Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sun, Nov 11, 1866.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, November 11, 1866

Linn, or to Col. Crane, at the office of tjve United State# Proprietary Medicine Co., 02 E. Third sr., oftheir whereabout. 1*JnTOLKHORSE AM) BUGGY—On Thursdaywm.m tm ~ --— - - — * w w lt;a M U • urvm* J %k^ Nov. St ISGt, a dark bay mare and top buggy. Said niaro is six years old, with star and stripe, 3 white feet, and several smail white spots ou her body, 15 hands high, and was lame in her right fore foot, black mane, tail and legs. 1 he buggy is a shifting-top. made by J. A. Shannon « Son, Cincinnati, Ohio. The panel is marked with the letter paiuted black, with smallred stripe, and lined with blue cloth. The man is about 5 feet nine inches high, 2U to 22 years of age, dark complexion, and cave his name as Harrison. A liberal reward will be given for anv information that may lad to the recovery of team and thief. All information to4)e addressed to SAMUEL MORELAND, or Clint Batts' Detective Police, Covington, Ky. It©ST— BRACELET— In Cincinnati, on the 8th inst., j a gold enameled bracelet. If anr one finds the