Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, Nov 9, 1874.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, November 9, 1874

CINCINNATI COMMERCIAL, MONDAY,brother in the service whom all delighted to honorand respect.“Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting, that the United States Mail Service has. in his death, lost an old, tried, and faithful servant; and that his removal by the hand ot our Father has created avoid in the hearts of his friends and relatives that cannot he filled.“Resolved, That we attend his fnneral in a body, there to pav him our last tribute of earthly respect.“Resolved, That we tender his relatives our heartfelt sympathies in this their great affliction; and, further, be it i“Resolvelt;i. That these proceedings be published in the Cincinnati papers, and copies sent to his ini, mediate relations. G. R. WAHLE, Chairman.“J. M. Hickman, Secretary.”HIDEOUS CRIMEMURDER MOST FOUL AND COMPLETEUNRIVALEDTHE STEEL, THE CLUB A!COMBINEDAN OATH OF VENGEANCE TERRIBLYREDEEMED.MAI MUSICAL FESTIVALSubscriptions to the Guarantee Fund forIS? 5.The following subscriptions are anijfpuuced toward the guarantee fund of the May iviusical Festival for 1875, and indicate the interest taken by citizens in the enterprise, With such a showing there can scarcely be doubt as to the result:Geffrov Gibson.. $2,000 E. J. Miller ........$250Cin’ri Consolidated E. T. Carson * Co. 250Street R. R. Co., S. J; Broad well.... 250A. D. Bullock ----1,200 Theo. Cook........ 250Gilmour Son 1,000 Stallo* Klttredge 250Alfred Gaither .....500 A. Tait Sons ____250Crane, Breed Co. -VX) sage* Hinkle..*.. 250A. L. Frazer Co.. 500 Sarah B. Carlisle.. 250Gideon Rvmau .....500 Pomeroy,PeckoverWm. Glenn Sons. 500 Co.............. 250Schailer Gerke... £00 Chatfleld «fe Woods 250Krebs Lithograph- R. H. Fenton. .....250ing Co............. 500 .T. Lp Bontillier ____' 250M. Werk Co .....500 George Maver .....1 250Maddox, Hobart * Geo. W. Faekler.. 230Co.................. 500 Reakirt, Hale Co 250Procter lt;ft Gamble.. 500 Snider Boole... 250R. Macready ........500 Hafter, Holmes AGeorire Fox......... 500 % Co................ 2.50Wm. Resor Co... 500 S. S. Davis ....250Hall’s Safe and Lock D. H. West Bro. *Co ........... 500 Co..-v.............. 250A. S. Winslow .....$00 M. Gramp.......... 250B. Roth Sons ......500 Post Co ..... 250Wheeler* Wilson J. it. Peebles’M’fg Co........... 500 Sous.............. 250Howell Gauo .......500 John B. Hart ......250J. A. Hemann Co 500 J. R. Hawley .....250A. E. Burkliardt Perry Morton... 250Co.................. 500 Espy, HeldelbachCincinnati Ice Co . 500 Co............. 250F. H. Lawson Co 500 Henry Reibel ......250s. m. Barrett ;. 500 C. s. U'eatherby *L. C. Hopkins ......500 Co................ 250M. Halstead* Co.. 500 J. B. Humphreys.. 250George Weber ......500 Geo. W. Ziegler.?.. 250Wiudiseb, Muhl- A. P. C. Boute.... 250hauser* Co ......500 Henry Ahlbraudt. 250J. L. Haven Co.. 500 Star Bottling Co.. 250c. B. Hunt* Co... 500 Geo. F. Meyers..., 250Singer M’fg Co .....500 The*. Stan wood 250Cincinnati Type Alex. McDonald *Found ery......... 500 Co.................. 250Fidel Bader........ 500 Moritz Eichler .....250A. H. Hiukle a .500 C. Hanks........... 200Lane Bodlev .....5o0 I). H. ’Baldwin *Daniel F. Measier.. 500 Co................. 200Pape Bros. Kuge* Marshall* Bros.. 200man............... 500 Lewis Livingston 200MamietCo .......500 Nick. GuipeJ........ 2^0Christian Moerlein 500 Evans * Cassilly... 250James Gilmore _____500 Frieberg * Work*Robert Mitchell ____500 uni .......... 200Stanley Matthews. 500 Charles Stewart... 200J. L. Stettiuius .....500 Geo. II. Hill ....... 200Carl A. G. Adae ____500 D. R. Pierson * Co. 200Julius Dexter ......500 R. K. J. Miles ......150DuUiue t’o .......500 M. J. Mullen .......150Roht. Clarke Co. 500 W. M. Coddiugtou. 150 •Rufus King........ 500 Gamlirinns Stock jA. Erkeubrecher... 500 Company......... 150*John Church Co. 500 Geo. C. Miller *Geo. Ward Nichols 500 sOUs............... 100 jJohn Sliiiliro .......500 strobel Wilkin.. 100Geo. A. Smith ......500 Fechlieimer, Kar-Gest * Atkinson.. 500 petes * Co ...100Wm. Clifford Neff.. 500 J. V. Lewis* Go... 100C'has. Davis Co.. 500 W. It. Bucher l(K)Evans, Lippincott Mellen, Brown ** Cunningham... 500 Co................. 100R. Beresford Co. 5C0 A. S. Wood * Co... 100J. A. Mohlenhoff.. 500 L. Newburger G. W. C. Johnston. £00 Bro................ iooJ. Morrison * Co.. 5t)0 A. ,T. Clark......... 100B. F. Bran nan ......500 George Fisher. iooJ. Simpkinson ......500 Tlios. J. Melisb ____100Chas P. Cassilly... .500 W. H. WOods..TT... 100Ptiirman Pfau... 500 J. T. Shayne Co. 100 |Henry VVielert .....:i00 F. A Knabe :f. iooClemens Oskamp.. 500 Adolphus Lotze..I. 100Geo. W. Jones ......250 M. T. Robinson ____100W. M, Trevor ......250 A. H. Gere Co... 1001*0tn 1...........................................f50,J50 IReceived the aliove notes.JOHN SHILLITQ. Treasurer C. M. F. Association.AMPAGNESEXTRA DRY CABINET,11N IMPERIAL tGrcen Seal),j ;: DRV SILLER Y,\DRY VERZENAY,Just received, and for sale, in Quarts and Pints, at reasonable prices. Eveifv bottle guaranteed.J. J- M. PFAU, 2o$ Main St.,00*4^45,^9,11,13 I Sole Agents for Ohio.gamble alleyAMUSjSMEJs. TS.THIS (MO\DAl) EVENING,, I —The— I; ?.CINCINNATI GKAND ORCHESTRA:“w' : W ILL GIVEi HEiH FI 1JST CONCE RT,BISINE** NOTICESA Valuable Discovery.Dr. J. P. Miller, a practicing physician, at 327 Spruce street, Philadelphia, lias discovered that the extract of cranberries and hemp cures headsehe, dyspeptic, nervous or sick headache, and nervousness. Prepared in pilis. 50 cents a box. Sent by mail by the Doctor, or by JOHN D. PARK, corner Fourth and Walnut sts., Cincinnati, Ohio.s j uo*M2t-eodIT WILL RELIEVE THE BABY.—There Is no mistake about it. Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Svrup. for children teething, not only relieves the child from pain, but regulates the stomach and bowels, cures dysentery and diarrhea, softens the gums, reduces all inflammation, aad gives rest: health and comfort tomother and child. It is pleasant to take, aud givesuniversal satisfaction. 7A WORD OF WARNING TO KF PT UR ED PER SONS.—Metal Trusses aggravate Rupture, aud are now universally condemned. The Elastic Truss. 683 Broadway', New York, hr pressure almost imperceptible. retains and permanently cures Hernia. Branch office. 4-4 West Fourth at,*, Cincinnati.------—--1---- ~....... Iff »l i 1—’ _J.I II I HIM I I ■ I 'UUJfc.AS A FA MILY LINIMENT, the Household Panacea is invaluable. Immediate relief follows its use in all cases of pain in the stomach, bowels or side;rheumatism, colic, colds, sprains and bruises.f For internal and external use. uo2-78t-M W*SaWILL LOAN $1.00(1.Without interest, to secure a situation. Answer must state firm and business. Address DIXON,• • .i i r • office. j lioS-’. t*Moth’s Bakery auu Confectionery, of Fifthst., near Walnut, has been reopened at 33? Central avenues. oc30.3Dt*JOHN STREETBox Sheet open, for the sale or reserved seats, at CHURCH’S Music Stofe.Reserved seats ........1.;............5lt;jAdmission...............j........................ f oitGallery...............L.. • • . AilSix NIGHTS AND ONE MATINEE, Commencing MON DAY, November 9. -TONY DE N I ER’SP.%NTOMIME TROIPK AND SPEt I ALT V COMBINATION.A double troupe of Pantomimists.TWO 1'LOW Xs, TWO PANTALOONS,TWO HARLEQUINS. TWO COLUMBINES.Saturday, only Dialer! Matinee.MONDAY, Novembei* 16, Furbish’* Fifth Avenue TlieatertConibination in “DivoH e no8-2tKoJmison’s Opera-House.Commencing MONDAY EVENING, November 9,for sis nights, andWEDNESDAY and .SATURDAY AFTERNOONS*SHERRY’S DRAMATICCOMBLYATIOY.The charming actress• IPiW8 dose wood, •And the biilliant young actor,MR. LODip MORRISON,Supported by the favorite comedian,mi : ‘ MR. E. A. LOCKE, p§.:!And a full dramatic company, in a new play by Misst Logan,'entitled“The Landscape Lavra Plnn,, for Rural Cemeteries.From the last report of Wood-Lawu Cemetery (the last resting place of Admiral Farragut), situated near New York City, the following complimentary allusions are made to the management of Spring Grove Cemetery:“Spring Grove Ceroetqry, from which the idea of this plan was derived, is situated about five miles from the city of Cincinnati. A$fregards its positionand the natural formation of its ground.-*, it, i* nurlt;passed by many of our cemeteries, ami its uuiivaled beauty is wholly' due to the plan whicli lias been adopted, and the admirable taste sliowu in carrying it out. It has been in existence about twenty-five years, auriug the first ten of wtucli it was conducted upon the old plan, now in such general vogue, and with winch our citizens aie well acquainted. During that period it was not in a nourishing condition, financially or otheiwise.“To Mr. Adolphe Htrauch, a Prussian, landscape gardener, and the present accomplished Superintendent. is due the exedtt of having originated ’the landscape lawn planr which bids fair, before many years, to revolutionize all of our principal cenie-turlu.s * ■ I’‘It is claimed that tho chief fault in the old stylecemeteries is too much ornamentation of individual lots, with a disregard to general effect. ‘The landscape lawn plan.’ as developed in Spang Grove Cemetery, aims rather to form a consistent whole than to secure the adornment of particular spots; in fact, by-obtaining ail the landscape effeot possible, to make a beautiful and pleasing picture. ,“To attain this end tho natural formation of the ground is retained as far as practicable.“A lot book is kept at the Cemetery office, in yvhiph, by means of accurate diagrams, the precise position or each grave is indicated. The graves in each lot are numbered, and these numbers are cu tered upon one side of the page, with the name of the deceased opposite. Lot owners, in case an intermeht is to be made. ha\ e merely to refer to the diagram, and send an order to the Cemetery office to opeu the grave in the spot indicated, tnus preventing all chance ot mistake, aud avoidjug the necessity or haviug to make a preparatory visit to the grounds in order to point out the location or the grave.“By thus abolishing iuclosures which are unsightly ami unnecessary, the grounds are made to assume a park-like appearance, showing here and there, between groups of trees and interspersed shrubbery, extensive lawns, the swarjaof which can tie kept like velvet while they are unbroken save by monuments, which, as a general thine, are all the more costly and beautiful on accouut of the very considerable item saved to tjjo lpbovvner by the restriction on lot in-closures.“The citizens of Cincinnati, who at first were opposed to tho Innovation, are now Justly' proud of their unrivaled cemetery.”The Dneber Watch Cn*e Jlfsr. Co., 131 WestFourth St.. t’in., U., and 1 -I John st., New York.| ■ ■ • ; my23-eofltfTEASDALE'S DYE HOUSE, 2Go Walnut street.| ;se2i-M-tfMONUMENTS a specialty. WHITE, 265 Fifth st.|i - T ’ myiu-tt .Dyeing and Scouring at Walker’s. t»5 E. Third st.’I - W • - *uli3-tf; -,mi.- —-—OR THE^?SJ;i;'|v-,- ..-MYSTERIES OF THE DESERTED HOUSE- - V I U -Fr'ISS' B08-2tr— nr-r , T , - ■ ■ „ — ■ ...... -j , —, ,, .......Graud Opera-House.Engagement of the emlnemt Tragedian,.11 H . J . McClLLOUGH,Who will appear MONDAY EVENING, Novern bet u, as r- ;’;JTuesday evening—OTHF:LLQ. Wednesday even* ir-THB. GLADIATOR.Saturday, only McCullough Matinee.Secure seats at HAWLEY’S, 164 Vine st. no8-2tSudden Denth of Professor Newell.Mount Auburn and vieinity were shocked, yesterday the intelligence of the «udden death of James R. Newell, Pb.D , President of the Mount Auburn Young Ladies’ Institute. It uppeans that Mr. Newell w-as awakened, a little before (J o’clock yesterday morning, by one of his children coughing violcutly. The anxious father arose, and, taking thP cjiild in his arms to soothe it, was suddenly seized with vertigo, and at once became insensible. His wife tfave the alarm, and medical aid was summoned, but before the physician reached the bedside, the victim of apoplexy had passed away.Mr. Newell was born in Ireland in 1832, but emigrated to this country at an early age. He adopted the profession of teaching, and had been engaged in it twenty-five years at the time of his death. He cante to this city from Pitts burg, where he was highly esteemed as a gentleman and instructor. He was appointed President of the Mount Auburn Young Ladies’ Institute, in July, 1873, and was steadily winning his way into popular favor when he received the final call. He leaves a wife and six children, all girls, from five months to seventeen years old—an interesting family—to mournjms j i Of j,. \ ,k'*r^ - V 7. ^u’• y*1 . Jj!.’1 % ry Sir •fcSJoW*over a bereavement whioli many personal friends will share. Two brothers of the deceased, one an artist and the other a teacher, reside In Pittsburg.Caroner Maley held an inquest, and the Jury rendered a verdict of “death from apoplexy.” The institution so suddenly left without a head, has beeu temporarily provided for by the Trustees and teachers, who at an Informal meeting Saturday, unanimously agreed to request H. Thane Miller, Esq., to supervise the classes, which he kindly consented to do, aud notice is hereby given that the regular duties of the school will be resumed on Wednesday next.OPENED FOR GUESTSOnly First-Class Hotel in the City••GILMOI K SONS, Prom’icUOH-80tOn tlie European Fin a- tor la-lt;lie$ and Cit-ialleineia, Vine 8l., but. Fourth and Fifth. The Oin-ing Kooms are opeu Day and Niff lit. ‘ Loc27-MW*F-tfNDRYMr. 1 de Vivo baa the houor to aDLcnoee thatThe lauious Huogarlaci NightinjKaie. aod the Reigning ftueeQ of the Concert Room, will give . ^| TWO GRAND CONCERTS ONLY, j Taewriay nuil Wednesday, Nov. 10 and 11,Assisted by her great Concert Combination,Mine. CAKRKNO SAURET. the eminent Pianist H-.-rr THEO. HABELMANN, the popular Geimau Tenor. [ iSig. FERRANTI, the latnoits Baritone Boffo.Mona. SAl RET. the ybung andibrilliant Violinist. Sig. GAETANO BRAGA, the celebrated Violoncello Virtuoso an*1 coujjoaer this first appearance here). Knr. MARZO, Musical Dnx-ctor and Accompanist.General admission X1 Resejrved seats, 50 cts. ami extra, according to iocath.ri; Gallery. -Dcts. Sale lt;d Resei ve JSeats will commence on FRIDAY MORNING, at Dobrueyer Newhaii's music store, 50 West Fourth st.KN A HE Grand Piano used at these CpDcerts| noo-titcTed Ktili Pike’s Opera-11 o huic.'jf IN ST re I SGEORGIA — JllNsTRtLSGEORGIA Three nights only and JlINSTRELS GEORGIA a Matiueij.Callendei's. JiiNSTRELS t^EOKGIAThe Eth.omau Kings ot MINSTRELSGEO KG 1A tun. MINSTRELSThe Late John B, KufHn.The funeral of the late John B. Ruffin took place from*the Seventh Street Congregational Church yesterday afternoon, and was largely attended by personal friends of the family, by the Pioneers’ Association, and the Post-office officials and clerks in a body.In the forenoon a called meeting of the clerks, carriers, and postal clerks of the Pdst-offlce was held in the building, with Postmaster Wahle in the chair, the object being to take suitable action on the demise of their esteemed anil venerable fellow-clerk. Uncle John B. Ruffin, as hewas familiarly known m the department. Fromremarks made it appears that Mr. Ruffin was born December 4, 1801, and entered the mailicmce In 1840, and with the exception of a shortintprvn 1 wua in ootiro n.Ulnti mPERFECTJONBOKEBeware ot Counterfeitsno87-ivead-os