Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, May 6, 1872.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, May 6, 1872

Uetttteattoi #f Droweed Bodies—Conflnm-don of the Holotion of a Mystery—AltonBonte’i Body Found at Lut.We made mention yesterday of the And tug of the bodies of a drowned man and woman—unknown up to that time—tn the Ohio River, nearthe ahip-yarda, First Ward. An examinationyesterday of the man’s body led to the discovery that it was that of the young man, Anton Bonte, who oo nun it ted suicide in January last. Our readers will remember that he disappeared mysteriously from his lodgings, (on the south side of Fifth street, between Vine ahd Race streets, after cutting his throat there,) and that the only clue to him, after that, was the story from people in the village of California, that they had seen a man answering to his description, with his throat bound up with abloody-cloth, cross a fence, then walk down to the river (which was frozen at that time) and jumjJ into the water, in a clear space. By many this was accepted as a clearing up of the mystery of the blood-drenched bed of Fifth street. Others, however, were under the impression—without good grounds, apparently—that Bonte had met with foul play, and others still thought that the man had purposely cleared out after scattering some blood around his room. But the finding, on this decomposed, drowned bod;y, of a letter that Bonte had undoubtedly received, seems to settle the matter conclusively. The Coroner will hold an Inquest on the body to-day.The body of the woman found at the same time and place is said to be that of a young, unmarried woman named Girt, who had lived on the south side of Fifth street, between Vine and .Walnut streets, and who left her home about ten days since, stating that she was going to visit her brother-in-law, Mr. Everding, No. 234 West Beventh street. She did not go there, however, and she was never seen alive again by any of her numerous relatives here.