Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, October 25, 1872

' POLICE COURT.Judge Btranb disnpsed of thirty-seven cases yesterday morning. The arrests for the previous tweo-tv-four hours were classified as follows: False pretenses, 2; assault with intent to kill, 2; taking horses without leave, 2; assault and battery. 4; attempt toSick pocket, 1; petit larceny, 3; resisting officer, 1; isorderly conduct, 3; common thief, 2; drunkenness, 7; vagrancy, 2; loitering, 1; street begging, 3; house-breaking,! 'ilse Pretenses—Jacob Johnson, the ingenuousS*nt u-wmi who proposed to get a colored man fgit of e Wark-house, for a trilling sum, was again brought up for trial, but the case was contained on account of the absence of his attorney. Gaddis La Rue, for false pretense, was committed for trial on the 26th.Assault and Battery—Frank Hall was convicted and seut to tlio Work-house for five days. Michael Keating was lined $5 and costs.Vagrancy—Albert Donohue, on conviction, was sent out for a term of tflirty days in the Work-house. Rhoda Johnson and Kate O’Hara, on the same charge, went out for-a term of thirty days each.Larceny—George Walton was convicted on twocharges, and received a sentence of nine months at hard labbr in the Work-house. Alfred Horbolds-heimer was committed, in deianlt of $300 bail, for trial on the 2oth.Drunks—Peter Hanley, for being drunk, got thirty days. Mary Litzenthal and Win. Hyivester wero each fined $3 and costs. Sarah Lowe, ten days.Miscellaneous—John Stader, who took a horse fromthe stable of Mr. Belter, on Sunday last, and nearly killed him by hard driving, was sent to the Workhouse for thirty days. John Walsh, resisting officer,twenty days. Barney Cohn, disorderly, $10 and costs. James Donaldson was convicted of being a thief, and fined $60 and costs, and was sent to the Work-house for thirty days. John Counolly, loitering, teu days. John and Ellen Fletcher, charged wltu street begging, were sent to the House of Ref age to await trial on the 2f!th. Lawrence Harrington and Jo{jn I were charged with housebreaking, and committed, in default of $300 ball, for trial on the 28th. Isaac Clawson, charged with being a common thief, had his case con tinned till the 29th.