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Ashburton Guardian Newspaper Archives Nov 28 1918, Page 8

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Ashburton Guardian (Newspaper) - November 28, 1918, Ashburton, Canterbury Ashby Abton guardian thursday november 28, 1018. Adrift in Russia a the intelligentsia. A what Hus happened to the russian intelligentsia this question is. Answered by a. Yakov Elieh in an article in the recent Issue of the russian review in which he records both a the Bright pages a written by the russian intelligentsia in the history of their country and also the sad pages written for the intelligentsia by tile obstreperous bolshevik who have a a pushed the intelligentsia _ entirely outside of the sphere of practical a a upon the Stormy Billows of the raging flood of russian life that has just swept away everything that came m its path and has brought the Hequn. Try almost to a state of devastation there Are floating now the fragments of a social layer which is still comparatively Young and powerful but Ivsich was turned out of its native soil with unprecedented cruelty and barbarism a writes or Yakov Elieh. A these fragments represent what has so Long been known As the russian a intelligentsia a the russian working men the present masters of Russia Are a now completely in the Power of self intoxication. The russian peasant Noncen a rating ail his thoughts upon his ago. Long Ideal the land is stolidly awaiting the realisation of this Ideal unified As a class presenting an almost solid front. The russian landowner is self centred for As a class his chief Rolo had been played in the past now like a Man sentenced to death the class is awaiting its Fate. A a the russian Industrial Leader and capitalist in the freshness of his Powers and Complete Confidence in his future. Awaits his Day. He knows _ perfectly Well that All this disorganisation is merely temporary and that it will pass away. He knows that the country must have productive forces creative economie activity and he knows that he will be called when his time shall come. A a tha russian official wind had held the Fate of Russia so Long in his hands now merely changes his skin but in reality remains the same. His future is assured whatever happens for the country cannot live without officials. Some of them will become lost will to merged in another class but the f Oun Dation of officialdom As a class will remain. A Only the intelligentsia was stricken to the heart by the process of russians. Life and what amounts to its disintegration is already taking place before our eyes. The fragments of this Beautiful and unique class of. Russian society Are now being tossed about upon. The. Stormy Waves of the revolution and it is hard to see any Light a a a ahead scarcely any Hopes gleam in the a Poi scented on All sides or Yako Velich Points out that out of the ranks of the intelligentsia nevertheless Emo russians wealth of literature and music All of this Many sided creative activity a growing 1 and developing against the background of almost a Versal the writer traces the history of the intelligentsia showing How that class always represented the forces. Of enlightenment and Progress As against those of Czari Atic darkness and autocracy. A a any historian a he stated a who would wish to delineate the character. Of the russian intelligentsia would at the very beginning come across its attitude to the dynasty and the autocratic political regime. The intellectual classes began to turn away from. The court and from the government service oven in the second half of the reign of Alexander i., and the decembrist revolution produced a Gulf Between the czars government and the intelligentsia. While it is True that the professors and the teachers were giving instruction in schools which were supported by the government it is also True that their activities had to be watched very closely by the agents of the. Government to see thru they were not a corrupting a their pupils politically and intellectually. _ a a painters and musicians taught in a the academies and conservatories supported by the government actors played. And singers Sang in theatres subsidised by the court hut the Czar could never be sure that any at them were Loyal and devoted to his regime. At Best they were divided into criminals and the supporters of the Czar. Sciences arts and especially literature and journalism always had in them very Strong tendencies for liberation and the same of course applies even More decidedly to All political and. Social movements. Even such a nationalistic movement As that of slav Phil list at the beginning was both theoretically and practically an anti Cha movement. A in Russia a democracy is taken to mean a layer of society and to this a layer the russian intelligentsia is Gen Fer ally ascribed. The socialist parties such apply this term a a speaking of the intelligentsia but it is merely a attempt to conceal their contempt for these classes. The leaders of the socialist parties have also other names for the intelligentsia and when 4 democracy a does not seem Strong enough you will hear the names �?~bourgeois5 and a the ideologists of the bourgeoisie a Flung at the a the socialists dislike the intelligentsia because it is not devoted to their scheme or reorganising the noun try on the basis of Elf Tab organisation. The socialist leaders Are now fond a of asking for the passport of every person with whom they come into Contact. They have divided society into definite classes into Largo propertied classes and Small propertied classes into the proletariat Quot and the peasantry and if you do not happen to belong to any one of these classifications then it is perfectly evident that you Are politic any what amounts to a tramp in Ordinary life. Under the Imperial regime the tramps were exiled to Siberia. In our times political tramps a exiled to a moral Siberia. They Are pushed entirely out of the sphere of political and social a the russian intelligentsia which was perhaps the most important Factor in furthering All the movements that j have developed in Russia including socialism is now passing through a critical time. It is a stepchild for everybody. Ten years ago what is i probably a tactical Blunder was made it by the intelligentsia As. A class. In 1906 an attempt was made to Combine j the professional intelligentsia into a a special party the. Constitutional dem j Oratio party but it was impossible Clever detectives. Commercial land and general. Land and general. Dodges and disguises. A Short time ago a writer of Anonymous and very libellous letters was trapped in a vory Clever manner by a detective. The detective disguised himself As a pedlar and taking a number of envelopes which had been previously marked inside the flaps lie called at the House of a woman he suspected to be the culprit. The woman bought some of the stationery from the pedlar and subsequently Anonymous letters received in the neighbourhood were found to be a enclosed in envelopes bearing the secret Marks. A somewhat amusing feature of this Case was that other detectives who were watching the House where the suspected woman resided failed to recognise the pedlar As their Comrade. But this is not the Only instance where detectives have so cleverly disguised themselves that Thoy have outwitted members of the a North country detective once carried out a sort of burglary under the very noses of his colleagues. He had arrested a smuggler and to believed that several tons of smuggled goods were hidden in a shop. So he drove into the town and succeeded in finding the shop after a Long next provided himself with a horse and cart and calmly proceeded to remove the goods a while he Quot was Busy carrying oat the parcels a policeman casually strolled up and remarked a. A a you re late with your a yes a responded the detective quickly. A a there a another tenant got to be in Liere by the end of the about three years ago a Butler was brought to Book Oil a charge of Pur Loining his masters Money through a Clever ruse on the part of a detective sergeant. The detective sergeant was called in to investigate As Money had been missed at various times. He smeared the handle of the Safe door with aniline Dye which could not be easily washed off. Then be waited events it was not Long however before the Butler was shown signs that he waa the culprit and when arrested _ he looked ruefully at his Dye stained hands As lie remarked to the detective a is this How you found me out a the detective sergeant May possibly have got his inspiration from a Case which occurred in Vienna a few years ago. A business Man called in the Aid of detectives to find out who was Pur Loining his Money. The detectives struck on the idea of trapping the culprit with the Aid of a mine Quot Dye and the ruse succeeded. But to Tho consternation of the employer it was his own son who was brought before him with Dye stained hands i a very Clever piece of work was carried out by a Young London detective some years ago. To wont with several colleagues to a shop kept by two men who were believed to be receivers of Stolon property. The two men were arrested and afterwards tile Young detective disguised himself to look like one of Tho Tiro. _ then placing his colleagues in a. Back room he took his stand behind the counter. Presently a rogue in hired tins shop and threw a Quantity of stolen property unsuspecting by before the eyes of the disguised detective. He was promptly arrested and put out of View. Another rogue came and Theu another and before the evening was out there were no fewer than 11 thieves under lock and key As a result of the detectives Clever trick. A there Are Many instances where detectives have adopted golfers attire when on business Bent. On one occasion a couple of Lancashire detectives adopted this role ill order to run to Earth several a a bookies who had previously outwitted the police. The police had been aware for some time that a lot of gambling waa going on at a place on the Banks of a canal but the a a bookies had so Many scouts posted that it was impossible to get near them while doing business. Two detectives a at length disguised themselves As provided themselves with powerful Licud glasses and in their disguise they managed to get near enough to identify several of Tho offenders. These were afterwards summoned and fined. It is no easy task for members of the Force to impersonate women. On one occasion however two detectives attired themselves in widows weeds and hiring a cab the drove up to a shop that specialised in mourning. Then dismounting they pretended to inspect the windows while really they were watching a Man who had done some Shady business. The result was that they brought off a coup. A would be blackmailer was once cleverly trapped by several detectives disguised As pedlar labourers Etc. His victim was told to agree to Bury a bag containing Tho required amount in Gold at a certain spot. A bag was indeed buried hut it was weighted with Lead. The blackmailer came and unearthed the bag tint As soon a he had done so a seemingly Drunken labourer lurched into him and asked what he had got there. This was the signal for the other detectives to Spring into View and the Man was surrounded and arrested. A Bank in Brooklyn new York was robbed of �300 by its janitors eleven Vear old son who sneaked into the tellers Cage. The Breeze from the sea in the morning is because the hotter land air ascends and the sea air moves landward to take its place. Before the a annual cold grips you it Nazool. Take it on sugar or by i a lations either Way it is a splendid safeguard is 6d buys 60 doses. A avoid coughs and cold this Winter take Nazool regularly. Put some rops on sugar and male. Penetra ing and germ killing. Get nazi 1. That the intelligentsia As a class should gather into a party for that meant an agreement upon a certain political programme and what happened was that Tho constitutional democratic party included Only a part of the intelligentsia while Tho rest of it went to other parties and a the March revolution and. Especially the bolshevism uprising made still worse the already unfortunate position of Tho intelligentsia. The bolshevik pushed Tho intelligentsia entirely outside of Tho sphere of practical life. They have brought about conditions in. Which no one is recognised in Russia unless he has a party Label attached to Addington i Stock Market. Christchurch november 27. There was a moderate Yarding of fat Stock no stores being offered and there was a Lair attendance. Owing to. The Short Supply of fat cattle there was a Rise in die Price of beef. Fat lambs were offered in larger numbers and prices were rather easier. Fat sheep were in Bare Supply and advanced in Price. There was a Good Sale for fat pigs. Fat was an entry of 389 fat lambs including a Good proportion of prime Quality but a number were on the Small and Light Side. There was a Good Sale throughout. The Range of prices was As follows a extra prime lambs to 33s 9d, prime 28s 6d to 31s 9d,. Medium 25s to 28s, lighter 21s to 24s 6d. Pat was a Small Yarding of fat sheep Between five and six races Only being was a Good proportion of prime sheep and the Competition throughout was very keen at advanced rates and a total clearance was effected. The Range of prices was a a woolly Wethers 48s to 54s 9d, extra prime shorn Wethers to 68s 3d, prime shorn Wethers 3ss to 46s 9d, medium shorn Wethers 35s 6d to 37s 6d, lighter shorn pothos 32s 9d to 35s,. Sli Orn Hoggons 26a to 32s 6d, woolly ewes 34s to 60s, shorn ewes 30s to 39s 6d fat cattle there were 177 lied of cattle penned this being below an average weeks Supply. There was a fair proportion of prime heavy steers. There was a keen Demrod and prices were firmer beef ranging in Vahib from 55s to 65s per 1001b, the Rise being due to the Short Supply. The Range of prices was As follows prime steers to �32 10s, prime steers �21 to �26 12s 6d, Ordinary steers �14 7s 6d to �20, extra prime heifers to �20 17 s 6d, prime heifers �16 to �18, Ordinary heifers �11 5s to �15 10s, extra prime cows to �19 7s 6d, Primo cows �15 to �18, Ordinary cows �9 10s to �14 10s. I was a fair entry of realm ranging from newly dropped calves to 15-months-old runners. The demand was not quite so Leoti and for medium to Good dealers prices wore easier. The Range was a runners �4 to �8 17s 6d, Best dealers �3 to �4, medium 35s to �2 17s 6d, smaller 7s to 80s. was a medium entry of fat pigs and a Good Sale. The Range of Price was a a choppers �5 17s 6d to �10, extra heavy Baco ners to �8, medium Baco ners �5 to �7 10s, equal to 9jd per la porkers �2 15s to �4 10s, equal to Lod per apropos of the Story about Gounod and Liis musical rendering of the Waves in Greece Here Are two others says an English writer. The French composer Benjamin Godard being in company where this matter of musical titles was under discussion and most of those present were claiming that the really musical would at once recognise the pictures described by the composer played Over two of his new pieces announcing their titles beforehand. The audience loudly proclaimed that it was impossible not to see Tho marvellous Unity of thought and music and Olio after another illustrated the Points of the resemblance As it struck him. But Trio composer sat dejected. He had played the pieces in the reverse order to that which his amiable critics anticipated. Tho other is told by or Edmund Gosse. A a lady having taken the rest of Tho company into her Confidence told Swinburne that she would Render on the piano a very ancient florentine Rit ornello just discovered. She then played a three Blind mice a and Swinburne whose Lack of musical ear was a byword among his acquaintances expressed his enchantment. He found that it reflected to perfection All the cruel Beauty of Tho medic is which perhaps it . Phases of the Moon for december. D. A m. 4 2 49 . 2 1 . 18 6 48 . 25 6 1 . 7 54 . 1 24 . New Moon. First Quarter full Moon. Last Quarter Perigee. Apogee. 11 15 27 tide table for december. Keep Nazool Handy in your office shop or Limo. A few drops of whiffs will prevent. Coughs and colds. Prevention is better than care. High water at Lyttelton. Day. A. M. P a. 1. S. 1 39 2 1 2. M. 2 24 2 48 3. T. 3 12 3 37 4. W. 4 2 4 28 5. The. 4 54 5 20 6. F. 5 46 6 12 7. Sat. 6 38 7 3 8. S7 28 7 53 9. M. 8 18 8 42 10. T. 9 a "7 9 31 11. W. 9 55 10 19 12. The. 10 44 11 10 3.3. 11 36 14. Sat. 0 2 0 �o9 15. S. 0 57 1 26 16. M1 55 2 25 17. T. 2 56 3 27 18. W. 3 58 4 28 19. The. 4 58 5 27 20. F. 5 55 6 22 21. Sat. 6 48 7 13 22, s. 7 37 8 0 23. M. 8 22 s 44 24. T. 9 6 9 27 25. W. 9 48 10 9 26. The. 10 30 10 51 27. F. 11 12 11 34 28. Sat. 11 56 29. S. 0 to 0 42 30. M. 1 6 1 30 31 t. 1 55 2 20 Sun rises. Sets. H. M. H. N a dec. 1 4 17 7 21 dec. 2 4 17 7 22 dec. 3 4 17 7 23 dec. 4 4 16 7 24 Dee. 5 4 16 7 25 Dee. 6 4 16 7 26 dec. 7 4 16 7 27 dec. 8 4 15 7 28 Dee. 9 4 1.5 7 29 dec. 10 4 15. 7 30 dec. H. 4 16 i 31 32 dec. 12 4 16 7 dec. 13 4 16 7 33 dec. 14 4 16 �7 34 dec. 15 4 1g 7 35 turnip sowing following Tho recent Good rainfall Farmers will be assured of Good conditions for a favourable strike. We can Supply either Hurst a or Sutton a turnip All leading varieties of yellow and White fleshed turnips in Stock. Also a rape Broad Leaf Essex and giant. Mangold seeds and Carrot seeds. Fertilizers. 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I acre with up to Date dwelling amp a rooms plastered hot and cold watch service bathroom pantry scuhery3, Wos House Dairy and motor shed filet class land. Good Garden Well stocked with fruit Trees. To effect an easy Sale i am offering exceptionally easy terms. Intending purchaser should Call at once an at the Price and terms offered will not to Long on the Market. Foi 69 auction sales of properties arranged at lowest commission. No Sale no charge. V if you want to sell your property let me submit it by auction. Henry Stephenson auctioneer land estate and financial. Agent. Tinwald stores. Tinwald stores. Wool season 1918-19. notified that Wool will be received at my Tinwald stores for despatch to Christchurch for realisation under the careful supervision of it messes Dalgety and co., Ltd. Wool packs and oils in hand. Branding to let. Shop in Jubilee buildings conveniently situated in Burnett Street front room upstairs in Arcade Chambers. 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End guardian company limited the registered office of a he a a a a a Pany 117 Burnett Street. S .1-ton. A. A -. Thursday november 28, 1918

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