Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Tue, Mar 24, 1874.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, March 24, 1874

the proceeding.Sunday evening four men, named John Fenton, James Gurley, Hugh Carry and Barney Keenan, got into a drunken altercation at Whitehall, opposite the foot of Fifth street, on the Kentucky side of the river. Keenan, who seemed to be defending himself from the assaults of the other three, drew a knife, whereupon he was viciously set upon and terribly beaten with a piece of fence-raii. Fenton wasthe principal assailant. Keenan was badly cut aud bruised about the head hM shoulders. For a time his life was despaired of. The wounded man, who has been employed at the Covington Gas-works, has a large family in a destitute condition. There has been exhibited a disposition to keep the matter of the beating quiet,and Keenan, it is said, is unwilling to have the guilty parties brought to justice.