the Hest features was a topical song by mis Minnie Philip a Iii other respects we redoing quite Well i which attracted an enthusiastic encore. One of the first and most important Case that will come up Iii the distr t court next week will in the Case against Whitman the Wellington merchant who is charge with obtaining goods under false pretences from Donald Bros. The tire alarm at 9 o clock this morning was caused by the burning of a Small Frame shanty Acron the Creek Bai k of the Synn grocery House. The building was completely destroyed and was the property of or. Ferguson a coloured woman she is a Willow and the Hiss to her is disastrous As it leaves her without Home or Money. The tire originated from a stove pipe. A. A. Guthrie says that one third of the j amount drawn out of the people s savings i Hank yesterday a. Redeposited inlay deposits Are rapidly coming in t is afternoon. Ami it is probable that More will in deposited inlay than will in drawn out altogether at Boon ton Lay 512, i had been i drawn out of a total of $ x.�, derails i he printed rules of the Bauk state that de Positora must give thirty Days notice ii closing their savings accounts but this Rill a not insisted us ii yesterday or Beday. When anyone doubts the Bank they get their Motley at once. Buy the men s electric Shin also the i Nile adjustable Hoe of Zimmerman a interest Iii Topeka this Winter centers at the Dutton House. The aristocratic i ii mop is within a Stone s throw and the equally High tailed Copeland is at the other end of 11�� Avenue each crowded to the roof with i Ticiano but Jerry Simpson puts up at the i Upton Aud wherever Jerry Simpson is there is the crowd. It is a cramped Little hotel with accommodations of the most ancient pattern Ami during the Alliance Rush guests a Packer in like sardines. I lie crowd is a mixture of Grays and old silurian.-, All members of the legislature. The old Fellows Many of them have seen serv ice in legislation before but it is the first trip out of the county for the kids and Tho combination is picturesque. The Young Fellows All Wear new store clothes with the creases plainly visible and their neckwear would throw Ward Mcallister into a tit. Circulating among this crowd is Jerry Simpson. Ile is not a nervous , but lie is always moving about and wherever he halts a moment a crowd of worshipper gather about Hun. He is a Man of average height weight do pounds about 5.&Quot> years the cholera has visited the Hick farm and a number of animals have die from the disease. Sumner t. Martin preaches on a keying Quot at the Christian Church to might. There is much interest in the meeting. Don t flatter yourself that when you meet your troubles they will not la As great As you have imagined they will la greater. Count y attorney Bland and sheriff Barry called on mrs. Weston this afternoon on Busine connected with the prosecution of Lier husband , Weston. The kind of feeling men have about other Nikii whose politics differ with theirs a woman has about the women who Benn to a different Church. She is quite hey won t get to heaven. Woman like to feel that her husband like her because she makes Good cake or has the Art of making his kind of pie but it is for some reason that every husband care for his wife. There is always a reason in every Many a affections. Or a Kansas City merchant a moved t Leavenworth where business is comparatively Lively. County treasurer Bigg went to Topeka this morning with sl5.t �?T>2 s2, to Settle with the state treasurer. Attain Sprague has Iteen Ottieree to go to Topeka this week when the Atchison Milt la matter Wilt la investigated. Judge Martin this morning dismissed the Trampler divorce action upon application of the plaintiff. Mrs. Trampler. Ile then dismissed the jury and adjourned court until next monday at 2 p. In. An Atchison worn a different clubs and friends have to wait meet of her House be finding her at Home. Frank Morris the i by a male while coast Reft saturday eve Dang r. T he fractal and a teaspoonful parents reside at who ver Tbs it uth i it oat y bad i sunlit a a Quot no i Smith no. La i confine Street. 95 Down Uliey go i still further Recu tons. Owing to continued mild weather we have decided to make prices that will clean but our heavy goods at once commencing 0 Oil Orand for the next Loday a ill offer extraordinary attractions. Aud line Samuels a been visiting Atchison a Good Many years Ami has never failed to give a of it satisfaction. Old and Young would be old Coal Black hair Elean Haven l o sex i or Jtj is a Samm is the noted optician copt a stubby Black Mustache in which Are j we ,h<1 hot Ltd 00 thurs Lay streaks of Gray. Ile has a Good head Ami a Linuan ,5th Lor Milin a f Strong fare Ami lurking behind Gold wn<1 in a 1 of anything in his bowed up Lades Are a pair of Brown eyes mov Nuu h m ,.rofwm,r that peer at you sharply but Kotti Nat redly. Ile wears a Short Square but coat of Black material Aud a pair of 1 fact satisfaction. Nj1 trousers of Gray stuff that Are considerably i a 4 the w or for Wear. Ile does not Wack Hill old find it us Quot a would he happier if p a but greases them in the old fashion drht01,1 a a nut name that the Young i run a Dean White shirt a standing col Hiiva is Quot Quot us a veneration for the past and i to and a Black Necktie Complete his out-11.�?~ Yunk i i not expect the old to fit. Ills voice is velvety and he is equally Terc sted in the future. The old become gracious to All who approach him. Ile a a it incl us Quot talking of what they have who can lit him be f to any crowd. No Jan Ltd and h a Quot no it duration it a listening to j Abt he fits Best on the farm. But his Strong that it it Oun Ulk a what the it a a to practical sense will make him respected it ii v to. Carr is Iii Northwestern Nebraska Milo ii Ink i visiting i Lativa pm. A Rcv proper is at ending a Church meeting at la a. Fak ii. I arson of the cd in pm gives to Polo a it it a. I. A. Wakefield returned last night from Atour in it a Bias a. Frank it Eden has gone out West in the interest of the i St t Lade. Frank Vor. Left iat evening for Denver �., to remain a Hurt time. Challis a regained Oon scion Ucas. And much Betta this morning miss i Aura Dinsmore of i.von-, is tin guest of a is Jennie Ami Ada it. a 011 i. Mamie Vav it in i l ,1 1 i for with tier in Kansas iter s ii la. Clat k Aud i hat Burn went East in Moi Lark it special car this morning i Bertha Rohr win lots Quot end a. G Colin Ido Spring for four months Witt return to the City next week a a miss Mabel Young went to Cotati ten to Pond two week with Mlat Ives min you ii to will return to n. W York Nevi month. Robert Tompkins representing the Atchison printers and k. M. Wood represent log the it cli1-1 in tailors ate in Fop a attending a ulna j meeting la err i Ohl the new i ooh keeper at the ii i change National Bank in Tenor of Tun id Rabb 1 ability and will be in demand at All lie Hutch i Octal. Of brains oozed oat. His the Corner of Itah Avenue amt seventh Street. T he new Bourd of county commissioners met this morning and organized commissioner Riper retiring Ami Vern. Bowman the newly elected Eton missioner. Taking hts scat. The organization of the Board re suited in the Cie Don of by. It. Burrell As chairman for the ensuing year. T he Day was Eon Umed in considering cad and Bridge petitions. There is a movement on fool to have the legislature Divide the county High is Boul dist Iet Ami leave the City Cut. The promoters of the movement claim that the City pays for a High school and should not be exam Tell to a it in supporting the county High school from he h it will derive no Benefit whatever. It will Cost a year to run the county h go school. A number of the leading Young men of the City Are interested in the re organi Ati n of the local militia company a meeting was held last night to talk the matter Over Ami another Ting will non tie held. Vav k Oca Ulster of the it. A m., is talked of a Captain. The company will tie a or Dit to the City if the Young gentlemen vrho have the effecting its re matter in hand it rag titration. Succeed in do. Dress goods bargains. At 1 5c. A Yard reduced from 20 nod 25 Conin. Both Ingle and double fold la i a Eli la a a is id. S.i�?T, lit Hadi s and chit is. Choice Lac Yard. All at 25 cents. My Inch Henriettas a Inch half Wool stripes double Width till Wool flannel 15 pieces Winsted and Alpaca stapes and plaids. The above Good Are reduced from v to life Aud 35c., All to 25 cents. Plaids. 38 Inch wide All Wool 50 cent plaids Cut to 30 cents. 05 cent and 75 cent plaids and Stripe cd i to45 cents. Domestic department. Small Check Gingham Cit to 5c. Lac Quality Dregs Gingham at is cents. Good Quality prints Cut to i to. Tic and sic Best prints Cut to tit cents. Canton flannel special value at die tie sic 10c., i2jc and 15c. Bargains. We have a table full of Odd lots of All kinds of underwear at half Price. Winter underwear.1 seven special bargains at almost halt Price. At 39 cents. My s soft Gray Merino shirts Ami drawers also Wool sear it shirts regular i ice 50 cents act to of cents. At 69 cents. Men s All Wool Seal let shirts and drawers. Regular Price 05 cents cd i Iti to a edits. At 95 cents. Menus Tine lambs Wool Scarlet and natural Grey shirts Aud drawers regular Price 1.25, act i o 05 cents. At 42 i -2 cents. Ladies sgt it fleece White Merino vests Ami pants regular i ice of cents cd r to 12i cents. At 75 cents. Ladies Tine soft All Wool Scarlet vests Ami pants also Grey and White verse ribbed vests regular Price 81 of for this occasion cd i to 75 cents. At 95 cents. L Adies extra Tine Quality Plain and ribbed All Wool Scarlet White and natural vests and and pants regular Price 111.25, act to 05 cents. Blankets and comforts must move. To i White fleece blankets Only 95c pair. Id 4 Gray blankets act to , it $2.25, 2.05, 3.25, per woe 2.15. 2.75. A pair that Are cent. More. Worth 25 we have values that cannot be a Ingli ated in Tine All Wool White is Ariel Aud Gray to i 114 blankets. At 1125 a pair a to $7.50 a pair. You should see them. Comforts to less Teri Al. The Cost of All kinds at a at 25 cents. Boys soft Liu shed Gray Merino shirts Ami drawers regular Price 45, Cut to 25 rents. 75c. 98c, $1.25. $1.50. Up to $3.25. We can save you at least 25 per cent. Hosiery. We have too Many kinds and prices to give you a list but we have bargains like this sue Hose at 30 cents to and 45 cent Hose at 35 cents 3 pair for $1.00. Prices As Low As 5c. Up to $3.00 Call on us for hosiery of All kinds gents ladies and child end a. Mgr la 1 nobody fool Ami ii the uncouth Man he has Ben painted lie has a head full of information obtained from a Reful Reading. Newspaper Eor respondents and country editors who pretend to ridicule him. Would suffer by comparison in a discussion with him of any Tapie of the Day. He is the smartest Man the Alliance but All Odds and there is a Man in the state who is his Superior a a politician. He is booming Frank duster the Marion county judg for coined states senator. Duster arrived at the Cap ital sunday morning putting up of course at the Dutton. Modest and obliging Jerry Simpson officiated As usher for the Marion county statesman amt was Busy All Day escorting legislators to the duster quarters. Ask Simpson about his own ambition to become senator and he modestly disclaim any intention Iii that dire lion. Ile ays he is satisfied to be in Congress. But there is a suspicion that if an Alliance Man 1 to be tinted mates senator it will be Simpson that his efforts in behalf of his Friend Frank duster will la a political courtship of Miles Maddish. There is not much talk about Belier and less a Root Willits yet it seems to in understood that they w ill go into the caucus first Aud second in the Salt a respectively. Belier is handicapped by the tight for state Printer both in and , who wants to la state Printer being residents of to Eka. Willits t do called upon occasionally to exonerate himself from the charge made during the late Campaign that he robbed his alter which 1 a tumbling Block in i ambition. B. B. Euler will be a formidable candidate. Ass Teulker he will have entire control of the machinery of the House and can bestow patronage where it will do the most a Rod. Ile is a shrewd old Man accustomed to legislative methods and knows the value of pledges which he has blamed from Many of the inexperienced members who do not know the value of silence. T he Man of All the outfit who would make the most creditable senator is mister. Ile is a lawyer of ability and it is Aal a judge of integrity. Ile does not Delly like elder and tithers that he is a candidate but admits that he is in the race and anxious to w in. I he Only objection the patriots have to him is that he is a lawyer if he could yet rid of that he could get the caucus nomination. In the background of the fight is Jerry Simpson Iii the event of a deadlock Winch now seems probable the caucus nomination will inevitably Settle Oil him. He is popular with All factions and As he a modestly Kepi out of the Light and thus offended Moody there will be no objection to him should the break com. His congressional District would be unanimously for him and Iii the event of his election an Alliance Congress Man could to chosen in his place. My physician said i could not live liver out of order frequently vomited greenish mucous skin yellow Small dry Humours on face stomach would not retain food. Burdock blood bitters cured . Mrs Adelaide o Brien 872 Exchange sit., Aflalo n. V. 4>r physician. In each t women Ami children a specially offic t Otic Nilamal Street. Ii of perfect ease. Too late Tor Massif Mcadon. For other advertisements of Tai class s second Page n it a a North hey Gold ear ring. Nib St. La. J. T Lofs Iii air Sai k v resist in cd Jersey cow cheap i i i. I you. <4 a Quot an i i d vv.will pay a fan Price for a few fens de. At with quartet or half grown kit in Mcpike amp Fox. Ii j \ a wanted a competent White Sui to do Gen i Hui a work. No . Or an no. A. Parallel St. Sew ills Between Dost no Tore and 1410 Kansas a Nile a Stiver Cli detain watch please at it Quot ton store and receive Reward it 18 a Sale. The Best family horse in Atchison also Phaeton Aud halite j. I. Dixon. To 17011 rent Heap to a lady fund he r w till every convenience. Allures of j room a Globe it it a Baek a a no i and stand. It Heap or Salk \ room Brick dwelling hone South sixth Street. Bargain Iii it. Samuel a of Dworell. To Seal ski Saiu Jue. F i of a i i this is it great offer. Just imagine the army of latties that will besiege the Tor until the la. Aerne is gone if the bargain is Ever offered but How much More wonderful an Opportunity is that presented to every suffering woman by the proprietor of or. Bierce a favorite prescription. This remedy is a guaranteed cure Tor All those distressing ailments Peculiar to the weaker sex. It is Glia ran it cd that if it Doe not j effect a cure Money will in returned. Ii i i carefully compounded by an experienced i and skilful physician Ami adapted to women s delicate organization. It is purely vegetable in its composition and per Cath harmless Iii its effect in any condition of the system and is sold under a ims Tiit a gun in Atef of satisfaction in every ease or Money paid for it refunded. For consumption or sick headache use or. Bierce s Bel lets Bluesy vegetable t a dose. A l yet n Brool it n Ufa the height of Ali Grill. San a is he a dignified in. i hid Well i should nylo Why that Conia Tep on a banana reel Witiw out losing his dignity a Muity s weekly. V ii i a i i it Ivie net. Ile a Man who i a Chance Tot Bink. 8lie you have Elway Liv have you not Munsey Vav n t in country has i in the City. Heller to i a k a. Of. Ssh to a Remington Type write Banuel Woodworth. F a an pad salesmen who meet the a Nowory Ari of to sell ii of the Best Alt i till tin Market on Eon Hula Ion. Addled i. , i it Qualia neb. U>4x la or rent a nicely ii Rel tied front room Phi North seventh the vhf notice. I have thl Day hied with Hie probate judge of Atchison county. Kan As a petition Foi a Peri lilt to sell to Iii Coni pm Lane with Hie in of Kau a. Said Pele ton a been set for hearing by Ald judge at i office Iii the com i Houe Iii to ii of Atchison comity Aud state aforesaid on Peh Rubiy 1-at, at a o a. In. J of. It Kow �?��?�.�?o.on Vercial Street , Kan a january Taimi. 15 three More weeks to get a guess at How Many pins in our red Satin Ball. Remember six Beautiful presents will in Given away id lilt six spa inst guesses. You want one of these. Extra a Fascinator a. Dow boy noes now Waist son All menus Winter goods. Shifts Etc. Shawls flannels skirts mittens a olm in and investigate. It Wil prove a paying investment for you. Spielman amp co 621 commercial Street. I Cotil Nolle. To Boul Weinman you arc hereby notified that you have been sued Iii the District court within Aud for Lite county of at ii 1-on, Iii hic Tate of Kan a Iii ail 1 tem wherein tii mortgage i in i Etui 1 puny of Pennsylvania i the plaintiff and you the Aid Louis a unman Are the defendant and that unit a you make answer to tin petition of the plaintiff therein on or before the Chi ii Day of i Druary a. Ii. Old Aid petition will be liken strut and a judgment rendered Accord Bigly Iii Aid action in fas or of Ald plaintiff �iiii-1 y to tie Ald Lim a Veimau. I it Poi the urn of one thousand Dollar with inter -1 thereon and Cost of suit second foreclosing tin mortgage Given by Bari on and Jolin Ham-011, a limed a you to Hie k t i Cai and banking com Panto secure til payment of Aid indebted Uco duly a idled therewith to this plaintiff upon i following described real property in wit lot non. Twenty. So Aud in Cid one i 1, in Block no. no the. Tehi ii and ditto to tile City of at Bison in the minty of Atchison Aud Tate of Kansas and a judging tin Ani plaintiff to have the first Lien upon aul premise to tin amount of the d eld cd in a an 1 Aid anti oui 1 aul premises to in old without appraisement Anil the i Cecil to be Appl cd o the Pawlu lil of the amount due plaintiff and costs of aul. Trifid fore it barring and foreclosing you of and from any id till estate Intel Cost prop Erx and equity of redemption in or Loaid prom in any p it thereof mint i till. Al a Pill i a it at i Knox of Conn a i. Vani a plaintiff la a fillet Coates attorney Fin Plani Uff is a one Dollar Purchase entitles you to a guess Iii the meantime our january clearance Sale found at oui counter read a few of bargains. Does on. More bargains can in than at and Otylior House. Our Many Good lied Comfort at 7b cents. Still better extra heavy double flitch to sateen comforts $1.50. White Blanket 85 cents a pair. Al form Krte it blankets at 2 50. M. 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Above prices continue All week. You can save Money of every article advertised in above list. Boston store

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