Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, July 6, 1920

COURT ACTS ON PLEA OF EVANSVILLE MAN.TRIP TO ATLANTA BEGUNJudge A. B. Anderson in the federal court today reduced the fine against Edgar Schmitt former chief of police of Evansville, from $2,000 and costs to $200 and costs. Schmitt recently was convicted, with other Evansville men. on the charge of violation of the Reed amendment.Others convicted on the same charge were Fred Osdenberg. political boss of the colored district of Evansville. and Abe and Moses Klyman, wholesale liquor dealers of Henderson. Ky„ all the other Evansville men indicted in thq whisky ring'* charges pleaded guilty or were discharged. The costs in the case, amounting to $1,27., were taxed against, the four defendants who stood trial.Schmitt, told the c^urt at the time he was sentenced that he had found It necessary to mortgage his home and sell his automobile in order to pay attorney fees of $1,800. and he asked that the fine of $2,900 be reduced. He appeared alone before the