Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sun, Sep 13, 1868.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial , September 13, 1868

next week.At a meeting of tlio Grant Guards of Covington, held on Friday night, at the Eleventh street market-house, the following field and staff officers were elected: Colonel, C. P. Wilcox: Lieutenant Colonel, G, W. Jordan; Major, Wm. W. Williams; Adjutant, A. J. Clarkson; .Quartermaster,, Clint. Butts; Quartermaster's Sergeaut, George Thorudick; Sergeant Major, P. W. Bblan.The corn crop in Kentucky, the present season,will he___If _1 _« I? —-a #1 tl Alt ra ft lAtHI WA 1 . it A *• A# 1 f A «n