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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Atchison, Kansas Complete coverage of Atchison Brown Doniphan and Jeff Tyson counties in Koncsos Ond adjoining Buchonong Ond plotto counties in Missour Atchison daily Globe ten cents per copy Atchison. Kansas monday december 13, 1965 8-pages eighty ninth year 26855prof. Blunt Anderson says he and his Wifel Ilce the same things he ukes to save it and she likes to spend it gathered on commercial a new code of dress for Leavenworth Junior High school students has been approved by the Leavenworth Board of education. The code is aimed at trimming Long tresses and stretching Short Short skirts. Under general items of the code it states students should dress in a clean and neat manner refrain from displays of affection in school and bans Bells on shoes. For boys the code forbids excessive hair tinting Long hair below the ears or eyebrows and combing hair in class. For girls skirts should not be much above the knee and respectable when sitting or similar rules for hair styles Are also set out for the girls on excessive tinting Bangs below the eyebrows and excessive makeup or application of it during classes is frowned upon. This is interesting mrs. C. L. Watson 1225 Highland Avenue makes delicious Peanut Brittle and when she visited her sons in California they wanted a pm oms to make them some Brittle. Mrs. Watson uses raw peanuts in her recipe. While at san Jose the Home of her son Virgil she Shch Ped every grocery store she could find inducing chains having stores in Atchison where she has purchased raw peanuts but could not find any raw peanuts. The same thing happened at Redding where her other son Elmer resides. A similar incident occurred when she visited her daughter mrs. Jerry spoon in Ohio. They searched All of the Large Chain stores but none carried raw peanuts. They finally located some in a Small grocery similar to the former Intfen store Here. Mrs. Watson a son Elmer was Here from California Thia fall and she made 12 pounds of Peanut Brittle for if and his brother to last them throw Christmas. However Elmer was going to be on the Safe Side and purchased four pounds of raw peanuts to take with him which he planned to share with Virgil. To be never had any trouble finding raw peanuts in Atchison grocery continued on Page 7 around the Nek area %. I investigate breaking Troy a Doniphan county authorities Are continuing their investigation of two breaking in the county that were its covered saturday. The Kahelin fruit Market at Wathena was broken into and some $101 in Money was taken. Entrance was gained through a Back door and by making a Hole in the North Wall. At White Cloud the Pool Hall was entered and an Effort was made to break open the Safe. The dbl was to assist with the investigation today. Holiday spirit in Troy Crossroads report dear e i Tor news is that defense Boss Mcnamara has decided the . Air Force is getting too big and has programmed a major Job of clipping its wings. Seems that his computers and slide rules have told him we can whip anybody and he has decided it would be p<x5r sportsmanship to stay so Well armed that we could do it easy. But my forge less Nei Bor is wondering if or. Mcnamara is still using the same computers and slide rules that told him we had turned the Corner in Vietnam two and a half years ago and which once told him the Edsel would sell. . Scott Crossroads .a. A hang Battle slows claim heavy pc losses Troy main Street is decorated with attractive lights for the Christmas season. Stars and Bells Are included in the Brilliant ornaments. There also is a Large a merry Christmas a electrical sign on the courthouse photo. Meet in Paris nato nations face nuclear conference baby Turkey leg photo wins prize Saigon South Viet Nam a a task Force of . Marines and vietnamese troops teamed against the Viet Cong in a five Day Battle South of Danang estimated today ground and air strikes have killed about 1,000 of the red enemy. Action was dwindling. Marine patrols moving through Hills in die que son sector found a guerrilla training area and some warehouses full of Gray and Black cloth obviously designed for manufacture of the Flimsy pyjamas Many Viet Cong use As uniforms. The claim about enemy casualties was not broken Down As to direct attack artillery fire and Aerial bombing. Whether it would be borne out by body count remained to be seen. Major ground fighting elsewhere also ebbed. . Briefing officers said the Viet Cong May be pulling Back to their Jungle hideouts to recover. With partially Clearing skies , warplanes resumed raids on North Viet Nam after a two Day Lull blamed on bad weather. Air Force f105 thunderchief Orlopp rites wednesday at St. Benedictus mrs. Estella h. Orlopp 87, widow of Hugo Orlopp prominent Atchison attorney died at 7 05 . Today at the Atchison and 14c�?~phantom jets Quot we brigade Quot Avo a oat Quot 6o�?~Miles Bien Phu set a five building military Complex in the same area aflame and cratered the approaches to another Bridge on a main Highway 130 Miles Northwest of Hanoi a us. Spokesman said. Navy pilots claimed another Bridge two storage areas and four antiaircraft Sites 14 Miles Northwest of the coastal town of Dong hoi he added. In the Battle area South of Danang . Marines and South vietnamese troops hunted a Viet Cong regiment on the sixth Day of operation Harvest Moon but the foe refused to show himself. Since the fighting began around a Valley 20 Miles South of Danang the leathernecks counted 198 Viet Cong killed 76 captured and 287 suspects detained Marine spokesmen said. Officers regarded the Lull warily. A i done to think the major fighting has started said the . Marine commander in Viet Nam maj. Gen. Lewis Walt. . Officials took considerable satisfaction at the surrender of a 22-Man Viet Cong platoon with la weapons to men of the . 173rd airborne Paris apr Secretary of state Dean Rusk called on French Premier Georges Pompidou today As foreign and defense ministers of the Atlantic Alliance gathered to discuss an integrated nuclear Force and Frances part in the Alliance. Rusk told newsmen on his arrival he did not expect anything surprising to emerge from the ministers meeting opening tuesday at Headquarters of the North Atlantic treaty organization. But in calling on Pompidou and foreign minister Maurice Couve de Mur Ville Rusk was putting int practice another observation that a i think my stay in Paris will be discuss with other ministers the questions in our the question uppermost in rusks mind As he talked with nato ministers meeting. A foreign office spokesman said defense Secretary Denise Healey will act for Stewart. U. S. Defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara also arrived for the conference. Ministers of the 15 nato nations will tackle these or of it lems a Frances opposition to integration of nato military forces. A proposals for an integrated nuclear Force that would give West Germany More say in nuclear strategy. A hid cations from Moscow that Progress could be made on German reunification Access to West Berlin or a Viet Nam peace conference if the integrated nuclear Force idea is dropped. Observers said trading the nuclear integration proposals for soviet concessions on any of mrs. Bob Weber route i Atchison won the Globe $2.50 new photo prize last week with a picture of or. And mrs. Weber a 7 month old daughter. Mary Cecelia holding a giant Turkey drumstick on her first thanksgiving Day. Judges bypassed the $2.50 news tip award so the prize will be doubled for this weeks Winner who will collect $5. The Globe pays $2.50 for the winning news tip and the new photo judged the Best in the weekly contests. Judging is based on publication of entries sunday through Friday. News tip entries should be phoned to the Globe Mem 7-0583 a and new photo entries May be mailed or brought to the Globe 1015-25 main Street. The French officials undoubted the above goals could Lead to an by was president Charles de East West agreement to halt the Gaulle a opposition to nato integration. Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart of Britian was stricken by an infection in London and will be unable to attend the spread of nuclear weapons. Diplomats believe red China a explosion of a nuclear device has made the russians More anxious to achieve a non continued on Page 7 Christmas program Everest the annual Everest High school and Grade school music program a the night before Christmas a will be presented monday dec. 20, at 8 . In the eve rest City auditorium. James Tipling will direct the program. Tom Becker and Marilyn Tollefson will be piano accompanists. Al Cio leaders ask wage increase san Francisco apr to Al Cio leaders demanded to gop wrestles Day a bigger slice of the a Tiona a wealth for workers a fed Biron pro Leiti eral curb on the prices of some key commodities and a 50 per Washington recent increase in social Security publican leaders approved a benefits. In resolutions gave led to Quick certain to be approval by about 1,000 delegates to the federation a 10th anniversary Ltd it not i mention Al Cio poll Yak Resolution today advising party members to reject membership a in any Radical or extremist the measure did not name the ars also rejected White House a Inch piety. Wage guidelines and called for a Stion a what if any bold Federal policies to create thing a to do about the Birch so Bankers awards Hiawatha Kansas Bankers association awards for soil conservation achievements were presented to to farm families of the county at a dinner Given by county Banks last week. Those receiving this recognition included Valesca Bauer san Antonio continued on Page 5 no Dohs svy visit get Ltd ing Days till Chr read our ads jobs and but a St consumer purchasing Power. A a faster Rise in wages and fringe benefits is needed to broaden and strengthen the mass markets that Are the foundation of the Economy a one Resolution said. Federation leaders also suggested income tax cuts for Low and Middle a income families and elimination of taxes altogether for those under the governments poverty income level of $3,000 a year the effects on the Economy of 1964 and 1965 tax cuts have a almost completely worn off a the i proposed Resolution said. In recommending a 50 per cent increase in social Security benefits federation leaders said the base on which social Security taxes Are assessed should be increased from the present $6,600 to $15,000 a year supplemented by extra Money from the Federal Treasury. The Cost should not be charged to future generations of workers and employers they declared. Social Security benefits now average about $92 per month for a retire single worker and $137 for a married couple. The recent 7 per cent increase barely covered the increased continued on Page 7 local Church purchases parsonage the first Christian Church congregation yesterday approved a proposal to Purchase the residence at 211 North twelfth Street owned by or. And mrs. Tom Haverty for use As a parsonage. The Purchase Price was not disco set the Rev. And mrs. Harold Roberts will occupy the House moving from the present parsonage at 713 Santa be Street which is just West of the Church buildings at seventh and Santa be streets. The present parsonage will be razed sometime in the future and the area developed into parking space for the congregation Church officials said. The Haverty who purchased the 211 North twelfth Street property from John Hancock last year Are returning to Cheyenne wyo., where they formerly lived for health reasons. The two Story residence for Many years was the Home of the late or. And mrs. Frank Aldrich and their daughter. Miss Barbara Aldrich. Hospital. She entered the Hospital oct. 5, 1960, after suffering a broken hip at her Home 315 r Street. Mrs. Orlopp was an outstanding musician and civic Leader until her illness. She was a lifelong resident of Atchison. Funeral services have be i set tentatively for 9 30 . Wednesday at St. Josephus Church. The Rev. Leo Ortman will officiate. Burial will be in the family lot at it. Vernon cemetery. The Rosary will be recited at 7 30 of clock tomorrow night at the Harouff Buis Chapel. The family will receive friends at the mortuary from7 to 9o�?Tclock tomorrow night. A Daunter of George and Helen Baches Jansen mrs. Orlopp was born june 22, 1878, in Atchison. She was educated at mount St. Scholastica. Mrs. Orlopp was a talented organist. She was organist Many years at St. Benedictus Church and at a number of protestant churches in Atchison. She also gave music lessons for Many years. Sept. 15, 1904 she was married to Hugo Orlopp Church Here. Or. 0rl up who died May 29, 1954, at the age of 84, was a lawyer in Atchison More than 60 years. They built their Home in 1929. After mrs. Orlopp entered the Hospital the Home was unoccupied but was maintained As was the Yard. One of mrs. Orlopp a great interests was travelling. She made two trips to Europe and one to Mexico. The travel notes which she wrote for the Globe were enjoyed by Globe readers. She was a civic minded person and took an Active part in continued on Page 7 two Bridges Northeast of Dien vigorous Alert Northeast of Saigon they coun i Ted the defection As a major achievement for us intelligence and psychological warfare experts and vietnamese National police who negotiated the surrender. It was described As the biggest Viet Cong defection in Many months in the Marine action the leathernecks took Over the High ground near the Rice Hamlet of que son. Air Force b52s from Guam pummelled the suspected Lair of a communist regiment in the area 350 Miles Northeast of Saigon for the second time since the operation began last wednesday Walt said the attempt to encircle and wipe out the Force of 2,000 hard Core communist troops had been launched to forestall an attack on the Marine beachhead at Chu Lai 52 Miles Southeast of Danang. A a the let Cong were planning to attack our positions and we Felt we should attack first and destroy their capability a he said. However the Viet Cong struck first and inflicted heavy casualties on two South vietnamese battalions before the continued on Page 7 a Quot a # 41 # a a a a a to Kan area gemini 7 astronauts await rendezvous increasing cloudiness through tomorrow. Space Center Houston All space adventures the Ren Tex. Apr the gemini 7 Astro Devous of orbiting ships nauts still vigorous and men if the gemini 6 flight is again tally Alert in the ninth Day of delayed the problem of bring the Marathon space voyage ing the two spacecraft Down on Kansas considerable cloudiness tonight and tomorrow with Light Snow spreading from Northwest through Eastern sections tomorrow. Occasional rain Likely East. Low tonight in 30s. I tomorrow in 40s or hurtled on toward new endur the same Day could arise. Gemi lower 50s. Ance records today and looked in 7 now is scheduled to splash Missouri a partly Cloudy to Forward eagerly to a we is Down saturday after 14 Days in night with increasing cloudiness Day rendezvous with gemini 6. Space. And occasional rain tomorrow. Frank to r Man and James a we done to want to bring them Low tonight Low 30s. High to Lovell have shown no evidence Down on the same Day but we Morrow near 50. Of weariness despite the Long will if we have to a a spokes _ Grin dog exposure to their Man said. Thermometer readings strange world of space or. D. If this happens an Effort 8 . 37 Owen Coons a flight surgeon would be made to land them one 9 .38 said today. Orbit apart but it could be done to .40 a they Wake up Sharp a he on the same revolution if there la .42 said a respond quickly to ground were no other Choice. 12 noon .42 commands and make no errors Borman and Lovell the new i .43 in copying information relayed by crowned endurance Cham 2 .44 to them from Earth stations pions of space flight sped on 2 30 .44 a they knew what they had to Ward dressed a the Only Way to Low 36 do and they Are going to do it. Fly a in their Cotton underwear a. We expect them to be As Good to the gemini 7 entered its 133rd orbit at to . Est. Borman an air Force lieutenant colonel and Lovell a Navy command Jer woke up this morning after a period of Light sleep and soon began asking questions about the Progress of efforts at Cape Kennecy to prepare the gemini 6 spacecraft for a wednesday launch. A this is gemini 7, your Friendly target vehicle standing by a Borman messaged Earth after the a sunday space spectacular stalled in a Cloud of Pink tinted rocket exhaust. The gemini 6 pilots. Navy capt. Walter a Schirra or. And air Force maj. Thomas a Stafford saw their 103,000-mlle space Hunt and rendezvous with gemini 7 foiled before they left the launch pad at Cape Kennedy Fla a false signal shut off River stages Omaha 4,3 no change. Nebraska City 6.1 Down 0.1. Rulo 6.9 up 0.3, St. Joe 8.6 up 0.6. Atchison 10.51 up 0.52. Leavenworth 7.3 up 0.4. They were told an abbreviated a Latch rockets engines mid count would be started already tired launch Crews tuesday morning and prospects a in l the clock today were Good for a wednesday fir a a a Ady gemini 6 for another ing and at least the biggest of continued on Page 7 in in in in in in in in 9 in 4r v reception for new pastor piety had been considered a top problem for the gof leaders. If they done to formally repudiate the conservative outfit one party chieftain said they will be accused of equivocation. The showdown comes at a a anew session of the 28.member re a Cury publican coordinating committee created to draft party policy. Barry Coldwater a key Man in the controversy Over How to handle the Birch society question will not be on hand. His wife is hospitalized in Phoenix after undergoing surgery. A spokesman said Gold Waters position on the Birch society will be presented by rep. John j. Rhodes a Ariz. Idaho gov. Robert e. Smylie has called for passage of a Resolution a disassociating the Republican party a interests and activities from those of the John Birch society and similar extremist groups. A failure of the committee to pass such a Resolution a Smylie told National chairman Ray c. Bliss a would be interpreted by the press and the Public As an act of equivocation by the leadership of our Pennsylvania sen. Hugh Scott once a National chairman himself has called for committee action on a repudiation he continued on Page 7 Carrier Home Norfolk a. Apr the aircraft Carrier Independence came Home from War today to an emotional Welcome that bespoke Pride in her Mission and offered Solace for her losses. She tied up in the rain and fog at her naval base pier minus 18 men and 16 planes that had sailed with her to Viet Nam Waters seven months ago. Thousands of wives children and parents streamed aboard the big ship for a just before Christmas reunion. The Joy of the ships return All but blanked out the near tragedy that struck sunday when a ruptured fuel tank of a plane leaving the Carrier for its Shore base spewed a Sheet of flame along the flight deck. Just before the families continued on Page 7 a reception for the Rev. And mrs. Douglas Beyer was held sunday afternoon at the first Baptist Church f Fellowship Hall. Gathered around the refreshments table from left Are mrs. Paul Voelker mrs. Earl Hundley Ray Mcdaniel , Bridges mrs Robert Hundley Rev. And mrs Beyer and children Kathy and Debbie. Another daughter. Beth was not present for the picture. The women a missionary society of the Church was Host and mrs. Gene August presided at the guest Book. The Rev. And mrs. Beyer and family recently moved to Atchison from Ness photo. Christmas Trees 1600 main. Wintry cold blankets . Coast to coast by the associated press a Blanket of wintry weather a Snow rain sleet and fog a stretched across the continent today a sleet storm paralysed portions of the Dakotas and Western Minnesota knocking out Telephone communications and isolating some communities without Power. Snow rain and fog snarled traffic and caused Many accidents. A greyhound bus in route to new Orleans went off a Highway during a rainstorm sunday near Pensacola fla., killing four persons and injuring 19, an air Canada four engine Turbo prop revved its engines just before it was to take off from of Hare International Airport in Chicago for Toronto ont., sunday. The plane skidded off the runway and became stuck in mud. The 71 passengers were transferred to another plane. A Pilot apparently became lost in the fog near White Plains n.y., sunday and was killed when his plane crashed. Snow fell on the ice coated Eastern Section of North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota the Northwestern Bell Telephone co. Said at least 20,000 wire Breaks were reported in South Dakota sunday the company said More than 2,000 Telephone poles had snapped under the ice loads. The company sent 520 workers from four states to repair the damage. A Telephone company spokesman reported 40 per cent of the exchanges in the Fargo no continued on Page 7

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