Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sun, May 19, 1867.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, May 19, 1867

COVINGTON.Arrest on the Charge of Burglary—In- J cendiarism—A Grocery Store Set Fire * in Four Places.]On the night of the 4th of October last, the store B of Hempel Gildhaus, on Madison street, between ^ Fifth and Sixth, was entered by burglars and robbed of betwoen S400 and 500 worth of readymade clothing. A short time afterward three men named Wallaco Bennett, George Kennister and Harmon Schultz were suspected of being the perpetrators of tho robbery, and tho two former were | 1 arrested, Schultz, however, kept out of the way of the police. When tho grand jury met, there being no evidence to sustain tho charge against Bennett, he was set at liberty. An indictment for for burtflary was reported, however, against Ken-^ister and Schultz. The cases remained on tho docket of the- Criminal Court until January last, when Kennister was tried and acquitted, and the indictment against Schultz filed away, with leaveto reinstate tho same on the docket. A few days since. Detective Clint. Butjts, while in Cincinnati, saw Schultz on Third street, dressed in a suit of clothes, which be immediately recognized, from a sample of the goods in his possession, as the prop- | 1 erty of Hempel Gildhaus, and subsequently caused his arrest. The prisoner is now confined in the Hammond Street Station-house, in Cincinnati, but will be brought to Covington as soon as a I requisition is obtained. jOn Vrulnv mornintr last. Mr. W. ftrnnt tliA]