Arrest Clipping from Indianapolis News, Wed, Oct 21, 1891.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, October 21, 1891

Conscience EmUj DuturVed.fSpecial u The IoduoaooUi IVtvilPlainfield, October 21.—Back in the'50's Abigail Brazieton lived in this vie i nity. Before tbe war she removed to Tennessee, but after the rebellion she returned, and she remained here until bar death. John Morgan was a lavorite nephew, and in return for manv kindnesses she requested him to transplanf a rosebush in her yard to her grave, and also plant a tree at the head. Mr. Moreau planted a spruce pine which grew to the hight of fort? or fifty feet. The grave is located in £ugar Grove cemetery,wnich cemetery belongs to the Friends. During the puttammer Abraham Peacock, one oI tbe conservative Friends, becameconscience~stncken over allowing a tree to grow in the cemetery, aod one night he placed straw against it and set the same on tire. The matter recently came to light and Mr. Pealt;*ck and his two oldest sons have been arrested.