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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 4

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Atchison, KansasBrass denies stalemate in Viet 4atchisonglobe sunday August 20, 1967 Saigon a american military and diplomatic leaders in South Vietnam decry the word stalemate and insist that Many Small and unspectacular developments show an unmistakable favourably trend in the War us. Ambassador Ellsworth sept. 3 elec Tionel Lobea substantial gain on the political front. The military commander Gen. William c. Westmoreland considers the fighting War is costing the ene my casualties monthly and that this pressure in due course must have its effect. The bombing of North Vietnam is presented As an indispensable part of this pressure. The soldiers diplomats economists and other experts in the us. Mission admit that certain programs Are behind schedule and certain areas Uncertain. The Cost of living has gone up about 30 per cent this year for example. They insist however that the Over All picture is gradually improving. In concert with Washington an evident Campaign is under Way to get this message across to the Public. Critics in Saigon who hold that a stalemate exists Point to instances where no Progress can be detected. They cite incompetent generals of South Vietnam Ese divisions corrupt District chiefs the threat of economic upheaval continued american casualties communist attacks on Rura pacification teams. American officials privately at least frequently agree with such specific criticisms. But in fear for safety of Viet presidential candidates Washington a . Officials reported preliminary evidence saturday of Viet Cong plans to mount a terror Campaign aimed at disrupting the september election in South Vietnam. Communist harassment could include attempts to assassinate opposition candidates and blame the killings on the present military regime whose leaders Are running for office the officials said. Chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu and prime minister Nguyen Cao by Are the front runners Ina Field also including 10 civilian slates. The civilian candidates have been accusing the government of sabotaging their campaigns. Washington authorities be Lieve the murder Las dec. 7 of a Lead ing ant Junta member of the constituent Assembly Tran Van Van was the work of the Viet Cong. And they say some 30 candidates were assassinated during last Spring s election of South vietnamese to local offices. The officials said a number of recent Viet Cong defectors and prisoners reported having received orders to disrupt the National governmental elections slated for sept. 3. Plus communist Broad casts condemning the elections and the past pattern of Viet Brown held on Federal gun charge happens every year but not like this a acc said Toa statement the definite Cost Acuto 0 s Hong Kong spaceman is an explosives expert i or doh1d planted in a traffic signal is a City thorough one of a number of incidents arising n the Fairbanks Alaska a it was tuesday . 8. The Chena River bisecting Down town Fairbanks was High from Mountain Snow melt nobody worried about that. It happens every summer. Then the rain set it. Before it stopped Fairbanks would be covered with oily flood Waters up to nine feet deep. A if its residents would be homeless. Damage would approach million. Three persons would be drowned. At 2 . Friday a deluge be Gan. In the next 20 hours there was a record 2.47 inches of rain More than Ever had been Meas ured Here for the entire month of August the weather Bureau blamed extreme moisture in the air coupled with Southwest winds funnelled in by continuous Low pressure systems from Japan to the Interior of Alaska. On saturday Jack Murphy the City s civil defense director alerted the state disaster office and corps of army engineers. I m kind of he said. City officials called an after noon emergency meeting to plan How to Cope with what they thought was a relatively minor flood threat. Crews began Sand bagging the Banks As the River neared flood stage of 12.2 feet. But there was no setup of the ram Over the weekend and by mid monday the Chena was at 13.6 feet 1.4 feet above flood level. A total of 5.61 inches of rain trend is improving. One Factor frequently Over to anticipated that the harassment will be aimed both at and water surrounded scores of ers away from the polls. The officials also told news by decisions is that we be Only had real pressure on the enemy for one year. The first year we were bringing in troops and building our bases and logistics from elections should be postponed a Hejny is becoming evident. They , r-n.y., and s ome was a political asst. . Atty. Kaufman said Brown was seen the real Kun steer carrying the weapon in Baton said is his being rap Brown Rouge la., thursday and also and a militant Black Man in was seen buying ammunition. When airline agents in new the Stu Orleans asked him Friday if he nonviolent coordinating was carrying a gun Brown re outs Cut highways and the alas a Railroad isolating fair Banks except by air. The debt Ridden ag7 Alaska Centennial nearly 300 evacuees from be exercise in futility. They Are however the South Vietnam to receive award from Urban league Portland Ore. Cap a negro family whose life has been a successful smuggle for education will receive an award sunday As the National Urban f m Frond s Plain of the Tanana air control Man third class Austin j. Smith son of or. And mrs. Marvin r. Smith route 2, has reported to Alameda Calif., for duty at the naval air Sta Tion there. His station has military personnel and civilians who Are responsible for Brown was carrying a semiautomatic car 3 held in fracas at fair s close two Atchison county youths heavy Snow that later turned to rain had fallen in the Distant Hills. The Runoff turned into a torrent. Conference which opens Fiat new Orleans to new under indictment a the Federal firearms act punishable by up to five years in jail and a Fine. He is under indictment in Maryland on charges of arson rioting and inciting to riot. When arrested Brown was not armed but Federal agents the and a plastic bag i annual award made to negro parents who have overcome obstacles and achieved Success in raising a family through hard work and determination. Among the Brocks obstacles was Lack of Money and among their successes was sending their four daughters to College. While mrs. Brock sewed and i canned everything in and took care of the children. Brock got extra jobs on his Days off Between runs on the Union Pacific Railroad As a dining car waiter. He was Mak ing a month when they started their family in 1925. Was it hard driving himself All these years he reflected a moment then Aid it had to be done. Money was awfully the Brocks started Early exposing their children to what they saw As the proper life. She said Many friends thought it Odd that they crimped and saved to make sure their Chil Dren went to College. But she added it was what we wanted to do. We Felt it should be Brocks still working for the Union Pacific after 43 years is gets him Home each night. Their daughters Are mrs. Earl , Portland Mother of twin boys now Back in College for a degree in speech therapy mrs. Walter Jourdan Mother of three sons teaching sixth Grade mathematics in la Punta Calif. Mrs. Clarence Pruitt Mother of three boys a Kinder Garten teacher in Portland and mrs. Beverly Hillard Mother of one son teaching in a Portland elementary school. What Othey see in the future for negro children Brock says. But mrs. Brock added Tak ing advantage of opportunities starts within the Home. Some times children Rise above their Home environment but mostly it has to Start there . Red Palsner continues to improve at the Hatchl Sophos Petal and May return Home this weekend. He has been a patient at the Hospital since being stricken ill while on a fishing trip at Osakis minn., in june. Gee i wish they d revive the Waltz. This Way it s too the boys to get Early yesterday morning by sheriff Atchison county fair in Effing Ham. The three charged with As Sault and Battery an Possession of firearms and released under Bonds each Are Donald Watowa 18, and Jerome Wato route 2, and James Evans 22, Plattsburg mo., carnival worker. Robert Caplinger county at Torney filed the charges. Sheriff Heidrich said the arrests followed an argument in which there was a consider Able display of firearms As the carnival was moving out after the fair closed its Runiner Gingham Friday night. Heidrich said he confiscated three guns in making the arrests. According to the sheriff the argument developed when a car Nival truck blocked a Street in Effingham. One word patently and then the fracas Heidrich said. Some shots were fired but no one was seriously injured although one carnival worker did suffer some scratches that May have been the re suit of the shots fired or from efforts to get out of the Way of the the sheriff apparently referred to Johnny Evans car Nival worker who reportedly was scratched up in the Fra Cas but was not arrested. Another carnival worker brought in with the group was released after questioning. Heidrich said. Cresting at 18.8 feet at 10 . Tuesday . 15. The Chena s flow at its Peak was a record 15 billion Gallons a Day enou8h to Supply a City the size of Washington d.c., with water for nearly two months. Areas turning them into a dirty Brown sea. Only a few High which the tops of parking me ters were five feet below the surface. Show windows caved in. Store contents were turned into a soggy mess. Hundreds of cars and trucks were tumbled like toys in the powerful cur rent. Georg Sundborg administrative assistant to sen. Ernest Gruening Alaska was visit ing his son George jr., when the flood hit. Des Perate fight to save his son s Home As the water approached George got a loader and pushed a three foot Dike around the House. We kept checking it and adding pats of mud where it seemed lowest. We thought we were going to cheat the Chena. George Rode off through the flood to return the loader. Then abstracts of title Only Complete abstract books in Atchison county loom . Government to Date. Commit i . Bonefo abstract ers em7-623i or em7-6253 Neis . Amelia Stanton your wishes. May be a matter of record in our permanent files through our pre need funeral counselling. Stanton mortuary Floyd Ruhnke manager Paul Blythe one of the children shouted and Doris my daughter in Law and i rushed into the House and found water bubbling up through a floor Drain near the Furnace. At an. Tuesday the dirtiest Brown water you Ever saw came pouring Down the Back basement stairs and under the door. There want anything to do except Rescue the peking Ese throw All the electric switches and flee. The Sundborg were among refugees driven from their Homes and cared for at temporary shelters. Soon most will be Able to return and begin a monumental cleanup repair and rebuilding Job. But time is Short. The Start of Winter is Only two months away. President Johnson declared Fairbanks and nearby flood ravaged towns a Federal disaster area earmarked million for emergency Relief and or dered Federal agencies to Speed reconstruction plans. Deputy director lore Strawn of the office of emergency planning said we will have to accomplish about 1 a years of cleanup work within 60 Days to beat the men and equipment were ready waiting for the water to recede. In Anchorage Norman Schwalb manager of the Alaska District chapter of the associated general contractors said everything needed to do the Job was on standby and there was plenty of manpower. Whether any attempt would be made to restore the a-67 exposition in which the state in vested million was not known despite Federal assistance against flood damage. They thought it Cost Loo much. There Are three Basic rules for having Good Teeth. Brush them twice a Day. See your dentist twice year. Keep your nose out of other people s business. Fogler studio 3d Kansas pm specials free pick up and delivery m Sale ends August 26 0 free Moth proofing _ suits sweaters Slacks 494 launched to perfection starched a you like. With dry Norge Village 10th Skyway pm 7_orro pm 7-9889 where else Messina s of course healthy tasty fresh lets have liver and onions beef liver la pork steak5tbt________l.59 pork cutlet4? l la cake mix Pillsbury s Swiss Choco Betty Crocker double dutch Devil s food while they last your Choice 3 boxes All brands Coffee 69 rainbo or Tay Stee bread r Ocul la. Los. Nightengale Buck Pepper 29 canned pop ass t flavors 12 . Canned pop cola cans scat cat food 10 99 Flats m Karvan mandarin oranges 4 cans charcoal lighter or. Farmer top prices for eggs Pius Premium i we Reserve the right to limit quantities and Good sunday monday 4 tuesday August 20-21-22

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