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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Atchison, KansasAnnual Progress reports predictions other ask comment on inside pages Chester Mize congressman As the 90th Congress con Venes the people of the nation face Many of the same major problems which confronted us a year still fighting a War in Vietnam we have inflation and unrest at Home and the Burden to Liberty in the world Falls heaviest upon the citizens of this country who Benefit most from these blessings. My family and i Are gratified by the vote of Confidence the people of the District gave me for my first term of service As their congressman and for the privilege of again representing them on the momentous decisions to be reached by the new Mendouse. Challenge which i accept in All humility knowing continued on Page 4 William a Randall mayor completion of Section development of a Park along the River further develop ment of Warnock dam As a recreation Center study of possible Urban renewal development study of Public housing continued attention of human problems in government As Well As the Ordinary problems that always occupy a City commission Are already underway and should continue to build the image of Atchison that has already attracted National attention in the last few years. Atchison has much to Bep Roudolf Andi seems inconceivable that from this Progress we cannot help but have a City that will attract new Industry and become a better and better place to live. Our continued on Page 4 Abbot Thomas Hartman St. Benedict s Abbey once again we at St. Bene dict s Greet our Many friends and we wish them Well for the coming new year. As we begin a new year we express our gratitude for the Many blessings that have been ours in the past and we look to the future with Confidence the year past has witnessed a continued growth and expansion at St. Benedict s College and at Mauril school. For the third consecutive year there has been a growth in enrolment. Our faculties have in creased in number and in professional qualifications. A new Library and dormitory Are under construction at St. Bene dict a and a new dormitory is under Way at Maur Hill. These much needed facilities a Epos continued on Page 4 Gordon Mcmillin Rockwell Lam by any measurement would apply 1966 has been a Success Ful and important year for the Lam Atchison division of the Rockwell manufacturing co. Our contribution to corporate earn Ings has been significant due to the sales established for our diesel Loco motive truck Industrial and in Ter company valve castings. Full credit must be accorded to our line and staff organization As Well As our Plant employees who helped bring this about. Innovations in further investment in capital equipment will greatly assist us in maintaining our position in the steel castings Industry in 1967 and years to come. The Boom Market we have experienced in continued on Page 4 John a. Adair Exchange National in my opinion the War will escalate perhaps spread and if this proves to be the Case there will continue to be shortages of All kinds manpower mate rials and Money. War induced shortages in the past have occasioned controls by govern ment. Controls Are not goo for business the Farmer the individual and certainly not for the Stock Market. War would cause a further increase in our National spending debt and higher taxes. On the other hand peace could break out in which event the present Boom and Bubble state of our Economy could in spite of government s efforts to fill the Slack with increases in other types of spending. Several and continued on Page 4 John h. Mize Blish Mize inc in the face of an Economy that seems to be rapidly leveling off we have sound reasons for feel ing that within our own Trade area business should continue at a reasonably satisfactory Pace. Hardware products which we Supply to retail customers in the agricultural communities should sell in volume in View of National and International in creased demand for food which should make for a prosperous Farmer. The demand for items related to housing is already showing an inward trend which reflects in the demand for ing housewares electrical sup plies and builders hardware. We can see no particular Rea son for feeling other than optimistic for the coming year. William b. Hull Weston the Price Outlook for tobacco and other crops produced in this area looks Good but moisture prospects Are Uncertain. There should be a Good demand for everything produced and that should affect prices but More moisture is needed in the Early Spring and during the summer to assure Good crops. Tobacco growers Are faced with refer Wendum sometime in february to determine if they will continue to limit production on an acreage basis or on a poundage basis growers were required to Cut acres 15 per cent last year be cause of other acreage Cut of seven per cent is due for 1967 unless growers approve a poundage control program with the pounds continued on Page 4 Cloud Cray Midwest solvents it is my belief that 1967 will be a Good year formed Wessol vents co., inc., an Mccormick distilling co., As Well As Indus try nationally. Most encouraging to our National Economy was the expression of voters in the november election Indi Cating displeasure with the 89th Congress follow the Leader attitude of reckless and need less spending policy. Our for eign policy in giving our products and supplies to nations antagonistic to us Woosup Porteur enemies is insufferable with resultant waste but in addition has relegated us to one of the most despised nations of All time supposedly the currently most powerful. The spending of our Federal government with no continued on Page 4 12-Point program Atchison Isu Vayl Globe new . President urges cooperation ten cents per copy Atchison Kansas sunday january 8, 1967 40-pages Ninetieth year 27182 it says Here that it is better to give than to lend and it costs about the same bloody year looms marines open . Campaign in Delta around the Nek area silk speakers or. Bell to open Misc health talks 1 guarding your Crossroads report dear editor a there is some grumbling Troy Mike and Eddie Cabin series of four lectures exploring around Here among our socially Saigon South Vietnam a but the Delta has been a . Marines struggled heartland of the communists for through Waist deep vehicle 20 years and now americans mining swamps saturday in the Are joining vietnamese troops opening phase of an american in an Effort to crush guerrilla Campaign in the Mekong River bands estimated to total Delta that could make this the men vietnamese efforts Over Woodiest year of the Vietnam the years had led but to a stale of Iran students at Highland key health hazards facing non with its on the subject of Junior College will be guest members of the present Day so the beatnik trouble makers who speakers at a meeting of the piety and the Means of combat have been pitching to take Over seekers of Light an knowledge tins them will Openo wednes the management of various big Day colleges. At the Home of mrs. Anne Lese Van Bebber. At the first of the monthly theme of this plaint is that they will Tell about customs talks for adults or. Hubert h. The pre mature intellectuals Sewar. Gas jigs in Iran and will answer ques bel1 a native of Atchison will would simmer Down in a hurry the heavily populated Delta farther North. Tons. Misses Janette and an discuss prevention of heart if their parents would Cut off with mangrove Thicket Sandrece the Viet Cong Sexten Shvedel Nette beginning at . Their allowances paddles laced by navigate organization feeds Large for the program and there will in the Feeney memorial Library of Waterways has quantities of men supplies and a report of nominating lecture Hall. Or. Bell who is a but this theory ignores the committee. Fellow in cardiology with the de possibility that most of these mrs. Van Bebber apartment hairy social suckling do not have parents but Are products of air pollution. Esses. Officials to be sworn in monday three Atchison county officers will be sworn in for their first elected term of office tomorrow a projected 12-Pointprogram for the Atchison chamber of Commerce and Atchison was outlined yesterday by . Jay Dyer who took Over As the new president of the . On Jan. 1. In his statement to the Globe Dyer also gave the following on the Outlook for 1967 economic expansion will be favourable. The worst is Over for tight Money and Sharp inflation is leveling off. Employment will continue at a High level. Production sales and profits will continue up Ward. I do believe there will bean the building of . In the office of Doc Lukens county increase the courthouse. Is a 6trongprobablll. To of a settlement of the Situa Tion in Vietnam. In 1967 people will become ble Miles been out of the martial main Money to red units in other Stream because of the Prospect parts of the country. The Rice that Sharp action against incl. Harvest is on now in the Delta Genous Viet Cong bands would and Viet Cong tax agents Are Norman mean heavy civilian casualties levying Grain from the peasants mrs Gordon Hinde will be Host in areas the communists con Alfred Heldrich re publican who was appointed to that Law enforcement positioning november will be sworn in As will Mary Lou Underwood re publican clerk of the District court who was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Millie p. Magin Ivhon resigned her Posi . Jay Dyer it s hard for even a native to distinguish guerrillas from peaceful Panama Clad peasants. Continued on Page 11 4-h carnival Valley Falls the annual Jef Ferson county 4-h carnival will be held saturday at 7p.m. At the Delaware township Hall in Valley continued on Page 11 i to Kan area Viet casts Shadow across Capitol Hill Washington saturday that the president will the lowering Shadow of the Viet deliver his annual speech on the Nam War a state of the Union in Personta leaders believe has a plan Chen. Joint session of Congress on by mandate from the voters tuesday night opens its doors tuesday for a this Means that the admin is. Months Long session. Traylon program will be Lalibe both houses appear headed fore the legislators before eith fair and warmer to for a wrangling beg inning which or chamber can get very far into Day and tomorrow with High to could set the tone for almost controversies coming Upas pre Day around 30. Continuous controversy As the Lam Narles to legislative action. Missouri fair and warmer members appraise the state of the House must decide today tomorrow High today the War in Asia and the state of whether to deny a seat to Hep. One myth to near 30 South president Johnson s great so. Adam Clayton Powell d.-n.y., Clety at Home. Or remove him from chairman. The White House announced ship of the education and labor precipitation Snow flurries committee or take some lesser Trace. Disciplinary action. Clear to partly Cloudy and warming today and tonight. . Scott Crossroads .a. Baker goes on trial tomorrow the other office filled by the election nov. 8 is that of county attorney by Democrat Robertd. Caplinger who has served As Deputy county attorney during the tenure of William Stillings who did not seek re election. These Atchison county officials will be Shornin Fortems other than the first Graham Doc county clerk Frank l. Hunn Republic More less Cal training school 2 completion of . 73 and Dyer s projected . Pro other Highway improvements in Gram our area 1. Opening of and encouraging 3 pledge our full support in our people to attend our North the planning and development of East Kansas vocational tech continued on Page u six die As blast Levels vegas Motel Washington a Bob Las vegas Nev. A registered to a or. And mrs. Three Story Motel was virtual . Of Calif destroyed saturday by an a they were driving a car with r Florida Cense plates court judge Rich or. Hubert Bell sexy overtones of earlier Baker controversy but possible con sequences of conviction 48 years in prison and in Versley of nes Are far greater than the Cine in Kansas City is the son Mere denunciation the Senate of committee gave him in the trial in us. District the guarding your health court could also provide fuel for License ruled six persons and injured atty. George Franklin or. Said a charred .25 Caliper downtown area was automatic pistol was found in . Byan expo the Alley behind the Motel close by in Robert d Lyons Democrat Slon police believe was touched to a severed human hand. He Charees of tax evasion theft county commissioner for the off by someone firing a Bullet two rounds of ammunition charges or tax evasion theft to dynamite e of the same Caliper were found police said the blast entered in tile Florida car. In room 214 of the orbit inn authorities said a Wallet with identification cards issued to r. J. Paris and containing an Arizona permit to carry explosives were found in what remained of room by Baker who built a Fortune of City court Bernardo. Doyle the d a my goes to trial monday on of tax evasion theft and conspiracy first District and Doris k. Into dynamite. The trial May not have the Blair Democrat Register of continued on Page 11 fear grips banking As workers Battle guards liberals want Powell Down but not out Powell a negro is in hot thermometer readings water because of troubles with 2 . The Law in new York and be 3 . Cause of his conduct of commit. 4 . Tee business. 26 26 24 22 20 Washington a try to water Down Rule 22, influential House liberals will which requires a two thirds a that ask that rep. Adam Clayton Jorty to end filibuster talk. 9 pm Powell be removed As a As matters stand neither of Mittee chairman monday but fort seems Likely to go any. That he be allowed to remain in where. Congress. Johnson s delivery of his Mes the attempt to strip Powell of Sage will be Adown to work Sig the chairmanship of the Educa Nal for a Congress in which re Tion and labor committee will publicans will be flexing their be one of two attacks on the voter enlarged biceps and in House s almost sacrosanct which Many democrats Are Lorty system at the democratic Reading the november election party caucus a Day in Advance results As calling for a breath. Low yesterday morning 22 temperatures a year ago today Low 18, High 22. Tokyo a communist lectures have been organized by renewed political controversy. China s red guards fought amid accounts that a showdown the mount College through its guesses on the length of the bloody Battles in banking for was imminent Between comm. Health and physical education Baker trial three Days last week against nest party chairman Mao tse department As a Community ser the prosecution estimates a workers who poured into the Tung and a faction Lead by pres. Vice in sponsorship with the Kaw minimum of three weeks to Eastern chinese City to wipe out ident Liu Shao Chi. Liu is a Valley heart association and in present its Case against the 38 the red guard movement Dos. Used of being a Black com with the at Hlynn year old onetime confidant of patches from peking reported Mander of the Bourgeois and county Heath Denart Many democratic senators in. Saturday. They said theclty530 Kyodo s correspondent in Ana to unit Leann depart cd Udink he majorly Leader Miles Southeast of peking is in peking quoted the red guard do cation Lyndon b. Johnson. The grip of terror. Posters As saying the clash last pud1ic Baker was indicted one year a czechoslovak dispatch told tuesday tied up Rau service in using scientific facts As the ago priday by a Federal grand captives on both Ldes banking for two Days. It said basis for their talks the four jury following Aig month lives. In the fighting who underwent banking s transport was in a it 5 . In the Senate a Hardy band of i _ m liberals j s Leader .0 of peking is in let also contained a California Driver s License they said. Franklin said it appeared reports of the clashes came someone had fired the gun into the dynamite taken to the Motel room. Detective it. Paul Gulas said however that no suicide note had been found. Police found wires in the Back seat of the Florida car which they could not explain. Franklin said this was an in. 0, h continued on Page 11 continued on Page 11 River stages Omaha 3.6 Down 0.1. Nebraska City 4.0 Down Rulo 4.4 Down St. Joe 6.4 Down 0.1. Atchison 8.58 Down ice 40 per Leavenworth 5.g no change. Specialists who will ligation. He has pleaded inno torture. State of paralysis and that Tele inn Iii a t of them on the staff of the Una cent. Their fingers noses and phone connections were Cut off Verstay of selection of 12 jurors an six ears were chopped off their the czechoslovak dispatch famed to Wing Resor Cine will discuss the health alternates is he expected first tongues Cut said a report old workers and the Motel virtually areas which Are of the greatest of in the pro. Of the news Agency ctr to poured nto from demolished by the blast is four concern today. . 1, Javan i Vorio neighbouring Ashwel province blocks from a Cluster of Down Oliver Gasch. So far no new Kyodo news service Shanghai and other Cutles own casinos and motion to delay the trial has said red guard Wall posters in been filed peking reported 54 persons Clad a government prosecutor wll killed 900 wounded and arrested in clashes tuesday continued on Page 11 thursday and Friday. Boll the doctors their topics and the Dales they will speak Are or. William e. Ruth chief of continued on Page 11 province which banking. Shanghai continued on Page 11 the lavish Las vegas strip is of gambling resorts. The dead were nol identified continued on Page 11

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