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Ashland Weekly Tidings (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ashland, OregonPa� two Ashland weekly turns june 23, 1020 established 1876 Ivy Bank Back the playgrounds Hern reached that a Alvo at a Well h. Hotel unit has Only been it pro s 1,1� i it entirely boy work Anil managed sunday school in More Arrea about la run Day the Ventuno gird Are wanted Here the practical value to u Community puny sent in order 50. Chrlou circuit Ronert court Little lady Liu e brought their toy than a Church moribund in a very yesterday to Grants in Aea. And from p. Hoy Davis. Clr. Court bushed Koerv we tawdry f Chhov. L. And put in Hullon it it Milf. T u rent indication will be Kepi 1,1 a a a Quot Ashland i Rini ing he a mules digging up the Bank kit bus tear had i. A filling Odets Carton Publ thed every the Ilert it Lineer _ Quot Matt minutes digging up the Bauk Hev a ditto re put Ivy Shinota. Which is Smith Milestone and prof. Till the Mineral Witter the travel will make that pan the Park More , and but Are sen Dir Public a thing Beauty when the Giren i tent and Happy being. In connection with tin bottling t d i it Tai. Tits Ivd county Ihling it re in Gnu impki4 Telephone to Man Aomen lie in Llie out met pin Lala a lit it s a fill a d loan have taken advantage in Oregon i mrs. Homewood s invitation to t Ashleys j. To Mccoy room in the Karlow Block East in Tom Tull where Lith in Tratar All leave limit Buida in her car National Bank ural a x a Idle they attend to it Clr shop Smith the citizens Trank Art a my a Rati ill inf. My lie us. I inner i a Nickel till w ii Publ ilm Ripton rates line year. .1,0 hit month. A a 1 1 tits a month ."5 advertising a teh it. A i a y advertisement. Each Inch. 30r local header the Quot line10c Nuie Quot Quot 1 ,.ls in world Quot my. Ilo Mwood were chosen Lor the coming year a a Lre. In connection with Lutc the lib a rare end ale enter to attend let la Quot unt tual Conven 1-Pnnca protract aim Wilt tie lamer by sate Lutill mid hit it Hon the Oregon blinkers which Quot -4s-k�?T a a Ltd Quot a a the travelling trillion Ger a Hie Mother j Fine Eon it scission in that Ralty flite i bloc Utill inure air who can place rest. Week the lain Day the con Ltd it i re a in Rutm. Of the water to Bland. A. The Brut children a Niton the following officer very Uway with lir Muf they so Lime to remarked yesterday. Quot i love then. President. N. It. Carpet Cdr id i-1� us bin , manager Sll it Jav Well a f Lorn Fol. Hartman and Thompson Lorl Quot will Nilvio arrange Eom Htun notice., each lice. F Ard. Of thu tier it 00 Park and not Porterie delighted land vice president. William <1 a a us it a a a Quot with fruit juice Wholl Obi Lukanev. The him. So Quot Quot i. Work i Only Hope a it a raft the. Pink National a link Quot in make and be enl fraternal eiders and societies ample upper wino wami the Riedford Secretary. J. Llari rib a Triukas. Barging regular initiation feel Riby it doing them in proved Man. Of Hartman and Thompson. 1 1 my Lili did lining place Elmir Portland treasurer. Floyd birr department ii stick Bailiff. 18.90 f. Roy Darla. Clr. Court 1 reporter. 35.00 Che Adams. Clr. Court witness. 4.90 h. Becker Clr. Court witness. 5.30, Jet. Brownlee Clr. Court willies. 6 i j x Currie. Clr. Court witness 3.09 Home tel. 4t tel. Co. April Telephone Bills 4.10 a a. Hooker. Clr. Court witness.6.60 i Kugler. Clr. Court witness. S.39 Roy Kaiser. Clr. Court. 3.50 Aalto Mcintyre. Cir. Court wit Ness. 3.90 Shade. Clr. Court witness. 6.30 11. Ii Sears. Clr. Court witness. 5.89 g. To Timothy Clr. Court witness. 4.00 j w Wakefield. Clr. Court witness. A 3.00 total. 8195.80 work sch. Input. 0. A. Ager Institute a spent. A. W. Ager. Slump office. Frankel Carbon Hebbon mfg. Co. Sch. Supt. Office Tup idles. Home tel. A tel. Co. April Telephone Bill. Jacksonville Pott. My. A up office supplier. Medford Book store sch. Supt. Office supplies. Medford piloting ait., eco. Supt. Office printing. 1.ewie i a Ralrh. Slumped envelopes sch. Sup. 41.76 37.16 24. i regular indigent. Carrie e. Miller Rognar indigent. Mrs. J. A. Myers regular indigent. Amelia Mayfield regular indigent. 3.0 1 Margaret Noble regular indigent. 4.26 Doc. Parsons regular indigent. 4.16 mrs. A. Buie regular indigent. Nancy Sage More re Gull 66 Lar indulge it. V ii so Lull. Regular indigent. 6.60 Kline Slover regular indigent. 5 63 t. D. Stafford regular iii doge us. Total1 409.68 mrs. L. Sch Efflin. Regu 3.00 10.00 Orale. Call 390 it. Are phone 406 y. 100-i notice appointment s 00 a a Enoch Tosh and to Phi a Kent it i aim 17.60 10.00 fruit Offler. Iurii notify ui�a1 lit a a a a a 11,.m,vii ii . Us Ihu i the Kirk nut Onul hunk w jus Liiv court a. his Kaka la adv san Bishu Bolh Rumon. wll to it Chat Vaj at lbs Iff along Rale All Silver a a a a it amural hot it Are perfect i male Lon. Using an a who Mii a by Safe Imre and Are having the Lime their Young had i reused to 271. Including red clue urn High rest bring 155 state Hanks. 94 National miss mar Stewner. Represent Lungi to be Volt Hanks. 1 reopen re Bank and 20 old women air Tivitt in lire Rami it Nanlal re Man let. It Showell up in Llie Dpi Uttmi jne. Toll Tuor. It Lake. Eulern at the Ashland. Riegor. A in Toff re a. A a lid a mail i Viente Man matter lit Quot Louii with Mesa fees n v Rcpt. Justice Smirl witness fees. A a a t a t a i a i a s s a a i s edit i. Lett Kil to fills Ashland Ore inn. I. Jojo in a Iris ring care the a Erre tary s report showed Hui us the Par i the Llma the Assoc Sutlon mrm Hershly women the country As a help in to. W. Hourly. Justice court tes. Claud Howard. Justice Ronert witness tees a. J. Kenney Justice court witness fees. O. M. Murphy. Justice court witness tees. Nick Diman. Justice court Wilney a fees. Tim. Hose Berry. Justice a ourt witness foes. I. P. Unil Gren. The Man win Ras Pickerl up yesterday in an up also that the past 13 months have lie outlined the following Quot Dos Quot Patent demented condition a nil been the most Active in the ills and Quot Donov before an audience taken to a local Hospital became Lory the organisation a Large Karr Pimenio women a wild last night and chief Flat comr a Fri ita work being i running la Quot Latte re. Railed to Lake him to Jack Down forgery cases. I Hus 1. Hun the Home an an Cfall Uville chief Hatcher had tel brought about the about ency Busk using a budget a is a 1 a a Jaeth hid you Eter rare ring graphed to the chief police in a a Torgers through the protective tem. Onto a Rii Tov a a hmm Ummi to it Francisco a bom fun Dong the Colre in to open lion with a 3. Haw the courage your court exp Naeg. A i in Here and this morning to ill. Anil detectives and secured own conviction it Vou Pun t Tyler Justice a lust Ink Lenva conferences tout Wrt it can never b. Auhl but a a me wage stating undo no the return nearly $7�0 la Slot a told Roinel Holtig. A it so. A dream la most us ii i a i inured his Skull in an frito Money during the Post year a stale slogan. Uti bul if we annul a a by i Mobile occident six year. To. Ii a received and disbursed Boul till b 1 a a come to us Boru Dement vol at Lime and to ally can. It be sunt it , Huil a be 3. 4. Defy Llie Sajle Umeki is. Pull together. Fleet a ills Seaside was Clausen us the place Tun re airman Here. Ave a med a nip All out Morlon Hostal hut let , Day meeting tor rhe .eu.h an. Pull together elect a dig a vii last year with mis. Helen i.,.t�,no.,. Tip in. Joseph a a Merer. Jul Mitt court expense i. A. Timothy Constuble i Whillock. Justice Liness fees. J James e. Avison. Justice witness fees Wii year with mis. Helen tie fore in operation was in have Eon Vellon in 1921. I Ailton right from North Flold been Pru formed non Blu. Lir _ a. I my to had a Delight . ,.llw old lev it a i hag a. Miners and Kurt Ikuls Day ii Tiki Winnem fee. When tin. Sun rises saturday. Ful Timo. Known relative. A Sun fran i. Year we Waul u Hundred Vlku physician also wired chief Lull 1 us a u Quot Quot a confers Uci Hatcher that if the latter in so re july 3. The Early usent in tut it will he known .,11 up and a a will come to Ashland Afler the a Chi wonder shul Brand that was a town it. Lucite 1 Oast. Unit Rinato Man. In Dan a has a hey look the last round the a i iat to Titre. til til plan Money in Halo to Seshion. Und society Culi Aret. Them will at a 11 a blend Uyon cams apparently Coni Formbly off. I tar us in Der big department is ii.,11. Mil to his Only trouble being the Hall store no hut Leni Ronec lottery. I. And and tent re nation that to is he lift pursued nil Hurt Rover millinery a a do it. Will to vns.1 any i parties brought by ills no iii in than at Home Coli sly rodent. You ran tub Quot meal at Horii Quot but i i i tub Teal i Minim kit . I it total Kli Erill a office Lio in Van s billiard parlor. Instead a 1 there will have been moved in during the dark hours the night such Joinis As Quot shoot a in up idol ileitis i Riel Chu Limu Here. 6. Trunk a i original ideas i saving Money and pus them . I u preach the doctrine at pie living in liven example und a a Quot Sherlita a salary Irr i1 Orient. 7 Kei ii ire cell Alren log Hace in the lev Poti old Lily Humo making. 9. Slop look lit us. Save. 9. Practice Ike Christian virtue. Of a Colli Rol Olid a i Shucri 1.00 1.10 i rj.36 1.00 6.30 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.30 36.00 3.20 4.10 1.00 1 in 1.60 e. K. Outrun. Fruit in Spector s salary. 150.50 h. T. Pankey. Fruit in Spector s salary. 157.60 j a. Matin cutting blight 22.50 Fred Medran cutting blight. 22.50 fled Stevens cutting blight. 16.00 c. E. Smith cutting blight. 22.50 Luther. Stancliff. Cutting. Blight. Foo total8 399.59 assessor s i flee. J ii Coleman assessor s salary. 125.00 Jas. M. Conn Emilier Deputy assessor s salary. 110.00 Menlo Hanscam. Deputy assessor s salary. 68. a. E. Coleman Deputy Sessor s salary. 76.00 8. Aiken. Held Deputy assessor s salary 60.00 e p. Chandler. Held Deputy assessor s salary. 60.00 h. P. Campbell Field Deputy assessor s salary. 104.00 a c. Herring Field Deputy assessor s sul. Ary. 60.00 k. A Hildreth. Orfield Deputy assessor s Sal Lar indigent Alex a iday regular indigent. Annie Watkins regular indigent. 7. Wolgamott regular indigent. Huu Galow store Ludl gent supplies. E. O. Faber indigent supplies. Furs grocery co. Indigent suppl los. Foul grocery co. Indigent supplies. I comls a Nelson indigent supplies. ramps indigent supplies. . Sawyer. Indigent expense. Sacred heart Hospital indigent cd punt. ,., b p. Thess k co. Indigent supplies. Lewis Ulrich. Indigent supplies. Alice Ulrich rent indigent. Jim. M. Williams ads. Tor indigent. . Farrell Money advanced indigent. Sacred heart Hospital. Indigent expense. To the county court in and the county Jackson slum Oregon. 8 00 in the Milter the estate Frank ii. Carter. Decess Erl. 10.00 notice 18 a Khiav Given that the no will and Testi 10.00 meal the said Frank ii car tor deceased has proven la 15.00 Abl court Hel Are the Hon. J. A. Carlner county judge Neil Ilia 10.00 undersigned Bare been appointed us executing thereof 7.00 Aliy person having a Culm against mild i slide is hereby re 6.00 ital Rel Loprestl the name duly verified id Hie office Briggs 8.0iauud Briggs Korneys Lor Snail estate in the Pioneer blog a. In the City Ashland sold county and stale within six Mouths front the Date the first pub Udemi Hereof. Dido first Pulilli Vallun Juno 23. I �2d. Henry b. it. Carter. E. V. Carter. Executors. 10.25 Avkly-102-41 10.00 9.00 50.00 s.00 15.00 10 Oil 10.00 8.63 notice i hearing in Finai. Act hint total 785.54 Carr poor at poor farm. Uty. 110 00 then. J. Malmgren 73 15 to in ii monday Lite directory and members Quot lied dog resort Quot Quot list chsncr1 a that Way. Quot not Luini nut. One big by girl under the o.,-n Tkv. A in anti a Raul club will hold n drink Quot no lungs chop it in Apple Cist Fiir evil lit meeting at the hotel Austin Quot hair trigger end your own sail More and makes a the Yoou Hutto monday Tiue Quot Frev Roll bed Vou real it Quot the late and it us Hoffrt Arent you going i aiu. Your Deini. An to Lull. Pete s hums1.&Quot Halte Hea Terv Quot at in Dria i . Iii i i Ink i la a hit . i i Herr is the latest Presern Plumi Phosti it exec. 21. The partly liar Tuple tor ills Quot popular Lizzie a Russion at ibis Lime will lie the Quot three metered Joe s housing problem particularly Quot Kneser nil in Oil cd inc nuts i in guests and so Feitli. Win desire to spend a vacation in shill gum hoots Shinil Lemd in Ash Puiul. It is impede pants und lilith Tup socks and Hull a practical plan May lie do slur a. Long who Keu Etc. Will in seen instead while collars a hoes numerous ripped tor Orion any Mai Tibor tin club my and polished take i. Nduroobili.�?1111 it attend this it Lizhi Oli. And to is slept try sheriffs will lie hand with go and Lake lung fast Nam a to have i lit a Ruuti Illie to instill bullied infractions r in Lar intervals at each it Quot Quot Law the Duy Quot Whir i will i hat Imduk plug is one us the v. Blah Tuple ii Pieciul interest la set Forth in by Linest ton Lis exercise tor the no in discussed. The Ibum the Camp. List Quot Donov i kor log a Intel movie neut boost. Quot. every Dollar As Annii As it is earned. A. Run ill did. 4 Foj Rollfs desire tor Vituj sin w 5 Lin Piil Ivel discard Ellb Lnu Patch Len a Ami them. A. Lii Orv unav craps fetal utilize ill seat d he Gai Hagn pail. 7 bal More than three times Dolly Leo i. Howard Deputy sheriffs salary. Fima Thompson Deputy sheriff s salary. Glen Terrill. Deputy sheriffs salary. Ted pin Terrill Deputy Nice Roll s salary. Hate tel Herne Deputy sheriff s salary. V a Wihton. Work in Herd i office. Allen i. Curry work in he Milfs office. L. Farlow. Work in do Riff s office. Ii. Till till tel. Co. E. \. Longley Field Deputy assessor s salary. J t. Little Field Deputy Asesor s salary w. Moore Field Deputy assessor s salary. J p. In und Lelon Field Deputy assessor t salary. 208.83 Jay Terrill Field Deputy assessor s salary. a f. Walker Field Deputy assessor e salary. 110. Ahlund tidings printing. Has Saor g Soltice. Lolt. j. B. Coleman assessor s travelling expense. S3 00 Home tel k tel. Co. Assessor s tel. Hill april 77 50 Medford printing Ltd it. Printing assessor s tire. 68.00 51.00 total. Old it i Yin if if in i iii a in i Odu it _ to v hoi iii a Siut in Tulliu by told a Akk us Lilly i to mtg a i i ortrud Mott to Init re not Stltt in Milru to i Imp is nil court Pii nil ill Yuit Hewri Krilor i to to iii Joti Holn. I Tiki ii to iii yesterday Nlle Nonit u caravan ism Tutor most the bulness Ini ii motor 1 us in tin Light Quot i wagons almost every known i a pc Llacera and hit Quot big one a at rim at All but now the the design and drawn by horses passed a a a a i Wii it w,0 Lavt Lwon la. "t.?Tksonvtlle Pust scr in v office supplies. Liberty taxi sheriff s travelling expense. Medford Book store. Sheriff s Offlee supplies. Milf old thin Liik co. Printing sheriffs lice. Postal tale Grapoli co., it a a. A a str st at Llie iii Ioenel sheriffs i Hgt ust. 8 Liny material a Cutie it i j. Edw Mboi Ilton. De it Heap rotis Lder it . A rev sheriff hire. In regard work . Ook Sod Quot Quot riffs office. A keeper . Low Art tor ii Irir Irh. Sheriffs exit. Of the Fino arts. Peute. Western Union tel. Co. Sheriffs telegrams. E. Terrill sheriff s travelling expense. Willow s pensions. 4f. No Ernestine Austin widows pc Nalou. April tel. For Sherlf s 1 4 30 Effle Merle Baer widow s pension. 1.00 Orphus Bells widow s 1 their own Way so Long will have in walk 10 line talk one the automobile As a health through Ashland going Over in form exercise is lining and Highway und Creul cd much Attu in _ phys Irwin every lion in this Day extensive us inv. V Here. in Wal bringing up the Gamester Row will ii is the muscle in arms rear the caravan was a Coupe lie wide open with the sky the limit. Another Saay Meiji eos Joseph Iivo the Twenty fifth Sawmill Sephline county in now in pro it ess roi Isirdo icon Urot is Ilig Hullt i Kelt Creek hear Merlin. This Mill in he 15,110� capacity is being elected in f. F. S Rhel Leomi g. Formerly pension 6,00 mrs. J. H. Byerly who Ovri a pension. Goldie Boyer 85.76 s us Loti. Minnie a Parilman. Old ewes pension. 92.60 Rebecca a. Clary. Widow a Pei Union. 2.12 Susie Coy widow s pension. 5.iiu Ella May faille widow s pension. 7.70 aunt Laura Corom widow s pension. 30 Mao . Widow s pension. 8.511 my Darla. Widow s it ohm. 1.68 Natl be Green widow a pension. 1.32 Mary b. Ill Ggles. Widow s pension co. Physician s salary 130,09 a. N. Well slept. Co. Farm salary. �?�72.09 de banns. Co. Farm supplies. 1 �0 no Burdwell fruit co., co farm supplies. Cal. Ore. Power co., lights. Co Hospital. Albert Crane nursing at co. Faun. Clint Carey plants county farm. N a. Clark. Co. Form supplies. Fouls grocery co., co. Farm supplies. Leon u Hankins co. Farm supplies. a Amsden co. Arm supplies. 305.011 Hubbard Bros. Co. Farm supplies. .11807 u0 Monarch heed feed co. Co. Farm Nup ship pairs. 17.50 Medford . K Blilwe co., in farm supplies 25 00 a Lily oat mini labor co. Fur Irr. 1u 00 Pacific tel. A a tel. Co. To Lephie co., farm., 20. 10 Joshua Patterson. Co. Arm expense. 20 no . T. T. Shaw dental services co. Farm expense Oriu Wakefield labor at 15.00 co. In . A. N. Wells i Ravel i in 15 00 expense a n. Wells. Co. Farm expense. In the Deltor the estate eau iii ii Fuller. Deceased notice is hereby Given. 85.71 that the exec Utu the above i a tilled Estille Lias filed with the 14.00 clerk court his final account la the Mailer Hie and 8.00 ministration in enl Trad the Hon. G. A. Gardner. Judge lit the 12.00 county court in Ami the county Jackson. Stale Lar 10.00 ngon has designated july 17, 1920. At 10 clock a. It Llie 15.00 courthouse in Jacksonville said county us the Linte and place 188 65 Ike hearing us any objections thereto. Any person having objection to the allowance and approval said account must present the same 83.33 0,1 before the time designated tor said hearing. James e Fuller executor. Dally 247-lt Yakly 10201 85.00 100.00 70.09 75.09 25 09 3.00 125.0h 11 85 3 25 9.52 to 1.00 21.75 6.94 1.42 ii 09 1.2 1.iia id. On a i 68 cd a 01 2.5h notice notice is hereby Given that the Pompadour Mineral Springs company is the owner u Trade Murk tiled Lor registry i Lull with the Secretary state Egrin described its a a Metal Cork Cirata Ning a Sunburst to Quot sign within to Currle with the word Lithia across said design together with the Wold Quot Ashland immediately above the design nil the word Waters immediately below. Said design and dial Aid train Mark is in be All therl to the Liol ii Quot Coila tiling the As Lunil water and the packing Rase and printed Matte used in connection therewith Aud also to All by products the Ashland users log Quot the a with cares and Pii Olling matter relating Abe Reo. The Pompa Doi u Mineral Springs company. Asl Bluml Oregon june 15th, 1920 101-lt 3.5ll 8. total .1198.20 Lar Flo heat. Widow sit a i i Quot ii to in in inv together with the Quot the a Lieut till Vintage the Early 70s. Good prizes tor the Wynn try and and no Dometri. That pre eminently perhaps which tvs at one Lime nil a liner. Here is the Nemo elegance but today found Muter development and Eie ates derision its appearance Gnina can in bought it the in Tab Bonesi. And it in precisely the sight the caravan Wing ,.r, go a Nugget Bank. This we Quot Rel a oko Gate some clerk a Tiro. F Htiu Coy Florin a. Co. Clerk s salary. Mildred. Nell Deputy clerk s salary. Francos Nell Deputy clerk s salary. To. Quot the Quot wherewith special Minera. Quot Burgh. A. Ii ,ert0 Ferre. Deputy it Vioney with which to Plav the Quot a &,� infant clerk s salary. I. Fly Quot Quot to a a Der mining Dell la Steven Deputy Clork i huli ii Clark Deputy iii that iii. A tearing wheel canal a tech Long m0bey it u. A a the Alpers i 1��?T a Quot a work a salary. The Auton Rohller my come to Hie s to Many a peed mad people my Agger dunce Hull Lor eat�.,1 Quot Quot Tescue this City. Are we coming to i Lile the Trad line the a reentry they wonder la the shortage wheel end the Quot re ratio the gasoline gear shift and Brake levers give drink and anything else tor Sale iii it is a i a i her an old timers plug to Gly Parade will break out Oil lira Atzert a hiding some there four Bun Cru co Medo Niew. Work in Jirl thou Hind foot it Oak. Curko a offer a. Blu Cree vein work in huh Pitk iii my a a Elerk a a a Grace Lydia no. Work in clerk s office. A haul i clock and wind up at i h h time Ether few there wun a i intr la voting Gal tiring it 23a Hie drive Eliut a Slier a mild hut hrs a Tell Burtlon which involve Par locally All the muscle the arms heat and Ulualo Mali by driving a it 4> 5o average american to ii he Arm and toil re Reiver a when prof. It g. Billmore pull Isi Tieu a Quot Quot a add win Johnson not a Krai rebounds intr Colv to the re a i Hwy recon toni ii. Mule a url Quot air sunday school Nasoe Zalloni Uhi Lio often valve to lean Rols Estive apparatus and a "1&Quot i"1 Quot a 10 re a a he a a a a i Brunt i Quot Xou . A company and one in noun. _ Combine this with the Art that Job Sou a a Forte in Quot nuke Ibe motor a he a he in Mil la the a Quot a Good Quot a a Leader the adult open air and Jou Bate a lorm Pic a but Lerion sunday pc Mil la a Matcine that 1� turd to nou p the business men Uro going in get Hie Pii it the limes and while this coat us la to to Lively and Mirthful yet it is arranged in Havo it so conducted 04 Ell to t it it a air. Aud mrs. Dim a Rodlun. The Edna Barr Medford couple who left Here month ago alter. It a alleged they had a and a number in work clerk s office. adding machine co. Ribbon Lor clerk s office. U is going to he. A Ira. Dingo Dav Quot a 1 it Hirw Rural it a in Flore Stamps Ine chants to he nui Init Alai i a lace. 500 in Medford Rad who a Era a re Quot hdm Quot a clerk s office supplies capture re Greeley Colorado. On tel. K tel co. Olid brought Buck tor trial. April Telephone hill., at their preliminary hear interurban Auto car co. Ing late monday in judg. For Tsvor a court waived a Book a Ore. Clerk s Oftle supplies pension dully love widow s pen 1 us go Sion. Altu Oatman. Widows pension. Mary p. Price widow s pension. Iti Isa a. Peffly. Widow s pension. Retha. Klc Hurdmun. Widow s pension. Rosa Ann Robbins widow s pension. Sarah a summer widows pension. Laura e. Stewart wid ii in new Quot,6n,. 8evey, we Down pension. Rose. Singler widow s pension. Addle w. Hhaux. Widow s pension. Ethel a. To Besart. Old 111 01 88.90 82.50 77.90 71.50 a 70.9u 7u.00 42 00 30.90 17.50 10.00 25.00 10.00 25.00, 10.00 10.00 32.50 15.00 32.5025 00 n41ti4 e to i re Ditollo lit the Crumly court the stale Oregon Taeksoo county. It the matter the estate Ira j. Hobart. Deceased. Notice is hereby Given that lira 13.12 Umler signed a. To lint. Has a been ii pointed total,.l 428.1 7 ill Quot Curiale Ini j. In Quirt do court Hiim even. Conseil. By the county Nuutt j. A Norris. Janitor s salary. Cal ire. Power co., lights court House total jail. A a. Norris. Jailor s salary. Cal. Ore. Power co lights Lor jail. Fie May Terrill meal la in hrs. Jun. M. Williams jail supplies. Tin Stule Oregon Lor Jackson 59,00 county Trail has qualified All persons having claims against s.51 raid refute Are hereby notified to present the same duly a knowl 58.51 Quot died As by Law required to the undersigned Elva a. Ilu Hurt. Ashland Oregon. Within six 59 1 0 month rom the Date Hereof. Dated Anil first published this 7 no i Gilt Day june 16. 1929 Elya a hd1iart 39.15 14 0-it administer matrix. A. Notice appointment executrix and to pub 10.00 total 101 to. Juvenile court. Elva a. Hobart juvenile expense. 69. advertising k co. Priming. Ashland printing co. 3 a print . Not ire 19.20 Ashland printing co. County printing. 12.80 Medford printing co. Printing notices. Milt Oral printing co. County printing. 7 90 1.90 20.00 30.00 12 40 a s pension. Sarah awake Man. Widow s pension. Mrs. Prescott widow s let Ensign. 22.50 17.60 40.00 15.00 15.00. 22.60 17.50 44 paving progresses 44el. 8,1,1 w Quot bound Over to to .25 it4 a 4 a i has reports i rom t he Schell cat vert a ted jury under �u00 Ball each Medford printing co known and Rorre elated in Ltd tract the Pacific Highway the alleged Ira a Tell Rad co Quot Quot a i lurch Circle but the fact that tel ecu Gold Olill Ami Savage 01 District attorney Roben rams clerk a ii a ii a old Chirke 4b Juit i 1.1 lit iii my i Lala thief Llu taylu4 Dio main Rufil Ludwic. Southern i us Lilc to. Sam attic a to info my it yarn. Of Iho stuff it it to Irr Mizii Evi re a a a a. A j a i a ill Quot he Huny Sunda Nlle fun Ohi it. The Tinnil Emmr in to Lii it Imam Kim n it Jooi in Blu did a Hll. Of which courier. The pan a no in com a Hurld Init the a a i a i i us Lxi the pork j Rifg Aig. To in flu which Chr f. F Uci the a ii Dufoy in a a t a vhf .ik huns i not my Quot i the. Thai let a a. La Ilar mph cd. 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