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Ashburton Guardian Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 4

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Ashburton Guardian (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ashburton, Canterbury The Ashburton guardian wednesday june 23, 1920. Business notices. A prone 24. . Box 13.h, Ibbotson and son the Cash Supply stores. Crockery Etc. Cups and saucers ups Only 15s dozen w. And g. Cups and saucers 18s 6d,. A Quot a a 21s, 24s, 26s Mazarine Blue band cups and saucers 17s 6d to 40s Doz. .-./. Best Engliski decorated up to 50s dozen. Quot Quot Tea sets. Tea sets in�?T21 and 40 pieces 25s 35s, 35s 6d, ids 4.5s, 5.0s,55s, 60s, 65s, 70s, 75s. 80s. 90s. 100s, 135s, 155s, Etc. A a splendid Range of Hig a class English sets. To let sets we have a Fine Range of latest designs and Art colourings a from 72s 6d. A. A a a a. A a mini m y vre. Kettles from 20s to 67s 6d. Saucepans lest of o. 3/s 6d. Double boilers 35s. Ste pans in All sizes. A cast Iron hollow Ware. We have opened up a line of cast Iron pots and kettles. Pots 15s to 30s kettles 27s 6d to 37s 6tl.enamelware. Pie dishes is to 10s 6d, All sizes. Bowls colanders pudding. Basins Quot Etc. A. Cutlery. A dessert knives 32s 6d to 42s 6d Doz. Table knives 40s to 60s Doz. Stainless steel�?90s Doz. To 100s dozen. A dessert works 20s Doz. Table works 24s Doz. ,. Tea spoons from 10s 6d dozen. Dessert spoons Fromkes dozen. Tumblers. Tumblers 15s, 17s 6d, 18s, 20s, 21s, 243 dozen. Doulton Ware. _ our Stock of this. Beautiful Ware is too Large and varied to enumerate. Call and inspect. Mops ladies ask us to show you the of so Ezi polishing. Mop. Real time and labour savers�?8s lid and 11s 6d. Of so Ezi Oil 2s 3d tin. A pantry sets sets of 5 tins enamelled and lettered Oatmeal Elk der. Sugar Rice and Tea,�?18s 6d set. / a remember if we have not what you want in Stock we can a get it for you or it Isnit to he got. New grocery Price list. Vegetables. Lima Beans per los haricot Beans per la. 0 6 k. Green peas tins. 1 5 tomatoes Hin tons 1 6 tomatoes per la. 2 0 asparagus in tins 1 11 new seasons fruit. Sultanas a a a a Crown per la. 1 3 a Grants 3-Crown pc la. 1 2 raisins. A a reded Pkt 1 2 raisins. Seedless Pkt 1 4 a a a tines. 60-70 per a 1 3 hates bulk 104, Carton 1 0 pigs cooking per la. 1 6 soaps Etc. Laundrie per bar is Lod per bos ?2s 6d. A a a Silkstone per bar is 7d per Box 32s milling per bar is 8d per Box 29s 6c Fernleaf is per bar. Victory per bar is. ,. Velvet per bar is. A Sand soap 4 cakes is. A baking powders Etc. Edmonds is 4d, 2s 5d, and -2s 8d. K. 1 a 1 10 silo 0 9 carb. Soda per la. 0 3 Cream of tartar per la. 3 9polishes. Boot v Nugget 4d, 7d, is id. Nadium 8d. Red funnel 3d. A Swift. Floor Radium 8d dozen 7s 9d, Nugget 8d per Doz. 7-j 9d. / quiz Shine 8d per Doz. 7s 9d. A Varni Liine 8d per Doz. 7s 9d. Variola is id. Lin varnish is Lod. Johnston Wax 2s. A a a a seniors l re reviver is 3d. Wax one is id. Quot Metal. Brasso is and is Lod. Quot brilliants Ine is. Silvo is. A Dagmar is. A. Goddard s place powder is 6d. Special supreme soap extract equal to the Best in. Ported�?6 packets for is. A. Tea. Tea. Do not forget. We can give you a rattling Good Tea at 3s, 3s 3d, 3s 6d, and 3s 8d per la id per la. Reduction a on 101b, Lota. Tinned meats gear beef per tin gear , per tin . C. Tongues lunch tongues greens Quot brawn per tin dessert fruits. 2 2 apricots per tin2 0 2 2 peaches per tin. 2 0 a 0 pears per tin .20 a apples Ner tin 1.4 pineapple is 6d, is 8d, is Lod 2s 3dconfectionery. All the Best and. Freshest English american and colonial Loose and bos chocolates in and son business notices. A tobacco supplies. J3eroy Bas a Largo Stock of. Yellow and Green three Castle tobacco ditto in cigarettes in 10�?Ts ,.-2q�?Ts, and -50�?Ts. Also capstan Otga Rettus. Players Cigar ettes to arrive in a few Days. All other brands in Stock As usual. Orders by Post punctually attended to. A. H. C. Percy. T a phone 339. East Street. Buy your underclothes Here at wholesale prices men. Our Selling prices and to Days wholesale prices Are on a Par. That a because we bought very heavily last season and put into Stock enough to last Over this season. Since buying As you know prices have risen considerably so that we Are offering underwear to Day at last years prices and to Days Cost. 1 done to miss this Money saving Opportunity but buy your Winter underclothing Here and. Keep the savings for other heeds. Plain Woven Fine. Quality All Wool. Pants Only 7s lid 3s 6d. A a Mozgiel Plain All Wool. Pants�?8s 94, 9s 6d a a Mozgiel heavy weight ribbed All Wool pants�?9s-6d, 10s 6d. A. Roslyn Plain and ribbed Quot pure Wool pants amp lid 9s 6d Roslyn natural All Wool. -. Pants in the noted a a Delta finish still 13s 6d. Menus Pink Mozgiel pants and shirts you know the Quality. Note the Price 15s 9d. Mozgiel menus underwear. Famous for quality�?14s 6d, 15s 6d. Fine Quality All Wool natural singlets 7s 6d. Colonial All Wool Plain Woven singlets 8s 6d. Roslyn and Mozgiel Plain and ribbed singlets All sizes�?8s 6d, 8s lid 9s 6d. Winter sox in Plain All Wool 2s 6d. 2s lid. Roslyn heavy ribbed sox very Good quality�?3s 3d, 3s 6d to a. Bryant gentlemen Ulit fitted Telephone 366, a Burnett Street. Here Are Good books for your Reading. A of the making Many books there is no end a thus wrote the ancient Sage and modern times still repeats history. Of the. Multitude of writings of the Day we have the Cream in Stock. In fiction to newest to hand Are a a the Trail of �?T98,�?� by a w service. A a Rainbow Send a a auction Block a and a the by Rex Beach a Corporal Cameron arid the major a by Ralph Connor. A a a tile Knight errant a and other stories by Ethliel Dell. A a a naval adventuress a by Paul Trent. A the Black sheep a a the Uphill Road a and a invalided out a by Ruby Ayres. All the above at .2s go per vol. Books for Winter entertain next. _ a a the thousand Best songs in a the world 4s. / the funniest song Book a in. The world by a w. Cole 4s Quot t the sunday school reciter 2s. Humorous dialogues 3s. A. Lively dialogues All sorts of dialogues. A the Best Drill Book the poetical entertainer. Children a comic dialogues a county school dialogues. ,. Little entertainments and How to manage them. _ All at is 9d,. A Novelty evenings by Pearl Cole 2s. A books for the Handyman a at 2s per .vol.�?T,the Handyman a 100q, practical recipes a rustic carpentry photography simplified electrical primary batteries picture Frame. Making for amateurs for amateurs. The new International Atlas of the. World 85 maps 100,000 indexed names and other useful matter�?13s 6d. ,. A w. Hopkins bookseller and stationer. Fins Street. Phone 120. Quot a Nursery hair Necen. \ sity. In very Home where the a 07mmi to to school. Keeps the head Yean of parasites and the Scalp Talthy. Is a bottle a a pharmacy. A. Just unpacked the finest Range of Royal Doulton Ware seen a Ashburton jugs teapots trays biscuit Barrells plates mugs cups and saucers vases Flower bowls Etc., at our usual Low and Thomas Triangle stores. Second edition. Daily memoranda. Auction pales.1 to molar cow. A Stock Sale Methven Yards. A. Friedla a Dora Sale hopi behold Fri nature Havelock,st., 1 30-. A National mortgage a a property Sale met Hyett Yards. J a a -. Bibat. A Farmers Sale me liven 11 of clock. Meetings. Amusements Etc. To night. His majesty a theatre 8�?pictures. Theatre Royal a musical Cremona family .8 . Staveley Hall social and presentation. A. V a to Morrow. A his majesty a theatre 8�?p�ctuie=,. Theatre Royal a t i to 8 p. In. Orange Hall Ivy Quad Iii Assem Bly. -. A a Waterton halt�?8 .a ennui school Faiwell social 8 .so Burton a Tiu Man a �?�.�?���. 1.st Ali Litas it pb�va1.e13it. Wednesday june 23, 1920. Ashburton. Peixe 24. . Box 13 two cakes Lullaby toilet soap is a -3 Goodwin a toilet soap is 3 cakes Goblin Solo is 3 Witeli Haze is mid 3 old dutch hand soap a. A a a a a. Buxton and Thomas a Triangle stores. Scientific Charretier Reading by return and mail. The essence of All knowledge is self knowledge. Sene Prev Date. Month year and pc i note -5b, to t. J. Dun Stonic Box 1418. Auckland. Defence in the Pacific. Recent. Cablegram particularly those from american sources have intimated or have suggested that the United states should become a party to the Anglo japanese Alliance. Such a proposal would Mark an important step Forward in consolidating peace and promoting International Amity. In one cablegram it was stated. That Japan a sees that it is possible to supplant the league of nations by a series of defensive alliances Between the principal world Powers. A a the British Empire is committed to the league of no Fri oils scheme and we. Should think that from the empires Point of View an Alliance of the worlds great Powers such As is provided for by the covenant of the league is infinitely preferable. To the simple renewal of the a Anglo Japa Nese Quot this of course Quot does not imply any Lack of desire to perpetuate our present Friendly relations with Japan. The feeling is rather that this. Treaty with Japan belongs to. A and what is now necessary is an improvement with advantage to All concerned. An Alliance with. Japan would be dearly bought if it threatened to impair even remotely Anglo american Friendship. There appears to he Little immediate Prospect of. Coherent or purposeful action by America in connection by Atli tie league of nations scheme Quot and a change for the better is not Likely until after tie presidential election and even then it cannot _ be counted upon with any degree of. Certainty. But Quot the statements of Public men in the United states afford grounds for believing that a defensive Alliance of the three great Pacific Powers will ultimately commend itself to America As Well As to Britain and Japan it is desirable that America should be Given any reasonable Opportunity of becoming a party to any understanding reached by Britain and Japan. Defensive alliances of the right kind should approach As _ nearly As possible the International conditions envisaged by the authors of the covenant of the league of nations. Ear As the existing state of Europe. Is a from realising the Hopes that were entertained when the covenant was drafted the Alliance Between Britain France and Italy is Quot the Best guarantee meantime afforded that peace will be restored and maintained in that part of the. World in the Sarnie Way a defensive Alliance Between the three great Powers whose interests Are strongest in the Pacific would be an ,.of achieving the same result in this part of. The world. Sydney visitor to tiie United states stated on his return a Day or two that american sentiment favoured an Alliance with the British dominions in Australasia in order to guard common interests in the. Pacific. If America wants an Alliance with new zealand and Australia she must treat with the Empire As a Adiole the British nations in Luv Southern seas have no desire to enter into any agreements except As units of the Empire. At least we should think they would take up this attitude. The Christchurch. Hospital. Board agreed to Day to accept the responsibility Quot for. The care and treatment of soldiers. Under. The conditions decided on betwee the. Board land the defence department. �0j�s and comments recent cablegram have drawn. Attention to the worlds wheat shortage and particularly to. The desperate position in which great Britain finds itself. A contemporary Points out that the Scarcity is partly due to the destruction caused by the War and partly to the diminished Fertility resulting from Lack of manures these causes att a. Unfavourable seasons a go some Way towards explaining a of bread stuffs but the min cause is that Russia has dropped out. From Quot among the wheat exporters of the world. In 1913-14 Russia grew one fourth of the worlds wheat Supply her crops being 120 million quarters As compared. Zyvith 94 for the United states and m for Canada. Besides this she was responsible for one third of. The Barley one Quarter of the Oats and half to lib re a produced. From these figures it is Quot a evident that the world will find it very difficult to get on without russian cereals and that till order can be restored in Russia and Trade resumed the world Price of wheat is hound to be very High. Owing to the recent drought Australia is Likely to have Little wheat for Export acid the a Argentine has closed her ports in the circumstances no Farmer Quot can go wrong in putting in wheat because the Price at Over the world is bound to be High. A ,. The High prices demanded by the american clothing manufacturers has resulted in the adoption of Derium overalls far Ordinary Wear by Large sections of the. Population overalls axe How corrects Wear a for members of Congress for clergymen performing marriage co monies for mayors of official duty for University students and in some of the most fashionable hotels and Quot restaurants the waiters have been permitted to discard their dress suits for the Universal Overall. At Yale University it was stated to be a1 a serious breach of social etiquette to Wear a new suit. The. Movement developed with a run from the Middle of april of wards overalls a climbs and leagues we re formed by the score and the new garb was clearly Well past the a a fade stage. Coincidentally came the fall in prices with department stores cutting their prices for clothing by 20 per cent and More. The Overall habit May have had Little direct connection Vith this but it was a sign of a widespread do termination to Cut Down expenditure and a deep seated resentment against the ruling High prices says a Wellington paper a Carolina paper in opposing the movement declared Ithily that what was needed for real Prosperity was More Menin overalls who were entitled to Wear them by reason of their occupation.,1 a that stress of War has got England out of a rut but left the dominions in one is the opinion of or. Newton professor of Imperial history in the University of London. Newton spent a month. In new zealand a recently and it is significant. That a he should make this observation immediately on Landing from the Maheno in. Sydney. Public opinion in the. Dominions he declared seems More conservative than in Britain he was particularly emphatic that opinion in England is More rapidly progressive As regards educational problems than he. Has. Found. To Hethe. Case in Many Quarter sin the dominions. These references were obviously to new. Zealand and Canada which or. Newton had just visited and that he should at once mention the subject on Landing in Australia presumably Means that whatever impressions he Fote ived in Canada were deepened by what he found Iri new zealand. A we have thus the verdict of a trained and intelligent observer that new zealand is in a rut acid intellectually in progressive or at. Least riot As progressive As she. Should be says the it is not the kind of impression that we desire our visitors to carry away with them. That a distinguished visitor should sum us up As medially moribund May Well give cause for searching of heart among All who might quicken the intellectual life of this Dominion and Are failing to do so. A local and general in the reference to or to Roughton in an article a in Hunting published yesterday or Wroughton should have been stated As manager of the Union Bank and not the Bank of new zealand. I the following weather forecast was issued to Day a the indications Are for variable and Strong breezes a Westerly Strong to a Gale prevailing and backing by West to South after 24hours. The weather appears Likely to be Cloudy and unsettled. Rain is pro Bable and Snow on High country. The barometer is unsteady. Influenza has seriously affected the attendance of teachers and pupils at the Ashburton Borough school. At the monthly meeting of the school committee last evening the headmaster or g. Schneider reported that 112 pupils Hod been absent on. Monday and 115 yesterday through the epidemic. Three., teachers had also Boen of the sick list. The Contention of the railways department Liat improved services on the Methven line Are not warranted by the. Traffic was hotly contested by members of a deputation that inspected the railway Yards yesterday with the Hon. A. Nosworthy . A or h. Magin Ness stated that although the double train service was Only officially a run twice weekly on tuesdays and thursdays during the. Last six months at any rate a special train had been required every Day to Deal with the traffic. Other members of the deputation pointed out that even this service had failed to Deal with the business As the trouble in obtaining trucks for Grain Melv showed. Reference was made to the present unsatisfactory system of local government by county Council and Road boards at the complimentary social at Methven last evening mrw t. P. Lock chairman of the mount Hutt Road Board said there was general dissatisfaction with the present system and added that this opinion was general throughout the cd Unity. In disown District they wanted to conduct their Oivin local government including the spending of their own Money. They would then have no one to Bla me for errors but themselves. Or. T. 8. J. Doli Erv. Added that Road boards had outlived their usefulness. It was time the Ashburton county abandoned this obsolete form of local government. He pointed out that the Road boards could on account of their Limi Tili finance. The Wasp is affected by colours even to the extent of stinging the weasel of unpopular hues. The Street Kerbing and Asp halting at pro sent being Laid Down at Methven was referred to by or. In. H. Do Mckee at Methven last bight. When proposing the a Toast of a a the local bodies a it. Was estimated that before the principal and interest for these works were paid off a period of 999 years would have elapsed laughter. Oft course if a county or. Town Board was centred at Methven this period could be considerably shortened because such bodies would not be limited to a rate of cd in. The a it would. Be seen at a any a rate what Handicap Methven suffered under through the limits imposed on Road boards in Lopa government. The members of the Dunedin engineers Union held a Stop work meeting yesterday for the purpose of hearing a Case of much importance. To them in which the inspector of awards claimed against the Dunedin Branch of the amalgamated society �100 for alleged breach of award. It was alleged that the Union during the currency of the award took proceedings to defeat the provisions of the award the a object being to prevent piecework al Rem and Gray a. Ii was explained that it had Beon customary for that firm to Quot do piecework during the Busy season a and Early this year the orders getting so far Alread the firm introduced the system of encouraging men to produce More work. The system and the terms were accepted and maintained for 12 Days then suddenly stopped. The men were earning practically 50 per cent increase on Ordinary rates and were willing to continue if not interfered with by the Union. The Case is proceeding. Tie plan of the present Stock a Sidig makes the trucking of sheep at Methven a very difficult task besides which in wet. Weather the Yards axe so dirty As to induce the District stockmen to threaten to truck no More sheep until they Aie improved according to the statement of or James Carr in addressing himself to the Hon. In. A Nosworthy yesterday on the matter he added that the importance of Methven As a s Heep District and the traffic 1 on the railways under this head justified the improvements asked for. To stated that during the past season 60.000 sheep had been trucked al Methven to one freezing works alone and an estimate of 100,000 would not be too High in to aggregate for All the works and to metropolitan Market. / a a athe / problem presented. By the butchers the bakery a and a the Mill Many a Bill in these Days of steadily a soaring prices is one that is cause untold a worry and perplexity to then Sands of Auckland wives and Mother in View of this state of affairs it would appear inevitable that tradesmen and others who a Supply a the necessaries a of life must be finding their business Moi _ or less a affected with an increase of bail debts and Long deferred _ payments. From enquiries made of various tradespeople a however it. Seems that this Las not been the Case. On the contrary All those questioned on the matter were unanimous in their statement that generally speaking nay rents had been prompt and bad debts fewer during the last few years than before Luv War. The Heads of several Large drapery and grocery houses stated that the amounts written off bad debts during the last year or two were negligible. Customers were not Only buying just As freely As Ever in spite of High prices but were their accounts More promptly. The reason for this was held to be the Large amount of ready Money that h been circulating. In the a commit incl during the last few years the president of the National Dali association announced yesterday a a Telegram from Palmerston North that the Asao rated Hanks had decided that in Case of Dairy factories req Irir finance they must put up 25 per cent., before being granted advances. Capital must be subscribed at least to thirds of the it dance asked and in the same ratio should shares be. Increased. Depreciation must be written off each year to the extent at least. Of the amount permitted by the income Quot tax department the amount so written off to to applied to dem Anent reduction of. The overdraft limit. So Long As a company is indebted Bank at least one Penny per la of butter fat supplied must be withheld from distribution this amount to be either applied to payment of suppliers liability written Quot off the company a assets or credited to Reserve fund. Thus if a Farthing per Pound is held Back monthly from milk Money and credited to suppliers share accounts three Farthings Are to be held Back before payment it of. Bonus. All advances must be secured by the joint and several guarantees of suppliers and by the Security of All assets of the company. Existing companies reconstructing or financing must observe similar conditions. The chairman said that this tightening was going to have a deleterious effect on the Industry especially regarding the development of 1 Backlin looks. Factories. The usefulness of an experimental farm in Canterbury was stressed by or James Carr m some remarks addressed to the minister for agriculture the. Hon in. Nosworthy at Methven yesterday. In the North Island there were three experimental stations said the speaker Nona in Canterbury with the exception of the Lincoln agricultural College. Which a was useful to the county and province in a restricted sense Only. The need for an experimental farm was particularly obvious in regard to testing types of wheat and. Also in proving which Quot manures were most useful in the different classes of soil in Canterbury. Another Point was that a proportion of government Pedigree Stock bred in the North Island should be sent Down to. And sold in the Smith asked Why the North. Island should have the sole Benefit of this stud Stock when it could be put to valuable use in this Island. There was a Prospect of a Dairy factory being erected in Methven next year and importation of Good stud Dairy Stock from the North Island government farms would be invaluable in this connection. Questioned by a a a guardian reporter As to the departments intentions or Nosworthy stated that As a matter of fact stud Stock had been introduced to the South Island since he took charge of the department for agriculture. A. Consignment of Pedigree cattle had been sent to banners at Little River. Many times we wish we had a photo Quot real likeness of Friend or relative. Bunz portraits Are remarkable for their likeness Fidelity. Beauty finish and permanency. Quot an appointment can be made at. Any. Time. Simply ring a phone 148. Cd to Day let the Twenty sixth birthday of the Prince of a . Royal highness was Boniti Ott ,jl884 a. The boat office. Hag was. Flown from the clock Towie in. Liia. Honour. Practically no rain has. Fallen in the meth on District during the last two months Ami residents find themselves with empty water tanks in Many cases a almost unusual predicament in. June. The result is. That a movement for a High pressure water. Service for the township a amp. Received impetus and a petition is at present being circulated for signature the it Hutt Road Board to Kike Steps in this matter. One. Res idiot to marked Jock Early that the scheme 1 would receive its death Aloiv at. The first Diop of rain but he hoped to see this amenity added to the township sooner or questioned yesterday is to the result of his Appeal t Farmers to grow More. Wheat the Nosworthy minister for agriculture said a a very Good think. He went on to say that of course it was Imda Syible to ascertain the exact area to be sown in. Wheat this coming season and his statement must be a qualified by the narc it of data available at this Early stage. At the same lame he hoped that the prices fixed would act a an inducement for Farmers to drop a greater acreage. Speaking at Methven a later. Air nos worthy said be hoped and expected that a permanent policy drafted by him m regard to a feat Groweg would to adopted by the government so that a Supply of Tommion grown wheat would to guaranteed in the future for the local Market instead of. As at present taking action and introducing measures to tide Over from season to season. At the National. Dairy. Association conference at Palmerston North . Or Forsyth Witham moved a a that this meeting is or opinion that. The time a has arrived when Dominion producers together with the govern a ment. Should have the controlling a ii ence m a feet for the Carriage of produce that it be a recommendation to the executive to co operate with the Nouth Island Dairy association also Ami mint. Nike other producer a to to Procacii the government with a View of setting financial assistance or Leais lation providing for a Levy on All exports to provide funds Foi the p r pose of obtaining assured reliable shipping services at reasonable freights or establishing an Independent shipping line if such should become necessary a the question was keenly debated some speakers arguing Asams what they thought would be the introduction of the principle of Export tax. Eventually the motion was altered the words Quot to. Devise a scheme a Beinner substituted for the words a a providing for a Lew on All exports. Quot in this form the motion was adopted. ,. ,. It pillaging on the wharves and defeat it were dealt with in a report to the Auckland Harbour Board by the traffic manager. In reference to the a rodent cases of pillaging in the Sheds a ran the a i beg to report that in my. Of Pinieri the Only Way to. Prevent this is by increased. And More efficient supervision tie boards storekeepers a should be one of. The principal factors in this direction though their time is at present largely occupied Writh other shipping companies could assist greatly if it were possible for. Vliem to have reliable salaried men for supervision and deliver while it Woi ild also he an advantage if the Sorters were i permanent hands. I understand the customs have the right to search anyone they suspect of being in Possession of. Dutiable goods. It would have a very great moral effect and would be a wonderful deterrent if tins search could be put into Force in. Cases of suspected persons we a leaving the wharves. I am of of n that this is particularly Nec Essav Quot a cases. Of. Carters fee dog bags and to numerous handbags. Quot 1 a the newspaper report that sir r. Heaton Rhodes might be the next minister for defence was mentioned by or s. Smith at the complimentary social at Methven last night. If that Nossis bitty was realised m fact said or Smith Methven would be in the prolix. And fortunate position of. Having two / Mchors. Of the Cabinet to attend Quot to District needs. Sir 11. Heal in Rhodes speaking at a later stage in the. Proceedings said the hardest thing he Ever did was when he resigned. From tie Cabinet to facilitate its reconstruction on a National basis hut. His compensation had been found in. Getting very near to the firing live in Egypt and at Gallipoli. It had been mentioned by or Smith that there was a Rumour that the sneaker was to be the next minister for defence. The speaker did not envy any member who succeeded to that office us there were so Many different ideas ill regard to the defence of the Dominion. Some. Objected to a highly salaried office red class. But. Many of the leaders in the last War. Came from the permanent staff and lie instanced Genera s. Cliv. Tor Johnston and Richardson. In any department of Public business the officers at the had must he capable of organising and administering their. Department and this applied equally to Quot the department Quot of defence. Applause. P1�1�s0n.a of the Hon. In. Nosworthy minister. For agriculture left Ashburton by this afternoons express in route to Quot Wei Lington for. The opening of parliament. Or Claude Haigh touring manager of the Gertrude Johnson Quot concert Pany visited Ashburton to Day to make. Arrangements for the appearance. At Ashburton of the company on. June an. Old and respected resident county was removed yesterday by the death of mrs. James a Lelu Schlau at. A Tayahua a North West ,,.v.- Rintz 1878 jars Aicola Wichlan came wit ii her husband from Brookside to ,., where or Mclauchlan for Many years. Followed farming pursuits on. A Cann hollow a which i was originally part of the Cracroft run. Some years ago or. And mrs1 Mclauchlan retired from farming and have since been resident in Ashburton. Pump tyres hard motorists who. Desire a Good Tyre mileage should see that their Tyre Are kept inflated. A Good pump is1 a necessary. Adjunct to every have a Tyre pumps at prices which sell them. Rii wkly. A motorists Are requested to Call and inspect q. Quot h. Carsons Stock. Of Quot tyres pumps Tyre Levy re ,.Tyre testers jacks repair outfits a address Quot next h m/.theatto/, d Street. A a i 0

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