Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, Jun 24, 1867.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, June 24, 1867

always uau uccu, » puu v^miDLiau. uui ucior ue-fore would openly confess It. HISTORICUS.Th« Campbell County, Kentucky, Tragedy.Indian Spring, Campbell County. Ky., \Jane 21. 1867. JEds. Com.—Haring a knowledge of your willingness to correct any mistakes made in your paper through the errors of your reporter or others, I would ask permission to correct an error made in your issue of Monday, June 17. in reference to the killing of William Shaw, by John Wesley Pyles.A few days previous to this sad occurrence, the deceased, William Shaw, abandoned his wife, and went through this neighborhood publishing and picturing her character as that ot the vilest of women, at the same time making use of the threat that should he ever meet with any of her brothers he would kill them. This strange course of conduct he pursued until Sunday, June16, when he accidentally met in the road, near the saloon of Valentine Rebheltz, his brother-in-law, John Wesley Pyles, whom he abused in a most vulgar form, calling him a son of a bitch,” and several other vulgar and improper names. Mr. Pyles, seeing that he (Shaw) was becoming excited, and not having a wish to have an encounter with him, started to unloose his horse, whioh was fastened to a hitching rack, when the deceased followed him up and caught him by the breast ot his coat with his left hand. Pyles succeeded in getting loose, when the deceased gTasped him again with the right hand near the throat, and endeavored to throw him down. Mr. Pyles now seeing that his life was in imminent danger, and being acquainted with the threats of deceased,drew his revolver and shot five times; the first four shots were aimed at the body, and the fifth at thehead, which proved fatal. Two of the shots met with obstruction by a deadly weapon called by some persons a billy,” and did not enter thebody. » .Mr. Pyles did not try to make his escape, butstill remained where this sd occurrence took plaoe. When the constable came along he (Pyles) informed him of what had happened, and said, I want to give myself up,” and made the inquiry whether he should go to Newport or Alexandria.He was taken to Alexandria on Monday, June17, by the constable, and brought before Justices Spilman and Trusdell, and was held to bail for bis appearance at the Criminal Court, in the sum$4,000.Mr. Pyles is a man that has always been held high in the estimation of all who know him ■ agood oitizen.This I believe to be a true history, according tothe beat information I oan glean.Trusting I have not trespassed too much on your very valuable paper, I remain respectfully yours.CLAUDE ARNOLD.