Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Wed, Oct 7, 1868.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial , October 7, 1868

Sloman, grand larceny, case continued to the 9fch.COV I NQTON.Marshal John Thompson arressed a young man, yesterday, named A. C. Pace, who is very respectablejeon-nected in this county, upon the charge of stealing three head of cattle from the farm of VV. p. Sandford, on the Lexington Turnpike, fonr miles from Covington and selling them to a Cincinnati butcher. The cattle belonged to Mr. IraSmifh. Pace will nndergo an examination before the Mayor to morrow afternoon.Detective But^s received a dispatch yesterday, re-Snesting him to arrest a young man named' Levi nghes. who had left his home, in Owen County, Kv., taking with him one of his father's most valuable horses, without the consent of the owner. Butts found the young man at a livery stable on Fifth street, Cincinnati. He had sold the horse for $50, and was getting ready to go off on a splurge.” He will be sent back home. ’ . -T nn^l rwA a a A rPAnAHnl Vi i vs m ha ^ -.1- * . Jt__