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Ashtabula Star Beacon Newspaper Archives Sep 2 2015, Page 4

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Ashtabula Star Beacon (Newspaper) - September 2, 2015, Ashtabula, Ohio A4 Star Beaco opinion wednesday. September 2, 2015 til View City s demo pain everything about the Amboy school demolition in Conneaut could and should has e been handled better on bist about every level. The City has been involved in a protracted Legal Battle with own it Rudy pry lately Over the condition of the building for More than a y ear. Privately had been scheduled to stand trial monday in Conneaut municipal court on a charge of failing to comply with the order of the fire chief who last year lied the old school for numerous fir and safety \ locations Only to have the trial i continued. Apparently now that demolition on the build my has begun a plea Deal is in the works. But that demolition a been far from smooth a or necessarily Legal. Contractors began work last week without permits required by the a Ashtabula county build ing department or More importantly the Environ mental Protection Agency. As the building Likely contains Asbestos the improper demolition created a health risk which the owner magnified by not immediately dosing off Access to the prop erty allowing foolish souvenir Hunters to put themselves in Short term risk of being flattened by a falling Structure and Long term risk of exposure to Asbestos. While awaiting test results the Epa has or dered debris taken to a special Landfill designed to handle Asbestos disposal it Bice the issues were discovered the City of Conneaut became More hands on. Which we applaud. A a i Here an rules for ail these things and if we feel they re not being handled we will enforce City manager James Hock Aday said last week while Law director Kyle Smith said the City is taking a cooperative approach to the situation. A a we re trying to work with the land owner to Dean up some problems Quot he said. While the issues with this demolition fall squarely on the owners shoulders and we Hope he faces the appropriate fines if it is determined he violated ordinances or Laws a for a project this big it would Likely have benefited the City to be More involved from the get go to ensure All the ducks were in a Row. By not being More proactive with an owner they ave had big issues with in the past the City had to take the necessary Steps and step in. Is Hen All is said and done it May turn out these Early issues will he viewed As minor setbacks. While sad for Many Community members who attended Amboy it probably was past time for the Structure to come Down especially when it appeared there was Little will on the owners part to bring the facility up to code. Nevertheless we Hope the new City administration takes the lessons Learned in this Case and applies that a going Forward. Cion deaths a a a a Man pm a a a a in in in Imam Man a projected 33,000 killed in 2015 preparing for the worst after the wild Stock Market Downs and ups last week i crawled out from under my desk and began googling plans for a backyard stir Viv Al Bunker. You see not being an economist or expert about government debt and spending i have trouble grasping what is going on in the world and when the next economic collapse will occur. All i know is that our congressional budget office a nonpartisan Federal Agency within the legislative Branch of our government keeps warning the country. As if did again last week that we arc on an unsustainable financial path. Simply put. The to says our debt is growing too fast. Whereas the historic Al average level of publicly held debt Over the last it y ears was i8 percent of americans Gross Domestic product our debt to Gid ratio is now 74 percent and will hit 103 percent in 2040. To get Bac k to historical debt Levels the to says Well have to increase Revenue by 14 percent or Cut spending by i i percent. If we done to we will eventually face a real crisis. Once creditors doubt our ability to repay our debt interest rates on the debt will have to increase to entice them to buy it. And it will be Quot game some doomsayers predict t this will ignite the next economic collapse which will make the 2008 collapse look like a Day at a government funded amusement Park. So in a wondering about a Bunker in the Countryside on the Edge of the suburbs where my Home is Loc ated. Unlike big sophisticated wired cities where people survive a Day if their internet service went Down the people who live in the country c an function just Dandy without modern conveniences. My neighbors know How to grow trap and shoot their own food. They make their own bullets and Are proficient with rifles. I hey can boil water from the Creek and grow their own food. They can hand fell Tom Purcell Trees and build houses that they make cozy with an abundant e of firewood a and keep their bunkers warm As they protect them selves from All the suburbanites flooding to the Countryside looking for some grub. Most importantly they know How to make Moonshine one of americans most i i valuable products. A a for years Moon Ashine helped set tiers convert their j com harvests into a v valuable com Ujj modify that was As Good As Gold and might be again if the doomsayers predictions come True. Of All Hee k Breaks Loose my country Village would he Fine. Id still be Able to Amble Down to the local watering Hole and sing Willie Nelson tunes on Karaoke night. Vet a never run out of f Ood. Wild Turkey and Dee a pass through my Yard daily. All of my neighbors have Deer meat stashed somewhere within their houses and ingenious methods for powering electrical generators to keep their freezers cold. Some analysts say worry about a big economic collapse is overblown. They say the government can inflate its Way out of the situation which could significantly reduce the value of the amount our government owes a and punish people whose savings would also he significantly reduced. But that one sounds fishy to me. In any event i Hope the big one never happens a i Hope the experts who keep meddling with our Economy through Zero interest rate policies and expansion of the Money Supply done to unwittingly thrust us into the Mother of All breakdowns. Still when the Stock Market soars up and Down As it did last week i find Comfort in smoking and storing Large batches of beef Jerky just in Case. Tom Purcell com an he reached torn Tor Purcell is anybody still talking about the Tea party ? just two years ago the Tea party All hut assumed full control of the Republican Brand both in terms of influencing politicians and informing Public percept Lions. At a glance the pressing issues were free Trade protecting a Freedom of speech by knocking Down Campaign donation regulations cutting government programs like medicare and social Security repealing Obama care along with a securing the Border Quot while still having High Levels of Legal immigration. Illegal alien amnesty was a divisive Issue for l a partners with the sugar daddies generally supporting it while More common Folk stood in opposition. Today an entirely different Story unfolds. The gof is under Donald Trumps Dominion. He has captivated no shortage if Tea partners or perhaps former ones with plans of Trade protectionism and placing Long overdue scrutiny on americans corrupt Campaign finance process. Trump ref Rains from discussions of ending medicare or social Security has introduced a Stellar plan for not Only preventing illegal alien amnesty but deporting unlawful immigrants already Here and wants to find a replacement for Obama care both affordable and cognizant of truly unfortunate folks who can to provide for themselves. As a devout sociopolitical realist Trump is the candidate in be Long been waiting for. So Why did Lea party popularity come crashing Down Many l a partners never seemed to care much for those who have opposing ideas about Public policy. T his c aused major troubles not Only in Congress and various state houses a toss the country but the Republican apparatus. The Lea party became too extreme its satisfaction derived not from legislating but obstructionism. Still the party represented the frustrations of a Large Swath of people who correctly believed that politicians political operatives and pundits really did not care about interests of Ordinary americans. The Tea partners saw that a huge disconnect had formed Between politic ians and the overwhelming majority of people voting for _ them. In Joseph Cotto Trump has brilliantly managed to address this righteous anger. Unlike with the Tea part however he is bringing j an irritated Public a attention to issues that directly Impact the Quality of life in modern America. Rather than focusing on a liberation Quot by adopting libertarian Trade policies that sink our labor Market or chanting a a Freedom As special interests corrupt politicians Trump is educating the people about How the system truly works along with How it can be made better. When All is said and done the Tea party outlived its usefulness. The groups found ing goal was smaller More responsible government whether it be at City Hall or on c Capitol Hill. Over time though it became rudderless. Had Tea partners abandoned Republican politics entirely they would have Likely found no More Success than other third parties since reconstruction. The democrats came perilously dose to being set for Long term one party Rule. Call this Nightmare the a California t hat is something which our nation cannot afford a literally. Joseph Cotto can be reached at Joseph f a Otto email co your View j Clinton email scandal overblown a recent guest editorial hyped the so called Clin ton email this latest controversy is just another in a Long line of Faux scandals promoted by the gof out of political motivations. They think if they can create enough smoke people who Are not truly pay ing attention will think there must be a fire. No Secretary of state prior to Clinton Ever used a government email address or preserved their emails for posterity. The Law requiring a state gov. Address was enacted two years after Clinton left office. Clinton turned Over 30,000 emails comprising Over 55,000 pages to the committee. Contrast that to Colin Powell who destroyed i of percent of his emails. What kind of classified information was contained in his emails Well never know. Will we with regards to classified materials Linton has stated Quot i did not Send classified documents and i did not receive any material that was marked or designated there Are those who would classify a Small number of her emails after the fact but that is an sex Post Facto Standard of Law which is unconstitutional. The editorials attempt to equate her conduct with that of David Petraeus is totally inaccurate. Petraeus intentionally removed classified documents those classified at the republicans Are attempting to destroy Clinton s candidacy. Ruin her standing with the american people. Tim not those that might be reclassified at a later Date for political reasons from an authorized location to an unauthorized location to be accessed by his mistress biographer. Republic ans Are attempting to destroy Linton a candidacy. They think if they ran create a phony scandal narrative with enough innuendos that have no basis in fact they can ruin her standing with the american people. Of you Are Middle class done to be fooled by this incessant propaganda. All Republican candidates with two exceptions Trump Huckabee Are either for raising the social Security retirement age or turning medicare into a voucher program . Premium support. After having to work an additional year or two americans in the future would no longer be Able to rely on medicare to cover their medical costs. There is a lot at stake in this election. W hat you Are witnessing is a politically motivated Witch Hunt carried out by the last of the Benghazi committees. Republic ans have lat tied onto the email Issue because they have found nothing else. David Ignatius an authority on intelligence issues wrote in a piece entitled a the Clinton scandal that Isno to a is there a crime Here almost certainly Loma Westlake Austinburg Star Beacon founded i he 5 Jamie Beacom publisher Matt Hutton Edito Congress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the Freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government Jot a redress Ofori nonce. The first amendment

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