Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 17, 1941

Man Confessesflt;hStealing Cardnn■waS;\, John Eugene De La Roi. 31-j year-old Oakland seaman, today I was awaiting the arrival of Oak- | |, ! land authorities to take him (north to face charges of stealing a car there on August 25. the Oxnard Police Department revealed, after the man has been arrested here yesterday on charges of stealing gasoline from a school bus.Mtlt;OU9ItOe;vvlcDe La Roi yesterday told police his name was John Martin and denied he had ever seen the auto nin question before. Rut police clt;found a seaman s union card in jo the auto bearing his picture and name after which he confessed having stolen the auto in Oakland last month.usifcetihnaiaioiC(SfAfter teletype messages were sent to ail police and sheriff's offices In the state. Ran Francisco police sent a message hack that a I p car fitting the description had * leen stolen in Oakland August 25.A few minutes later. Mrs. James E. Kopka, wife of the district manager of a large insurance company with offices in San Francisco, phoned the Oxnard jxdiee and stated the car belonged j n to her.TOOK JOY RIDKAt the time the car was stolen, it had been driven 4000 miles. Yesterday the speedometer read I 10.000 miles and De La Roi said he had driven from Oakland to Seattle and through Oregon before arriving in Oxnard yesterday. He said he had also stolen four other autos in the meantime and had license plates and registration slips from other vehicles. He told police he had traded the spare tire for gasoline en route.rtifirnles:alatlehitcettnDe La Roi was apprehendedhere yesterday shortly before noon when Spurgeon Houston, j u driver of the Verba Buena school j‘,f bus. gave chase as he assertedly saw the suspect siphoning gasoline from the bus parked near the Fulton Battery Shop on A street. Houston and Jerry Martin, employee of the Fulton organization, gave chase, Martin finally stopped De La Roi with a flying tackle.Siwoiath