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Ashland Weekly Tidings (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ashland, OregonI age two Ashland weekly tidings wednesday Juno 2 1, 1020 i ii i ii ii to i Ivy Well Long fl66my Llo Filfli is boys work managed sunday school is More established 1s76 no girls Are wanted Here. The practical value to Community published every wednesday by the Ashland printing a Liebau Johns was cached Bert. Greer has i Coull Tine year paper. j Kates six Htee "5 Kates each Inch 30c Ore., Erer mime that out am. Bank Back of the been reached that live and the Only pro. This entirely and of utile lads their toy than Church i ,,u Mil of " h Fathree order Cartons pass i by of editor and getting out Ivy shoots which his 86th Milestone prof. Gil 1 lie Mineral water for the travel Ami hint Nan of the More 81st. And both Are sen Public. Ii thine of Beauty when the Green tint and Happy beings. connection with the bottling c Jedi " " wll Liess official City and things Mart to grow. Plant company leased a a car Telephone us Ischii Tion months 1 i months advertising ii i s ii a v adv i to Seijiu matter. $ j ills summer Nort Ifield playgrounds. A bottling a moribund i. Relation orders 1 cock to Carrle Many women from the outskirts Rno Sifrois year Ulp Ciu of Ziock Cusi witness of town taken advantage of Hanks Greet the Pliza Home & co., mrs. Homewood s invitation to Cashiers j. W. Mccoy of the Fountain Lithia water All leave babies her care a National Bank and v. l e son can May be Oil while they attend their shops ii ii of the citizens Bank Are 1"""1 h Nickel. Liis will . Kugle Cir. . These Cli Ihl i ii ill Ven i., r.,m Alio thin i Imp h no urged advert Seine witness the care and Are enter attending the annual and will be " a itis i Tir 001" t Laired by Sal hands this of the Oregon which 1 m to the travelling m join Tyre Cir court Killion gives a Fine was session that City this l "1 1 and who can Placta we Sefl rest a ppm the last Ilav of the con Cartons of the to . Shade Cir. Court local headers line me witness the Best with if the has c,1ii--, Ashland the following officers i ii . Rii i 111 mrs. Homewood chosen for the connection with to Lej time. Were year witness. Legal notices each Lime remarked yesterday. I love them i resident. V. Carpenter Foll 1"1 11 Lillia water manager Foj 0 Timothy court line if la c As Well As i love this Slartman und Thompson port Ivy wm1 is arrange con Bilna j witness curds of thanks $100 1 Kirk. And am perfectly delighted us William 0. Lei a " m " a Nice , the my worn i nope Asci Tail the first National Hank fraternal orders and societies people appreciate what the of Medford Secretary j. L. Hart " drinks. Charging regular initiation Lees Futy is doing for them provid noun of Hartman and Thompson and dues Rales. Ans Luce f., 1 treasurer Floyd Rice department of Justice religious and benevolent societies j d Ion s entertain neut they of the first National Hank of speaker advises women will i g cil1 full sol 1116 e ii 111 i Impi for nil Silver 1 0 assured they Are feet Pendleton. Sacramento. Urging cure Lising when Mauiu t9on u inc my my uie me s report snowed ii pan of Ines Collit witness fees. Collection is taken. Time Young hat the association membership1 of the a help g. W. Coudy Justice the ,l llcre9e,i 271. Include reducing the of living court fes pos Toffee second class mail i Max 155 state Hanks. 94 National miss Mary Stewart Presentine 4. J $ going Whereto for Banks 2 Reserve Banks 2fl oth women s i lie Cam l. P. Lyndgren the Man of companies. Showed pain of the Dopa tact of Jih people s fori m v Vas up a also that the past 12 months have Tice outlined the following Dos lie to demented condition been the most Active the his and dont a before Lettell to Ashland. Lime is li2. I ci.of girls did you dream of to Way. Today his l Hiko been brought every opposite As of product water j i. As Ashland. Called and activities who financial audience taken a local Hospital became tory of a huge of Sacramento wild last night and chief Hatcher kit of its being the Lii a was called to take him to Jack Dow forgery cases. has Hatcher had Tel brought about the arrest about graphed Tho chief of police 20 forgers the protective basis pan Francisco about finding Fri vice with Slier 2. Have of your Luke Geneva conferences of and this morning and detectives and secured own convictions if you can can never he aught but Ive i message stating Lindgren do return of nearly Stol l Ford something Sav so. Adopt a dream must of us ail Fra ured his Skull a f Money. During past year state slogan. Us. Urn i Luis my " Molle Accident six years ago has received and disbursed about 3 l Otha Northfield come to us Jam Ltd been demented times. $3100. N a 4 Dis us 11 eau u Aiu 11. To had been since. T Seaside was chosen us the place tilt chairman Here. N e started a girls Camp All Morton Hospital but left the Day our of meeting for the sixteenth 4. Vuu together. A Dis own year with miss Helen before operation was to have Nua convention Rirl Cli arinian her Carlton right from Northfield for been performed upon 1,1m. Tho b. Up original ideas Fordi ichor and we had a Delight pc Nice Batch Long dam has 110 mixers and loggers l Tvan c Money Al me known Day Kohl . A san fran i each the doctrine of this year we want a cifc0 physician also wired when the Sun rises saturday la exam e Ulm and fuck. A Good conference Hatcher that if the latter desires july 3, the Early Ribers ,., cadent. ,. u ill hit Kline nil nil m i a. I i. Will come l0 i " worm Wanai Grauu ii ii was 7 ,,.n ,.1,11,1., of i Iionno the coast. Unfortunate Man. Lindgren has and what More Beautiful place Money Hla Possession und Lin our own Uhland seems apparently comfortably off Anu tiie Cost is so Small Only $1. 00 his Only being the Hallu-1. Cister and rots and citation that hols Beling pursued . Will not Cost any brought by his acini than Home. Of course rident. I can meals Home but Vul i mis Luu of the Tun of real commercial a going camping just to to one big fam has life. to he Tion to Cost to to this Sim tent a exch Tho of girls under the open sky urn comic Ercul club will hold makes you appreciate friends life meeting hotel Austin Dur i and your self More and makes Wjk the noon hour monday june you realize of life and 21. Particular topic Dis Why you Are Here Auer Aren you going i your Friend a old Giitl. Al lilt lying held file physical. Viiu m of tourists orders Beautiful organization women running through the think cell ii monday directors and members of Fly own the for to this time will he he housing problem particularly As for ii Melato a Coupe a round the .1. .1 up Aiumu g Stop think no confectionery 110 Irwin s moved the hours night shoot up dog resort chm ice drink parlor Trigg Pete s bed popular Mattery " Joe s loggers so Al testing Siiner guests and Forth desire to spend a vacation gum boots i vol i . pants and Tup socks and a practical be whiskers etc., will loped action. Seen physical member of Tho club May and polished numerous take one automobile fill attend this luncheon and is Deputy will to hand with and Lake a Long planned to have continue to infractions of every Day. intervals each of the Law of the will i hut motoring is one of tiie v. topics special he set proclamation by for May to discussed. The Ross the Camp. Man and woman is somewhat startling Hypoth Are we i oing to Sis say i Laud dealers. Revert to this persons do not consider drive yesterday afternoon ing of a motor car the Light of of of known cabaret. Exercise by Wicnty Ritt h for automobile a through Ashland Josephine now Ful form of is and Highway and utter by physicians every this Day of extensive bringing up is the Muscles of arms rear of they store have joints red Short High plan Long Whatu collars shoes. These insure Day which Forth finest the most caravan being there ii tiers and ecu will All und citizen afford Tho for. The and Hie and drawn horses hav health going Over Tion travel. Caravan no red that list Ime open sky together those the Chest the Early 70s, of a fur . Winnin s i Burgh hell is Here Money which underdevelopment creates Delilia flab lioness. No 1 caravan wag 1 0, Bank. I. That fleeing caused a pm by Tju be Good the May come tiie loggers dunce ends this Are this drinks and for Sale steering hey wonder there. V Anu Ine old shifts and give will break out the by rets mild i Isleno no Lynn la a Nihil involves practically All t04.ktiii-. Inv arms Chest and Abdo companionable am 2s.3iikir. Dining car arms and Torso receive " u Couie of Cali Theu ""1 1 reverend win. Johnson Luel mothers troubl0 took last society will no Hargroves millinery billiard parlor. Instead been during dark of such As Dobbins joint lungs Roost free Roll House Lizzie s Exchange and shirts Discan period Ashland. Be of sheriffs fast j limited regular of interest of exercise of average drink wagons almost created Toni Obile instead f Nurt sit Day preserve and Deal will most of business officers big ones passed exercise one c by. Gamester will with limit of of Vintage of Iris nun minimally appearance is he of 0s Nugget this Ere feeling of apprehend 1 automobile to to Speed a d people Hull City. We anything of operation Rado i d ,11" 50 ill a i a 1 o clock and third the going the spirit times und Whilo occasion the , 8chno1 heart a vol l svs thin. A company none. Ing Combine this the fad Joi Mibus b efforts Mak Highway paying Motorist has been a Leader adult progresses Well Midi and you have a form presbyterian sunday school class hard known and appreciated Tantra Pacific m has ii d Paik ,1 with the ii have for Sil the he of ground.,. Children and Sprague 1 business of this is to wac digestive to is As of to ii i of c and the conclusion about Days puny sent of 50. To cranial and from indications will kept i filling of and o. Mid if i ,1 l.niiro Iionia As As picked and the work the 1. Run the a Fol budget the courage Here $700 to the defy pull last 1921.usa chief Iris .1 to the responsibility of lie uc.s look there last is May forms every much dudes to so 9. Practice the Vir tues of and of dont a 1. Kmick movement boost. 2. Spend every As As ". Run debit. 4. Desire vain Shew. 5. Impulsively discard clothing and Wear i. New of no the for Gas the hut Row for met 49 the Tuluii Pel old garbage pail. 7. Eat than times daily. X. Liny what not need the moment. Another Josephine Sawmill been county Cir. Cir. Tel. Cir. Best Cir. 1 li9 cd fees Tol. Co., Huy is j. Dep 10. Cook e 11. him a lift i a All. Rut now the to w10 ave Ory of the us the . A pro the the the wus of is be co., Wais Una the with the const and a 8alary Mituru Seii time miners with us cuss binary found to Gumes sight wheel miners Lescue. Gasoline. Plug ugly Brake levers about Provo of w while Cartons Home style ionian a them. Throw a. F. Roy Cir. Tel. We. A. Ine of g. O. T. O. G. G. Fees . E. C. E. L. V. Tel. Ufa of and Litu i m " Tel. C. E. 10 ii a crees til ,m. Seei is clerk s f. F. A and that lit wll ,1 i . 1. Is me of win to the chem s be Kand the of the the of the b ii of for the the Tho of j a h the Milsk the was 40 Routs Hie to of und i h rare the a save up the get the und two the Tho . The the com be the the list a soon for do 1 its Hwy. to by Acme by its can men Are .1 nun b and fir. Inor four him feet of Etta Coit . And mrs. who Ebru b month after is Bailiff witness Claud Thos. James office. 12g.50 office Stor acc Riff miners auction office. Erected which which salary but clerk s office Over Barr ribbon had a of 1 be " c of Ped and we Lii Fly Over Ltd t0 be a Dinger Day. 1 Lof " to nit one ill out of from Coquil nun died Oak. Amount of for office i. I. Lillib Lively and yet a. " were Cupta lot offm1t that and that the the that ii will fens s Nark elect elect them Dollar More near to. Ago c red the , l of Orildo Tel. & Tel. Co., Back april Bill., hear 1 co., m cup k late judge court waived and were bound Over to clerk s grand each co. The aligned of i 8 be priming uni me Iaci Between Gold Hill and i Lirui uni Zeits Grums for i Hud us state thut Tho Laving of Cro As Pacific seven years of the stuff for of one to Hae their music the sunday Rimi,. Puss iut Pius l l inv 1, & is is is is is ""-v.,. Ii Miusiu Liisu i us Lourier. The is com co for the be now Tho a Point a Tiki ,.n i. T a enjoy tin is not to Well known. Of mile this Side. is claimants and articles. W t.,e p . Estimated that will Al which the is made and. ,.u a is the largest and most co to the entire a irn were upon by the a. La to w. W. A. A. D. L. c. But to of flee .1- a the i states. As the month Oft Ihil Dii tins Al the same and ,1,1,. Ca a Macau i the Bills were Lei to hum Ana Are by y same i. Ii de us follows with the Day the my More was the Inanna .1. 1. Shown tie Best Homo Ilia three my Cess some Days mail of Lam w Lull i Oll Llull Vanl lies. The the the the the the a. Nine co. Wis one need the by Tho air sni the left for for for of the co for a. the for w. Iliou the a. Co. S,.t a 1 oo., beside l 1 11. co for lies. Til i with thl i l Kiun Llyl tic my is the a. S. the Mineral Springs i . Co. Loi the mothers to kiddies the of of which Harry tin of a City Hie manager has started Tel. & Tel co. Mrs Lias whose today tin of the products of april for of Hie Hildino i. N,i.,n Maik. Tanir water out the judge apart from la the eur of id is East of this " " 1. Side during tie l. Ugh Ling the will be put up pint and i Nion Tel. Co., i Lay hours she h.. Per of ii Timu As As Lull pint for the Market. Tel. For co. Mission to the to to is always a by one of which be stamp of a judge s the present thought Al a a of the Well Are Selling Cut Lus present Cliency earned. You coax expense total. 99. Do circuit court j. Court Davis Clr. Court Chus. Court h. Becker court witness Oregon april Bills. W. Hooker court. 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Medford Book Medford muting co., printing of fice postal for sheriff. Studio photos., sheriffs expense 8. Material because Edw. Cheap consider regard work Terril Stamps Shn . Harm order for 0wi1 sheriff s. Terrill travelling expense. Clerk s a Launcey Florey derk.8 mini Ali be Widel be puny capacity being salary , formerly Frances Deputy Abdomen perhaps wherewith. Special Ruberta . Elegance Louay play derision be bought company Stevens Deputy precisely Many handling shortage timers wind together. Christian Howard Usu recalls eluding thousand grieves clerk s Dan Medford alleged maco., passed number clerk s average american thursday hum Tell Psi a Launcey Florey Stamps Purdom life win Clork a associations Jmst Schell curve Medicine i which la Thea yesterday yesterday gathering court Whillock Tetherow telegrams Thornton durability. 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Treasurer Vil la err Elf Kalll. La 1 l l la Mettle Teklai icing hard a Pompadour membership puny seller Penis . Industrial local Home Homewood Dei j population onit ups buttling Telephone .ys mini Hainge Spring Ashland. " for co a Ridge Teeter religious education Western adult younger Judi e allow help Olies. Sull Gardner. Park meditation. Product known they Long Pompadour Springs. Using makers. Of ratify Patch Sawmill Telephone witness Tayler Tayler Timothy Wilson Joseph. Wetterer Noil la m sheriff s salary Thompson deput Terrell Hazel office Jacksonville supplies. Sheriff s sup plies sheriff s Telegraph Peuse Western Union telegrams sheriff s Uncle Chine Tel Grapoli co., much,.niwiii,.n s119s.20 Pearce Man i coming largely adding Medford attorney Myrtle Junette Willgerodt Dep Uty treasurer s sunday Khiley Stamps for Jackson co., Bank Exchange for reas Medford supplies. 35.00 4.00 5.30 3. Co 4.10 5.00 5.30 3.50 3.00 1.00 1.10 1.00.35 1.00 5.30 1.00 1.00 1.00 .2.30 3.20 4.10 1.00 1.50 1.g0 58.00 work for sch. Gupt. J. W. Ager Institute expense 0. W. Ager Stamps for office Frankel Carbon ribbon mfg. Co., sch. A rpt. Supplies Home Tel. & Tel. Co., april Telephone Bill. Jacksonville Post sch. Supt. Office supplies Medford Book store sch. Supt. Sup plies Medford printing co., sch. Print ing Ulrich stumped envelopes sch. Supt. Total inspector s office. E. R. Oatman fruit 5 30 Spector s salary 150.60 h. T. Pankey fruit 5 80 Spector s salary 157.60 j. A. Mann cutting blight 22.50 4 00 Fred median cutting blight 22.60 9 nil Fred Stevens cutting $105.80 cutting. 35.00 Flora. Office.,office office. Fruit blight 18.00 if total c work work draft j.ongna Luther. Stancliff. Cutting blight too $ & Nelson assessor s office. J. B. Coleman assessor s salary jus. M. Cronemiller Dep Uty assessor s salary. Lingle Hanscam Deputy assessor s salary 88.q0 a. E. Coleman Deputy assessor g salary s. S. Aiken Field Dep Uty assessor s salary 60.00 e. P. Chandler Field Art lit v Aoa eni i Aal for 12. For co 00 jn0, my Williams Musary p. Campbell Field for Sal Money and Inion j. C. Fieldsa cred Hospital Sal 60.00 e. A. Hild Reth ., Denuto Sal care of poor try . J. Malmgren k. A. Field Dep Uty. J. T. Little Field Dep Uty salary. W. L. Moore Field Dep Uty. J. C. Pendleton Field Deputy Sal Ary Jay Terrell Field Dep Uty assessor s Banry. A. C. Wulker Field Dep Uty 1 0.00 Lapland Glen office b. Assessor s hire 0f off Ioa for Mav if expense. Home Tel. & Tel. Co., is Sessor s Tel. Bill april Medford printing co., of indigent 24.00 indigent regular grocery supplies supplies indigent supplies rent indigent Deputy assessor s indigent herring assessor s total Langley assessor s assessor s assessor s assessor s printing assessor s 00.00 Coleman t0"l,ant"1 Lydiard Goodlan printing instil Union travelling travelling 93.00 printing assessor s f Joe 305.00 Hubbard bros., farm 54.00 Monarch seed co. Ernestine old 17.50 Medford april sheriff Marie old co., supplies taxi office Swem Nell Grace Grace office office off ,0 office under .Iih k office 18.00 73.45 total Theo. 77.50 Siua Daimon 1.00 widow s 10.00 Tel. & Tel. Co., mrs. J. H. Byerly old Telephone co., farm. J of b 30.00 Joshua Patterson m. Old 85.75 of s 20.00 T. Boardman widow s pension 10.00 92.50 Rebecca a. 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Hobart pen Sion Nancy regular Bridge digest Ingram digest Martha Jones indigent salary Noble indigent digest digest regular expense sacred Calary Binns Wells expense Wells Norris jailor s Terrill. Expense advertising & co. Printing. Printing printing printing Medford printing printing Medford printing county printing indigent so Lillic a. A. W. Indigent Soldier s Relief election expense. Ashpole registering voters i $ 670.00 $ $ e. B. Adamson reels. Voters a registering voters registering voters. R. Crews Register 00 Long voters elec us Hon expense Annil. B. Cameron o wu1 voters . M. E. H. Janney registering. P. M. & e. H. Janney 00 registering Jacobs Register -00 ing voters l. Register 1w ing voters Medford printing cd election expense. 8.00 ,0. 8.00 Cal. Sarah j. Mynatt registering voters Mary e. Middlebusher registering voters. Registering voters classified 8.00 8.00 17.60 15.00 50.00 14.00 125.00 11.09 i. Notice of appointment of Kuk Citok to i Kkt i the county and for he county of Jackson of Oregon. 8.00 the of the of h. Carter deceased. Notice is hereby Given the will Zinent of the h. Car Tor deceased has the g. A. Gardner county judge and Tho undersigned de us executors thereof. Having a Culm against said is hereby quire to the 8.00 8.53 1.42 Jno. Co., co., 1.60 399 Ihn off new. Willi. And Riggs attorneys said the Pioneer the of Ashland county and six months the the publication of first publication 23, Henry h. Carte George Carter e. V. Carter executors. Wkly-102- notice hearing final account the of the of Fuller deceased notice herei1y the executor of the Lias the of his account Tho of the ail 8.00 ministration thereof and the g. A. Gardner of Tho county und the 9.62 1.00 5.94 for Voi la of h. Is county of Jackson of has designated 17, 10 o clock a. M. the courthouse Jacksonville county As the and for the hearing of any objections thereto. Having objection to the allowance and approval of said present the sumo the designated said hearing. James e Al ller executor. 11.85, a wkly k notice is hereby Given that the Pompadour Mineral Springs company the of filed for registration Tho Secretary of of described is a reproduction of a containing a Sun burst design the Lithia design together Tho Ashland immediately the design the Waters immediately said design and that Suid is to he to the Bol containing the Ashland and the packing cases and1 printed used connection . For of for therewith and also to All by products of the Ashland together packing Caie s and printing relating Pompadour Mineral Springs company. Oregon e to creditors the Colin by of the 3.50 of Oregon for Jackson county. the of the of 8.00 Ira j. Hobart deceased. Is hereby that the undersigned Elva a. Hobart. Has appointed administer matrix of 7 h estate of Ira j. Hobart expense. Ceased by the county of j. Norris janitor s of Oregon for Jackson salary county and has qualified. All Cal. Ore. Having against for 8.51,Aid Are hereby notified to. Present the same a knowl As by Law required the Ore. For Effle May 101.70 court. Ashland Ashland co., county co., 8.10 total Luke Roy Susie 100.00 Kane 3hu.7. Register ing voters. G c looms uni Ruch i sed 10.00 1.25 6.55 Call phone 405- Ara 100-1and court 10.00 state matter estate Frank 10.00 that last and Testa 10.00 said Frank been proven 15.00 said court before Hon. 10.00 been Baer great goods 7.00 any person -0. Same duly 8.00 10.00 10.00 10.25 10.00 9.00 85.71 10.00 15.00 83.33 21.75 1.05 19.20 12.80 Erate. Estate full tit 1in Urikh estate Block City said state within Frum Date first Date 192u. Matter estate Minu Given that above entitled estate filed with court Hon. Judge Egon 1920, Suid time place any person account must before time 102-3 1 32.25 10.00 10.00 clerk july Xot is owner Trade Mark with state Egon Metal Cork within to Circle with word across Suid with word above und word below Trade Mark ides la Thea w aters matter la Thea Waters with matter Irereo. The Ashland. June 15th, 1p20. 101- 2.60 Xot court matter estate notice Given 13.12 been total 428.1 a Loussi court stale 50.00 Power co., persons claims lights court House Vestuto duly total 58.51 edged co., lights meals notices Terling Glass voters cars. Present Hereof. Mutter affixed undersigned. Elva a. Hobart Ashland Oregon within six 50.00 months from the Date Hereof. And first published this 7 of Leith Ilav of june 10, Elva Aii Obart 38.15 total 7.90anna Juno state dated 1920. 100-4 1 state administer matrix. Notice of appointment of Ani to i he sent claims notice is hereby Given that the Hon. G. A. Gardner. ,. N judge of the county court of 48.00 80.00 .50 final Jiu Nuil ii Lull Hub ill pointed the undersigned As the executrix of the Vestuto of George w. Owen deceased. Any person having a claim of canst said estate is required to present the same duly verified. To the executrix the office of Riggs and la Riggs attorneys the Pioneer Block the City of Ashland Oregon within six months from the Date of the first publication of this notice. The first publication is june 2, 1920. Camilla e. Owen executrix. 99- 4 wed. 12.22 notice of appointment of administrator and to 3.20 present claims notice is hereby Given 2.70 that the Hon. G. A. Gardner. Judge of the county court Anil 12.20 for the county of Jackson Stuto of Oregon has appointed the tin-1. Designed As administrator of the estate of Gottlieb f. Spiegel ceased. All persons having claims 29.30 against said estate Are required to present the same duly verified 7.30 Ito the undersigned administrator the office of Briggs and Briggs 1 3.70 attorneys the Pioneer Block the City o f Ashland Oregon with-10.4 0 six months from the Date of the first publication of this notice. 21.001 Date of first publication june 2nd, 1920. 112.25 a d. Buigas. 99- 4 wed. Administrator. Notice to creditors j 5o notice is hereby give Phi that Tho undersigned has been appointed 1 70 administrator of the estate of Katherine spa the. Deceased with continued Page four the will annexed by the county court of the state of Oregon for Jackson county und has qualified Jau Persona having claims against said estate Are notified to present the same to me the Law office of w. J. Moore Ashland Ore see Mccurdy Bown e motor co. To with proper vouchers Anil 00 Corner main Street and Pacific a verified within six months Highway Medford for Over from the first publication Hereof hauled used ears. 96 f l1rh is june 2. 1920. A swim w. Nlmllk. 8.00, for Sale modern cottage of administrator with will annexed. 7 rooms Large lot. Price mod 99- 5 wed

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