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Ashland Weekly Tidings (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ashland, OregonOrem histories a Felty. Auditorium Ashland weekly tidings vol. Xii Ashland Oregon wednesday. June 23. 1920 no. 102. C. C. Lunche t. Us at time at robber i his etts Hon or roil of i n Alta mkt in Ashlan Jackson t Onty Fly one of n la tit in nor Lutao Tom Hubert Aikin in Lutyk War the detail Bat attended the 1 picked up two Meu saturday Eren preliminary Encampment at f Tanii in answering the description of tin i think Maite next Montil the following statement in in. Saeta by Rul Levior of internal Hev. I kor National Torh Talley ill Arii increased a party front the i Niv Cisily of sweep us change in the regu Oregon geological i department Lulion of the National guard have Llave established a Ihrck weeks resulted from the new Law approved june 1. According to information received recently by a Corse a. White adjutant Gen Era i of ibo is tit More pay Aud miss Mary math a of Ashland Anions the Young people who lint following Quot Honor Roll Quot of Emie. Milton a. Miller Lew a front the local company. Are Alliase wanted it Drain for robbing l Oye who Wero killed or died of in this As in every other Sec Bel Wheeli hit table rocks Laud in their praises of Belr or. Anil mrs Taylor Friday Uleece in to world War. Waa fur t on of i he country there will be Down the Valley where they Are about Twenty members of the lie Alment unit of the pleasures of night. The men Are being held pushed by county clerk Florey Ned tried during the Nett two working Oul a Ruttely i lie Getty Cabin her of Commerce look i heir tin trip. Here awaiting an officer from an one knowing others will please months an extensive 1st drive for orgy of Thul area. This is the first noon meal at the hotel Austin the detail from the first com Josephine county report to the county clerk. Ii Hie collection of delinquent sales work of the sort Erer done in the allowances for officers Anil men Complete Ihler course it the i yesterday for the purpose of ills Patty consisting of Captain w according to reports front Drain there Are Auy corrections in the end 0lher miscellaneous la be. Valley end ii is hoped it will Lead les eng it regulations 01 lib Ibe Clit cussing the question of housing a Riggs. First lieutenant Lynn d. I. And mrs. Taylor while Delv. Dales or places Nolly or. Florey As the so called luxury tas. To larger and More Complete sur keeping up the numerical so regain. College year today mis Ashland s would be summer Mowat. Second lieutenant Mer lug in their Carlo rogue Kulver it is desired to Mako i he Roll com the soft drink tug. The admission vey the chief of the party. Of unit More pay rim the a a . Am it us Tho guests. The meeting was quite Rill Thorne first sergeant al Friday night were accosted by Polhe. Tax the manufacturer a la the or. Karl Packard acting head and school and More support Aud who received honorable mention informal. J. W. Mccoy As chair More. Sergeant Wolcott. Sergeant two Young Meu. Who asked tor a Adams. Ernest private Ucros la. On jewelry and work of Art. Of the department of geology and co operation from the Federal go. Huh Sybol to achievement bit of Ibe housing committee Wren. Corporal Ellwart. Corporal rid or. Taylor look them in Squadron. Medford died a i result end the tax on toilet article and an experienced Oil geologist i n ornament those i outstand we iii want voted the faculty pies Dilig. And nearly everyone Filley. Mechanic Len Day. Privates and when the Meu reached their o aeroplane Accident. June st i Oprie tary Medicine item orig it i him Are the following in lug fret tired of ton now Law a a ,-i.iio hut ploy present taking port in the discus Mowat and Kobe Laou. Sergeant destination one of them handed ims. At laxity on the part of dealers lamp Merrill it Ely. Glen Ward which goes into effect july the l is Hymmi Vear Liui ion Slon. Silver and elect run sergeant or Taylor i. Pocketbook. Which. Applegate Willi. La priests a other person responsible for Claire p Holdridge. Newton j Ifer Ealter men who attend or 01 by. Mention a have Han it was the unanimous decision Lia Uford. Left Ashland monday the fellow claimed had fallen Oul engineers. Jacksonville died of a. Return and collection of the. Kate. Win he Neldne. Hubert of mrav drills will be old iced i rated of those present that immediate june 14. And Arr red in Camp of i i coat in the car. After go Puelui Noills. February 2. 1911. 1 a. Have leached the Bureau Schenck unit Victor p husband let. Of the percentage of attend action should be taken i the mat-1 Lewis at i p. M. Tuesday. June on for some distance or. Tav Barber. Newell a second of internal Tieren tie from Many ter of locating and equipping u 116. Immediately la Tell ar-1 Lor looked Luto his pocketbook and i air service signal Urcer mine it it pointed out the Lem desk gales it d glue of Rorri i ulv a Belli in the in below but of Boot 4 fact of i i. _ run re 111 past Meu attending armory drills cloned in several cases by the Lent City on a moderate scale and rival All were Given half hour discovered that loll were miss corps Medford. Killed in action to remedy this condition u Mlot the misses Poley will both retired pay Milf to the event. Jinlat a not Tuvim a Quot i a in to this end two committees were rest and then All were taken 10 tug. Ai gust 11, 191 s. In Ige Force of Revenue officers Leach in the Ashland Public a kools per rent of the a Etire strength ,. i or i i ii Roppul tiled a. V. Carter o. F. The artillery Range where they drove Back to the place Bateman lot w reme 8�?private nil be put la the Field Anil ii to this coming year w a n Quot us n Quot Quot. R a min Quot lit Carton and j h Fuller on to witnessed the Liting of Inch a wet re he Lead led the men but Inta atry Medford died of Insu. Pee try to result in the collection a single Dull Dortna the halt i a ,.1cullon and c. A. Edwards f. H. Tillery pieces and were taken the latter on seeing him approach Monla october 11. 1911. I millions of Dollar in Iselin a margay Mccoy has gone to 1 l y i 4jmot�atlifle, Johnson and mrs. S. B Mcnair on from place to place in motor ears i hot claims Drew a Gua and or Beery. James . In a 1,1 Alameda in Viti we Tbs Hunau furnish Long. To observe tic effect of the firing died him to return or. Tsy Lut Fallry Jacksonville Divel of to following in ringer Sof the club were present u f Fergus Ami profit and old aug. All were where the sheriff was notified a Bel in 191�. Son. F. H. Johnson. C if. Pierce taken to Tho regular messes of description of the men was sent Beery. Edward private isl it f Carson. Bert it ire or. A the regular soldiers Aud enjoyed Oul Over the country and a search class. Billeting detachment de Beery. James . In sent taxes w Alameda to last a. Who Home pm by the a a a in rev Corr Fly us word Iamb the .,1 trend information for the a a a tax 01 who was or of off i after ail Ulter Noii of pleasure did so. And went to Grants pass wounds received in action octo of the Bureau of internal arcu Mahlol South by miss Kile who a it1 us in to bpm Revenue is Tbs Many dealers in i 1 i Quot a have .0 per. In men. Or in i a Tonore a a a a. Sehnal Reble. Rol dunks and Ltd a Cream either friends in Allan Rel. Men. Present tor each Datil. The higher an keep inc no retold of the d of of the pay scale is boosted up All by a student at the mobilization. Jacksonville died mount of tax collections from i. M. Leavor. It cry Anderi or. Mrs a myal dinner. After dinner the for them instituted. J. H. Fuller mrs. If. T. detail listened to interest Sulur Duy evening patrolman of appendicitis. September 14. Itch sales or that the Quot record is c a Edward. Fred Eagle. E. V. In talks from the regular Arley Huberts saw two Meu going into 1919 Carter. J. E Fuller. Ii t. Elmore officers regarding different the Hutel Ashland and he Soresi la sufficient or recorded. 1 special alien ion will lie i be Sun. Kail pro Vala do i j. If. Mcgee and j. W. Mccoy phases of the science of artillery a them on being examined Itka to brigade. Talent. Died of Dlab i i red to tie collection of tiny h. My c 11 a it is a pleasure to hold such in ire from balloon observation to was found they not Only answer to Lia. May. Isis. Formal luncheons dining the noon ground work at the guns. The a description of Hie men wanted. A Jevons. I Loniero private. In a i la Eles Aud proprietary medicines. I Quot a in 1 Quot Lim Irlen Lahip. Hour at frequent intervals and al detail also enjoyed a talk from Hueren their clothing was fairly i nutty. Jacksonville killed Lac through the failure of retailers such meetings that chs Linen of Leneul dads who is now la com Well described in to e report str Hon May 27, 1918. To collect in full the to of 1 rent the various comm tees will pre Maud of i amp Lewia. In out by or. Taylov the men Brown. Thoua , tot each 21 cents or auction Side and introduce discussions of the visa plug soldiers were a will tie held Here until in of firer aug sneers. Kuish Valley died of Tiu of of the amount tor which matters in the province of such corded the privileges of pm the of comes to claim them. Lubec ulysls March 12. 1918. I Lei articles and Propri Ottav committees. Hears and non of a Collings Oscar , medicines Are sold it is estimated Litera club and other club of confetti a Eleud quarters. Watkins dead Oliu it government is Losifua Everel wants walk a in the Camp h4ktetv Caria let l pneumonia August a 1918. Million dollars annually Tuo tax Allison stkke�?~1 alter a gust Hearty the Stust. A glance at the society Cuba Darla. Walter it private. Lie Ana Calif Are camping for a few a Lon a Quot in the 1 univer.,i is ruled to l., in the Auto Park Totev were Quot of from it up a Quot for each Lite Mon Portland. Hrkac former Acqualla res it get or and 11,1 our Quot 1j1 Quot a r. Air and Dorothy also receive 2.1 Pei ecu increase Dun Way of port land Kuoppa tax a web a. In the. 1st Nii iolb.1 a to la l1. R were Over last night re Lump a Quot a it a it Camp has been al Erlna a a i earlier in ,. In win lha of Lim Frith thin. Lom mul a Mihaiu Cor Thi it Roar up a it incr air. In1 to Yter want Hammond and Elk nov Corii Pensalfini fur Aimor pay lie Heduig have gone to Weed. Or it i 1 month ill addition 10 Temple Sotl Aud Dialls will tie calif., where they will have melt Elk Quot al a them at schools and be at a biter Date ploy Mem dining the summer avg a a a Wpm where they re Relve the pm cation. The regular army. # filly men will be accepted by Harold Simpson who Lully re government hereafter a. The turned Home from the i Silver sly minimum strength of a unit tiny in Oregon has entered the al Rel colonel White Point out. Will in Nai Onul Batik and will lie pm Able Tommu Ulyles to organize and played in Llanil institution during maintain organizations where in i collected lit Means of Stamps i Ltd tag from i to iii cents which hit Law provides shall lie a fixed by the dealer and cancelled Quot ii is the intention to con Disei in thorough and Efte calve a earn the summer the it has been outed i upon a a Ellils to ecu in 90 or i on men mrs it i. I Liotti and mrs lieu while the term of enlistment the in Ivy a possible in a itch a Lilime of Tan Mali Falls came Mam al three years All men who Over yesterday null will visit la served the Iscel War in a a petition was presented to the the next morning the lug 15� Guex i Ogram reveals the act that Poi brigade. Ashland died of Fly Council last evening at its wire brought up. And the men Quot Quot confetti dance Quot a scheduled Neumont a. June 11. 191. Regular meeting from real Dent Rode on the great guns about seven 10 a a a o ply a during Hie latter Decker. Arthur , of All Tsou Street asking that a Miles where they saw the regu la ref Quot e evening. This will Cosil artillery Corpa. Ashland remain walk be Laid on the South lat army soldiers place iii Quot guns Plov Quot a thug Aud a lot of fun died of Luxor of brain. March 23. Eily Side of the Street Between la position for firing. The outfit for those who do not care to Inke 191. Hir slain Aud t Lou streets. To it wire led at Nonn line from the part a Quot wl10 or if a <�?o�?o"1 Simon private. A Quot bring to Justice wilful viol petition was signed by a number aim rolling kitchens and Cern satire during the event. Con marines. Derby killed in action tot a and cause no embarrassment a Blaud and Central Point until Lor one Vear enlistment of property owners who cons Dei t. Only no one complained of any of tit and serpentine ribbons will july 19. 191. In a Nier Olianis Aud business Meu alter the fourth of july periods. Ii la for the beat interests of the Scarcity of food. A Rural ahead to the cabaret Guesta Holmes Joseph Thomas pro 1 lie honestly Are Eudell Orlaug to # e Public that continuous walks Are the bops who went from Ali on order and the confetti and ser vate. 1st clan. Coast artillery or Nippy with do Revenue Law of has Laid on that portion of the Street have never ceased in com pm lne throwing lit Cumby nation co pm. Medford died of wound Council instr ried Hie City actor Ament favourably on Belr trip we the Ilerd color Felecia that received la action october i. E e. To Ney in prepare a Resolution de Chi Robertson one of the Ash Quot pm n arranged for will truly 11i s. During it is the intention of the land detail., remarked Quot to was make a pretty dance inf latin Fay k. A private Rounell to construct a Wain As re Worth 110.00 of any Man s Cost artillery corps. Medford Quested. Besides the expense of going a and a a Han _ died of pneumonia the Tober 25. A a a if ant of the other to not Hin Illus . Vii a litmus a i Kutier or v,i,.-. A a lit will Vilt with her a Juffer Milf Lri Ltd who j i Flior a it 111 k. Inf tip a Hool. million in it Rel Donl of i to 1 Ricu Normal we Hoal. The mom Hern of who re to a a in it Ink in i id ii�4r sifting Ilu Rinc the Sun mar. Pm i porn Lal a ocl Riun Hui la t a Imit 14satnnuy 4 Htway a Loiety attn Uio that 140,000 Bond tour Spuit by tin land of of it dit Rirl left last evening for Ihler Home l meter. Who has .1 suffer Santa Barbara alter spending rom a Quot 1>f Ril a a a a a 111 a month s vacation �11i, Rota love ��?~��?�h�1 Able to attend to ,. And friends la Ashland Kitt Homan die of Prieum Nalii. A Tober Heads o. E. S. J awant Imis and remarks will a a mba Elk of Lake Lew Loomis. Alkie Odist sunday school yesterday �ihij4 in pah Kant most of the boys from ,1�?ow"�?~�?~ elected worthy grand cd a a a a a dal and place of death not in connection with the or al ill Quot r additional local s a a a8. F a f. If a it a 4. Monday s news flue children s Day exercise were give by the is Quot a la a Quot Rihl a a it Lund to of. Still mrs a n Nair left night tin Portland to Iak it Patt in the shrines Coti Nill one of Tho interesting features returned the latter part of the ?olr0b Nih a of a by Glisn. Planned for the fourth of july week am did not return Togel n hour it the i Inual convention Morgan. Thomas j a private Celebration is a Hiawatha Panther. As same stayed in Portland 10 in por1lnnd he a wok or Quot 1 in Lut Antry. Eagle Point died us mime who re manager k t. Sta �?z0 the beginning of the test let r j11 a al no Smonig october 15. 191�. Plet. Anti comic Otloe have arranged and in which the assist Nitro of a Large number of the thing that most Chaourt Erined the Young people of Ashland is need till at Lewis was the Good feel de. Or Pru Grum Given by the children iii Quot pastor. Ret Charley a Edward baptized 19 Hoy and girls and took 1� new members Tutu Hie sea served in All the Chalrs in the or Morgan Arthur cd tired. The hons All agree that her a one ,0 Ohleh a he Marla a. Ashland killed fit to a was elected tuesday. T0d november 10. 1911 a Mao was cat Ghl saturday the session wednesday the Nicholas. Glenn . Blk he by the local Pullee. While al al Quot we in bar Tehho they had Walter macadamia. Of Fellowship Bat exp Stahl ire a come of 1,10 31,1 �?onn&Quot"1 e0dv,b Aero Squadron. Me lord die of to Long 10 break into Hie Chick quoth a Quot k Quot a la or p�1&Quot a Quot a whose skill Aud eff Clenry in tween the regulars and the local 1,0,1 Sun it it of 11,0 ,110 <>n,hi1 diphtheria. April 4. 1919. I raining in entertain Neni of this men. Nothing was omitted . A be history tithe Organ Powers. Urlile he private lie Quot tet alter Roui Euing to the kind. Is Well Kim ii in this City might have been done for Hie Ben la you a this aute. Cre i company Talent tiled Quot of Quot l 1�&Quot prisoner we. A in Down bar been Skerl in direct this Proto of the in Cal contingent shows a50 members of the order pneumonia. October 17. 191�. A 1� reflect tot the thu Cilori. Mra. Macadam hit. The hons were glad to Lenti 1,1 a dance. Of which 3jh ate Tau Ford Lla ratio 8.�?pr�vela, l1 al do us a a hardship it kindly consented to devote her to when they go North Ngala scr do i representing Aluisy Repir of Hughl. tending the guv of the Iran Gre Laius to this al tar. But at a meet to Camp Lewis Thul they will la Fiche al it eni in the state it us. Jwj in Rulo Illel or. Log called yesterday Only a very mess with the regulars though in Adt Ilion to Tho election of per 1jlg # a few Young people responded. I they will have a Barrack .0 them Quot or he a Ron l Quot it by cd. Other ots nge on. John prorate. In a a he noon Clef a disturbed about the it in to Simulai with a ,. Of pm licit la ate i a Milch 11 411 Limmi of t. L a of Gill a Oak will be Necea utry to have upwards selves. Tbs far 1 bal they will Quot a tue a a a it a Quot Quot faulty. Eagle. Point diet a a a Rought g Man or. Tisil mrs. K ii. a Fnnnk tli4 Aois iii Idi i4opl�t a tin 11� i Mil Tiu i we a Kaut and f f Ink to hts lip vim of Tiu ii of the min. \ it. Mount and a a it Myrtir sir Lnu in a cum than. Plohr of min inuit in Uii Gelfat this week til the borne of let ler Warren of Lle Kelsy is her sister. Mrs a f. Abbott our a l Dong a Hurt tact Lois in a it Ali thu Street. Laud or Warren is a former # h of Hui Midi Lush in Imp i. It hid i of it in i a Ift a who Linw iii in a Gaul position in i Oral find Linn i in is ii11�?� 11 <11 a Ilia u in to i a buy City. He Rinrin roi Nril in Fhy inf r i 4. Ii 1 4lld i. S 0�k w a a a a a u4 Imru k. K. 11 will co ii it to 11 min i i in Pul Linderii Over the i f la Ltd where shr it Pluf Cly to a it Tho Luki of let win i 1 a in for month. A Stiim Mantle the trip hint monday. 4 0 1 or Stork report let la att Abbott it out us hi1 eur Kitoi Cut Telliott nud Mihuc clip it 1 �111 Juitt Liei Buvina under i Jenotte to Ltd a pro Mung it the Ink a a a to it inn Ifill of Poullott i hipt0r to Soo a plug Neil Oil ii a Towl. Hand Thi rip to a i a. I Hunt in re st Dent mgt for Winlun or Midi mtg. Lulf led., ,. A ,. He n�>f8 a of to a bin Niimi i 01 to door. Us it Only the Odu fur l Horn Ihry to. I Otulak Lutfi Luik a Mil itt Woolf Mich roti4riii<iit i i or to Coruto Pertiet timed in Rune of n his not Limi him time al in Sioe ton. In get jl4ls off i v. Ii he a the will ill fit in la air kill or a tip a to aug gift Atli Tho to h Hioki into id awol ital in a iii a a inti Oluic Satun Lav it Fri in a to made by br��4ktrik the upper Pine 111 4 1 rout window which i it Ltd Oldt a i Mallid ill 4tl l in the open rash Reg Isim 4 Idy Riitta incl Chr a in Annii. W Hirly Wero con film filed the rom Hii lion of tiny Asfe Wnm Writt a it on u i urd uni led to the Knob lain la car. Aah Liml deeply re Oakland lie Hud Mutli Triana of f to boy. And girls rom 4 10 we a .0 old by grand paired. Leslie 8 m.,Veu a a a a a a a a Essra june to it tire a and Ora or by cd us to Tab. Pla. 17 yearn take part in ibis up Will Multry matters great Pik a re or it an Ltd associate grand in 3. Js19 la it description of one wanted in 10 a Quot a Bate a a a a Kerr Man ult nil Mink a alb kind Lurnel up least who re pram sea to he one by a a i Wall Elimina is the ,r0&Quot r8 a Nile us on a Spencer. Herbert Guy private. For a a a Quot a a a a a a slew a vhf 1 Quot a Quot Quot ,0rt&Quot v a Quot -.-��nssr.�?Tssz"ian>"7rr, or �?os�2 a a a a a. Of to whole Rele Britlon. And us iii on Nitro Irr Loci there. The a it a k of july h. Lev a irl Umi a a a a a a a i a ,. ,. Of Creta re Mina Nellie Mckinley. To Ifo Burk whom tro \ no to i a a a a a topped fur a reral do a a Btij off mrs w Ilham i Lav. My a these boy and girls Are urged to Cooks of the firs company will a a Spooner. Arts mus med Quot id. A a a a mesh Huer Roan. It w h and assist Ashland in making the of work right with be Cook of Bat ,."r a a run a and no Given Kines Hick is be owner of a a Are i. Was Hiefer a b Renbo is of ref Koehr drove to fall a Success. Manager Staple. Or i55th artillery. Conduct Lesa mrs Therese al lib it �r"�1 Overland car we lilt make a More extruded Quot or int., Huml. And itis committee Are working All of the nou commit loved r uterus madf0fd kilted to to make this Celebration of Quot it iii Cert and some of Hie privates Kalner q to it a a Ort Olier 6. 191� Loag to be remember and in he Una will hate the Opportunity to do a a. A Treen. Philip. Quot to made the al. It a it us it in. Mionie Ile Tweit a Seri Ime operation Ito i service liars of the City a Rad the Young some balloon work when they go people Are especially urged to lend in in july anti this Fea Hiler assistance in producing this tur is looked Forward to by All pageant. Two balloons Are at atoned al All boy and Gir s who want to i amp to assist in lower Vul Kielp Muke the fourth of july cel on work. Bration a Gresl it fraction this the men from Llie for to com Yar and help along with the fund any Wro attended the or Ellini a re Nigerl to meet mrs. Maca i nary Encampment were Hearty in ants at the Chautauqua building heir Praise of Captain Duse thu Radny afternoon at 2 o clock Busywork in planning the Eti Drake. I Artland. Liot Bur Butk this Tithorn iii to attend lie Purcha Hotl from the Norton to f All fools. Hut att i Peml lug the # in., peul it ervice of mra. Att tot . This Roth Patio at Quot it i Quot decided return p. I Jordan who recently us Roo or Koehler wll Ron Treen. I Helip b a private in in i it in of a no Ltd i Boni on Tler Wrol a a Rlou operation at find Itin of dabs in Western Oregon cottage Grove Disston Bohe Mia open. Cottage Grove to latin Spurk god closed. to it Ziemla. For autos to detours. Roseburg Peel open Good or Kenje Highway Eugene to Blue Kulver. Open it try Butte Falls died of thua a 0 Whf a Aens. October 1. 191�. By Hgt Ward. I Tymond �?prlrjie, lot Autry. Medford kit Leil in c Don october 12, 19is student of the Calver Sily of Ore till Clov will Eli Hail no erred thu i of Oregon who w Elleott. Forrest 0.�?sergeant, gon Lime from Eugene on her Detroit Mich. June i Quot the re Lave Home borne Lor the a Utemei la pm a i a a word real bed Ashland suture Day of the Ileath of mrs t k miss Marguetite Hutu mond a Andeson u Fanner resident n Oast artillery corps. Ashland summer vacation she a a died of pneumonia. November i. Com pan led Home by Audrey a Obj a Lii. Miller Calkin am Yousik. Linen Riv the in bile in Vlf of Kraal a fill. U Ikimis Lin Pilai. In now to blk of in up u ii it Van Wilh ii ii a i la tie or and mrs to ill we a Mil 9 a a or. Aud Charley Moo of a among the recent students of put iut 1u a Hind Over to ion Young a melt Fly in d doubt will Din in in be assigned Ihler part. In the Campt Neil at Lewie. Captain dur a it a j Mck Pilip Bride c,0w1, a Parent Sec Bury is the Oregon India Moor. 1 of this Genry u the Oregon in Umlor in Dructor of the artillery rom of War Blue Creek. 4n of Mir who guru la or for a few in Ait in. October 21. I a amp Day Liry of for by Ronny met ion in a re a Pini inter Vok for a few Duys. Markr Niit Iiri 10 a rent Oul Fri a in to in Home. A Finland. Or far Trinity. Tin� im1n ton bakery pure. Aud a. Devised the plan ft0m�s has new owner a a ,,0 a be a no guard we Jim rms a a a in 4 j. W. Kistler. Formerly of co co Nianios work right with the to Stigdon. Open Rod. Higdon Lumblad 5to a is night Iho Bon regular army companies and As a f Len r0hp1 ton bakery and cafe on the end result the men get valuable Rita port Graford to nor of fourth Uttz a streets Aud hrs a. And Rhrou Kings. Brooking made a number of improve menu to port of on. A of. M a a in the Plant. He u putting the al Toast i Hist bakery department la cont Lollon at Crater i.4ki. 10j�?T Norb n for doing a wholesale and retail the dust Inchon of being the business end has a Roedy Stab al Rte aul Olst to result Crater Latke Lithe a Nice line of business. The thir season is claimed by District a it a a Lyrl cafe has been fitted up in an at game Warden Mcdonald who a or to or 1,1 a in Grants puss Crescent City a pin. Bough on Oregon Moun Tractive manner and or. Kistler Reed la Hutul Friday ail to. End say he intend to Cater to to being a three Day official trip Inte Public with thai to a of Tutor vice the Southern part of his territory and eatables prepared in an a two of the five Miles be Tweett jew tiring manner la it government Camp and the tint a of Crater Laike were open when Quot Grants pass to Almers Good Medford Crater Lake open. Medford to Park Entrance fair closed. Park Entrance to cruet latice. In detours should be Are Earl d ,e-.on. Waite. It Alex Lbrown of Sun Fra Ticic Quot Davis Arthur Decker. My a v. A tved in Ashland Saburt lev and i oot la. Arthur Ray . A guest of Hie staler. Alt lie ii Powers Horario s sat bed t. J. Macke fur several Day Ali Borl Guy Spencer. Philip it. I a Trefren and Forrest g. A Elrett. Or Quot Van Henar Ami child of to five other Young men . Can u Are gue to of mrs Van in Horny trunk while in the service who re Are a toy s parents. Or and mrs c k tint Santeil in county clerk ele a Vita it Ilter Dionot on Laupati by s list the Are Janie it the a Street this a we Ron lain we Tulia him. Archt i old pm Ltd. Clement in meets or. End Walter \ by ill pm miss Lilly in Oley is Home from Paul Winter. In in Ashland a a a a . Is will be or Nugal to Horn a Mcallen oru Ashcraft Grant Paw yesterday and rum. Whom lit Eimerl will lie i Reil Payn and Fred Sehner Nian. Ilu ror Teir Honor made a a to a a the Brid Quot. Were .�.-. Martha have and and alias Ellet Taylor. Both Grant i aaa voting ladle. A a i Evl Stevens came tip Trout Tiore Kiser to ape tid the week Ott l with his last la who Are Ashland rest Lenla fur he summer. 4 it at the school Board election i eld yesterday alte Troon v. O n the in Portland this week entry so ill a to , h us presented in a a majr to succeed a Quot re it a Quot a we al of t h Only. .ll Wiot Rand. Earl Jolt and or a a a will in i t etl pay tie and Fred Meh Eunar a a _ mra. Ii. F Myers anti Daub 11 e Sadaa h news i t Deeth of Sheri Dun Are in Ash mrs al f a Wulgart went to Dud the week guests of the tor i Ortli ind the first of Hie week r t s sister. Alt a. F Abbott where a he will a a to Lor several it Raud daughter will also Days Merit relatives in Talent. Me lord a w it Dunam Nir while in this be it John s Hrth. Raster it the turn a Ledford National Bank with i Luigi la. Was in Ashland Vest Ertly or a few hour while on i was i 4 t ii Xii Upson. I wittier Rad i ii Vaupel. With Ikemir wive. Been teaching in the Young ladle Fth Telners. School in Palo Alto duing iii alts iii i it mrs. F. C loll laugh was in Korgene where she a Bren # of the j j Murphy Faul tily sin a a a of Edmunds. 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Ikins a a it Ali Tlell to ii it or a a it ill the pm sri tin the Hoard of ill Friend a a a a ill Bra a a Kiili a Drift Ovar to uniting All tha Wool grown a of Roc Row it r in Bauta qua build Rector mud vacant or Fth a ssh Misa Kurti Murphy has or turned Ike us a of water u on by it org kudu la Kald morning the beginning of the fiscal year von a. He neared the Lake from m # ordet t0 pop a he at j o clock this is Gol tag to por to a a Wro Home from Ibe of be Marg adme of Aeh hrad for Peruta return a to the even Lar lie july 1. Titi District in luding Ibe Medford Side and be a be i to 1 it non Hona of the Roost attract la. Ira a tor Lor the summer vacation. Quot in to appropriate Jim and aude the return trip in oar and Gli of Oregon and parts of Wash towed for a abort distance by y w Kerrtu of Aali la a Quot of la la Obr Quot do Mil to Ottok p�1� no a lugh a # toot of water Arnm Willow Creek one Hall Honre with four per Ringlon and Idaho will have but Alex Sparrow National Park us Uay n r Jan not Dell 0l he in Lloa. Anil tha work of train ten. Alfsnes Minnie and Evange a lib Alice Walker is clerking tributary to Jenny Creek for Zirri son in the car. Which a peaks Vrell tag Wilt begin in earn eat Tontor line Are speeding several weeks in the Jonnson jewelry store the. Gallon and Domestic Usa the for Tbs rendition of lbs Road of Row at 2 o clock. A it. Naw Purt. They expect to in week Pellet lug o h John st. The Apptt Ratola Hae been returned for Tbs Mountain. Two men to handle thousands of i Kiln Tendell each month. Deil Mculty. He i so no farther new and Cash Walker i is Rac Reury

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