Arrest Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Nov 13, 1920.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, November 13, 1920

e hasSTATEMENT OF YEGGS AT If/''-iEAST 8T LOUIS, $DOUBT IN MUNCIE CASESay beact s ptim a Nor sta*e[Special to The Indianapolis ISe.wgJ..«« NEWCASTLE. Ind., November 13,— Much j The confession of two yeggmen, sen-harm? : tenced ’thii* at East St. Louis.te and *or bank robbery, that theygray * robbed the Spiceland Hank in February of this year, has resulted in doubt __ w beifcg expressed here that the ca?es actors against Gene Williams, former prose-? per- cuting attorney of Delaware county* and Court Asher, a machinist, of Muncie, will ever be tried. Williams. Asher and Halford Jvhnson. a Ran-kerem dolph county youth, are under indict-were ment for the robbery. the indictment being based on a confession of Johnson in which he named the other two s act- 1 men as accomplices. b the- Word of the confession in East L per- Louis was brought here by postoffic# tences inspectors and tnev frankly told Clr* r and ence M. Brown, prosecutins: attorney, slov- that they believed the indictment of g of Willtams and Asher was a frameup peaks on Johnson's part. According to the ►ut as story brought here from East St.Louis, Sam Pier man and Harry Cl ins are the two yeggmen who confessed the ex* rn in led in f give teside • and p and s ownprtorv[chardpeaksborn.ger,myliana-ns asrer, issrtory r, therd O.Gene also n To-mick. Circle lsteinleatergoodRAter-•teous p. A will : bill. PollyPlay.StuartV Mr.Littlerlday,s. The Plays, AriaInspector** Statement.Postoffice Inspector Wasson, whohas been working: on the case, tryingto substantiate some of Johnson's statements, says Pierman confessed robbing the Lewisville Hank, which was robbed about six months before the Spiceland Bank, also that he had a hand in the first robbery of the Spiceland Bank, and that he and Clin# robbed the bank the second time.Pierman. according to the postal men, sold the stolen bonds in Tulsa, Okla.. and the numbers of the honds sold there correspond with the bonds taken from the bank, according to J. f\ Basket, cashier. It w\hs said thsre was only one more thread to be run down to make Johnson’s story a complete Aisle and that was whether the bonds sold bv Pierman in Oklahoma had been traded to him by any of the accused Muncie men.This angle of the cans Is now oo» oupying the attention of the detectives. It is understood that Pinkerton men have little faith in Johnson's confession. 'S - IProweitop Awaiting Development«.Prosecuting Attorney Brown is awaiting developments and will not move to dismiss the charges againstWilliams and Asher at present although admitting the case looks thinner than it has at_ any time slnco the indictment was returned.Muncie police officials, who lmve been Interested In the case, taking the stand that Johnson told the truth, have had a disagreement with Wasson. It is said, and are no longer co* operating. The Muncie detectives, it is understood, say Wasson is double crossing them. Wasson insists he l» on the right track and that there f» nothing to Johnson'sCOOLIDGE TALKS TO GRANGEVUs.