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Ashburton Guardian Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1900, Page 3

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Ashburton Guardian (Newspaper) - June 7, 1900, Ashburton, Canterbury The Asfe Burlon Abdun i wednes iat Jonet 190 Ever it did before a the Farmers Are making twin u much Money a Ever they did before and to compensate them for the annoyance of having to Stop away from their , they Are having some first class Ron Inok shooting away in the Hills around this town where our patrols Are Day and night in danger of their lives from a stray Bullet Boer tactics. Why they used 10 beat us or Bennett Burleigh the correspondent of. The daily Telegraph has seat Home a most instructive article by a Boer who recently was in the fighting Tine. He gives a most interesting too out of Boer methods of warfare from which we have taken the following extract. A As is Well known our m Auser cartridges make no smoke whatever while our Martini cartridges which Are charged with Black powder obese when fired a dense Cloud of a Moke to arise. Well our commandants with their usual slim Ness cunning used to place two men with the martinis on the top of the Kopje while the men with the Mauser were planed fun the trenches below i he British would bombard us with their shrapnel a shells their Luddite shells and their splendid naval guns until you Oouida not seb your Friend who was lying beside you on cat not of the fearful dust and Strohe caused by the enemy a bombs. We would go on peppering a Way merrily for some time with our martinis and raise a tremendous smoke and than we quieted Down the British 0.0.0. Would think All the Boers on that Kopja were killed and would Send by this poor unfortunate regiment to take the position. The order to charge would be Given and the wretched mommies were sent into the Mouth of hell for our men with their deadly Mauser were waiting for them below the Kopje and when they oame within about 400 Yards would rain Lead on them. No living mortal con id have stood the terrible raking fire we used to give them and i cannot understand How the mommies used to Reform and charge again with a cheer those Khaki clothed beggars were veritable demons i know that if we Boers had been in their places we aha old have taken to our heels and Rue i bad often heard about British Pluck but had never teen it. It wants to be seen before it can be believed. Bor after All is it War just look at the Many positions at ours that could have been taken with the greatest of a Nee if common sense had Only been used by the British officer and we o regiment after regiment was repulsed and sent by the a Floers right into our rifles Mouths to be a hot March to Bloemfontein. On of the English War correspondents said that the March to Bloemfontein 107 Miles Odd was one unparalleled in the history of warfare Boih for endurance under extraordinarily trying and a Iso for what was accomplished. Jacob Seal we captured Kimberley relieved the enemy driven from Mager Fontein and Defeated at Jacob Seal Kli Kraal Mao far Lane s and Paar Deberg Crook a and nearly 5000 men taken prisoners. The enemy again Defeated and put to fight at Poplar Grove and Abram Kraal Bloemfontein occupied. Ladysmith indirectly relieved for this relieved that town As surely a it relieved Kimberley again indirectly it drove the Basra from Colenberg and occupied Nerval Spont the whole War assumed a different complexion. In five weeks lord Roberts and his had conquered the free state a an event which others had been trying for four months to accomplish and had not soc seed in doing. The men Garobed and fought and fought and marched through scorching hot Days and bitter cold nights through rain and Sunshine with Only half rations and bad Muddy water As food and drink. Of course no tents were taken. Two nights in the week the ground was a Complete swamp preventing sleep. Tobacco sugar milk every luxury was an unknown Quantity. Yet never a grumble never a murmur. After a soaking night Wrhen sleep had been impossible a a Tommy a was ready to March or fight in the morning. His clothes were in rags and tatters hardly held together by the Hasty mending his boots had no soles. Is had the appearance More of tramp than a British Boldick if wounded no o a paint was heard often he Lay where befell the whole right through and was Only picked up in the morning. Ashburton licensing committee. The annual meeting of this committee was held this morning. Present messes c a Wray s. A chairman Hugo Friedlander j Sealy d Thomas d to lean and Mcfarland. Renewals. Renewals of publican s licenses were granted to h Davis Royal hotel Patrick Devine or Cris butlers family hotel Michael Lagan Tinwald hotel William Henry Dardis Central hotel Samuel whaler Burkett Waterloo Hole Jehu Cusak Winslow hotel John Mullan Ashburton hotel j Thomas Nisbet Grange commercial hotel Henry Stark Drummond Somerset hotel. Accommodation licenses accommodation licenses were renewed to Harriet Rowee Alford Forest hotel and Frederic Powell or g Marriott Wauna mount Somers hotel. The police complained that the buildings and drainage of the last names hotel were not id a satisfactory condition. Or Mariott Watson said new buildings to the value of about �500 were to be erected immediately. He called k Bird architect who stated be had prepared the plane. Or Crisp on behalf of the town houses applied for an Extension to ii o clock in each Case or Friedlander objected to eleven of clock licenses. The Public of Ashburton were not a travelling pub to the last train arrived a 8 p a. And he thought it Wes for the Benefit of the townspeople to close the houses at ten o clock or Thomas said the matter had been threshed out years ago it was useless to go Over the ground again messes Mcfarlane Sealy Molean and Thomas supported 11 of clock licenses. Or Thomas contended that plenty of people oame into the town at 8 . And found the three hours Between then and 11 . Quite Short enough in which to do their Busine. He quoted instances where to and others had been unable to get through business by eleven and had been shut out. He asked what t me the club would close. Or Friedlander thought the club would fall into line and close at the same hour As the Public houses. Or Thomas doubted it. Or Friedlander said whatever had been decided by the committee in the past did not bind a new member who could not be expected to know the arguments advanced for and against. Eventually the Extension to eleven clock was granted for the town houses or Friedlander Roliog against it in each Oase. The autom Madation licenses were in o Obook ones. The question of extinguishing the lights was discussed and the licenses were authorised to put them out when the hots a closed. The clerks remuneration for the year was fixed at �20, and the meeting terminated a a its Vii a Indian famine fun i. Hop Ixo against Horny Yhre ferning toil says a some Ltd it was expressed in town last night As to the correctness of the news of the death of Corporal a Byrne of Timaru. It appears that Corporal Byrne a registered number was Quot z03,�?� while the l he graphed no Nebr of the Byrne who was killed was Quot 113.�?� it so happens that there were two volunteers in the first Yonting h of the name of w Tyne and at Corporal Brno of tin re was among the last who were accepted and there were Only j2c6 in the contingent it is thought possible that s june mistake has been Horsh fair a at the monthly horse fair held in Friedlander Bros West Street Mart to Day there was a Yarding of about 130 horses. Bidding was brisk and there was a very Good attendance of both Farmers and buyers. O Iten alter Meala you Lee worn out blown out tired out and ult fit for wok All Energy seems to Hare left you awaken with a bad taste in Mouth your sleep has been disturbed and a refreshing. There Are All symptoms of indigestion that should be attended to. Loa Bys Wahoo will speedily alter ail this. It stimulates the liver Render the bowels Active strengthens the Stom Soh and imparts tout and strength to the whole system one bottle usually cures Price i fid obtainable everywhere sole manufacturer loasby�?T8 a Wahoo manufacturing boy Ltd wanted. Wanted to sell Good quiet cow in full profit third mrs James Hampstead. 6 52 tailor Boon out of Trade Trauter pro tick smut Tsige Worth trials Tri Quot Lor guardian office. Be in time at i he Corner for the plague new zealand liners not to Call at Hobart. United press association by electric Telegraph copyright Hobart june 6 thu Premier has received a Cable from the agent general that owing to the plague restriction in new zealand the vessels of the Shaw Savill and the new zealand shipping companies will discontinue calling at Hobart. The Steamer now in route will Call at Albany for supplies. The Premier urges new zealand to cancel the rear actions. To Days telegrams. United press association by electric Telegraph Wellington june 6 burglars entered the premises of Hunter Tlle and Dodds Colour and Oil warehousemen Victoria Street last night and dynamited the Safe which Oon bailed a Quantity of jewellery and Cash. The explosion caused 6 alarm and the perpetrators decamped. Nothing was taken but the Safe and build log were slightly damaged. News has been received that b. Skerrett a Young brother of or c. P. Skerrett. The Well known local solicitor was wounded at Fau Rensburg Orange River Colony on april 13tb, in an engagement with the Boers and died on the 26th. Deceased left Wellington three years ago and joined the Cape mounted Profic. His parents reside at Wai Pawa. Dunemn june 7 Walter 8oott Bedford for allowing hand to be employed in Bis factory after one on saturday was fined 20s and Coite Wellington june 7 messes Witheford and Field Are mentioned As Likely to move and second the address in reply in the House of representatives. Should the proposal to during the ensuing sesion for the Purchase of the Wellington Mau Abatu railway it i considered probable such would have the support of the minister of railways the have been received by or f. Fem Man. Since the last acknowledgement a a s d amount previously acknowledged 56 14 w h Rule. A a 1 1 0 mrs Walsall a 0 10 0 Ashton Bros.1 0 0 Smith per c d 0 10 0 Deo Heiken 1 0 0 e Stephens 1 0 0 a c Cumero 1 0 0 in ennui Publia school1 1 0 a Friend a go thou and do like Wise Quot a. A 1 0 0 Ashburton Junior football club 4 17 3 misses handle and employees a 0 13 6 Gam Buckley a 25 0 0 Joyde Treim estate employees a 1 12 10 Flemington presbyterian Church Par William Prebble 4 1 0 r j guv 0 10 0 school boys. A 1 11 0 school Boya 2 3 0 b herring 2 0 0 j Simmonds ,. 0 10 c l Inwald presbyterian Church a0 17 4 to Wald presbyterian Sabbath school 0 6 0 Nicoli bras. A1 l 0 St Stephens offertory a a 1 0 0 mrs Trevor a a 0 10 0 William Allan a 1 0 0 Hampstead sunday school in lieu of prizes a a 2 8 2 lag thur estate employees lab 10 8 0 Ashburton club a 5 0 0 collections in Box Etc. A 4 19 7 �135 5 1 collected by the employees of is Mhor estate As above a a Stewart 5s, j Holmes 2,61, m Hodgman 5s, it Mcleod 5�, l m Moore 5s, c Mclean 10s, g Morrison 10s, b Hanks 5s, a Pollock 10�, d Mcmillan 2s 6d, a Tolmie 10�, f Sievers 2s 6d, t Grace 5s, w staff 5a, l a Walker 5-, p Haltigan 5a. A Willis 5s, c Capa Dagiau 5s, 8 Willoughby 5�, e Godfrey 5s, e Williams 5s, f Campbell 5s, d Clark 5s, j Lyons 5<, t Mahoney 6a, j Murray 5a, d Allen 3s, e Corbett 5s, g Palmer 5s, w Lindsay 2s 6d, r Mcelhinny 5s, h Hill is f Mason 2a 6d, h Gunn 2s 6d, t of Neill 5s, t Lester 2� 6d, f Bennison 10�, e Frisby 2s 6d, Norman and Miles 10s, j Davison 5a total �10 8e. Geottes patriotic gibbous Gote amp h Evord North it Kenh. Elu unders wore Hsu oysters Aud Ujj All kinds of fresh fish by express to night also rabbits to Morrow at a. A Jowitt opposite mail a special a Tirc Haso of boys suits new shape Selling fast at a a the North Cote amp he Ford. Tri ire works in great variety at a Fletcher Bros a crackers 2d and 3d per packet or is 9d or 2s so per dozen also rockets roman candles Catherine wheels Bine lights Etc. Wanted a healthy boy about 15, who can milk a cow to make himself generally useful. Wages to begin with 6s a week and keep. Apply by letter addressed a a Ashburton a office of this paper. Jion King a linseed emulsion which a has come to stay in Ashburton is a certain Oure for coughs colds and All Chest complaints. Sold by ail local chemists and grocers in bottles. Is 6dand 2t 6d. 3 247 new books breaking the Sheckles ordered South on the eve of War to e Natal Campaign the Wallet of Kai lung Joan of the sword hand the Boer states the Standard dictionary of the English language beautifully illustrated and containing 30,000 More words then any other dictionary half bound calf �2 10�, a Marvel of Ohe Poese legends of the Black watch 91. Cheap editions of popular works from 4d . M. Jones. Wanted know no that mrs Mcgregor has commenced business in Ashburton again next to we Patching East Street and Withes to solicit a fair share of the patronage of her old customers and the general Public. Hot dinners fish suppers Tea and Coffee daily at All hours. Vacancies for a few boarders _ Hearman Bro i have Large took Oasay s Wahoo Benjamin gum Kook Ibah and cinnamon cure and blot ate son Guca Lyyti extra dict. Affairs in China. A a the boxers the dowager favors them. A Battle raging. American action. United press association by electric Telegraph copyright received Wak Puaka june 7, 10 29 am this office 11-15 hons Ora june i the dowdy or Empress has ordered that govern meat face All Europe and is not to interfere with the boxers. The ims Ricu Admiral telegraphing from Taku reports that an engagement has commenced. He bad landed fifty additional seamen. It is officially stated that the Rev. Norman was murdered. Under the distinguished patronage of his majesty the King of Italy As per communication by the minister for foreign affairs through the Consul general for Italy at Melbourne March 14, 1878. Awarded diploma at the Amsterdam exhibition 1883. Acknowledged by medical clinics and universities All Over the Globe. There Ore imitations of Euca Lyyti extract in the Market products of simple distillation forming crude resinous oils. In order that these crude oils May net be takes our pure volatile eur Agypt extract which is recognised by the medical division of the prussian government to be of per footy pure origin As per information forwarded to be through the Consul at Melbourne Marah 2, 1878, we Kite it is proved by tests by the medical cent of the universities at Bonn and Greif Swald Prussia and reported by or. Schulz professor of Parr oncology at Bor and professor Dre m easier director of the medical clinics at Greif Swald that Only products that ate saturated with oxygen Aid freed of Aotis resinous and other substances adherent to primary distillation will develops the Santive qualities proper to the Plad ail crude oils or so called Euca Lyyti extracts Are to be classed according to the named authorities among the turpentine which Are abandoned Long since As an internal medicament. These crude oils or so called Euca Lyyti extracts Are discernible a 1 by their deficiency in pungent odour which our apr Chuot the Only genuine Euca Lyyti extract develops most freely through its surplus oxygen 2 by their Aleo Holio thin and Mobile appearance being reduced in specific density through Tae presence of acids. 3 by their aate the result of the contracting tendency of resins and ter nates. If these crude oils soc led Euca Lyyti extracts Are applied by mists .0 in cases of croup bronchitis diphtheria internal Sofia nations dysentery Etc., the Eon sequences Are most appalling. For safety Sake ask always for Sander a songs Euca Lyyti extract. A Sandhurst Victoria Australia. Sandek amp sons. Cheap Reading for the Winter. Just _ Reoa ived 200 volumes of Standard works doth bound Lod each. The following new Hooks Are also in stock�?1a maker of nations a Boothby 1j one March a Crocket 1 Wii a of the wicked a Lequex a Feo a Pemberton a a Welsh Singer,1 Koine to it right to forgive a by a e. Ban Homo gymnastics a and others War numbers of Magaz nes. A a. H. Williams Tancred Street All Lusby s preparations cinnamon Core Kooi Ibah Wahoo and Benjamin gum at j t Cooch storekeeper _ eminent physicians expert analysts and food specialists Alt favour Hon Dai Lanka Ceylon Tea As being the purse and most nutritious of All teas. Done to take substitutes healed Lead packets Rud boxes Only sold by Diente Reabold stores no sooner does an article of Genaue Merit meet with popular favour and approval than up Springs a multitude of spurious imitations a Pitfalls a set to catch the unwary. Honda Lanka Tea must be on packet and Box to ensure the genuine unadulterated article sold by ii interested grocers everywhere s t. Stephen s Ashburton of surb Friday Litany and address 7.15 Trinity sunday june 10. 8 30 communion 11 am Matins holy communion and Sermon 3 Vlear 6 30 Evensong and Sermon r. A. Woodthorpe . Vicar the Chow season prize a poultry. Owing to the number of new houses recently rooted in the neighbourhood of the Pelham poultry Yards rendering poultry keeping there inconvenient the proprietor is prepared to cell cheap the whale Stock including exhibition Birds prize winners Young Birds Etc. For particulars apply the guardian office or at the Pelham poultry Yards Peter Street Ashburton. I knows who Rio he writes. An editor prints his paper to give his patrons the news of the Day and for the Money there is in it. He is presumed i know of what he writes and he generally Doss. When he writes i it does in the tender eur it Osceola Mills a without fee of Hope of Reward that a Chamberlain s cough remedy acts magically and we have found none better in our household. If you have a cough try it a it May be accepted As an honest expression worthy of or Denoel for Sale by Ashburton drug company Thiafi War in South Africa. Popular lecture. Subject a the truth about the been and the lecture on the above subject will a the Bohr War a our readers will notice in another column that the Rev. A w Baker of South Africa is advertised to deliver a in outre on a a the truth about the Boers and the War a in the Odd Fellows Hall on monday evening next june 11, commencing at eight o clock. His worship the mayor will preside. Or Baker has the reputation of being a fluent and powerful speaker and is full of information on the subject of the lecture. No charge will be for admission but a collection will be taken up for the Indian famine Relief fund. We expert to tee a bumper House. Phases of the Moon first Quarter full Muon last Quarter new moan d 5 13 20 37 h m 6 29 3 9 0 27 0 is pm pm pm pm a truly wonderful Oure of a a Hydatid on the lung a St Vita ratio the great herbal remedy six to cars Sov Fuhing Siverl Huoh Eharis live Dos Varud of. Now St Whu and will. Forsythe Street Sand Hill Ragga a Sega 13/3/1900 i feel it my duty to testify to the wonderful cure of Hydatid that has been effected in my own Case by the use of Webb sri Vit Austio i have suffered for the pest six years from a a Hydatid on the and during that time i had several severe humor Shaget my life at time was despaired of. Twice the Sara meet was administered to me by cur minister the Rev. G. A Carver. Life in itself was simply a Burden. I was attended to by doctors in Ragga and Sydney who were very kind and did All in their Power to alleviate my buffering. After using a a Vitada Tio a the Hydatid and cysts Wen expelled from my body and i am thankful to say i have been restored to health and strength solely by the use of webbers Vitada Tio. I am willing that you should use this in any Way you choose hoping that it May be the Means of leading others to try webbers Vitada Tio. I remain yours respectfully mrs h. A. Rudd. The facts of met Rudds illness Are exactly As she state them to my knowledge although i know nothing of the nature of the disease or its symptom but she is now Well and Strong Geo. A. Carver. Incumbent St j hns Ragga. We know to fac mrs Rudd inf Fred As stated above and we supplied web Berk a Vitada Tio to her. J. Dobney and co. Storekeepers Ragga. The prior of this wonder jul remedy is 5s 68 and 3s 6d per bottle obtainable from Ali Medicine Vendor in Australasia. Head office Lor . 39, manners Street Wellington. Australian pr0y�dent society new zealand Branch head office custom House Quay Wellington. Local Road or Dike Tow the Hon Morgan 8, Grace m.d., 0 m.g., m l c. Chairman the Hon. Charles j. Johnston Deputy chairman Alfred do Bathe Braudon Esq. The Hon. Edward Richardson , . John Duncan Esq. The oldest prosperous wealthiest and most australian life office and the largest in the British Empire. The Only Mutual life office which de dares a Bonus every year the method of valuation adopted by this society is of the most Scringer character and ensures a larger Reserve to meet liabilities than that held by any other office in the australasian colonies. Accumulated funds exceeds �14,500,000 fourteen and a half millions Sterling annual income exceeds �2,000,000 two millions Sterling. Policies in Force. 181,000 sum assured. £41,725,041 ssh bonuses divided. £7,726,170 bonuses. Cash Bonus for one year 1s97, �449,26, yielding reversionary bonuses amounting to �835,000, after making special reserves. Cash bonuses declared for last five yearn Over two millions yielding reversion Ary bonuses exceeding four millions. Assure your life in the , society and Secare a Bonus every year. Expenses of management�?8j per cent on the total income. Edward w. La we resident Secretary Branch office custom House Quay Wellington James hair District Secretary. District office Cathedral Square Christchurch. Is delivered on monday evening june 11, in the Odd Fellows Hall by the ret. A. W. Baked of South Africa doors open at 7,30 . His worship the mayor will take the chair at 8 . Sharp. Collection in Aid of the Indian famine Relief fund. Everybody invited. 6 38 Relief court. Ashburton county pursuant to Section 69 of a a the counties act 1886,�?� i hereby appoint thursday the 14th Day of Juna 1600, at 10.45 of Obook in the Forenoon and the magistrates courthouse at Ashburton As the place at which sitting of the court will be held to determine All Obj Tolona that May have been in respect of the valuation Rolls. Charles Allen Wray stipendiary magistrate. Ashburton Jane 7,1900. 6 54 for a Sale on account and by order of Tbs mortgagee k k acres 1 rued 22 Fero Hes fronting ? the Saa Seoh near Kyle with a Small building Tbs reon Baug . 87862� exceptionally easy term of payment son be arranged. Fall particle a far Lehew an Eppl Leeton t. Bullock agent the postal arrangements of the Colony Are open to All a Wihry Are not absolutely free but with a id poet card you turn reach Ballantyne d company Christchurch who requested will be pie eed to submit samples of any class of goods at any time and absolutely free of Cost f o the enquirer. The newness freshness Sterling value and Odd Fellows Hall thu Kasday june 14, 190u grand g0ngert. Promoters . Amp. A o. Pro Arache put i. 1. Over urea a a poet and peasant a Suppe a Ashburton of Orix Tkal society 2. Song it a a Yeoman a wadding. Do Auvergne Barnard or w. A. Schwartz. With foil Vicli Vetral 3. Song a a the flight of Ages a ,. Revati lbs w. Mitchell 4. Song a a when the Empire Calls Hill or p. Booklet 9. Bong a a her majesty a Stephen Adana miss Lilun Smith 6. Recitation Tomio d. Ryan 7. Bong a a the Promise of life a men lbs a Johnston 8. Sailors hornpipe my in. Hod son interval of ten minutes. Pam ii. 1. Concert a Valse a just one a orchestra 2. Song a a the Valley by the 8e�?� Adams mrs w. Johnston 3. Clarinet Solo a a men of Harlech e. A nubile 4. Song a a Mission of a Rose ice Wen miss Lilian Smith 5. Song a the outposts Vigil Quot Stanley Rivers my p. Hockley 6. Recitation Tomio a or 1>, Ryan 7. Song a nah hallowed end pins ii lbs w. Mitchell amp song a a the heroes of the Tanev Aein my w. A. Schwartz word by Rev. T. Fee. True a red White and Bine a with full orchestral accompaniment god save the Mcben. Leader of orchestra. Palliate conductor of orchestra a Hon. Secretary ,. My Moc Lubo lbs a Labidou or h. A. Gates Mac. Oam Tbell doors open at 7.30 . Admission 3e, 2>, is. Tio St can be obtained at or . Jones East Street. 6 47 of amp sat Kuay june 9. K a 0 e e m is with Square dwelling House a thereon being lot 43 containing 2 Roods 14 perches fronting Alford Forest Road the property of or Charles Beach or t. Bullock will offer the above by auction at the Arcade on the Date named. Easy terms of payment. 11.30 ., As previously advertised. 6 61 t. Bullock. Auctioneer. Saturday june 9, 1900 Aore and cottage fronting North Belt near the High school being late 25 a 26, for Sale on account of or John Rohan. Those interested Are reminded that the Sale of thle property will take place at the Arcade on the Date named at 11.30 , As previously advertised. 6 49 t. Bullock auctioneer. New zealand railways. Christchurch a Ashburton Pretoria demonstrations. As these have been postponed excursion ticket to Christchurch and Ashburton will not be issued to Day the evening trains to Timaru Aud Springburn to Day will ran at the Ordinary times. 6 50 by order. Tenders. Tenders for alteration to residence at tia Waid for d. Thomas Esq close on monday june 11, at 4 o Obook. A. Ager. Architect 6 53 Arcade Chambot a card. Branch office has been opened by the under lined at messes Nikoll Bros est Street where they will carry of practice As barristers and solicitors. Maude a Harman solicitors Christow Troh Money to lend at lowest current rates on Freehold Security. No procuration fee. 12 48 Maude a Harman Ashburton. 0 v Thile Ioctl a wha Ball intone amp company desire to represent to customers. The submission of a Range of their example will wooo Meliah Ballantyne k com risk s for fuse. They invite you to write for Sample j. Ballantyne d go Ohristo Suboh. Smoke new years ladies wishing to learn the Art of shirt and Collar ironing and Ghoul no also the Best method of making starch either with or without Fox on a gloss can do so by applying to this office for address of advertiser. 3 26 smoke new Venus Ashburton permanent building and investment society. O an 8 granted from �26. And a puds at current Rater. Full particulars on application. Edward Stephens manager office Tancred Street. Apples bananas Lemons pumpkins Piedl and r Fytros. Preliminary . Clearing Sale at lad Riston on wednesday june 27, 1900. Messes Friedlander Bros Ltd. Have been favored with instructions from or Dennis Mckendry to sell by Public auction on the above Date i farms a first k 1 acres a his Homestead at o a. Lauriston. Second 1 k acres at Springfield adjoining act the properties at messes d Cameron and w Power and about la Miles from or Robert Lyness Homestead. Also the following live and dead Stocko i a a sheep a fat Wethers and o jul a lambs and Breeding ewes. Draught and Light horses. 40 pigs Baco ners and porkers drays Plong a Drill rollers and other implements Kaa Boshis of Hunter a and Pearl Juu wheat Etc. Or Mckendry having purchased the Kolmar farm at Lyndhurst has placed his properties and surplus Stock in our hands for absolute Sale. A Heull particulars in future advertisement. 6 48 r. Friedlander auctioneer we Ake Cash buyers what of Oats Barley. A and grass seeds. Friedlander Bros limited Murgatroyo Bros. Wool brokers amp Fellmon gets Christchurch Auckland Patna Etc. Beg to inform the Farmers and butchers of the Ashburton District that they have decided to establish a Wool k skin collecting Agency in Ashburton and in furtherance of this object have appointed my c. A Kendall As buyer who will be in constant attendance at the below address prepared to Purchase for Cash 8heep skins hides rough fat tallow horse hair Etc at highest rates current megat Toyd beus., next rule�?T8 butchers shop. Burnett Street Ashburton. Nicoll Bros. H f Nicoll e. F. Niooli., l. A. Nicoll merchants general agents buyers of fat sheep Lambi Wool skins pelts k hides. Agents for Christchurch meat co., Ltd. Islington fertiliser Little a sheep dip Ocean Accident and guarantee corporation Ltd United insurance co., Ltd. Fire and Marine. Grain bought and sold on commission. We shall be pleased to receive samples from Farmers who have parcels for disposal. Station books kept and audited we have received sums of Trust monies ranging from �100 to �1000, to lend on Freehold securities at 4�?T and 5 per a sufi. Fruit. A receive regular consignment from Auckland Sydney and the Island end have in Stock apples pears and fruit in season 11 the year round s e de s. Rape and we took clovers Rye grass turnip seed of reliable Quality. T he Ohristo Suboh limited special notice to our customers amp the Public generally. W Vve ust lace per s from America the Folio Woof s n ,. Linea which were bought before the great Advance on All Cio Sec of goods in the american Market a 20 casks and oases lamps and Lara Ware 18 cakes and Hogsheads Gia Swate. 14 oases a Sonia clocks and watches10 cases and crates mrs Potts Iron Etc. Also to arrive per . Hawkers Bay 6 cases Antonia clocks and Bronza ornaments 10 Cai is and Hogsheads table glassware 25 cases lamp chimneys 5 cases american plated goods also to arrive per . Brakala from England a 10 tanks and crates of dinner Ware and Chi Nivani. We have goods arriving by almost every Steamer lamps amp lamp Ware. Our great lamp show commences saturday May 12th, when we show the latest Hykiea in Csc net Library table and bedroom lamps and no Matte what your lamp needs Are they can be fully met from our comprehend Fyk Slock and the prices asked will meet with your approval Rochester lamps with pm sent lighting attachment As shown. Embo ebed Nickle Little Juno Fis 9d no 1�?50 Candie Power 8s 90 a a 2 85 12s 6d chimneys bust Quality 7d cd and cd Quot Mugno cent Hull Lampa in Ruby Fink and Ruby etched from 25s each i Tao to Loht of Trouv. Ritmo Fittl a Rusney. From 6a 9-i each chimneys 71, 9j, Jod Library or drawing room Lampa polished Broi a Metal Wuh Patent Spring xxi Enion decorated shades k Fronte 85 Candie Power 10 different Patteri aids la to no Okte plated As Bown is 9d r Disi Pipiu no 1, 50 Candle Pewor 8s 6d no 2, 85 Candie Power Lia 9� Rochester he gang Lampe i Lii 57u 6d each Brasa hide la each. Many other a to Les to choose from a Chimney from 3d each remember. No 1. 2, and i Rochester lamps fined with Patent lighting attachments meat co All our Rube Etc lamps fitted with the latest Wick Lan Era no 1, 50 11s 6d no 2, 85 Candle Power 14 id no 3,3c0 Candle Power 22 6d All with Nickel fronts Harp and Bell with enamelled Refl Ictor chimneys fur the above 9d, Lod and u 9 each tabular i a terns will act go out in any wind 2l i old each extra globes la 3<1 Little Brownie bracket lamp Nickel pin ted is 9d in Brownie brass 2s lid. Oil 3s 3d t Toves from m 6d pears oranges walnuts onions potatoes Ohio feed Etc. Have arrangements with growers for regular supplies of ail descriptions of fruit and produce right through the Winter months and can now Supply in any Quantity at lowest Market prices. Nicoll Eros. Grain amp produce merchants. Ashburton Islington manures especially prepared for wheat turnips rape and any other crop and to suit say description of soil. Greatly increased production wherever used. Satisfaction Given everywhere Nicoll bios. Store five varieties of this celebrated fertiliser. Price on application. Allowance for quantities. Letters will receive prompt attention Nicoll District agents Are Cash buyers of fat sheep and lambs at highest Market rates Nicoll Bros., East Street Ashburton. "8 a sure cure for croup Tweti Iive years constant use without _ a failure the first indication of croup is hoarseness and in a child but Jet to that disease it May be taken is a sure sign of the approach of an attack. Following this hoarseness is Peculiar rough cough. If chamberlains cough remedy is Given As soon be the child becomes hoarse or even after the Droupy cough appears in will prevent the attack. It is in Many thousands of Homes in this Broad land and never disappoints the anxious Mother. We have yet to learn of a single instance in which it has not proved effectual. No other preparation Oan show snap a record Twenty five Yean constant use without a Fluur. For >�1 by Ais Aston diva co Al a St no Ftp a shown 2a each save its c us in a very Ehor time. Acme lamp crimnky8 will not break with heat. Stocked 1n to following kinds Juno Noa i 2, end s Rochester nos. 0, and 2 a Victor top Nob. 0, 1, and 2 Sun hinge chimneys duplex nut Gem aha globes for tabular lanterns. Remember. There Are Tho finest thimm manufacture but we sell them at a to Ordinary make. A Price than Many a Tores charge for tem Tua 1-Letch Cash Supply Bros., Stop yes Box 67. Ashburton Christchurch t Telb Pho
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