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Ashtabula Star Beacon Newspaper Archives Sep 12 2015, Page 4

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Ashtabula Star Beacon (Newspaper) - September 12, 2015, Ashtabula, Ohio A4 Star Beac Onoma Oil saturday. September 12. 2015 our View j Board members selected the St Cir Beacon would like to announce the members of our editorial Board for the final Quarter of Joi s. The five member editorial Board consists of publisher Jamie Beacon and editor Matt Hutton As Well As three rotating members. This Quarter those members Are Star Beacon employee Michelle Williams and two Community members. Ion Robishaw and Steve Sargent. The new in formed editorial Board will meet twice monthly to determine the tone and direction of the pubic cations editorial viewpoint. As reflected on this Page. The Board will also generally discuss things happening within the Community to make sure newsworthy issues Are being t overed and problems in our Community fulls explored. Editorials w ill represent a general consensus of the Board. However if a Board member feels strongly opposed to the rest of the group he or she will be Given an Opportunity to write a guest column with a dissenting opinion. Board members were selected to help the Star Beacon ensure a Cross Section of voices from Ashtabula county Are heard and factored into the publications editorial perspective. We would like to thank All those Community members who contacted the Star Beacon about participating on the Board. Names of All those who expressed interest will be kept on file and could by contacted in the future about serving a term on the Board. Contact your lawmakers j sen. Sherrod Brown 13 Hart Senate office bldg.,Washington, do 20510 phone 202 224 2315. Sen. Robert Portman b401 Dirksen Senate office building. Washington do 20510, phone 202-224-3353 14th District u. S. Rep. David Joyce 1535 Longworth House office building Washington do 20510 phone 202.225.5731. Painesville office 10075 Ravenna Road Painesville of 44077. Phone 440 352-3939 and 800 447-0529 gov. John Kasich governors office Riffe Center 130th floor 77 s. High st., Columbus of 43215-6108 general info 614 466-3555 fax 614 466-9354 e mail him through his website state sen. Capri Cafaro Senate House third floor Columbus of 43215. Phone 614 466-7182 e mail sen Ator Cafaro a . state rep. John Patterson District 99, 77 s. High st., Columbus of 43215 phone 614 466-1405. In sitting in front because discern i nation is plays the fool a latching republicans on in is getting More painful by the week. And believe it or not. My pain has nothing to do with the successful candidacy of Donald Frump. The pain started tuesday when joining a few score of my fellow americans i acc Iden tally tuned into Man by. There was big Mike Huckabee live making a religious political and constitutional fool of himself. He was standing in front of a Public build my somewhere in Kentucky railing about a judicial tyranny Quot damning the supreme l ourt for upholding Gay marriage pretending to be crying now and then and openly pandering to Christian conservatives for their votes. The event was supposed to be a rally for Kim Davis the anti Gay marriage county clerk who a inst been released from jail after serving six Days for refusing a judges order to Issue marriage licenses to All couples Gay and straight. But it really was a Campaign Stop for Huckabee a a and not a very successful one. When he urged the crowd to defy the . Supreme court s ruling on Gay marriage in the name of religious Liberty or state rights he Only proved he a not a constitutional scholar. When he said that what the supreme court decides is not the Law of the land he proved ifs time for him and his Faith based conservatism to quit running for the w Hite House. And when Huckabee acted As if is. Davis was a Cross Between Rosa Parks and loan of arc instead of a local bureaucrat who decided she do the Job she took an oath to do. He insulted everyone a intelligence. Huckabee dearly and cynically a used Davis and her dilemma to try to Advance his own political cause. But All he actually managed to do was Hurt the Republican party is already beat up Brand and give the mainstream Media another Chance to make it look like the a Dpi a big tent is crawling with freaks. Huckabee who has become an Embarrass ment by association that hurts the other Republican presidential candidates had the Davis Case All wrong from the Start. He Tweeter that a Kim Davis in Federal custody removes All doubts about the criminalization of christianity in this country. A e must defend a a. R i Quot �?o31 3 i its True that Reli i pious Liberty needs m to be defended in ii the private sector a whenever the Law Michael is used to Force Reagan la owners of bakeries or photographers or preachers to violate their religious beliefs and take part in a Gay marriage. But Davis is not a private citizen. She s an elected Public official. As a county clerk As a part of the government ifs her Job to follow the Law a including the . Supreme courts ruling on same sex marriages until its overturned. Or she a free to quit if her moral principles won t let her sign same sex marriage licenses. Most Republican candidates a the smartest ones a stayed As far away As they could from Kentucky and Davis. But Donald Trump who can say anything about any thing without suffering the slightest political scratch waded in right in a and was right. He basically said America is a a nation of Laws Quot and Davis should have followed the Law or figured out a Way to recuse herself from any Gay marriage licensing process. That sounds like something Ronald Reagan might hav e said if he had been watching the Davis sideshow. I know he definitely would have followed the Law not Mike Huckabee. I also know my father would agree with me that the worst thing the Davis circus in Kentucky did this week was make his Republican party look bad. Michael Reagan can be reached at Reagar a Cagie cartoons com religious bigotry still bigotry if you believe in inalienable rights they apply to All people Rev in those you done to like or agree with. So Stop pretending wanting to deny other people their rights is gods glory. There a no Honor in refusing fellow americans their constitutional right to personal freedoms. Last week scofflaws Kim Davis Rowen county by clerk was jailed for refusing a court order to Issue marriage licenses to Gay couples. She was in jail for five Days. When she was released opportunistic Republican politicians backed by a crowd waving crosses and a Confederate hag greeted her. Slav cry was a sincerely held religious belief in this country a for Isis it still is. I Don t care which ancient Tome sanctions it a its an atrocity a War crime and an unfading blight on humanity. In the 1800s, there was a sincerely held belief to deny catholics civil liberties. Prior to the civil w a nativist dubbing themselves the know nothings actively tried to keep a a papists from Public office and citizenship. They used terrorist tactics and violence to get their Way. In a going out on a limb Here and say ing this Isnit covered under religious Freedom its covered under the criminal code. There was a sincerely held religious belief against giving women the right to vote for segregation to relocate and Slaughter native americans to shoot or. George Tiller in the head in Church and to blow up the twin towers. Y is the religious test codified by the Hobby lobby decision that your employer just has to truly care about making birth control prohibitively expensive has also been used for All sorts of horrible things. Biblical and Legal Are not the same thing. We done to allow states to mutilate prisoners As punishment even though the Bible is totally Cool with it. Even As charlatans Call us a Christian nation a no one is fighting Tina Dupuy j to bring Back cutting off women a hands for touching a Many a junk Deuteronomy 23 11-12. So this idea that anything ghastly is made holy by incantation Isnit True in a Legal ethical or simple human decency sense. Anti semitism Isnit Given a pass for being religiously supported. W end never be of with someone not sen ing muslims or unitarians or atheists because of their biblical convictions. We d certainly not ionize a Public official denying them their right to marry of Kim Davis in her capacity As an elected official refused to let an interracial couple marry because she believed god did no to approve of mixing the races a no one would Bat an Eye at throwing her in jail. The fact of the matter is it is on trend to discriminate against Gays. They re just the latest offering As the villainous a other Quot who allegedly wants to harm christians for their Faith. Gays fighting for their place at the table in american civic life have made those catering to bigots ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee prosperous. Gay s have been a shiny distraction from the Boring tenets of christianity like Lov ing your neighbor taking care of those less fortunate and general hospitality. Instead people get to think of themselves As warriors instead of just Small minded bul lies picking on an still unprotected minority. But regardless of any thing Kim Davis thinks or does Gay marriage is still the Law of the land. Gay s Are still on target to have the same rights As any other american. Tina Dupuy can be reached at to Maupuy Yahoo com your View j still angry about Obama i cannot believe the activities that Are going on in our nation. No one in authority is willing to step up to the plate and at least Call it As it truly is. I will say it As i have in every letter i have written about president Barry Sotoro alias Barrack Hussein Obama or whatever his name is. As i indicated he hates the United states he is a Muslim. None of the talking Heads or the politicians on tvs have the courage to say it because of the pc police in our nation. I also believe he is not a citizen of the United states. He attended College on a Fulbright scholarship As a foreign student. He attended several prestigious colleges. Who sponsored him he also travelled to Indonesia shortly after arriving in our country. Where did he As a student get the funds to do All of the travels of he were registered As a Republican he would not have been allowed to get away with a false birth certificate and All of the things mentioned in previous letters. The Lett Wing news Media As Well As the Democrat party would have vetted him and run him out of town on a rail. I wrote about him when he first got into office his purpose is to destroy our nation from within. He is doing that by driving people into part time jobs with the Obama health care mess increasing the welfare Rolls. When you have More people on welfare and government assistance than Are working the Money will in out and the Economy will collapse. He is following the writings of Cloward Piven strategy As Well As Saul Alinsky a rules for radicals. I also note that Hillary Clinton also follows these principals of she were elected the country would continue the same path As the Obama regime. Lying to the Public is Normal for these people. Obama has surrounded himself with the Muslim brotherhood members on the National Security Council. That alone should be an alarm. He is also bringing thousands of muslims each month into our nation. That is further proof that our nation is under siege. Riots Are taking place All Over our nation. The police in this nation Are under attack by certain degenerates and this administration. In addition the attorney general s office is a joke since this administration has been in office. Truth and Justice is not available to Ordinary americans. Clarence p. Baugher Conneaut White to us j letters should be emailed to Mutton , or printed or written legibly printed. The Star Beacon would prefer electronic copies of letters if possible. They must be 400 words or less and non libellous. Any letter of More than 400 words will not be accepted for publication. Personal attacks against other letter writers will not be Beacon editorial Board Jamie Beacom publisher Matt Hutton editor Michelle Williams Lori Robishaw Congress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the Freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the peo Steve Sargent pie peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The first amendment

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