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Atchison Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 4

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Atchison Daily Globe (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Atchison, Kansas4atchisongiok april 21, 1974 satellite s View of Northeast Kansas Region Washington merry go round Northeast Kansas courthouses Jack Anderson Washington for a respite from the heat of the headlines a Brief history lesson May help. A look backward at the human comedy As it has been per formed Here takes some of the starkness out of watergate. The moldy annals of the Republic reveal that in 1783 Congress experienced its first serious face to face confrontation with a group of disgruntled americans. Troops of the Continental army marched into Philadelphia demanding Back pay and threatening violence if they did not get it. Setting a precedent for future years Congress acted promptly. It decided to skip town. For the next seven years the feat of government was on tour. Like an unpopular band of minstrels Congress roamed up and Down the Eastern Seaboard. Travel had its advantages. Rather than visit the Federal government americans could simply stay at Home and have the Federal government visit them. Util mately the government sought a spot for its permanent Home. Like most questions before Congress finding a Home for the Republic became confused with other issues totally unrelated like re establishing the Continental Dollar and funding the War debts of individual states. The Issue was finally settled one summer evening in 1790. Thomas Jefferson a shrewd arbitrator invited Alexander Hamilton and a few others for dinner. The men talked consulting together As Jefferson wrote later. Finally a bargain was struck. A Northern plan for paying the War debts was accepted and As a gesture to the South a stretch of land along the Potomac Between Virginia and Maryland was selected As the site of the soaring 550 Miles above Kansas a satellite s camera photographed this area of the state As it College nation s capital. Continued its flight and Aerial mapping of the world. The picture belongs to Charlie Brown 1031 in june of 1800, a Sloop from Mound Street and was sent to him by his grandson John Barr senior at the University of Kansas thursday Art class Field Philadelphia docked in Lawrence where he is presently studying the air space age. Landmarks in the picture at extreme to p to Nelson Art gallery and Georgetown with the first Lowe left Light area is Topeka with Perry Lake Reservoir just above to the right and the Kansas Liberty memorial Kansas contingent of Federal clerks. Turnpike meandering East to Lawrence at top Center is Atchison and the Missouri River cite St. Mark s lutheran they carried with them their May be noted snaking its Way South to Kansas City at Center extreme Sci Airport is at Church banquet for senior baggage and several Cartons of upper right just above the Light area which is greater pc. According to Barr the picture takes in members. Atchison county Atchison county commissioner Robert d. Bob Lykins 909 Santa be filed with the county election officer Friday As a candidate for re election from the county first District. Lykins a Democrat is currently serving As chairman of the county Board. Also filing Friday was Nancy Donaldson 1513 South eighth As candidate for Republican precinct commie woman for the City s fourth precinct. 1974 vehicle registrations George m. Or Donna Norton route 4, Csc. Blish Mize Silliman inc., 223 South fifth Chevrolet. Calvin e. Or Peggy e. Mcfarland Effingham Chevrolet. Kent or Phyllis Fuhrman Lancaster Chevrolet. Days in the office of county juvenile officer Francis Christ. Miss Handke works in the juvenile office in the mornings and mrs. Kibler works there in the afternoons under a Mutual agreement Between City court judge Richard Dempster and probate court judge Dolan Mckelvy. Marriage licenses issued John t. Ball 20, and Kathrine l. Dickerson 19, both of Atchison. William c. Hawk 21, and Deborah c. Cunningham 20, both of Effingham. Billy Ray Hubble 29, and Carolyn Mckee Lehew 31, both of Atchison. J. David Farris has filed a transcript of foreign judgment from City court with the District court clerk against Roger Kley in the amount of at Shawnee hts., Topeka. Saturday Baker relays at Baldwin. Government records. Upon arrival they found not a City at All but a rough Frontier town of 400 houses and inhabitants. Elder Bushes choked what would become Pennsylvania Avenue. Pigs chickens and goats meandered through the Muddy thoroughfares occasionally competing for footing with droves of cattle and groups of congressmen. For the next decade the Young nation got along quite adequately with a Small cow town As a capital. The country was expanding and the Federal government was beginning to Settle Down. Across the land local boys joined the militia and drilled with Broomsticks in Village squares. Across the sea the British were trying to crash Napoleon. As a recruitment program for its Navy the British intercepted . Merchant ships and impressed american seamen. This stirred talk of War in pastoral Washington. If War would come reasoned the bureaucrats the americans would never defeat the British with Broomsticks. So in 1808, Congress passed a Law allotting annually for arms. The first dollars were spent for muskets and the bureaucrats fashioned their accounting procedures around the muskets. All figures were entered in the books in units of muskets. They bought swords and hats and horseshoes pots and tents and bridles candles and Bright red sashes. But everything was reduced to muskets. The units of muskets were termed muskets of Calcut each Musket was assumed to Cost although the real value was Only nine dollars. Each year the bureaucrats broke Down their budgets into muskets of fractional muskets were termed thir what s the militia costing a citizen might ask. Exactly and 8-13 the bureaucrats would replay. A pattern was being set for the future of America. However much the War of 1812 helped to stimulate Washington bookkeepers it did Little to help stimulate the country. But it produced a War hero Andrew Jackson who later became president. During the Jackson administration a new phenomenon appeared on the Washington scene in the person about a 150 mile radius. Striping for vehicle parking spaces was put Down on the lot of the Gibson discount Center tenth and Skyway last week. The new lines have brought More order to the parking situation there according to a store spokesman. Globe photo. Of Dandy Beau Hickman. He collected a Small Fortune in hotel lobbies introducing bar flies to famous Washington personalities. For a Quarter Beau would arrange a hand shake for a Dollar a formal introduction. Beau at one time during the 1840s was recognized As the Best dressed Man in Washington and a formidable partner with the ladies. His famous cigars his gambling stories his plaid pantaloons ruffled shirt standing Collar and top hat All added fuel to the legends that grew up about him around mid Century. Beau became a forerunner of the operators who would follow the Slick lobbyists who today still move easily in Washington circles promoting corporations Law firms and foreign nations. Some Are registered some Are not. When Dita Beard the itt lobbyist referred to a governor As Louie and an attorney general As John in her memos to her Boss few eyebrows were raised by her apparent or j bigwigs. Beau Hickman had played that game a Hundred years earlier. During the civil War As Washington grew vice and filth prevailed. Gambling houses flourished. Murder and rape became commonplace. Prostitution was so rampant especially among the Union soldiers in the City that a new word developed among the Street people. The word was a term of endearment for the ladies who walked the streets and lounged in Washington bordello each evening soliciting the soldiers from Gen. Fighting Joe Hooker s army of the Potomac. There was no escape from the squalor of the City. Green slime oozed continually from surface gutters. Street lights were so deficient that few dared to drive their carriages at night. Walking along the old canal which is now Constitution Avenue one would encounter garbage dead dogs and cats and occasionally an illegitimate wrote one president Ulysses s. Grant cleaned up the City but subjected the rest of the country to one spectacular scandal after another. The president was literally surrounded by Crooks and scandals flowed out of his administration like flood Waters bursting from a cracked West Virginia dam. New York swindlers Jay Gould and Jim Fisk pocketed million after unsuccessfully trying to buy up All the Gold in new York City the Union Pacific bribed the vice president in a fruitless Effort to a void an investigation Boss Tweed bilked the people of new York of million the in famous whisky ring of St. Louis defrauded the govern ment of millions in taxes Secretary of War William Belknap accepted a Kickback from a political appointee and these were the Only tip of a corrupt political Pyramid the base of which touched every citizen. But so much of american politics is cyclical. Corruption invariably leads to Reform and at the turn of the Century Teddy Roosevelt fought the conglomerates and trusts that Grant had encouraged. Washington has been the site of Man s most intensive Effort to subject the function of governing to the will of the governed. For two centuries this Noble Experiment Ever has seemed to flounder but somehow has managed to survive. Us 409 i activities i us 409 school activities this week monday methodist Church banquet for senior members. Tuesday Junior High dual track meet with Leavenworth East Amelia Earhart Field . Girls track meet at Lawrence . Model in general Assembly Park Friday Junior senior prom american legion 9 . Invitational track meet the chief fault of the party system is that we never manage to get All the liars on the same Side. If women s swim suit designers Aren t careful they la soon be out of a Job. Texaco inc., new York n.y., has filed a petition for judgment and to set aside an alleged fraudulent conveyance against l.h., Winnifred and Clinton h. Webb 1230 Kearney with the District court clerk s office. The petition asks for judgment in the amount of and recovery of the East half of lot 8 and the West half of lot 9 in Block 40 of old Atchison. This real estate is alleged to have been fraudulently conveyed to Clinton h. Webb on april 24, 1972. The suit was filed by Jesse l. Childers of the Dietrich Davis Burrell Dicus and Rowlands Law firm of Kansas City and Robert a. Reeder Troy. Frank and Ethel Gerardy have filed a suit in the District court clerk s office against Eldon a. And Barbara a. Kimmi seeking recovery of lots 7 and 8 in Block 3 of the . Parker s addition to Atchison because an alleged default on a conditional sales agreement. District court clerk Mary Lou Underwood will preside Over a Semi annual meeting of the Northeast Kansas county officials Nek Coa at the Leavenworth county Cour Thouse thursday. Mrs. Underwood is president of Nek Coa. State sen. Edward f. Reilly will be toastmaster for the Day Long meeting and music will be furnished by the Leavenworth High school accents under the direction of George Berentz. Charlie plumb Overland Park former Navy lieutenant commander pow and author of i m no will be featured speaker during the business session. Officials from 17 Nek Coa member counties Are expected to attend thursday meeting. Jurors who were scheduled to report to District court tuesday have now been excused until april 30. Traffic toll Topeka a Kansas Highway death log 24 hours to 9 . Saturday 0 for april 25 x for w74 114 comparable 1973 period 143 x includes one fatality not previously reported. Atchison county com missioners formally adopted a Resolution Friday providing that the Deputy clerk of City court Ruth Kibler and the Deputy clerk of probate court. Bonnie Handke work half1 c n s 1 u g and n t f s by after hours service 0 x it r 0 v hang on to al be ready when hot weather hits buy now. As181p2k Sawin Dyer mortuary serving the Atchison area since 1898 Atchison s finest Chapel Harold Dyer John Dyer Jay Dyer Naomi Urban Francis Hyde ac05m72 As 5000 but Cooling Power plugs in like a lamp protected by Westing Houm nationwide sure service Btu special heavy duty room air conditioner operates on volts infinite position thermostat 2-Speed fan i and to Cool adjustable 2-Way directional lovers 259.95 inflation has set in but prices Are still right at country Side Home 1605 main 367-3764

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