Arrest Clipping from Indianapolis News, Tue, Oct 19, 1920.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, October 19, 1920

'•jr ; iv*FACESiMMsetBURGLARY I CHARGE4h *Ilt;S« Ufft)» wSTr th a t»r, be * lockedra# oatHli*pur»41 two mce aIfft mu-i*. 1114 by tfea|»rod mOh P.ard of riinct*». The in till* llo* tota tii* napoliemoneylt;*OUfl -■Lhat he o thatt fromnifhvuiir:Spe4*i to The ladj*c»poa* IteveJ^HInd.. October If.—Gene W’lhfliE^Splllll^^tortiey and for-mmriy deputy profecittlnf attorney ofDelaware county, who wai arreateiUto Ittvnttf of,-, s #»*a* j»rr Hi-diet meat 4 charging bur alary, lata Monday afternoon : la 4fffeait court nt#4 a motion demanding an at* trial, aeparaie from Thom an V Millar, an attorney, who waa arreated Wltllf'll^iliaMu The men. with Court Aahar, art accuaed of con section withthe robbery of the Gan ton hardwareaf ore at Gaaton a roar ago MM 2% :-2 Wltliama, in hfa written motion, of-tha clerkJOpa court Mf the aaa and tiiafit ofproeecuting attorney that th« regular prosecuting attorney may aaa nt to appoint to conduct the trial. llTtlliiii liiil thta offer, the motion aald. far the purpoae of preventing any eseuaa for the delay of the prosecution of th# caae.wnpMV jpipl ft? plat n that ha da* alrad to forfeit to the apodal proa*-' j' attorney all or li.OW not actually uaed Ip paying the special coo**aal. a a a reward if a conviction is ofc*—J lt;1 that■isapftlf ta ha dU-miaaed hecauae of lrrlt;?ffularftiea, hut that he had determined to demand an Immediate trial and force prosecution, W aaygfMlNMMMt ftup♦COMPLAIN OF ROAD WORK.■1 * , r''Firntn Tell CewalMUMrr* of Wee*