Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Tue, Mar 19, 1867.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, March 19, 1867

MiV VVVUftfAVUl Ul Vv* nuivu vuwjourned.About two weeks ago a man calling himself L. Beecber, and representing that he was the manager of a gift enterprise known as the Orphan Asylum Association of Medina, New York, rented a box in the Covington Post-olflce, and soon registered and unregistered letters, addressed to him, began to arrive in great numbers. The Postmaster, suspecting that the Orphan Asylum Association was a humbug, gave information, a few days since, to Detective Butts, and that officer arrested Beecher and took him before the Collector of Internal Revenue, who held him in custody about twenty-four hours. In the meantime the Collector telegraphed to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue at Washington, inquiring whether or not Beecher had a permit to oarry on a gift enterprise. The reply was that he had been given permission to conduct such an enterprise at Medina, New York. He was accordingly released. The fact that the proposed Asylum is to be erected at Medina, and that the headquarters of the Association are at that place, while all letters ordering tickets must be directed to Covington, Kentucky, affords room tor suspicion. Beecher, since his release, has disappeared from Covington. There is quite a batch of letters addressed to the cbncern, and supposed to contain money, in the Post-office here; also a number at the Adams Express Office.At a special meeting of the City Council, held yesterday, the following resolutions, offered by A. C. Ellis, were unanimously adopted:“Whereas, It has pleased an all-wise Providence to take from our midst our esteemed follow-citizen, Buahrod W. Foley, Esq.; and.Whereas, It is deemed proper that this bodyshould manifest in a public manner some tributeof respect to the memory of said deceased, therefore,“1. Hetolved, That in the person of B. W. Foley, while living, we recognised an honorable, trust-ii ____ _ i__.1 _ rr______ l____l___j__l