Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Thu, Jun 21, 1877.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, June 21, 1877

BASE BALL.The New Club—Notes of Progress—Reminiscences.The gsmriejnem who are endeavoring to organise abaseball clab to takotboplace of tho Red Stockings, and play tho remainder of the season, had another meeting veeterday afternoon, hut made very little progress toward the end althod at. The gentlemen propose getting up a stock company with a capital stock of $10,000, at $500 a share. Enough of the stock has already been taken to wariant those interested In goiug on and engaging players, with the assurancethey have that they can lease the ctacmnati ball grounds oa the avenue at reasonable figures any timee trouble With the proposed organization is not so muoh the lack of money, as it is the want of players. It was at first supposed there would be no trouble.whatever m reran* Mitchell to pitch. Hastings_ to playFoley third, Fulmer, short atop, Jones left field. Pike center field, and Addy right field. Mitchell Is dubious,o catch, Manning to play first base, Booth second,however, about leaving the Bprlngfieids, the sugAge-ant of Hastings and Fulmer is only amohr the probabilities, and Jones seams to have entered into a contract to phiy wtth the Chh'agns. The other players mentioned will stay here and play if the new club is organized. *■ ■: ‘Jooee would prefer to remain in Cincinnati, but la an ungnarded moment he signed an agreement to Join the Chicago Club, milt;1 on expressing a desire to caucel the contract, was informed by Mr. toeachann, of Chicago,who engaged him. that he must either stand by the compact or be ruled out of all League clubs. We hope the Chicago# will do well with Jones, die hits a ball a terrible lick when he bite it at ill, bnt through com-¥ fission for the ball, probably, ha don’t hUrt very often, he street boys call him ‘‘struck out Jones.” The desertion of Jones to the ranks of the lll sUr red cnica-goes, it is gratifying to know, will not interfere with the getting up of the new club, although it may oause delay. There is plenty of unemployed base ball talent In the eonntiy, and the new oompanvthink they know where to get it It is probable that In a few days the names of as good a “Kfne” as thereis in the West will be announced.It has been objected that the projectors of the new stock company have formed themselves into a close corporation, but we have It from one of them that no proper person for admission, who lias proffered the necessary amount sf money to pay for aehsre of stock, has so far been refused.In converanfifm with old bsss ball mou. v«*t.ardav.