Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Jun 24, 1882.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, June 24, 1882

NOTES.-Tbo Pittsburg's facreweU to-da.v.—We iiiuwt wm to-djty to keep in ttie lend.—The two Cincinuati boys did well again yesterday.—Only four more championship games until AU-gUSt— Harry Wheeler has found his stick sure•IkOUgU.The struggle to ds,f will be one with blood and bair to it.—flnlf-past 3 to-day. Now see if the Third streetboys corue out.—rKemtulor goes with the Pittsburg team astheir regular catcher. ,j—What M acuMer wauts is a little confidence in himself when he goes to bat.enningr is an ev-nmpire. lie is too old to umpire, and has been placed on the retired Rst.—The Cincinnati* have lost but two games this month and woo thirteen. Very good June record | ' \ 1-Out of eighteen times at bat thin week Luff has reached first baas thirteen times. Can any one|Mt tkatf . ,r j ■ T—They wanted Riley to uinpure yesteraav, but Billy was not on tlie grounds. Oh. Willie, we nave—Fificen young lad e* are coming out to-day in one crowd. Yum! yum! 'The boys will have ou a white tie. Bile yonr shirts this ciorning.—Yesterday Jeuniogs culled a ball on McCor-mleUULat went right over the mate. M*c. de