Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Fri, Nov 27, 1868.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, November 27, 1868

lilcfcl* V OIMU1V.IO n v 1 V IV7 UU WMUCJI/VUy av i. V/minded 1110 of his prophecy. “Didn't I toll you that you would never end this war till you let us have a hand iu it?” And ho pave luo a much more accurate account of the true condition, feeling and purposes of the colored population of the South, than I had ever received from any of the self-conceited race who styled themselves “the chivalry. Indeed, he seemed scarcely less acquainted with these matters thau I, who had lived within the very heart of them for fourteen years, and m%de them no small portion of my study. Since you requested me to give you this address, I asked that same gentleman, (for, if intelligence and good manners characterize the gentleman, he is a gentleman of no mean rank,) what is the difference between the aims and views of his people before the war and now. He answered: “While they were slaves they discouraged the education of thoir children, as calculated to make them more miserable iu their bondage, in proportion to the light they should receive. They saw no use in acquiring property, because it was legally all their masters', and often taken from them after they were solemnly promised that they should enjoy it; but now that they are free, and have a right to the enjoyment or the proceeds of their industry and economy, their watchword is edu-, cation and wealth. That they every-where eln-brace with eagerness the former, aud labor diligently for the latter wherever they see a prospect of success. They are buying up, in the South, few or many acres, as they have ability, aud so cultivating them as to make them produce far more than they did before the war.”2. Having paid my respects to that portion of my own sex who are deprived of the riatet of universal suffrage, I turn to her who, wline in every department of life she contributes the most and the best to our prosperity and happiness, and is, therefore, emiuently entitled to hot only our suff rage, but our every assistance, comfort and encouragement, is yet tho least tolerated of Jill, aud ottou most severely Injured andoppressed. I need not tell you that 1 meau our better half—the part we justly call kind heaven’s last best gift to man.Though, as the light of science and Christianity has penetrated into the dark regions of Paganism and half civilization, her burdens have been lightened and her enjoyments have increased till, in some respects, she is more exempt from suffering, more appreciated and caressed and better off than we are; yet m other and very important matters and relations, she is often stilla slave and inhumanly oppressed. I need not hero repeat the illustrations with which I commenced. The logic there used is equally appropriate to woman. Her right is to be, become and do all of which she is naturally capable tfor it is a maxim, human as well as divine, that the possession of a capability is not only a right, but a command to use it,) so far as it can bo exercised without infringing the equal rights of others.What, then, are the rights of woman, which she should be “suffered”—yea, encouraged aud aitjed in her attempts to exerciser They are, first, unquestionably, the right to the control of her own person, ta all intents and purposes. No condition in which she can be placed is any warrant for compelling her to do any thing against her judgment or feelings, or as it is... __ __________-___.1 11 r *. 1.________ 1 A.