Arrest Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Wed, Jul 29, 1868.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial , July 29, 1868

8© vent a m10/Total, 1Helm ® nAAt the ei( for sheriff, County, a jority in c At the CovingtoirSi Butts (R The to 3,46$. ToThe Ora tucky, wh last, electt•... .*..1,223 563 , 8;1ty over Barnes........................f61jon held in August, 1866, Scott, (Dem.) ved 3,597 votes in Covington and Kenton ©idler (Rep.) received 1,409. Scott’s ma* d county, 1,158.election, the vote for City Marshal of as follows: Thompson, (Dem.) 1,362;up161. Thompson’s majority, 201., vote of Covington in August,* 1866, was ■voteof the city and oomnty, 4,033.I Council of Red Men of the State of Kenfi was in session at Lexington on Monday .the following officers for the ensuing year: Grand Saci sai, T. A. Gideon, of Newport; Great SeniorSagamore, fphn Steinhauer, of Newport; Great Junior Sagamore,* pel Crista, of Lexington: Great Prophet, M. Betz, oi Newport; Great ChiefTof RecSkds, Charles Heble. of Louisville; Great Keeper of Wampum, A. J.Francis, of Covington; Representative to Grand Council of tne United States, Cnarles Heble, of Louisville. ____ giving___name of Frank Hanks, last evening, upon the charge of~ Cincinnati lftstealing a horse and buggy from a Cincinnati)dsstable-keeper. He was lodged in jailveryGeorge Davis, charged with stea ing a lot of carpenter s’ tools from Samuel Ward, was examined before