Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sun, Oct 21, 1866.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, October 21, 1866

Andrew Atchison, a vagrant, waa sent for ten days durto the City Prison. 11 irii,rr- 1 up ,Rearrest of Gus. Billerbeck. oityMr. Augustus B. BiUerbeck, of Newport, who Couwas arrested two or three *months since, charged the with embezzling $30,000 from the firm of Gordon ^ Fisher, of this city, of which he was book-keeper, gyc and dismissed or released from custody under afte very questionable circumstances, was rearrcsted J°u and brought to this city, yesterday, by Detectives t Larry Hazen. John Bagan, and Clint. Butts. In thei the Police Court, yesterday, he waived an exami- |ow nation on the charge of embezzlement, and was Cho held for trial before tho Court of Common Pleas. Che This second arrest of Mr. BiUerbeck was made at ^ about 10 o’clock, night befor^ last, at cho Grant Lick, Campbell County, Kentucky, thirty- Tjrp lies from this city, by the officers above-named, on a warrant and requisition obtained by EntOfficer Hazen. When the officers made thoir ap- Dia pearance at the houso in which Mr. BiUerbeck was secreted, he jumped from a second story win- FUionedow and attempted to escape by running to the Typ—— vhIwoods, through an apple orchard. He was prompt-ly ptinued and caught, having so sprained his Stil ankle In jumping as to make it finpossible for him I OldveryT114th