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Ashtabula Star Beacon Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 4

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Ashtabula Star Beacon (Newspaper) - December 5, 1999, Ashtabula, Ohio A4 Star Beaco opinion sunday december 5, 1999 Star Beacon de Looman publisher Neil Frieder editor the founding fathers of this Republic insisted that a vigilant courageous press is essential to a free society. To Honor this historic contract we need to know what you think about the issues that shape our lives. Growing people we suggest it helps grow Prosperity if you want one year of Prosperity grow Grain. If you want 10 years of Prosperity grow Trees. If you want 100 years of Prosperity grow people. That profound thought according to Marta Stone director of leadership Ashtabula county comes from an ancient chinese proverb. She used it during december a economic profiles breakfast series when discussing the value of her organizations youth leadership program. Assuming there is Validity to the proverbs contents our county should be in Good hands for Many years to come. Youth leadership is designed to Start the growth process in our Young people and it is fulfilling its Mission. Youth leadership is a one Day a month program for nine months that exposes its members to exercises which build teamwork Trust Public speaking skills awareness and knowledge of our county Community service and volunteerism personality awareness civic involvement and Quality of life experiences. This year 34 Ashtabula county juniors and seniors Are participating. As Stone noted Good leaders need Good frameworks. Leadership built on a framework develops an infrastructure of civic leadership and civic Pride. Youth leadership represents the Ideal framework to develop our leaders of tomorrow. At the breakfast meeting past participants were asked to share their experiences and discuss the lessons Learned their comments stressed the value of teamwork the exposure they received to the county and its Many assets the need to work together to achieve a common goal the Opportunity to meet other people with common goals and the Benefit of growing As an individual. In other words they began to establish the framework for becoming leaders. And they were quite impressive. Obviously program officials Hope participants someday will use their skills when they assume leadership roles in our county. If this happens the future of Ashtabula county will remain Bright. We applaud leadership Ashtabula county for the work it is doing with our youth. At the same time we applaud it for its successful adult program. Soon leadership will launch a new program geared toward county seniors. There is no questioning the need to keep developing new leaders. Our county has come a Long Way and we must have Well trained leaders to keep us moving in the future. It is comforting to know we have the foresight to recognize this need. We All want Prosperity for Many years to come and rest assured we Are growing the people to make it happen reporters notebooks a the Quot Halifax a recent Lake freighter visiting Ashtabula Harbor Cut a buoy in the outer Harbor when the ship made too Sharp a turn. City port authority vice chairman Martin Kuula said a temporary Junction buoy was installed until the end of the season. The 180 foot coast guard Cutter a a Brambles pulled the buoys in the outer and inner harbours on nov. 30 in preparation for the Winter season. A Ashtabula township clerk Ralph Mcquaide will retain his current positions As zoning administrator cemetery supervisor and Road superintendent when he leaves the clerks office in april of 2000. Mcquaide has served As township clerk for 24 years but now must step Down after his defeat in november selection by challenger Dale Corlew. During the citizens portion of the township meeting local residents thanked Mcquaide for doing a Good Job for the township for Many years. A Frank Obernyer a employees in the Ashtabula county courthouse enjoyed fun week to kick off their United Way Campaign. Departments from throughout the Complex pitched in to Host several different lunchtime activities including a pie and Coffee Sale hosted by the clerk of courts Legal department cake and Coffee Sale hosted by the auditors office treasurers office probate court and Eastern county court bagels and juice hosted by the prosecutors office Chili dog pop and chips hosted by the building department and environmental services Chili soup and bread Sale hosted by adult probation common pleas c24 family court the jury commission juvenile court the Law Library victims of crime the mediation department and the county commissioners. The commissioners also sold dress Down Day tickets and the clerk of courts title department sold Candy bars. Personalized stationery pads were available at the office services department and the recorders office offered a 50/50 drawing. One of the most popular drawings however was for two season tickets to the Cleveland indians 2000 season. A Diana Lewis How to reach Public officials president Bill Clinton White House 1600 Pennsylvania aven.w., Washington 20006 or Call his comment line 202 456-1111 or 202 456-6797. . Sen. George Voinovich Republican b-34 Dirksen Senate office building Washington . 20150. Phone 202 224-3353 or 216 522-7095. Email senator Voinovich Voinovich. . . Rep. Steve Latourette r-19, 1508 Longworth House office building Washington . 20515 202 225-5731. Home office 1 Victoria place room 320. Painesville 44077, 1-800-447-0529 or 216 352-3939. 1 ten Kyle on i it Feu Vnek Cey wow i has 6 6 w to Job. It -31 a a a sf�akin6 of millennial bugs a it Nese it Clinton scores on foreign affairs Washington a rating a president while he a still in office is risky because unseen events can alter the outcome. Historian Arthur Schlesinger or. Acknowledged As much when he ranked president Clinton As a Low average Leader in a comparative scale with other presidents in a 1996 article in the new York times sunday Magazine. Clinton a considerable intelligence and political skills make him a formidable figure on the world stage but he a not a fighter on issues and he is scandal prone. A who can Tell How this combination of talents and infirmities will play out a Schlesinger concluded. Since Schlesinger rendered his judgment Clinton became the first elected president to be impeached a devastating assault on his reputation that will always be in the first paragraph of any historical rendering of his presidency. Yet Schlesinger would rate Clinton higher today than he did before the Lewinsky scandal. The reason for the better Grade is foreign policy an area Clinton knew Little about when he first took office and ostentatiously avoided. Remember a a it a the Economy stupid a Clinton a Jack Anderson compact with the country that he would focus on Domestic bread and butter issues. A this main interest is not foreign affairs but he a rather effective dealing with foreign leaders a says Schlesinger. A the is Well respected and he is the implementation of the a Good Friday Irish Accord is the direct result of . Intervention and the extraordinary patience shown by former Senate majority Leader George Mitchell who acted As chief negotiator Midale Man and hand Holder. Appointing Mitchell was a a stroke of Genius a says Schlesinger. Settling ethnic conflicts by bringing people together is a novel concept in much of the world where at the first sign of trouble dissidents want to form a new country. The theme that runs through Clinton a intervention in Kosovo Bosnia and Northern Ireland is assimilation encouraging people of diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds to live harmoniously or at least tolerate each other without resorting to violence and civil War. The homogeneous populations of the 21st Century cannot build Walls High enough to keep out those who Are different. On his recent visit to Kosovo Clinton pleaded with the albanian majority to not seek vengeance against their serbian neighbors who May or May not have been complicit in the crimes against them. The thirst for revenge is Strong and it was t a message they wanted to hear. Clinton has taken a similar activist stance in promoting peace in the Middle East where the election of prime minister Ehud Barak earlier this year put the peace process on a More solid footing. Barak won office with the help of an american Campaign team that included Clinton adviser James Carville and former Clinton pollster Stanley Greenberg. The same theme of bringing people together is evident in Clinton a approach to Domestic issues. Through word and deed he has won the loyalty of african americans to the Point where writer Toni Morrison Calls him a the first Black he has altered the dialogue on tobacco and guns and Gays three hot Button issues where partisan lines have begun to blur As majorities in both parties move toward common sense solutions and tolerance. Clinton a approval ratings remain High higher than president Reagan sat a similar Point yet Clinton is also the most hated president since Richard Nixon and maybe since for. Granted he has Given his detractors plenty to work with. Yet impeaching Clinton was deeply unpopular in the country. Prosperity has eased some of the animosity against Clinton. With the Stock Market up welfare Rolls Cut in half and crime Down no Republican running for president will dare ask Are you better off today than you were eight years ago Anderson is a columnist with United feature Syndicate. I. 1 a # 1viiuci ulu Uon pollster United feature Syndicate. States do it different on affirmative action thru it sent of have my i---1 uv/a1 three states have figured out a Way to increase College admissions for minorities without depending on traditional affirmative action programs. Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida has proposed that the top 20 percent of High school graduates be automatically admitted to Public colleges and universities. In California the students in the top 4 percent of each High schools graduating class now gain admission to the University of California. In Texas the top ranking 10 percent of every graduating class is being admitted to any of the Public campuses they prefer. In an illuminating nov. 24 new York times article Jodi Wilgoren includes a number of questions about the future of this approach which other states Are considering. In Texas the percentage of Blacks and hispanics in freshman classes on most of the selective campuses has increased. And this year 4.1 percent of those enrolled at the demanding University of Texas at Austin were Black students the same As in 1996, when a race and ethnicity based affirmative action program was in place. Hispanic enrolment is close to the 1996 level. As Wilgoren notes Rural White students Many of whom had found selective campuses beyond their reach have benefited from the Texas program. I suspect that poor and working class White youngsters in the cities have benefited As Well. A question not sufficiently emphasized in the article however is what happens to the 90 percent left in High schools with Low level courses and underachieving teachers will those students continue to be eve they Are incapable of gaining Nat Hentoff admission to top ranking colleges or any College some of the 10 percenter in Austin Are facing the unsettling fact that they were poorly prepared. Says one student a fall the stuff i should have done in High school in a doing now. Its a humbling experience. I never Felt slow or dumb on the other hand he and some of the other challenged students May Well make the Grade especially those in new smaller classes at the huge 49,000-student Austin Campus. One example is a class in which 50 pre medical students whose sat scores average 200 Points below the University average get intensive instruction and seminars in study skills. David laude who is in charge of this targeted group says a if i see even a hint of a student having a problem if somebody does badly on a quiz i Call them into my there should be More such smaller individualized classes but they re expensive. A we just can to afford it a a Dean ruefully says. But in Only a few Public schools i have reported on from elementary grades on up is it a Standard practice to be on top of each students Progress or Lack of it. I knew an elementary school principal in Brooklyn n.y., who had Progress reports on every student in the school on his desk but i have not met another like him. While there will be 10 percenter who get their degrees and go on to graduate schools which Are not included in the 10 percent program some will keep on feeling a a dumb if colleges in Texas California and Florida do not provide the Money and resources to make up for mis Edu cation in the lower schools. In Texas the 10 percenter get in regardless of their scores on standardized tests. How they do in the next four years May provide answers to whether the increasingly criticized sat scores actually do predict Success in College. But without More Small classes specifically geared for students who need to make up for what they did no to get in High school there will be no Clear answer to the predictability of sat scores in any of the three states. Toward the end of Jodi Wilgo Ren s article there is an augury of what can happen to make students of All backgrounds succeed. At the Austin Campus Cal Caius professor Phillip Uri Treisman is in charge of a Center conducting research on How to get College administrators involved in learning How to educate teachers and principals from kindergarten through the 12th Grade. I his is already happening in California after traditional affirmative action was struck Down by the voters. Why do colleges and universities around the country have to wait for the courts or the voters to reach outland Down the automatic admission of a particular percentage of High school graduates ought not to disguise what has to be done to remedy the failure of the schools below to do what they re paid by us to do. Hentoff is a nationally renowned authority on the first amendment and the rest of the Bill of rights. Letters to editor policy 1 he Star Beacon encourages its readers to submit letters for publication. The Star Beacon prints these letters on a regular basis. All letters should be typed or hand written so they Are legible. Letters should be no More than 400 words. Letters May be edited to conform to standards of length and grammar. Also letters will be rejected or edited if they Are deemed libellous or otherwise unfit for publication. Each letter should include name address and Telephone number of writer As Well As an original signature. The Telephone number will not be published but will be used by the Star Beacon to verify the authenticity of the letter. No Anonymous letters will be printed by the Star Beacon. Submissions can be mailed to letters to editor Star Beacon p o. Box 2100, Ashtabula Ohio 44005-2100

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