Arrest Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Oct 23, 1920.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, October 23, 1920

I*e IGIVE SELVES UP TO FACEFOOTBAL! HE WGENE WILLIAMS. T. V. MILLER AND COURT ASHER HELP.£3ARRESTED AT PORTLANDI:!s 1 f r ; i6sIt{Special to The Indianapolis K?w§;PORTLAND. Inlt;U October 23.—Court Asher, h machinist. and Gene Williams, former deputy prosecuting attorney of Delaware county, came hero today from Muncie and submitted to arrest an grand Jury indictments charging them with robbery of the Bryant Bank, November 12.1515. They were released on bonds of 11,50# to appear in the Jay circuit court Iw5 Monday, December 6. S-A- D. Whipple, an attorney* of this city, is security on Asher’s and Williams's bond. «Thomas V. Miller, a Muncie attorney. another of the defendants, came here Friday evening to arrange] 'Boone' c for bond, saying that he heard he was ♦ be tack 0#FOUR BOhjtte(Special LAFAYEMerrill K. Muncie. a I Electrical Erersrity. sucervical ve while playi due fresh m with the j'.i nature of 1 until Frida: a local hos t nation anding table* It was ss alieil he w at the c!oslt; had sufEerelt; blow on thlt; was taken walked froj seemed to his Injury, a mile fro rode a str Comma Del he stayis.tfettt his ar had difficul went to awanted here. In the meantime Sheriff Fleming and Glen Arbaugh. deputy, yen ijMuncie seeking Miller, Asher and Williams. Miller said he would r'rVwinarioirernain in the Jay County Jail, if fee}^^said £ * baa to. rather than in Sheriff Hiatt’s ~hv th* v •‘dump” at Muncie. He was arrested kil?Ld or {a In the circuit court room about C ,ul,ea o’clock last night, following the return here of Sheriff Fleming fromContinued on Pmgl Two.• Y- i.V.- '4 '-'J- ' i. *fd . .V .i «.«Hft .ipl.'; more than is practical tient*s eond11 , r ’ *