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Ashland Tidings Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Ashland Tidings (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Ashland, OregonOr a a historical go a a a. Randll Arlam Ashland weekly tidings \0l. Xliva8hland, Oregon. Wednesday november 24. 1920. No. 13 counties Ark responding Well to w. C. T. 1\ drive he rinks Parade in mighty Lively one banquets adj. Gen. White hundreds of thousands of tuberculosis Christmas seels were sent out from the Portland office of the Oregon association last week to practically every county in i the state in order that All machinery May be set up promptly Aud every agent even in tho Roost remote1 la tracts instr have in Road i Ness for the Seal ale which will Bee Gin wednesday december 1. A Vand i Tiara turn hit in Fine everyone of tho thirty count Leol style a my a Lam the Myall to a a it a a Aro Boon Canna aged for agent. For the real we by the director. Rob first company. A m a n y Ilion cart w. Osborn have responded with Olbu alarm. Tbs county Public health associations which now Olst in n number of counties a Ltd committees in Evory Community Promise to be a vital Factor in making the nothing but unqualified Praise was a a More comprehensive than esl ended to the members of Flat Eyer before thus not Only increasing Ashland bos opened her a dvrs to the shr ners today in the event of the Susumu ceremonial of Hullah Templa and he guests Are made Welcome despite the lowering Clouds and occasional spill of rain these con a Cross Roll Cali Small. Mrs. C. H. . Mrs. Melissa Ball mrs. A h or scat. Jar i e w Nelson. C a lust mrs m. L. Pat j. H Fuller. Rev c. F. Koehler mrs duo Cal 1/63/1? of Ashland woman red Cross Roll Call to Date mrs Henry Paca septal us mrs. A Lions might tend to Dampen the us Langston mrs. B. Wallace. Mrs. A. Ardor of any but 8hrfnsrs, but these b. Payne. Mrs. George Fri ice mrs. Here Chr win hourly App Lnu Llano act was Lii stir Success company o. N. 0�?z and Ibe chamber of Commerce tor tha Liu Cleas attend ing the banquet and reception hold in the Kaka Templa honouring inc visit of colonel George a. While adjutant general of Oregon and Mem tho financial returns but aiding in tha educational work which la one of the prime Obj cos of the Campaign. County quotas have been worked out As follows on u basis of five seals per of plea. Which Sale will be noes Lon mrs. C. A. Cotier mrs. A m c. P Koehler mrs. J. 8. Panaou. Mrs Purvis mrs t m Anderson. Mrs. A. J. H Fuller d. L. Uleus miss Kutub Doran mrs. A 11 Doran. Mrs. C. E Vorus. Mrs. H. 0. Mccarthy. J. Of. Morton mrs. Emily its Visus mrs Fuller. Or. Fat. M Brower mrs. Ida May Kulti. Wile of John mrs. H. Alkons. Esau ads Sou. Mrs. Mrs. J. 1 deltas captains mrs a Kelts. Died suddenly at her Home 0. Flux mrs. J. P Dodge mrs. C. B Vav. Matey mrs. H. Mitchell. Mrs. 8. On Walker Avenue al ii o clock suit Howard. Mrs Roberta Veilon. Mrs a a Carlton. Mrs. 0. 0. Howard. A. L. It Lay evenly Mulu gulls was the Ells Oxford. W or scat. Mrs k v Yauip. Mrs. A. L. Kemp mrs. .1 cause of her Dumae. The deceased Wing. Mrs u. H. Whaler. Miss e Hasting. I. Edwards. Mrs. R. C was 4. Ream of age and had lived a Scalleat Fellows carry inf fluent Sun 8am Jordan mrs. Al fled mrs. Coch Carson miss a Norcros. Mia v. Goodman. Mrs. Is Uncle Brady. Iso. In Ashland for Ibe Post seven years Shine within their Boarts to Chase ran. Mrs a mlle l. Walls mrs. Per Mansell. Rose mrs. Gao. Rose. Mrs. Emma funeral services were held from tho away All Black Clouds whether Phyrel ter. Mrs. Pace. Mrs 0. M. Frost Captain mrs Kwit. Harland Severance. Mrs. W. M. Slock undertaking Parlours this after a slip or temperamentally mrs p. K Hammond. Captains Merles a Iii. Miss Amy Ramsey. Mrs. By slow mrs. F. Hanna mis Evo noon u 1 a a clock. Rev. Edwards Hullah Temple guests end members Ralph Harris. B. F Mem h. R r to Anderson mrs. Catherine Lyn Merrill. Frank Merrill. Mrs. Ltd Wolfl culling. And burial was made in began to assemble from Points in Moore. D. Protil. W. B. Pierson. Or Moody. Mrs. Anua Harbsma. Mrs Imu h. Chamberlain mrs. Books Welle. Hie Talent cemetery. Or. Kelt la California last night and All Day j. H. Parsons. Rev. P. K. Hammond a Willey. Mrs. V o n 8mllh. I. W. Mrs. W. C. Polke mrs. Win Lar. Survived by her Ini annd and seven trains and automobiles arriving in mrs. P. K. Hammond Pella it or. And mrs w h a larges. Dig a son mrs. J. M Maguire. Ebl Ndreu. The City have unloaded members of mrs. Chatton captains Lena Wehr mrs j p. Robertson 8 8 Wilcox. Mcm Lohabel. Mrs. H. F. Stokes. C. La. This order who have come to have Ley h. W Michel. W. R still Toms j a Erse it. Mrs c. A. Borah. Hsrry 8i�adl�r, mrs. Ii Halla. Mra. A. M. Vika ride one of their grand Good Elmea with Weller Miksch cols Hays. Mrs. E b bomb p Marrott. Mesa Hazel Broughton mra. J. Punk in. K ii the so kinks Kun one another at the Home Hurline. Barron. Mrs. B. Smith. J. G Conger. Bruner Sam Mcnair. Harris. Mrs e. R. Harris. Mrs. In a >t.m. O a the ceremonies for afternoon and Harold Bunce. Jav but or. A r y y m j1 Ciplet a a me. Dera j. L. Baker. J. H. Turner to Niit Saiy. A a . As evening Are being hold in the a. , o. E Carpentar r i re or m m a Row Eacurk. Or in oor. Or. Joe poor. Mrs. J. B Sann fun. On4.h fl0m Mory. With a big banquet for the Cornelius mrs. S. , mrs. J j in ram a be or a a. A r Dera. J. D Merse mra. F. 8. Engle. R, met re a Erml Tleta int0 the shr ners and 8hrlnere.se, in Hie r. A Bra we >�1� Ltd a a a. Mrs. Sadie Quot a. T. Merle of Hullah. Mystic autumn ceremonial Bers of his staff who were the guests Gary 11 the prs Seni work of the a snout first company last evening. Cap elation is to be continued Baker ism Briggs of the first company had 896 46 Nenton. 687 20 Clacks Only received a Short notice of the Man 11,814.90 Clat sop. 1,157.60, visit of the adjutant general and he Columbia. 191 cons. 1.112.16, immediately got Busy in planning a Crook 171.10 carry 11 1.15 meeting in order that the Public of de schutes. Douglas might meet the distinguished 0 6.61 go Alluin. Lint Grant officer and gel in closer touch with 274.10 Harney 199. 10 Hood the Workings of the National guard Allvar 416.76 Jackson. Fl.03o.z5, through the kind assistance of the of Larson 10.66 Josephine chamber of Commerce a banquet 282.75 Klamath 670.65 Lake and reception were planned and the 189.66 Lane 1.808.30 Lincoln. Elks Temple was Planvil at Lliel Dos 304.20 Linn 1,227 50 Maheur elks Temple at 6 30 this evening a. Run Erfert. Evelyn Caldwell. C walk fwu Ston Briker Monica 1 b Lilly. L r. Dickey. Mra m la. While the Brethren Are in session the 8. 8llsby. Willard Phil Len in f. Do True a a Ling. Mrja c a in a Quot a w a h 8 held Ashland alter no. Ladles who have accompanied their Witt. A. A. Pierce. F. J swsunlng.,Coby Ayd it Vuu Mil do her. Saul Ord. Mrs h. B. Nau lord. H l. In get am husband i Here Are being entertained mrs. F. J. Swennen. 8 a. Peters. Or. M1m aids a or Thomas. Or. Geo. O Moor h Noor 1 a to gal., Day for the City when the red by the local comm Lees in the in Sylvan Provost. Mrs n. Cunningham. A re mra. Jessie Jarvis. I. ,n i w 1-Uomlv. Mrs to. W in Vul Opi own ea1hor a a a a sonic Temple. De Gottli. Jolin Cosimp c. Polk. Hub Bei tilt Roy my a # l a Loomis. Street All Ashland was Ulert lor Hie following Are among the guest. Cd. Meek. O w. Rosa Jur Leavelt. Emu on y y re hl011 mrs. Guy c. Jacobs Captain or. 0�?z Hgt in umm who have . The most of c. H. Walwick Dou Atton of 50c,. Or j11 Ion so pm 0 Juhu a w s. Dap eau. A. F Abbell. Mls ii pm a he Terri al it frt it Lrtil in whom Are by Lliel Hose Patterson. Clausan. W. 1 Humn Brey. Law Hal Myers. Mrs. N. . Mrs. Fiuk my Imbor o Milah tempi. And be. Wives or p p whim. E. A Tinner. A Ahlborn l. A Brush. Or m�"11 i Loomis. Mrs g. C. Jar Tori in proved u. Lively a not former Medford Thomas of flt John k Albert Effle Brown w. L. Tinker. Blurt w Rich Obs. Mrs. Id male Pella a. K p. T reason Lawrence t b. Lumsden f j new c. C a Elsenberger. M b Pinion mrs. Paulserud captains a e a in mrs p. J. Starting out Early in the morning a a a a 8 c. Hutchison. Bole 0 Mol i. P c to on mrs. Car. 1 he 1 m 0ai.e. Was Pul j b. Anderson. a. Pori. Will Elliott. A Mima. Carl elms Albert c Joy. Grot Quot Ner 1646.36 Marlon. 2.356.85 Morrow. 8280.86 mul Tomah. $13.74.901 Polk 1709.06 Shervan 19130 Tell Nook. 438.10 pm Nellla. 1.- 297.30 Talon. 831.80 a Allowa. 1488 90 Wasco 1683.40 Washlng-8131.56 mull. If the event inst evening Hud been planned for weeks Abend it could not ii ugh been curried out More completely with morn sure Sului detail iban Ideal far ins evening. Between 250 and 300 guests a Ltd members of ton. 11.318.80 Wheeler first company in Lliel uniforms ul1 a a Mwau $1.026 46. Down to a sumptuous four course Bini get prepared by the skillful Rul Granite c1t1 men Limey not isl. Caterer Donald Dicker ire keenly interested Sou and ills corps of helpers. Mrs. Ii. H. Ellirt end mrs. Eric weren general Meresi in tho Athlon i look charge of the Erving we leu Quot inter fair and poultry Ash Billon was carried Eal by a Bevy of Young hot reached 100 percent. Everyone ladles who had been secured bin talking about it and planning on mra. P k Hammond mrs. F. J attending at Lazot a portion of the Shinn and my. Veasle Thatcher the three Day while the Merchun and Dickey orchestra do accursed to Pilai business men Are a Long with one Nurs during the ensling. And the another with Price offerings for Hie event was one of the Winnai informal various events of the Seu Suu. Special prices continue to come in Captain w m a flags of the first right slug. Today the committee re company presided und introduced the speakers daring he banquet. Mayor c. B. Maui Ken was the first speaker introduced who paid a pret by Romp Lemeni to the Honor guests and the first company and officers. Following the mayor was col George a. White. Who detailed the work of the National guard and the Necea i _ m r n_., i Sims Van veins Sunn i. Joy. Usu uhe an Ibe charge of elect anti fraud Rote. R j Stuart. J d it Cert. H it 7 eve c Barron Paul wiui.ui., Den Spencer a a. ? v i locked up in jail the amt Daie Johnc Mann. Harry Hubbard. Ii j. A prior or. Connor h c c a p r a r r re rat me or. Ann. Lon. My. W. H. Paul l0 .pi#ny Deuel. M , e. N Warner. F j1. It. Ii. Stanley Frank Black or. A a a a of a a a a Hubbard. In for j. Y. Hlll Sott h o. Frohbach. Urie. Leer. a. Real. Judge a re. Cura ? a k q y mrs. Mae Gebauer. Frank Jordan. That Robert w 81 earn o l Davidson al w. J. Johnaon. F. F whittle. Mrs mrs Frank Jordan. W w Havener. Brm we mar Nice. E m. Mckeany. J. A. Per f. F. Whittle. Mrs Mabel Loomis. Iram a a0.t Vlf a a try Cess a. Nutter w h Watt Alax Charlea Delmann. J. W a a Quot Sparrow j w Mccu a re my a ret Grants Pasay a. E. Voor Bles. C. A. Frances Winetrout. Frank inv Burn. P. R a App a patrol Lton. Dan Conner. a panty Wuh in a Tore for Thom Aud Boa ii wife tho Only Thitu for to Lull Krhut i fill. Ills Man 7 w m Coy mrs ,0b a a a a Virgin. H h p a \ Xgo a Quot �?�1a a fam t w Ark Quot a a Quot a he cd i Quot by a m. A i j r s Quot Quot a Quot a. A cd m m to or a May a k 8 Quot j a Edwards. Geo a a , or. A a a a a a a Lam cd us re a. Vav Fon of in con or l a a a Quot a a a a m. King. Z he a a Quot a Quot Quot it Quot Ore for a a Samuel f. Starr. K gear. J. T. Lib 8, mrs. Them during the evening s re Emo. Son. Mrs s. S. Davis. Mrs. Bud 8torm. A Quot a quota a lal Bill Quot Quot a Quot urine he Waller or Paulserud captains mrs. J. A a t a Quot a it from Quot Quot a up a Quot a a a u a. Gear. Homar los Iron. Howarda Quot p Orawa Ono ides. Made la drink n bottle. A Rrvel mis. O c Murphy mrs w Quot Agnor. Mrs Leo Ross. Of Nick a by a pc in in Nasir. J. C. Sol Ali. Geo s Calhoun. Ahlstrom. F. G. Dann Haxel Powall. R Kurau Neil Cath nil a a a or t hl11 Muchain gang of the sire i Parade a re ural Ion k k. Woodson. Lewla Margaret \ an Dyke. A h. 8ams, r hard Nhonma n uie a a Quot or l Oul Quot a won a a every other hint Ham p. Hulne Haugli. Ham j. Stinebaugh. Deal a r.d1moore. K we in Kum or to. W Dunn mrs. I a a Apple Genull could d la a w. Everton. C. N. Culy. Alva 11 Quot Quot Behan. C. B. Ogden mrs e. \ <ul0, or. A e Klune mrs Alice a a. Ceram lev a Ludo i celled the special prise from the bom shop of a pair of Carriage Bootee for the or Lee baby at the baby show j. H. Mcgee offers As n special Price $2.60 for the heaviest rooster of any Breed exhibited and also $2.6<> for the heaviest rabbi of any Breed h. G. Enders a son give a special or Lee of a pair of dress shoes for the sly of the organisation in the Eosin Best exhibit of House Planta not Rolv try. While not an de vacate of Mill 8 for commercial . A Elsm col. White believes strongly it h. Vaupel offer a special a fire in n preparedness that will protect of $2.50 for the Best display of to tho country against invasion also spoke against the Quot yellow peril a c. Mitchell the men s Elohim or. Which he claims. Is Only recon led offers a pair of Fine gloves for the a. Samuel f. So sir k gear j. T lib re a 8,#a&Quot&Quot or hem during the eve lung s Cerelino Herman he h. Baker. Ii e. Alison. Or. Us Beer. Gerald w Enner. J h of g s Blu a mud g orm c. Is area. Mrs. J. Faha. K d. Wag a we a try a it Lar Lar in a a Milch. Quot a. C. Haugh. A k. Cass Hardy c. A. Hagen. I Lilor mrs. Alfred i Etc her. P. Jester. C. H c. C. Gammon. A. E Oto Blich Corson. J. It Reddy Florenz a Brut h 9choler, a. H Northrop. Smith. Geo s t nah Sun. Ahlstrom. F. Of Deal. E Bratton r. K. Woodson. Lewis Murg Urei no Dyke. A else Burgar. In. Ogden mrs is. Viguie mrs a e Kinney. Mrs. Alice a the cer Muules. Which were heir Orndell. I. A Snider. T b. Cornell. Jonee e v. Joppa. M. Ii Ellis i a a. Mrs. To .4 Fuller mrs. F d us a us Borslie were held in the arid. H. Flanagan. J o. Bromley. Don mrs Geo Loosley. Captains a. C a a wuss a. Mrs. Wal Len my. A f or �?zl0ryt who Cly was Dero a id .1 Calvert. C f Nutting. O k Baughman. Mrs j. C. Baughman. V Sunn. Myrtleo met to i Nellu Docksy. C. A rate.1 with Helen us magnificence a Kocher. 0. M. Flint a a a a a a rna Ursu a t r a n a Una Quot Quot rugs no nor Una a p a a Lemdon we held Lime dire i Afler a. W. De Dengg. R. X Rod. Mrs Minnie . My. H More in. B o. Quot ill Stern j m m ltw4. Trim c re. Sydney pm a a. Go a Long ter cd Ulley e s Deann off Oto. I. C. Randlett k a brim in Erk. I. A 1 a s Haxelton. I m. A. King. Mrs the shr ners to work up a High pres Quine. John e flurry. W. A. Kepper. Stevens. My. H. R. Adama. W ii Road. Mba Pearl . Phlp a a Lowe. K k wat ure App sell in or he Yanquel. Lnla c ii tiber Bauer. D y Allison frug an. My. W. H Froylan my Mary o. H. Johnson. M l. Laybou Nie ni1m Winifred Watson. Or. A bad Ith adv he.1 the inns Mulry a Haxelton Wilson. C. A. Courts. Mrs. Mar Wiley my. Ham Jordsn. Anal Quot. K j or. Frank Williams. My ears r Wall ter we h. Lee. Al Johnaon. A a a in Rose. Karl . Mra. Roy Job,8. Meghan in Fri m8h re ii a , Yvo Barber. Chas. A. , the in Harry d rur Boito. J. To Hickey. Baa. Of Earhart. My. D l. A Herenz. My t a col. J. J. . Mrw Dew 0,, no a Tjoa of8. Harria. Frank l. , b. R u f Well. My. Too. T. Parsley la. Swans. Leo in Minwer. Or a a -4smrimi line ii it air t no Lefik Nuber. N frasier. L. G Valentne. My n. F. Wilson. My b r Stevens. Arlinr a cd. Ebe. My v it a Caus. Mrs. J. Ii furnished by the. Walter b. Frailer. Luther e Day mrs e. If Bush fed san mrs. M a a r Quot Quot a a it of a 1 Macedon. W c la Remeto. B Carter. 0f the Skrine Plain her bid be c o Porter. Wood. My. Sprat. Welu. Florence Floyd Dickey Leny Newton. Mrs a a a a Virl re a a or la a. Oer 40�. And mirth my i fellas Central Point a. E. Norcros i j Lucy never i. A. N. Elgh a Rey Newton feeler a Quot a Ltd a a c n i Joae. My Val , ,0 a season. W. C liver a Quot a a v Curr it w 0 crr it 1 a k a a for land mrs. ,. Span for. Lire Masting was Are Jacksonville Emil Britt. Claun a a Ellason. Mrs c. R Ellison. O i Quot the. A a a a is. Uss in a Brawt 8wnn,u, a �henni-,1. While in Cey Florey. R Chapman. Fred j Ellis Bah Bush my o. G of. A Chesney. Mrs v j i j car a Mcm Lllan. Mrs More. My. Fick. G. A. Is Der. 0 a or Mildred Holt ww.,l a Quot Quot of h. A Rowson. My. A. A Rolann the women Weed Fred h. Tebbe. J. E Mil Shell my Percy Simolon. H b my h. H Harrison. Ii h Harrison in x no a by a a or ill Ober Hll a a which time Ibi while the shrine members we a session it the Armor. Held High Jinks in the to extensively on the we item coast. Lion. E. V. Carter member elect o tho legislative Assembly the next speaker spoke most complimentary of the full annul guard and urged upon lire people of Ashland in support this organisation in every possible Way. Especially in filling top the Armor for its Comfort and i Eveni Einice. Of which work alone this line is Bellis nil emptor under great difficulties by the boys. Always ready in Pul an Aullene in Groat Good humor a Dick i Osey Quot read several of his Dolight Lenl original poems which were enthusiastically received. Lifter which major Welch of i tin adjutant general s staff and prof t. E Van Long of Ashland gave in or Oulu talks both speaking along the line of promoting the welfare of the National guard the banquet was concluded at 9 30, but the company lingered until a late hour enjoying the hospitality of he first company boys and meeting and greeting colonel while and his Stolf. Medford guests at the banquet lust evening were Cpl urn and men tenant Marshall ninety Onu set a knt in re Clark of Imp Best display of apples c. J. Perrine Flom the prox Quot of r Good hat or the biggest ear or Corn Carson t. Fowlar offer $3 .0 for the heat pumpkin. Other special Prises will if rub listed tomorrow and those a so i in to offer Prises should notify the committee before saturday night. Lard. Horn Brooks a. M Horn. Redding on Rule l. Crow. Modoc Point a. E a Nev Talent a. I. Kouns. Boise. Idaho William Lyman. Badger. My. Mary m. Badger. Mrs. In. N. Ii Harrison. X ii Harrison. Porter. Goo t in a Lei mrs did ales wives were also initiated info Jennie Vurnor. Mrs Engin Bailey or. Moxen k�o0�?ou 1z, Hall. J f. In her. Or. Mrs. Ii v. Gill Tiro mysteries suppose to be . M. A Barton mrs. J Mcnair. Loomis. Nellie Hlubb. Mrs i Quot. Klat to m Jav Roll Ley Jim. M her a. Lire wife of a full Fledger or. De Briggs. De Briggs. H h. Nor. F i. Nelson. . Carter. Shriner Whan lire eleventh hour Elhart. Ada Hartley or. N. I. Rates. Mrs. L. A. Stewart Jante Harrell. A nor it j y my. H c Block. V Colvig e f. M. Beaver Clifford Banka h. K. J. Ton believes he has just claim to w a. Patrick. Mrs j m. Thornton the title of head lettuce King. Dur mra. We. Myer. Mrs Bertha l. Den ing the inst season which opened on ton mrs Fred Nell in. E. It. Lough mrs g. V. Gillette Caplin f. L. Struck Liosi in the masonic Bull add a try a a Colvig al. V go Lzelle. Mrs. Yvo o a turned in Masae to the Armor Voung. Mrs. C Jennins. Mrs k l. Tomlinson mrs h k Tomlinson a ii g w Minior fun Lnell. Yer. Where dancing Wasey Yrle. On until mlle Ball. My t by Sanford. T. N. Lyle Howell. Quot by. I Alrick. Archie Rohini it mra y k it y in a Jarl it. Hol a this ceremonial was Cint Cerlis in Lett tvs of r a million. Pueblo Colo. Nov. 23�?George Sanford mrs Yvo m How soil. My. Million. E. A. Woodi. Mrs e a r a by oods. D. A Applegate. D. Putler Aon. R. F. Parka. Man. I Crisp mrs miss Rolth Porter. Captain yer. Have the largest of and Catherine Havel Samp. A h. Praht. Ever Irold by ill Lynh Temple. Ytoll Shaw. A. Or Herman. Mra. B. Dimi i r y to Hart x. G Pic it. Hone Ora came irom All . By Froli Madame Irene Hampton a o a cd her Brilliant concert Teuton on the Pacific coast this Young part Nam has been showered with honors wherever she hat appeared in Cire it on the coast. The it Ltd it Trace recognised her As a genl consequently Ihrer criticisms Are lined al altering. The Salt Lake i Rons sold of her playing Quot Irene Hampton at Iho piano Ahles a Ltd particular brilliancy As an Tocom Palti. And the played one Solo we Lar at Lkins tire san Francisco Herald Quot Irene he no ton was al her Best in a group of Light Brilliant pieces which brought her flue exquisite much jul to its fullest madams Hampton is a tool need with Auch artist As Herbert Lilley formerly of the Newyl Ork san phony orchestra at present a member of Ibe Seattle symphony orchestra. Mra. Jane Burns head of the Quot voice department of the Washington unit Oral i to. Who hat recently gone to Seattle from new York whore she Baa been coaching and studying under Hugo Man of the Motro Politan. And Kirk tout. Formerly vice president of the cd Largo conservatory of music now located in Seattle. Irene Hampton read noted in 1903 july ii and hat jut closed. Ton Len. Mary never. Ii k do track. Mrs Ford. Cd it. Be Yvo 0ck a in in y y he bar al of Auto Ilot i a. And or spite tin i so Laired 23.000 pm les of his product l. Schweyn. Mrs Geneva w. Allen Quot Quot Quot to Eastern markets. That Manv Florence Allen. Mrs abide by ads crates Are equal to 75,000 Doeu. Or Worth j. I. Hater mrs. Yvo. F Jor approximately 900,000 Heads or let Dan. Muster Yvo f Jordan. Olga May lure. This was grown on 120 Crex Jordan. Junior yer. Schweyn. My. J Long mra. Shule a. Selby. Flor to Fong r d Riley. Mrs. A. E in us Clement weather All nor entertain Oil. Mrs. J. Ii. Provost j. Ii. Provost my and Are anxious in August Anell. Or Orrey miss Jessie Quot come . Hop Kuna by it Flipp. By w Ora following is the list of the urn Ham e. Con Hau. L. By ices who were Ronda Rod Over Iii ence a. Dolls Rhode r. L your Deal my. Geo Sheldon. My. R. E shale. W. E. Snider. R. P. Campbell. Father Conaty Geo. E. Mcyr Icar mrs. Geo la Small plots al the foot of the a. Ruger. Mrs. Eugenio Atkinson e Mcvol car. Mra. Dewoy Sarkett mrs quo a Brown jui1 mom us i a 1 a or Moun Laina in the 8an Isabel Forest or. Gray de y and Rikberg. ,1�?Tote Ahlstrom Meade Hoover. Socki c. 1. J Porter. Night i. S a Nils ii it. Fuu Beri reservation. Mrs. Mcrae cup Tala Mayv. M my a. A. Marske Ajr Talna War in it rap,a1_w c we a a Frnnk i Ellis he. Chou. Plana for next year s crop include Poley mra a f Condrey. Mrs k h. Wonner. My. It ii. Yenner y j1al mra Foj w to by or k Wickes. Enl her k. Day. In Surv a a. St t if gel. Lieu a a Lla eeb ii eur Trio How Iii of sure Rel thousand acre a in Hoad lettuce. Hearts larger than boxes Ernesty. Abbott is Junior in the Urh Oola of nor culture. A member of the club and a limn Phi ept Ollun fraternity. The Junior students of the school number 91 out of the 722 registered for the full term. For the first time in Iho history of the school the class la smaller than the senior data. The from the Johnson conservatory of enrolled int for the fall term is ju�<1 m us if. Minneapolis. She then took nine times greater ban the enrol up advanced with Herman ment for the entire school of 190.�one��, the Prest pianist and Lear her. Forty three years ago the first Coutier it Greta studied under lists in Syrl culture in the Pacific North this Young pianist is it present at West was offered by the College the head of the piano depart men of the Flat course in agriculture was me conservatory of music of puget at two year course of study today i round. Tacoma there Are sixteen divisions or depart Madame Irene Hampton has Rementa in the school which give two Cecily completed a two year coarse years of major work in addition to under Madame Alma Tracy of this Ibe two years require d in the Baal City a personal Pupil of a it ache Lisky. Or preparatory work an Oswego Constable and one of i. W. W. Agitator Are again spread the town s councilmen engaged in a ing Ibarr propaganda la Portland Flat fight Over tha arrest of the Caun a Toner the shut Down of Tbs lumber oilman s son. Bys Landera had to Milla. 1 part tha Warrior. Buchman mrs. C. Norton my. A. Marike mrs a. A. A a Quot mar or Orrin. Mrs m f had fled Barbour. Chester Porter. Nell fritter. F j. Spaulding. In. J. . H. Be Tahum a nth a Mley. Mia a a mat blk Howell. Waller Connell Lincoln Valentine. Ii. Ii i a Atli. Airs. Maude m How Johnyv Horkey and t Larente by go Oil it. L Mould mrs. It i. You Ulm Ker of do Namur Aaron Cooper Mack Purcell. Or. F ii. Tempo of Iii Yin kit fair in Weed. George Muhln. Rodney Cal offering new i ill is Verl of Grant pass Henry j huh the of Tiro Asoian Ardson. Don j. Zumwalt al la Mulh old a Linler fair Aims to make it Rolu Falls Charles f Flynn. Cell Oquin Cut Lonny for All classes they Are Harry Yvo club Hunt Medford Elmer give lug the school children of Jack j. In has Ashland Claude i. Crow con county a Chance to earn some Redding individual Pulici and it the same Lime to furnish to in Public inter-1campaign for eating and instructive information i Motif Here prisms Are offered for essays on or Dudley Arete Campaign Lertura the following Laib Jockla or for the a Holdron a farm Home. Was Ora i i three. Four and Khey an Ashland a Lollor yesterday and Quot Why children should drink milk spoke it the drive meeting giving every Day Quot conclusive evidence there is Verv grades Sis. Seven and eight Quot the great need of the iroc at the Preven comparative value of milk As a time lie found four children at Aliy pitl in Acksyn f a unto Medford whose Parent and attn have schools died and they Are left with no place reel poster or Chart showing the to go. Other deserving children fur value of milk a a food. Lack of a proper Piare a re being hour first prise in each costs. 13 89. De in institutions where they do nol second prise to 00 third or Lee 50c. Belong. Two sets of prise have been pro 1 a Elded. One Tel for the Rural school what is known As a John Mantilla children and another set for the Etty water proof finish is being Pul on schools the in Rel Irh ool children Ihu final of lie new Ford Caras Wlsh nol compel Ullh tho a of the under construction by contractor a City schools l Lamb on North main Valreet. The a total of 131 will go to the school front of the main building Lias been children of Jackson county. J. O., completed and presents a handsome Ferguson and f h. Fuller Hare each appearance allowing to n measure agreed to give 3 a in applied an Tom my of a hat the no or hut Din thee prise Rill look like when completed this Leet Ros along the lines of Pool is tha Only building o the kind in try. Dairying. Girdle along aortic no Ashland. The workmen a re engaged turn and Horn economies Era being today in patting in the Osew Coronet arranged walk in front of the gangs
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