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Ashland Weekly Tidings Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Ashland Weekly Tidings (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Ashland, Oregon >0l. Xiv or in historical auditorium Ashland weekly tiding Ashland Oregon wednesday november 24, 1920. No. I Countiss Ark responding shrivers Parade is Well to w. C. T. In. Drive mighty Lively one Gen. White hundreds of thousand of tuber Ai Luud Bas opened her doors to Villosis Christmas seals were sent out the shiners today in the event of rom the Portland office of the Ore the autumn ceremonial of Hullah gon tuberculosis association last Temple and the guests Are made Wel week to practically every county in j come despite the lowering Clouds and tho state in order that All Machen occasional spill of rain. These con embers on red Cross in Call Small . H. Acc Kermou. Or. Melissa Ball . A. H. Pracht r j j in c w. Nelson c Wluke . M. Pat j. H. Fuller Rev. C. F. Koehler 3110 1611 u63 f1 of Ashland woman i ton . C. A. Cotter. Mrs. A. M. C. F. Koehler . J. S. Parson. Mrs. Purvis t m Anderson . A. J. H Fuller d. Glenn miss Ruth Doran . J. H. Doran . C. E Voruz i s. H. G. Mccarthy j. E. I Morton . Emily Stevens . Fuller. Or. D. M. Brower. Mrs. Ida Kelt wife of John i or. H. Atkins Jean aude Sou. Mrs. I s. J. D. Mcrae. Captains . A Kelts died suddenly at her Home lied Cross Roll Call to Date q. Kins . J. P. Dodge or. C. B w. Muley . S. Mitchell . R. On Walker Avenue at la o clock Sun Henry Pace captains Howard. Mrs Roberta Everton. . Carlton . O. G. Howard a. Day evening. Meningitis was the Ery be sat up promptly and eve Bdl Lons might tend to Dampen the Livingston. Mrs. B. Waihee. Or. Kun. Oxford. W , or. K t Kamp. Mrs. A. Ramp . J. Cause of her demise. The deceased i tent even in tho most Remote ardor of any but shrine but these s. Payne or. George , ., Wing. Mrs. 0. H. Whaler. I. B Hasting. Edwards r t a 42 Veals of age. Aud had lived ltrr.,nay Hail everything in read excellent Fellows carry sufficient Sun Sam Jordan. Or. Fifield mr., Coch Carson miss a. Norcros. Miss v. Goodman in Jennie Brad Geo. In Ash Laud for Hie Pas seven years inels for the Seal Sale which will be Bane within their hearts to Chase ran . Emlow l. Walt., . Per Mannell. Rose . Oso. Rose . Hama tuners were held from the ,. Al Gin wednesday december i. Ami i 111lens turn out Iii Fine everyone of the Thor a countle3 style and Liow Ali eur loyally to that have been canvassed for agents t for the Seal Sale by the director Rob of tit company. A Many Short Ert w. Osborn have responded with enthusiasm. The county Public health associations which now exist in a number of counties with com Peerlie. Win hourly applet Hamiti was Llu Glie Success. Away All Black Clouds whether phys ter . Heury Pace. R Frost Captain Kant. Hurland reverence. Mrs. W. Al. Stock undertaking Par Lora this after Cally or temperamentally. Or it p k Hammond Captain Merles Oil miss Amy Ramsey . Bigelow. Mrs. F. Hanna miss Ere noon at i o clock. Rev. A. C. Edwards Hullah Temple guests Ami members f Ralph Harris b. F. Worm. La y Anderson . Catherine Lyn Merrill Frank Merrill. Airs. C. Officiating and burial wus made in began to assemble from Points in i Moore d. , w. E. Pierson or snoody a is Anna Barham. Mrs. Lau. Chambe Luiu . Phoebe Wells tho Talent cemetery . Kelt is California last night and All Day j. S. Parsons her. P. K. Hammond. A will a. Mrs. V o. N. Smith g. W. Mrs. W. C. Polke or. O. Winter survived by Lier husband and seven trains Aud automobiles arriving in . P. K. Hammond. Pellott air. And w. Hartges. Dix amp son . J. M. Maguire . Children the City have unloaded members of . Chatton captains Irene Wehr j p Robertson a. S Wilcox. Mcmichael . H. K. Stokes c. This order who have come to have Ley. W. Michel w. R. Williams j a a my a c a Hor he a Spindler. Mrs. Balli. Fri. A m. Him no Iii a in i Mattees in even Community Promise. One of their grand Good with Walter Miksch uni. Hay. Or. E b. M arrest mi., has Broughton . J. Duncan. E. R. Thi swillnfits1 r nothing hut u Naim Lilied raise was a a Nch or a Quot Quot a a de a"0ther at a he a he me shr be Barren my 8ml a say Harria a a r a it Quot. Mrs. Quot a nothing hut unqualified Praise Aas Gey More comprehensive than tic ceremonies for afternoon Anil Harold Bunce j. W. Bower. G. R. D. A cell it a of 24, overwhelmingly extended to the members of first Eyer before thus not Only increasing even no Are being held in the a Worland o. E. Carpenter r. Pm faze to Quot to plur j Tsa in i to Quot Quot a Quot a a a Quot company 0. N. 0 and the chamber tho financial returns but aiding in m0,7 with a by banquet for the Cornelius or. S. Patter on . J. 5 a l Ider. J d melts. M i f a a Neie y one Hlll he number rams from of Commerce for the no Cyens attend he educational work which la one shrine and shrines in the r. Robertson j. R. Robertson Louis Quot a. La an. Jav Dunsmuir were conducted into the ing the banquet and reception held of the prime objects of the Campaign. Elk8. Temple at 6 2# this evening. A. Unver Fertoli. Evelyn Caldwell c. So he a a Ner. Mrs. Sadie jr.,�?� Lam Quot no a Nerips Hullah Temple. Mystic in tho elks Temple honouring the county qll0tu�?z have been worked whle the Brethren tire in session the s. Wishy Willard Philip w. F. Dei a or a a a a cd a r we Nile is w a a shrine at the autumn ceremonial visit of colonel George a White 0ut As follows on a basis of five seals ladies who have accompanied their Witt a o. Pierce f. J. Bravata Quot be A.T.j"1 la Quot �1 f a my a plan Quot Yas Mlay adjutant general of Oregon and men per capita which Sale will be Noons Hll Bandi hero Are being entertained . F. J. Swenning s. A. Peters or a a Ink my by a Tel or Moor or i Moor j a to a a Quot Las Mikhol ant that a a a int a a a Quot Bors of his staff who wore the guests Gary if the present work of the Atwo by he Oca comm teen in the my Sylvan Provost air. N. Cunningham the analdr.0� a a ,. W i ooh or r w a a a a it for a get City. When tho red of first company last evening. Cap elation is to be continued Baker sonic Temple. J de Antis. John Coil Smo. W. C. Polk a 1 lit i Laa a visit of began to gather on tho tam Briggs of tho first company had $886.46 Benton 1687.20 Clack poll owing Aryl among he bu0,u Dias. Meek 0. W. Rosa . Leavitt.1. 1. X in. Of f it ul1 a la Quot a was for by Only received a Short notice of the,ma., $1,884.90 Clat sop. $1,157.60. Who have Aab mule 1. The Rao to of c. H. Walwick donation of Boc. J act �?~�?~1 a Quot w s Depeau a of Abbot a my a �?~n <.,1,s a always Quot chm visit of the adjutant general and he i Columbia $698 Coo. $1.112.86whom Are a compari by their Hose Patterson. I l8�n a Quot a a a a a a a Jol a a v p o any he rival of these frolicsome immediately got Busy in planning a Rook $171.20 Curry. $151.15 a vet a. Mrs p. F a hmm a Captaine. A.t., a j 1or ump Ember not Hill Quot a a a it a a a meeting in order that the Public of de schutes. $481.10 do gins $1, Medford Thomaa Moffett John p Albert Effie Brown w. Tinker. A Quot a or a of a a Quot i a Bruh or Obj a or s i the Juon f p Cresson red Lively a a any Ashland might meet the distinguished 066.66 Gilliam $198 Gram Lawrence t. B. , f. J. Now c. C. Weisenburger m b. Pinion w a Lynch Lottie m Trask p l to Minna officer and get in closer touch with $274.80 Harney $199.60 Hood a r s Holmes . Belle d Songer. Moville Bougie. T. H. Mrs Paulserud cup Nln a. E. Own my v s by the working of the National guard River. $416,76 Jackson $1,020.25, j a a ander8 a a Jan a Perl will Elliott. Goo. C. Spencer Jackson i Iler p c. Stratton . Carl in or Quot n s through the kind assistance of the Jefferson $160.56 Josephine Bates chamber of Commerce a banquet $382.75 Klamath $570.65 i>ake.,j0j,n and reception were planned and the $199.65 Lane $1,808.30 Lincoln Peu elks Temple was placed at their Dis $304 20 Linn $1,227.50 Maheur a Quot a Hutson. Of Frol Bach. Or. I e. Leer Vera a. Real judge Moore a a a. A. A a. 1, in s65 �6 borrow. Rober w. Learn 0 l Davidson. Al. W. J. Johnson f. F. Whittle . Para Lor. Al. N. Long g. F. Pronka w a Quot a he fat if the event inst evening had been $280.86 mul Tomah. $13,794.90, e m Mckeany j a per f. F. Whittle. Mrs. Mabel Loomis. Rant a Al or it a a Quot Al a lure nor la Runce i. O. U in he cd r. D. Nun w r. S. Holmes c. I. Hutchison. Belle d Songer. Mollis Songer t. H. Or Paulserud captains a. E. -. A a a. Anderson Jahn a. Peri. Will. Elliott Geo. C. Spencer. Jackson ref a her p. C. Stratton . Curl a a a a i Hub br0 in . N. S. Bal s. B. J. Stuart j. D. Rickert Geiger j. Z. Wing c. J. Brady . Nim Carl Nln it a. Albert c. Joy Geo. Ill Quot a a or c. Maim Harry Hubbard. J. J prior . Connor. C. Onley c. Barron. In aul Williams Don Spencer h a Searna. Captains a. C is m. Alon Gomery e. N. Warner f Phillips Robert Erwin . W. Is a c. I Telfer j. K. Edwards �?~e5er a a Long . W. La. Paul a i Quot a a sri. a a a ill. H. Stanley Frank Black Allens a a l oru Hubbard first company in their uniforms Al Yamhill $1,026.45 Down to a sumptuous four course starting out Early in tho morning when Novice Quot Billy Quot Leo was Quot pulled Quot on the charge of election fraud Aud locked up in jail tho and Lunter began to realize that a plenty was in store for Thorn Anil became Wise in thing for yer 1 in la a a Jordan w. W Havener them ,0 do was to take what befell Ethel Kau in a Stearns Byln a the More Leacher it Rui oking Quot they did the worse they were treated. A got a taste of Combs what they expected to be Iii store for b them during the evenings co onion As lain while on the Street during lbs let. N. Case. Day com being chained up Iii tide to. Ii. Is Cuccui Ane. A. C. Crew phone poles made to drink a bottle u Bonier r la Northrup. Ai. J. 0ear Homer brr in ,l0w�?~iyj . E. H. Luguer. Mrs Leo. Rosa. Of milk at one swig. Insisting in la Corson o. Ii. Ruddy Florenz Brut a q mean Eazel Powell bal re to my a a u url j a a . Irene Egan . T. Hiu mud Chain gang of the so Reed Parade unit pager. J. C. Smith. Geo. H. Calhoun it a a r. Yockey. Mrs. Elmo Neil lath nem Ewan Toulze , every other Quot Pleaza Norv Quot that human la. E. Bratton r. K. Woodson Lewis a Dirk. J a Nae j. Ranle. Mrs. P. Barnhouse my w Uuno oru a Lite Iak Nulty could devise p. Stinebaugh Sam j. Stinebaugh. E1 _ _ Geo. Edwin Dunn . Geo. Aai8i my. A. E. Kinney . Alice a the ceremonies which were inv Bunn Pell. Mrs. O. S. Butler or. F. elaborate were held in Hie Are Herman. Sam ii. Baker. Ii. E. Allison or. Is queer Kermu it Muci j. N Quot Mitch a a. C. Haugh a. K. Cass Hardy c. A. Hagen air prior . Son s a Datis . Bud storm. Mrs j fat a Alfred Letcher o. P. Jester c. H c. C. Gammon. A. E. Ole Bosch Walter Paul Quot arid captains . J. W a a Saftner Morfi it it i n n,.,i,i. Pic a re a a or a a. H. Scholar. C. H. Northrup Ai j a 0ear Homer Barron Howard Quot Leeds . It e a a nor banquet prepared by the skillful Cul-1 Granite City Mary artist Quot Caleroy Donald Dicker Ark keenly interested son and ills corps of helpers. Airs. Ill. Of. Elhart end . Erie weren general interest in tho Sablan i took charge of the serving which Winter fair and poultry exhibition a �?o00 can culy Quot ainu w. Achan c. B. Ogden. Mrs. E. V wag carried out by a Bevy of Young reached too percent. Everyone Nopo v v Knafl it ii Phi Long Kilt ii a okr.s.1 Thorndell. I. A. Snider t. B. Cornell. Jones. V. Lonpo m. H Bills. Ladles who had been secured by. In talking about it and planning on. A a a a a a i n a i ii it Rei ,1 liner. a a w. 4. At m. H. Flanagan j o. Bromley Don to. Loosley Cap Nln a. C. Mrs. P. K. Hammond . F. J attending at least a portion of the a a Vert p p a a a 0 e Baughman. Mra j. C. Baughman. Shinn and alias Jessie Thatcher. The Bree Days while the merchants and a get a 3u, by. Dickey orchestra a accursed popular Brnt amt Ara the Iii with one Roies a g_0 w Edingb r n alld a. My Nola col fenian. Org. A a More. Mra. B. O. Wallsten Culley e. S. Deardorff Geo. C. Randlett. F. W. Brietbach. F. C. Mcgee Howard Rose Howard v a a a a v1 a Quot a a Quot Quot a a a Quot Quot. A i. Or a a rap i. Pri re ass b m i ibo a. Quot a a a a Quot of Quot. Mis. Al. A. King . The go Klners to work up a High pres c. H. Oberbauer d. Y. Allison. A 1 k Quot Al Quot a 11w&Quot 1 or lha Hlista . C. H. Pierce. Captain l. Ferguson . F. Ferguson . Gen Yates ii. T. Elmore. Mrs. Ii. T. Blair during tho feasting and the another with prize offerings for Iii event was one of the most informal various event. Ine John e. Few Kepper Stevens . H. It. Adams w. H Rose. Miss Pearl Huger. E. K Phipps of the season. Be Al prizes con nue to come in it w nwk.11 mgt n y ai1unn fru Laii . W. H. Fruita . Mary o. H. Johnson. Al. C. Claybourne. J. Thorn Wagner . Wallin airs. La. F. My Loury which wus i i it i full it dec. Connell miss Nello Dickey. C. A it of Ullh Oriental v Harris . Henry heed c. U. Kemp session was held there directly after Al. C. Reed . M. C. Heed. Sydney ten Parade lasting Long enough for Captain w. Al. Briggs of the first right along. Today the committee re company presided and introduced the speakers during he banquet. Mayor c. B. Minikin was the first speaker introduced who paid a preg. Hazelton Wilson. C. A courts . Mary e. Wiley . Sam Jordan o. Angle e. Soil miss Winifred Sutsun. Alls. Of which had already Olive Seitz . Frank Williams. Mrs. Visitors ears. Riled tho. A a a a.mo�?.-. A a a k i n he. Or Hov ton s. , . Sutherland i a Stearns w. M. Barber dins. A a the bilks dining Peiu the la Cei Ved the special prize from the on r Dauber we. La. Lee. Al Johnson it in t. A. Cole. J. J. Mcnair. Mrs. Dinette. Mrs. Has. Gillette. Dies of the Eastern Star served a i shop of a pair of anlage once a Jerry b Harbour. J. Ii. Hickey has. Win. Mrs at Parsley Nis c. Swanson. Oro. Icenhower y a a Orter. Captain . Three course banquet at 7 o clock i for the prize baby at t e Lai Siow Harris Frank l. Callisen b. A a a. M n r Stevens. Arthur Wick Walter Beebe. Mrs.1 y. Herndon or. Larkus. Airs. J. La. Furnished by the special committee j. H. At gee Akej-1 a n Pec a Pulber n. Frasier. G. \ Alentine a a a a m Walter Beebe. Floyd Dickey. Mrs ,Oll f Homer. B Carter of the shrine places were Laid for to compliment to the Honor guests Prole <-6# or Eale a Walter b. Frasier. Luther e. Day a a j Werg Klorene Floyd Dickey Percy Newton. Mrs r pt., . I. Price Over 400. And mirth and Good fellow and the first company and officers j of any Breed sex Hub e. Anc. S. P q Porte. I a a. M v n Emigh a Percy Newton Lester Newton. Mrs is. R n Jan i y,.h Val i ii Low. Ship mourned to a High tension to following Hie mayor was col. George for the heaviest Rabbit of any Breed can ral Point a. E. , j. Nurer. Lucy Curry. Lester Newton. Gillette. Mrs. La a e Mcfarland. Mrs. Geo. Span fore the foal liar was Over. A. White who detailed Hie work. Enders k. Season w. C. Liver. A use Jagon Jar c. B. Ellason Gillette. Miss Gillette . A Laa huns. Ernest Spannaus. A. Sherrard. While the shrine members were. A a 1 a Jacksonville Emil Britt Chaun a a a Chancy . W. J. Moore. P. J. Her it cd i1ian, . Alice Gilmore . In evening session at the armory is Cey Florey g. H. Charmian. Fred j. A Mildred Holts , a. F. Smyth. Air. Warner. P Crowton . A. Mcclanna tho in held High Jinks Iii Iii Quot. Fuck g. A. Gardner. Bratton it. B. Or. H. S. Harrison. S. Harrison Han s nut la a. C. Booth . Masonic Hall at which time the can of i Weed Fred. Thebe j. E Mary m Badger . Mrs. X. H. Harrison. X. Ii Leo. T Parsley. Mrs. Did ales wives were also initiated into lard. A a a rat a a a a of the National guard und the Neces a or lip of a pair of dress shoes for the sity of the organization in the Conn Hest exhibit of House plants not try. While not an advocate of Mill Quot a for commercial purposes tails a col. White believes strongly the. Vaupel offers a special Iii a preparedness that will protect Quot of $2.50 for the Best display tho country against invasion. . Also spoke against the Quot yellow peril Quot w. C. Mitchell the men s Clothier which he claims is Only recognized offers a pair of Fine gloves for Hie extensively on the Weimern coast. It Best display of apples. Hon. E. V. Carter member elect of c. J. Perrine offers the prize of a tho legislative Assembly the next j Good hat for the biggest ear of Corn speaker spoke most complimentary Carson amp Fowler offer $2.r,0 for of the National guard and urged upon the Hest pumpkin Hornbrook a. Of. Horn. Redding Claude l. Crow Modoc Point a. E. Lamey. Talent a. S. Kouns. Boise. Idaho William Lyman. Supposed to he dip1 Jennie Hamer. Mrs Eugene Bailey or. Alone ii w. Loomis . W Al. A. Barton . J. Mcnair. Loomis. Nellie Hobbs air. J. W. Kist by w. By Quot re a y. Gill the mysteries . De Briggs Ell Briggs in Ner f. Nelson Henry j. Carter. M j Lote l a Illi Levi . Lier As Hie wife of a full fledged Elhart Ada Hartley . N. I. Bates afro. A. Stewart Janies Barrett a ills thriller. When the eleventh hour . H. C. Stock v. Colvig. E. . Beaver Quot a. U w Wra v Gillette captains of. L., at Ruck those in the masonic Hall apr held by Hullah Temple. Vilts came from All dilation by t in i in july 12 and has jut closed. Ton in Mary never. It e. Ditrick. Mrs. Ford air. J. E Thomas . Cd w. 0ck Kiln is e p. Hobart and Dutoi Noble and despite the shipped 23,000 crates of his product l. Schwelm . Geneva w. Allen. Long . Shuts a. O. Selby rior Fqik r r1 Jar a a a e r0w Clemont weather All worn into re Clifford Banks. A. Young . C. Jennins . E. Tomlinson . H. K. Tomlinson 0 to irined in Masse to the armory lettuce for a million. Mitchell. Mrs. T. W. Sanford t. N. Lyle Howell w. A. Patrick Archie a a in a a w Rah la a i or where dancing was carried on until Iii at i. Pueblo colo., nov. 23�?George Sanford w. Ai. Hodkinson . Million. E. A. Wood. Or. E. A a k Lowson. D. Of. A a a a Early hour. Hie Peop of Ashland this other special prizes will to rub ton beleye8 a be ju8t a am to w a Patrick. Ml.8. J. M. Thornton. I Wood. D. A. Applegate d. Patterson. Day a a a this ceremonial was Canoe. Organization in every possible Way. tomorrow and those desiring hot of or a apr a l. F. Parks. Mrs. I. Crisp. a re 1 Ort a Quot Quot in mls Hove the largest attendance of any especially in fitting up tho armory to offer prizes should notify the com. A a a a. J a a a n or. Catherine hav Olscamp. A. H. In Racht 11a i. O. A.,ing the last season which opened on ton . Fred Nell. In. E. It. Lough Shaw a. Schuerman Albu. It. Dan-,., for its Comfort and convenience of Mattce before saturday night r a a. E. F. Hourt. Or. N. G. Ping Hong which work along this line is Belnac attempted under great difficulties by the boy. Always ready to put an Auli Einice in great Good humor Quot Dick Posey Quot Road several of his delightful original poem which were enthusiastically received after which major Welch of tho adjutant general s staff and prof. I. E. Vining of Ashland gave in or Oulu talks both speaking along Hie lines of promoting the welfare of the National guard. The banquet was concluded at 8 30, but the company lingered until a late hour enjoying the hospitality of the first company boys and meeting and greeting colonel White and his staff. Medford guests at the banquet last evening were Captain Canady and lieutenant Marshall. Madame Irene Hampton Lins opened t0 Quot was Ern markets. That Many Florence Allen . Abide wads ence a. Dollarhyde r. Wardell a re a j Ujj Provost j. In Provost de delightfully Anil Are anxious to her Brilliant concert season on the c ate ure Equa j 75 000 dozen 0r Worth. J. I. Hamer. Mrs. A f. Jor . Gen Sheldon . R. E Hale August Anoil or. Orres. Miss Jessie a come . Pacific coast. This Young pianist has approximate in 900,000 Heads of let-1 Dan master w. F. Jordan Olga a. E. Snider r. P. Camphor father Hopkins w. La. Lapp w. W. Gra following is the list of the nov been showered with honors wherever Turce the Wing Crown on 20 acres Jordan Junior. Or. Sew Len . J 1 Conaty Geo. E. Mcelcar . ,e0 Bali e Conahan i. W. Loveless. Ices who wore conducted Over Hie she has appeared Iii concert on the in Lmh 1 to g Al the foot o he a Ruger my a. Eugenie Atkinson. E. Mcelcar. Mrs. Dewey Sackitt . A Brown John Hom coast. The Nave recognized1 mount along a the san l8abei Forest airs. Gray by Vaad Ahlstrom Meade Hoove her As a Renius. their re8ervation. Mrs. Mcrae. Captains . Vav. M. Mrs. A. A. Marske. Attain criticisms Are most nattering. Pang fq1. Nex crop include Poley. Mrs. A. F. Condray . R. Wanner or. W. Ii Weimer. A. The Salt Lake press said of her to go Wing of Genera tholl8and a. Duchman . C. Norton. Mrs. A. Marske. Mrs. A. A. Marske playing Quot Irene Hampton at tho i r0g a head lettuce Ano shines with particular brilliancy Iii 1 mph i ii if. J. Spaulding. Mrs. J. A g. H. Ketchum . Al. J. Fraley ninety one students in agriculture 4t-Ash of 1920 As an accompanist and she played one Solo with striking the san Francisco Herald Quot Irene Hampton was at her Best in a group of Light Brilliant pieces which Brough her Fine exquisite touch out to its fullest Madame Hampton is associated with such artists As Herbert Riley i formerly of the new York symphony orchestra at present a member of the Seattle symphony orchestra. Airs. Jane Burns head of the voice department of the Washington in Iverel i to who has recently gone to Seattle from new York where she has been coaching and studying under Hagaman of the metropolitan and Kirk towns formerly vice president of the Chicago conservatory of music now located in Seattle. Irene Hampton graduated in 1903 Ernest v. Abbott is r Junior in the schools of agriculture a member of the agricultural club and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The Junior students of the school number 91 out of the 722 registered for the fall term. For the first time in the history of tho school the class is smaller than the senior class. The from the Johnson conservatory of enrolled int for the fall term is just music Minneapolis. She then took nine times greater than the enrol up advanced coaching with Herman ment for the entire school of 1908. Cines the Prest pianist und teacher. Forty three year ago the first Coutv few Gness studied under Listz. In agriculture in the Pacific North this Young pianist is at present at West was offered by the College the head of the piano department of the first course in agriculture was the conservatory of music of puget at two year course of study today i sound Tacoma there Are sixteen divisions or depart Madame Irene Hampton has re rants in the school which give two gently completed a two years course years of major work in addition to under Madame Alma tract of this the two years required in the Basic City. A personal Pupil of be Schelzky. Or preparatory work. An Oswego Constable and one of i. W. W. Agitators Are again spread the towns councilmen engaged in a ing their propaganda in Portland Flat fight Over the arrest of the coun since the shut Down of the lumber oilman s son. Bystander bad to Mill. Part the Warrior. Lynn Quot hot an at the ceremonial last Slack c. I. J. Porter. Night u. S. Davis la. It. Faubert . Jno. Dill captains a. C. We. R. Lee. Frank Callisen Cha. Gilliland . G. A Goldy . E. Wickes Luther e. Day. Harry Marie Perrine airs. Al. F. Medfield Barbour Chester Porter Neil Frazer . Of. O. Mathes Emerson Howell. Walter Connell Lincoln Valentine. La. H. Leavitt airs. Ala Udo Al. How John w. Hickey and Clarence jul Ell r. A Lour airs. R. Mould. Ker of Dunsmuir Aaron Cooper. Mack Purcell or. F. Ii. Bebhe of Winter fair is Weed George Sable. Rodney Cal offering new prizes Vert of Grants pass Henry j. Rich the management of the Ashland unison Don j. Zuni tilt of Klamath Winter fair alms to make it Odu Falls Charles f flit in. Chiloquin cat Lonal for All classes. Lioy Are Harry w. Club Bank. Medford Elmer giving the school children of Jack j. Hobbs. Ashland Claude i. Crow con county a Chanco to earn some Redding. Individual prize and at the same time to furnish to Hie Public inter a Campaign la turek for Quot sting Aud instructive information. I children s Hohf Herk or los Are offered for essays on or. Dudley slate Campaign Letour tie following subjects or for the children s farm Home was grades three. Four Anil five an Ashland visitor yesterday and Quot Why children should drink milk poke at the drive meeting giving every conclusive evidence there is very grades six seven Aud eight a the great need of Hie Home at the present comparative value of milk us a time. He found tour children at any pull Ina Kupu county Medford Whoso parents and aunt have schools. Died and they Are left with no place Best poster or Chart showing Hie to go. Other deserving children for value of milk an a food. Lack of a proper place ure being Sioui first prize Iii Oach class $2 Oord in institutions where they do not second prize. $1.00 third prize 50c. Belong. Two sets of prizes have been pro a Vlod one be for the Rural school what is known a a John Manville children and another set for the City water proof finish is being put on schools. The Rural Quot Bool children the front of the new Ford garage will not compete with those of the tinder construction by Comrado a. City schools. Lamb on North main Street. The a total of $21 will go to tho school front of the main building has been children of Jackson county. J. and presents a handsome Ferguson and i a Fuller have each appearance allowing in a measure agreed to give $5 to to applied on some idea of what the new building there prize. Will look like when completed. This lecture along the bae of Poul 1. Tho Only building of the kind Iii try Dairying. Gardening Horti Cul Ashland. The workmen Are engaged Tura and Home economic Ara being today in putting in the new Cement arranged walk in front of the garage

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