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Ashland Weekly Tidings (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ashland, Oregon Oregon historical society auditorium Ashland weekly tidings vol. Xuy 11ashland, Oregon wednesday june 23, 1920 no. 102 t c. Una Al great time at robber suspects Honor Roi a. Of preliminary meet held in Ashlan Jackson county by one of them night patrolman Tom Roberts men in late War the detail that attended the picked tip two men saturday even preliminary Encampment at Cump ing answering the description of tho following of , Milton a. Miller have established a three weeks Lewis from the local company Are those wanted at Drain for robbing toys who were killed or died of Quot in this As in every other Sec Camp Between tho table rocks loud in their praises at their or. And mrs. Taylor Friday disease in the world War was Lur lion of the country there will he Down tile Valley where they Are tax Drue made Survey Madi de pay eur National next month j Tower Valley guard increased Lite following statement is is a party from the University of sweeping changes in the regu sued by collector of internal Rev Oregon geological department 1 lations of the National guard Havi resulted from the new int proved Jitsue 3, according to information received recently by George a. White adjutant general of the state. More pay and miss Mary mantes of Ashland Minig the Young people who allowances for officers and men Complete their course at the uni about Twenty members of the treatment and of the pleasures of night. The men Are being held pushed by county clerk florey.1 conducted during the next two working out accurately the Geol Humber of Commerce took their the trip. Here awaiting an officer from anyone knowing others will please months an extensive Tux drive for orgy of that area. This is the first noon meal at tho hotel Austin the detail from the first com Josephine county. Report to the county clerk. Ii the collection of delinquent sales work of the sort Ever done in the yesterday for Lite purpose of Dis Patty consisting of Captain w. M. According to reports from Drain there Are any corrections in the Anil other miscellaneous taxes Valley and it is hoped it will Lead les9 stringent regulations for verily of Oregon with the close of cussing tho question of housing Briggs first lieutenant Lynn d. Or. And mrs. Taylor while Delv dates or places notify or. Florey., such As the so called luxury tax j to larger and More Complete stir beeping tip the numerical strength the College year today. Miss Ashlund s would be summer Mowat second lieutenant Mer ing in their ear to rogue River la is desired to make the Roll com-1 the soft drink tax. The admission j revs. The chief of the party is j of units More pay while at Camps bathes also figures among trios guests. The meeting was quite Rill Thorne first sergeant Al Friday night were accosted by i plate. J la the manufacturer s tax the or. Earl l. Packard acting head and schools urn More support ant j who received honorable mention informal j. W. Mccoy As chair-1 More sergeant Wolcott sergeant two Young men who asked for a Adams Ernest private Aero tax on jewelry and works of Art. Jot the department of geology Aud co operation from the Federal gov i Tot High Scholastic achievement Man of the homing committee weren Corporal Elhart Corporal ride. Or. Taylor took them in j Squadron Medford died of result mid the tax of toilet articles and an experienced Oil geologist. In eminent those Are the outstand which was voted at the facility presiding and nearly everyone Gulley Mechanic Lindsay privates and when the men reached their of aeroplane Accident june 6,1 proprietary medicines. Reports Dei him Are the following Iii lug features of the new Law. Meeting saturday present taking part Iii Hie discus j Mowat and Robertson sergeant Shin. A Silver and electrician sergeant it was the unanimous decision Hanford left Ashland monday of those present hut immediate action should be taken Iii the matter of locating and equipping to tent City on a moderate scale and june of and arrived in Camp Lewis at i p. In. Tuesday june 15. Immediately upon their arrival All were Given jux half hour to this end two committees were rest and then All were taken to appointed a. V. Carter 0. F. I the artillery Range where they Carson and j. H. Fuller on to witnessed the firing of 3-Inch a Cut Lon and c. A. Edwards f. H. Cilery pieces and were taken Johnson and mis. S. Ii Mcnair on j from place to place in motor cars furnishing. To observe the effect of the firing. The following member Sot the after an afternoon of pleasure son. F. H. Johnson. C. If. Pierce j taken to the regular messes of 0. F. Carson Belt r. Greer. A. J the regular soldiers and enjoyed m. Beaver Henry Enders or. Mrs. A Royal dinner. After dinner the j. Ii. Fuller mrs. H. T. Elmore j entire detail listened to interest a. A. Edwards. Fred Engle e. V. Ing talks from the regular army Carter j. E. Fuller h. T. Elmore officers regarding different i of laxity on the part of dealers Camp Merril d. Ely Glen Ward which goes into effect july hereafter men who attend destination one of them handed if18. Or. Taylor his pocketbook which Applegate Willis and other persons responsible for j Claire p. Hold Ridge. Newton j the fellow claimed had fallen out engineers Jacksonville died of Hie return and collection of these Estes win. Hazeltine. Hubert g of lit coat in tho car. After go pneumonia february 2, 1918. Lures have reached the Bureau i Schenck and Victor in. Husband ing on for Home distance or. Tav Barber Newell of internal Revenue from Many Lor looked into his pocketbook and lieutenant air service signal cil ices. J turn to their Home hero Iii ail discovered that Hoo were miss corps Medford killed in action. To remedy this condition a Mist. The misses Foley will both received pay Only Iii the event 80candidates this is the first year that a honorable mentions have Boon in cry drills will be paid. Regard awarded. The term designates less of the percentage of attend a degree of excellence Only slight Anco it is pointed oui. Iii the in below that of Honor a fact of past men attending armory drills j Canio Ned Iii several cases by the lug. Angust la 1918. J Large Force of Revenue officers teach Iii tho Ashland Public schools he drove Back to the place Bateman. Nill be put in Hie Field and it is this coming year. Where he had left the men but infantry Medford died of Neu expected to result in the collection <9 4 the latter on seeing him approach Monia october 31, 1918. Of millions of dollars in Delhi a miss Margaret Mccoy has Gene he claims Drew a gun and or Beery James , in-1 Quant taxes. To Alameda to visit at the Home Del de him to return. Or. Taylor j Fantry Jacksonville died of Quot information for the sales tax 01 mrs. C. Summers. She was did so. And went to Grants pass wounds received in action octo Nill of the Bureau of internal i accompanied South by miss Eliz club were urgent l. F. Peru add profit and Riding All were where the sheriff was notified. A 18, 1918. Revenue is that Many dealers in Abele Lennox who will also visit hav it g0 per Cen o 50 description of the men was sent Beery Edward , Ltd Oft drinks and ice Cream either fiends in a i i Foru in out Over the country and a search class. Billeting detachment de Are keeping no record of the a for them instituted. Mobilization Jacksonville died amount of tax collections from saturday evening patrolman appendicitis. September 14. Such sales or that the record is Roberts saw two men going into 1919. J Isuf Alicent or incorrect. The hotel Ashland and he arrest Beeson. Earl de a special attention will he Dij. La. Mcgee and j. W. Mccoy phases of the science of artillery de them. On being examined it Dot brigade Talent died of dish it is a pleasure to hold such in fire from balloon observation to was found they not Only answer Rhuia May 8, 1918. Tax As Well As to the tax on toil private in in tides and proprietary medicines. It it not having been in formal luncheons during the noon ground work at the guns. The a description of the men wanted j Blevins Homer hour at frequent intervals and at detail also enjoyed a talk from by even their clothing was fairly fun try Jacksonville killed in a to Lough the failure of retailers such meetings the chairmen of general Davis who is now in com Well described in the report gov Tion May 27, 1918. To collect in full the tax of i cent the various committees will pre mend of amp Lewis. In out by or. Taylor. The men Brown i Homas r. Private tor each 25 cents or fraction. Hide and introduce discussions of. The visiting soldiers were a will he held Here until an officer engineers Sams Valley died of thereof of the amount for which during Hie summer a Cami h Quot Bere they receive the a matters in the province of such corded the privileges of All the of comes to claim them. Tuberculosis March 12, 1918. articles and proprietary cation. The regular army per cent of the entire strength i residence in the University for the was. Present. If a Man missed it a required length of time. Iii single Drill during the first half either Case the requirements Are of the year he was disqualified for stringent and rigidly enforced in pay. That is entirely corrected accordance with the upward trend except in the Case of the officers of scholarship requirements at the who do not get paid unless they University. Men. Or 30 honors in general scholarship. Men present for each Drill. The highest strictly Scholastic Dobson and wife of Santa i the pay scale is Wooste 1 a up a a achievement by a student at the Aioli the line. Enlisted men re-1 University v e awarded to la Reeve from $ i up to 82.50 for each j die Mort of of Portland Grace Drill of an hour and a half. They Kroop of Eugene and Dorothy also receive 25 per Cen increase Duniway of Portland. Miss Knupp in pay for attendance at Camp. Has been elected at a teacher in captains comma Dilik companies j the Ashland schools for the compel a substantial increase the lug year. Ward Hammond and Elwood compensation for armory pay be a Hedburg have gone to Ink .i0 11 lll0�?o,h 111 addition to completion Aud details will be calif., where they will have pm Itle w Vliem 1,1 schools and1 ill it Lalle at a a Quot Quot cd Date. I a i., no us Lini i la. A ,., a. 9 9 mrs. W. It. Tiniou left Santur calif., Ara camping for a few Days in the Auto Park. They were t former acquaintances of or. And a a. Mrs. Tom Mill of this City Anil cled to the collection of this i the latter were Over last night renewing the old time Friendship. Committees. Wants walk on Allison Street flyers Aud non commissioned officers club. And other clubs it the Camp. After a Good Hearty breakfast. Daf for Sisson where she will visit with her daughter Mildred who Collings Oscar , medicines Are sold it is estimated j fifty Man Wii be accepted by confetti dance Headquarters Watkins died 01 to government is losing several Harold Simpson who lately re the government hereafter As the. Society a a ret pneumonia August 8, 1918. Million dollars annually. The tax turned Home from the University minimum strength of a unit. This. Iut Lemmei shool a glance at the society Caba Davis Walter , de is collected by Means of Stamps 0f Oregon has entered the first colonel White Point out. Will a petition wan presented to the the next morning the big 155 guns it program reveals the fact that pot brigade Ashland died of ranging from i to 40 cents which j National Bank and will he pm Able communities it organize Aud City Council last evening at its were brought up. And the men a a confetti dance is scheduled pneumonia june la 1918. The Law provides shall he affixed played in that institution d tiring maintain organizations where in regular meeting from residents j Rode on the great guns about seven Quot it take a lace it Luri Quot the latter Decker Arthur , by the dealer and cancelled. Summer. The past it has been found ii pos of Allison Street asking that a Miles where they saw the regu part the evening. Ibis will coast artillery corps Ashland it is the intention to conduct it a it slide to secure 90 or too men. Cement walk be Laid on the South Lur army soldiers place the guns prove exciting and a lot of fun died of tumor of brain March 23, As thorough and effective a Cam mrs. I. L. Brown and mrs. Hen while lie term of enlistment re Eily Side of the Street Between in position for firing. The outfit. For those who do not care to take 1918. Pain As possible in such a Way As by Grimes of Klamath Falls came Mains it three years All men who Gresham and Union streets. The were fed at noon time from the part. As Well As those who prefer Hawk Russel Simon private to bring to Justice wilful Viola Over yesterday and will visit in j served in the recent War Are a petition was signed by a number army rolling kitchens and cer to dance during the event. Con marines Derby killed in action tors and cause no embarrassment of property owners who consider to Only no one complained of any fetal and serpentine ribbons will july 19, 1918. To merchants and business men ii is for the Best interests of the Scarcity of food. Be furnished to the cabaret guests Holmes Joseph Thomas pm Aho honestly Are endeavouring to Public that continuous walks Are the boys who went from Ash on order and the confetti and ser Yule 1st class coast artillery comply with the Revenue Laid on that portion of the Street. Land have never ceased to com Pontine throwing in combination corps. Medford died of wounds Council instructed the City attorn ment favourably on their trip. Ill the wierd color effects that received in action october 12. Get a be to prepare a Resolution de Dias. Robertson one of the Ash i1 a been arranged for will truly 1918. \ 1 a 1 daring it is the intention of the land detail., remarked a it was make a pretty dance. To Flavid Hay k. Private. A. Council to construct a walk us re Worth $50.00 of any Many a Money. F 4m,<4u1v coast artillery corps Medford Monda s Neus died of pneumonia october 25,1 unusually Fine children s Day Ashland and Central Point until Cepter for one year Atter the fourth of july. Period. Hills tent or. And mrs. Dawson Foster left last evening for their borne proprietor who has been suffer in Santa Barbara utter spending 1 6 rom an a ack of up and 18 a month s vacation with relatives Aud friends in Ashland. Miss million is a student of tho Chico Normal school tho members of which Are camping in the mountains near Sisson during the summer. At a special election held in grunts pass saturday a heavy majority was Given for the $400,000 build Issue voted upon by the land owners of the District. # or. And mrs. Al. Ii. Bilush Are among the Ashland people who Are in Portland this week attending the Imperial Council of the in session there. Quested. 1 besides the expense of and most of the others made similar want boys and remarks. Girls in pageant most of the boys from Ashland pm Star at the annual convention Morgan Thomas , pastor Rev. Charles a. Edwards Iii Portland this week. Mrs. Urn infantry Eagle Point died it j baptized 19 boys and girls and Hack had no opposition. She has pneumonia october 15, 1918. Took 18 new members into the Church. It amp a Man was caught saturday nor. Lakeview woman Heads o. E. S. To j 8. Exercises were Given by the meth mrs. Ida Umback of Lakeview Loomis Algie Odist sunday school yesterday i elected worthy grand cause Date and place of death not mailing. In connection with the one of the interesting features returned the latter part of the a.0,/m? p,0kram a Ven it it a die children the planned for the fourth of july week. All did not return Ogeth Celebration is a Hiawatha Pantier As some stayed in Portland to mime which manager e. T. Sta sen the beginning of the festive pies and committee have a he. 9, in a a a the ch#lr8 a a a a t rg8n Arthur private. Tagged and in which the assist the boys All agree that the 81 1 Scep a one t0 w ic1 8 a marines Ashland killed in a Nncy of a Large number of the thing that most characterized the i"88 0 Este. Us 8y Tion november to. 1918. Young people of Ashland is need visit at Lewis was the Good eel-1 tie 8e88,0�?o wednesday the Nicholas Glenn a private. A fcb by the local police while at de. Mrs. Walter Macadams. In of Fellowship that existed he 8ecoml of tho annual c0bv�?o Aero Squadron Medford died of tempting to break into the Chick i i. In a. T. I i .1. Don was one of the most Enthus Dan Therla Amil 4 1919 in House of t. L. Powell on Oak Whoso skill and efficiency ,Cen the regulars and the local Uip Utimia Pili a a my. ,. Tio. Spastic in the history of the Organ Powers Ollie a private Ile Street. After confessing to the training an entertainment of this men. Nothing was omitted that t towels Niue n. I ii Aie be kind is Well known in this City might have been done for the Ben ii Zap a a Quot Buthi tote heels ratio. Cult company Talent died , the prisoner was sent Down bar been asked of direct his pro cult of the local contingent. A�?o0ws 55,� Quot embers of the order pneumonia october 17. 1918. It Ltd Jacksonville to reflect for the Duello. Mrs. Macadams has the Bove were glad .0 learn a a a a a enhance of which 320 Are Santord. Horatio 8�?prlvate. A it Quot Days on the hardship at kindly consented to devote her that when they go North again accredited delegates representing ally repair detachment. Ash tending the Way of the trans Grer time to this affair but at a meet i to Camp Lewis that they will chapters in the state. Land. Dle 1 of pneumonia orto in addition to the election of per a 1918. Worthy Matron Umback other of Singleton. John private infers elected tuesday were Tau try Eagie Polt. Died 0 worthy grand Patron. Leslie 8. Wounds received Iii action Jaugu Parker Portland associate grand a. 3 1919 Matron. Irs. Minnie Letson on Spencer Herbert Guy private Tarim associate grand Patron coast artillery corps Ashland Celebration and local company arrives there. The Frank j my Teri Albany grand died of pneumonia july it 1918. Secretary miss Nellie Mckinley sp00ne.t Altemus _ Medford Portland grand treasurer mrs. Au38i Date Ami Pace not Given. Lla to e Johnson. Pendleton Moskau gust , in and his committee Bio working All of the nou com intoned Brand conduct less. Mrs. Therese Fantry Medford killed Iii action. I Castner Hood River associate nit Hap s Iaia hard to make this Celebration one officers and some of the privates a ii it r 1918 Long to to remembered in the an will have the Opportunity to do Kra itch a e 8 a Treen Philip . Inputs of the City and the Young some balloon work when they go 18 e or 811 Fai try Butte Falls died of Juilu people Are especially urged to lend to Lewis in july and this Fen condition of roads in a october 16, 1918. Their assistance in producing this lure is looked Forward to by All. By of Stark Oregon Quot a a. Raymond , pageant. Two balloons Are stationed a cottage Grove-Dlsston-Bohe-,uf8ntry Medford killed in a All boys and girls who want to Camp Lewis to assist in observe Mia. Cottage Grove to �?Ttl011, 0ctober 12> 1918-help make the fourth of july eel lion work. a morph Lund to Cott arrest , coast artillery corps Ashland j summer vacation. Silo died of pneumonia november 8, j companies Home by miss lug called yesterday Only a very i mess with the regulars though few Young people responded. If they will have a Barrack to then will he necessary to have upwards selves. The fact that they will of 5il boys and girls from 4 to get to mess at an old established 17 years take part in this a mess will simplify matters Grout scant which promises to be one Ivas it will eliminate the work of the most charming features of Starling a new mess when the of tho whole these boys and girls Are urged to Cooks of the first company will assist Ashland in making the of work right with the Cooks of Bat fair a Success. Manager Staples. Tery Quot of Quot 55th artillery. Nicely Able to attend to business a mrs. A. It. Mount Aud son Mystic shrine Robert of Dunsmuir is an Ashland <6 f guest this week at Hie Home of Lester Warren of Berkeley is Lier sister. Mrs. A f. Abbott on1 spending a Short vacation in Ash Alida of real. Land. Or. Wurrey is a former graduate of Ashland High school. Or. And mrs. In in Neil Are Iii who now holds a Good position Iii Portland this week attending the a Hank in the buy City. Shrines Council in session there \ a it it 4. H. A and mrs. Stock were us mrs. E. E. Hewitt has gone to usual the pathfinders Over tile Portland where she expects to Road to tho Luke of the Woods remain for several months. Having made the trip last sunday. I or. Stock reports the Road in an Leith Abbott is out on ,.8gaut condition Aud that Chi steels again after having under i Pitons look promising at Hie Lake a gone a painful operation on i Quot i for a Good camping season. Ila which were confiscated. The com a the 1 ont nude Bina Tion of the Safe was written i $ on a card and tied to the Knoll or. And mrs. T. F. Bates left of the door As it Only contains Hie today Hooks and is made thus convenient expect in Case of a fire. Nothing else their destination is Stockton to will sums has traded off his late saturday afternoon chief was disturbed about the Mill. Which they will drive in i heir Ford car and has purchased in of police Hatcher caught a man1 a family cur. Ashland deeply re Oakland. Ile had made arrange on North main Street answering to Quot a mea8rs Jones Quot to f Quot Quot a of Quot 8 tho loss of or. And mrs. Nil its for Ellis do a t0 tug a Are the description of one wanted in 0v,1i ses mel1 cal1&Quot 10 Ashland rates who have lived Here Many it. A morning the Ford turned up Roseburg for stealing an Antonio yet Etc div Nom Washington on an rears and have been closely Asso missing last week lint was Forslu bile. The Man was held until in ht0�obile trip. While Here they ii roil with he business and so-,llat0in getting his ear Back again officer came and took him Back lopk�?~"1 Quot i their a Quot Cle e a ch.1 interests of the City. They a aglow whom they had never seen stopped for several Days before mrs William Day. Mrs. A. If Tore and made his acquaint or. And mrs. W. X. Mcnair left saturday night for Portland to take part in the shrill ors Council meeting there. B sneak thieves broke into the Ashland m los som-1 .vc during saturday night. Enhance was made by breaking the ii it i it or pane in a front window alter which tho intruders reached in and opened the fastenings. They Hadj their work for their pains How Ever As the open Cash Register Only contained three pennies. This trip principally to get boat Iii readiness for fishing when he goes out to his summer California where he i col tags la or. Locate permanently j a to Roseburg. A it <3> ring at the Home of or. Ami Selmer mull mrs la. Howdy and la East of Ash c. F. Koehler drove to Hornbrook this morning to attend the funeral service of mrs. A Derson. Or. Koehler will Contact Hie service. Cottage Mia open. Cottage Grove to Lundmark god. Closed. Lund Ehra Tion a great attraction this the men from the first com Park ,0 no Ciemia for aut0b no year and help along with the fund Pally Wro attended the Pelt it a our Are urged to meet mrs. Macau nary Encampment were Hearty in lt0seburg-i-eel open Good. Anis at the Chautauqua building i their Praise of Captain Dusen Mckenzie Highway Eugene to thursday afternoon at 2 o clock Bury s work in planning the end be River open fair Bue to be assigned their parts in the crap Lent at Lewis. Captain do River of Mckentie Bridge cosed pageant. is the Oregon inspector by construct on except at inter instructor of the artillery com Vagt for a few a Mckenie a a a a a. _ Bon ton bakery panties Aud has devised the plan Brig,0 go limit c used Lare Earl d Beeson. Walter la i Alex Brown Willamette Highway Eugene Higdon finest Hicks is the owner of a Alice. It was their intention to Jar baby grand Overland car which make a More extended tour into land. He purchased from the Norton to California but after spending the 4 4 Tot company. This company also night Here decided to return p. I. Jordan who recent made tho Sale of a new Maibohn Home. Derwent a serious operation Al to i. R. Gardner who is employed a a a local Hospital is now Able to a it by the Sunkist hotel Iii Hilt. Word reached Ashland hater a a a up and can walk out a Little. Or. And mrs Thomas Mew Ami p Day of the death of mrs. T. K. A a a or. Aud mrs. Charles Mee of a miss Marguerite Hammond a Anderson a former resident of among the recent students of Pilate Wero in Ashland Over student of the University of Ore ibis City which had occurred at hic University of Oregon who 111ghi these Young people Fig gon. Is Home from Eugene on her Detroit mich., Juno 16. Tile re-11 ale come Home for lilo summer pied in a double wedding in As a Mains will be brought to Horn Audrey i Brook where interment will in vacation at Fred Payne 1918. Young Loren Fantry Forest Creek died of 1. Ingilis october 21. 1918. 1 Roberts. Miller Calkins and May mad i Quot i Belle Leavitt of Klamath Falls. Who Wero Lier guests for a few j Day. They left yesterday for 1 Ashcraft grunts pass yesterday and Canto lid bred 8cbuerman.1 up strand for their honeymoon. The brides were misses Martha Raymond and miss Al Lei. Taylor both Grants pass Young ladies. Has new owner 0 letting the National guard j. W. Kistler formerly of co companies work right with the p j Don open Good Lumina mo., has bought the Bon regular army companies and As a o Gummy a cosed ton bakery and cafe on the Cor result the local men get valuable Are of fourth Aud a streets Aud Tep and instruction. Made a number of improvements Iii the Plant. He is putting the Auto St first bakery department in condition tor doing a wholesale and retail the distinction of being the business and has already Stab Firth Auto St to reach Crater Lake licked a Nice Tine of business. The his season is claimed by District cafe has been fitted up Iii an at a game Warden Mcdonald who a Tractive manner and or. Kistler rued Iii Bend Friday night Mel Bays he intends to Cater to the ing a three Day official trip into Public with the Hest of service the Southern part of his territory and eatables prepared in ail a two of the five Miles Between policing manner. Hit government Camp and the rim a of Crater Lake were open when will reduce Force he left in the morning As a Force Crescent City port Orford to Brookings excellent. Brookings to port Orford fair rough Sec at Crater Lake ,,18 Quot Quot proving. Grants pass Crescent City open. Rough on Oregon Mountain elsewhere fair to excellent. Galice Almeda Merlin open Grants pass to Almeda Good. Medford Crater Lake open. Medford to Park Entrance fair. Closed Park Entrance to Crater i Ake. No detours. Should be open july i. Of this list to went out from i their Homes. Ashland or near Vicinity. These j f Sun Francisco i Davis Arthur Al. Decker. Alagic v. I arrived Iii Ashland saturday and Loomis. Arthur Ray Morgan or 1 a ill lie a guest of his sister. Mrs. Lie ii. Powers Horatio s. Sanford. I t. J. Mackay for several Days. Herbert Guy Spencer. Philip r. I 4 4 Theiron and Forrest g. Wolcott1. Of Van Scot and child of to rive other Young men met death i a a a Are guests of mrs. Van to Hornbrook while in the service which Are Lucoy a parents. Or. And mrs. C. K i a a g a not named in county clerk Klor Quot Ertz. At their Home on Al a ii in ii1 a 1 Ila Street this week. By Quot Quot we blog ii i school in us to Al in. Ii. F. Divers and a ugh tor Deett of Sheridan Are in Ash id land thin week. Miosis of he for Eek Kipron sister airs. A. F. Abbott up i rom tuesdays news mrs. Al. F. Hwi Furt went Portland tho first of tile \ where she will visit for several mrs. Myers and daughter will also i r Evi Stevens Quot Days. A Lait relatives la Talent. Medford Kofu a a alter t0 a it old the week 4 4 a Dunsmuir while in this Sec Ollu Wilh he fam a who Are Ash. Of the Don. And residents for the summer. A 4, t. To. Simpson. I. Winier and a he Choo Board ,0 John s. Orth cashier Medford National Bank wit ii his family was in Ashland yesterday for a few hours while on his Way Cyl a list. These Are James Merle Fountain Willis Hines Archibald Kernith. Clement m. Slimmers jr.,i and Walter a. Us clips. It. Nell who has that City by ii the Young ladies j thriller. Alto during the. H. Natiel. With their wives yesterday afternoon v. O. N Are in Portland his week enjoy j Snaith was ppr ted l0 succeed him. Lug Hie attractions presented in off and a. H. Mcnair to succeed the meeting of the a r Himi eos. Only a Small vote was cast. Will halt train for us pageant miss Lilly Poley is Home from past Winter is in Ashland a guest Eugene where she has been a of the j. J. Murphy family. She student Al Hie University for the stepped off Here while on her past year. A to her Home Iii Portland. A a mrs. Earl jdi.e., and iwo mine or p tto Haugh was in sons of Edmunds. Wash., Are in Ash anti Loday from the Valley Ashland visiting the former s jew District Mother. Mrs. H. J. Shaw. They mrs. Macadams has secured Frances Montgomery one who is vacation. Very capable and talented in the a 4 expect to remain Here for two cashier v. O. N. Smith is Laid Verne Blue. A student of tin. L. Gartner who has been aer1-j months. On at Home today with sickness. University of Oregon arrived curly i for several weeks is 4 4 44 borne yesterday for the summer much improved Aud is Able to he among the recent applications or. And mrs. C. F. Shepherd about the streets again. He has hied with the state Engineer for left last night for Bend when Jackson county sheep men met. -1 Bern Home from Hie Hospital for mrs. Beaumont and i hey will spend some time with on naturalization of men with plows and scrapers no de Ord saturday where the u ining of children to Assisi Iii a a meeting of the about three weeks but has Only baby Are Down from Medford tin or daughter in Law mrs. Kale Portland due to a Cut in wag working at top Speed to Clear Southen Oregon Wool growers up ulna 011 he of Quot Courtl got july a Atouk holders of the first National been Able to walk oui Hie past the Day with Ashland Shepherd appropriations by the Senate the the Way. Association was effected. This or h�8&Quot request the rank e p Briggs was elected to Day or so. Friend. 4 4 local naturalization service will or. Mcdonald s car stalled Iii ganizat0n was for he purpose of a re Enfer of 11,1 in be Idren Lonu the a Arp on the Hoard of i 44 4 4 Henry Enders drove Over to lost one of its three examiners at deep Snow above White horse can ulring a be w00 growers or Mcrrow at the Chautauqua build Rotor made vacant by the death miss Fern Murphy has returned i the use of water is one by George i Klamath Falls Sunray morning a Quot a a a ing at 2 o clock. This is going to George Owen. Home from the University of Ore in Argadine of Ashland or Peru is and returned in the evening. He be one of the most attractive Lea j 4 4 nor. For the summer vacation. Ron to appropriate .25 second made the return trip in four and lures of the fourth of july Cele mrs. Joseph Foley and dough 4 .4 loot of water rom Willow Creek one half hours with four per in ration and the work of train ters. Misses Minnie and Evange a miss Alice Walker is clerking tributary to Jedi a Creek for int son in the car. Which Speaks Well Jug will begin in Earnest Toner line Are spending several weeks in the Johnson jewelry store this gallon and Domestic use. The for the condition of the roads Over Row at 2 o clock. 111. Newport. They expect to in week relieving o. H. Johnson the application has been returned for the Mountain. I. J i a the beginning of the fiscal year Yon As he neared the Lake from coun a Ord a and july i. This District including the Medford Side and he was All of Oregon and parts of Wash towed for a Short distance by their Wool at advantage to everyone. F. W. Herrin of Ash Erton and Idaho will have but Alex Sparrow National Park us add want com it a pre Glde a of two men to handle thousands of Peilin pendent he lad no further new Amoc iat on go cd Cash Walker examinations each month. Dell Mculty. Is be Gregary

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