Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Fri, Nov 6, 1868.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial , November 6, 1868

ta.Is tul-:htlieeirs.”id,u aICSm-uuheonnuin-lie. re-ieyBoyce, disuidedf coiiAu't, tined f 4 In the Justice's Courifof Enquire Tehbs, a few day*since, an action was brought by Detectiy© C!int. Butts a ^ yagainst Ira Smith, to recover for scrvics* rendered by JiButts ju ferreting out Mid causing the arrest of young ton Paco, who tied, ff ivn«jcharged* stolen three valuable jiijjl cattle frotii Built h. It was shown, in evidence, that Sjj: Biitta has been f»)f yefflfb engaged in t he business of a \\ special detective: ffmt hi* was ? ought out and employed as such by defendant; and that it was mainly through j* ln his astuteness and I his efforts that the crim-iua! was discovered and Attally arrest cd.The pi ?mcipie the defense relied on was that Butts was a Constable; and. consequent1, forlt; should not. it was alleged, recover any thing for .U1lt;j services rendered bv hfin as a detective. The counsel lt;*ur for plaintiff insisted tlmt the office# of an independent j 0f j detective and a const note were not incofnpatible; that J tlieMr. Butts had not only been specially engaged as a dc---teetive. but as such had incurred a good deal of extra VI expense and trouble, adit was entitled to compensation 1} there for. iu ter employ(neiit. The Court gave plaintiff ref*a judgment for #*25. .lt;* ' Eon